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The Hero Killer of the underworld gangster mafia war is back in thedowntown to lead the brawl for gangster survival of crime escape.Spent some years in the hard time prison made him tough andruthless. The secret agent gangwar to be the godfather is underwayand immense collateral damage has been done by the undercoversecret agents and police informers. This mafia hero killer hasmanaged a criminal escape from the crime city and is now leadingthe great gangster mafia warfare to take the revenge from therivals of crime gang and grand shooters of the underworld legends.Be the king of this gangster’s paradise crime city of mafia herokiller.The hero killer of gangster war is a one man army leadingthe mafia war to eradicate the drugs and weapons being transportedby the rivals into the criminal Vegas city to create havoc andcatastrophe. The goal of this godfather gangster war mafia herokiller is to lead the criminal world with superiority and eminenceto be an ultimate one man army and real gangster and last war herokiller, your rivals and enemies have their own unique style ofmafia war combat, now it’s up to you to learn the art of killingusing strategy out flank and out gun them. Form and build your olddeadly gang and to fight for the war survival and thrive in thesedangerous vicinities, fight with the real war mafia gangstersbefore they bust the hero killer. Use your crafty and secretiveskills to finish undertakings handed down by the undergroundcriminal warlords bosses.Enjoy the thug’s life like a gangstermafia hero, survival of the Vegas city shootout in mafia crimewar.Try to kill and shoot your rival gangsters as they are engagedin grand robbery and stealing autos from the grand city car parkinglot, show them who is the boss, become legendary criminal herokiller criminal lord and take revenge from the secret mafiadowntown agents who killed your brother and family, now you need tobuild up your hero escape standing as a real grand shooter of thecrime city, brawl the thugs as a deadly criminal warlord herokiller and put up your offense within this crime escape city. Thestreets of new sin city are piled up with unwanted deadly gangs,mobsters, cops and secret agents engaged in spying and gangstertheft by the hero legend criminal escape survivor of the the mafiaclash clan.Gangbusters from Chinatown and Russian mafia are makingcollation against the Vegas sin city of crime and trying to captureand dominate the existence of the downtown backstreets, play yourrole as a grand mafia hero killer clan against the police guardsand execute grand theft mission, gather your notorious grandcriminals, engage into the brutal fighting missions, escape fromthe inescapable gang war raised by the security police and chasethe underworld mafia killers before they escape the shadow gangstermafia group.Gangster War Mafia Hero Killer - Downtown Gangwar KeyFeatures:• Realistic Gangster Downtown environment.• Fight withChinatown and Russian rival gangs.• Use automatic weapons ofdifferent caliber.• Play various story levels.• Real life crime andsurvival fighting• Interactive Controls and Gameplay.• Auto theftand grand car lifting.

App Information Gangster War Mafia Hero Killer - Downtown Gangwar

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    Gangster War Mafia Hero Killer - Downtown Gangwar
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    June 15, 2017
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    Android 3.0 and up
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    Gear Games Club
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    Executive Towers Clifton, Karachi
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Enter the whirlpool arena of toon car crash demolition racingderby, get your monster toon car into the whirlpool and startracing with the best car death racer drivers of all times. Get yourautomobile into the fast track, wreck, smash and demolish othertoon cars trying to tangle you on this deadly whirlpool. As adestruction demolition man, push, hit, and damage your rivals. It’sa wipeout zone, if you don’t destroy them all, they will destroyyou first in this crazy toon car death crash racing. Play your roleas the best destruction death car whirlpool driver, load all yourweapons and knockout your rivals and enemies out of this giantbumper car swirl arena. Engage into the crazy car wars racing todefeat each other in this whirlpool arena, the auto battle isfatal, beware of the bumper cars as they can crash and slide youdown and demolish you for destruction. Drive your best monster tooncar onto the racing tracks and slide right or left to dodge thebumper crazy toon cars in the whirlpool for demolition anddestruction, this death drive race derby is one of the best race ofits kind, you can use the extreme fire power and shields in thiscar smash game, go onto the off-road terrain to demolish theopponents of this toon derby car crash racing game, hit the monsterbumper toon cars with weapons in this ballistic combat of thefittest.Feel the excitement of simulation with the best stuntdriving and racing extravaganza of this whirlpool bursting withdeath racers compelling in this derby toon car crash dashing,simulate and drive your toon car with great care and don’t getripped off or eliminated from this crazy car racing track. As alegendary superhero toon car driver, get into the car wars andwipeout your rivals. Enjoy 3D driving simulation in this extremewhirlpool derby toon car racing and win the grand city superherodriver championship. It’s a hard time drive so fasten your seatbelts and hit the swirl hard create history and be a legendchampion toon car driver and survivor of the death car racing stuntthrill. Crash, bump and and hit your rivals in the monster flatcarsto be the top of the list in completing the laps. Get your tooncars on these bumpy waterspout tracks and control it to outrun allracing rivals on this deadly whirlpool arena in this crazy monsterauto battle car wars, show rash and furious driving skills to be anultimate toon death car racer.This dodging car arena is deadly andyou have to survive, your mission is to crash and collided your carwith other crazy toon cars and demolish them onto the furiousspeedy racing tracks in this Whirlpool Toon Car Crash Racing arenabattle, drive fearlessly and bravely. Buckle up, grip yoursteering, drift your automobile, drive heavy duty vehicles onto theswirl with superpower, boost the nitro to take the lead and beatthe monster vehicles, feel the power of destruction and crash ofcars and go on the rampage in this futuristic demolition whirlpoolcrazy toon racing battlefield, perform stunts in this furiousracing field with top speed high class cars on dangerous whirlpoolracing track.This Whirlpool toon derby demolition crash is aknockout game, it’s your chance to be a demolition man and wipe outall your enemies in brutal car derby death race.Whirlpool Toon CarCrash Racing Features:- Race against the best racing rivals.-Extreme Whirlpool with furious racing.- Realistic 3D environment& ambience.- Thrilling & exciting missions on off-roadtracks.- Realistic destruction derby toon cars.- Extremedestruction sound effects.- Easy controls with high speed real-timeracing.
Safari Zoo Animal Transport Truck: Animals Pickup 1.1 APK
Let’s drive the heavy duty animal transporter truck and simulateall over the city and deliver some important farm and city animal.Load animals like horses, cattle, cows, bulls, ox, sheep, goat andtransport them to various farms. As the festival is nearing and theneed to various animals are in high requirement. This animaltransporter trucking is one of the finest truck simulation gamesloaded with domestic farm animals. Be an expert transport tycoontruck driver and professional cargo trucker of a big trailervehicle. Usually city domestic animals are transported into thetrucks, vans, automobiles, through air or ship transport but thistime you have to transport them through the tycoon transporttrucks. Get into the driving seat and simulate to drive and controlyour hauler offroad euro truck, show your transporter experiencewhile moving on the dangerous road and crossing rivers with allsorts of farming and agricultural animals onto your trailer deck.it’s time to test your driving and superior steering skills,control and manage huge monster animal trailer tycoon transportereuro truck loaded with cows, sheep and goats, farm tamed horses forderby championships and racing. This mega monster jumbo animalcargo transporter truck is real heavy to carry the livestock. Thissimulation of driving the city animal transporter truck theskillfully enormous gigantic animal cargo euro truck drivingexperience. Fulfill the high demand of the domestic farm animals asrequired for the festival, the customers who are waiting for theiranimal to be delivered on time. This animal transporter tycoontruck driver has a huge trailer, fitted with a powerful engine withlots of horsepower, the carriage van can hold a huge load ofanimals at the back of the cattle transporter truck, the carriagegives support for carrying different animals without damaging orinjuring the precious animals. The job of a tycoon truck driver asa euro trucker is a real hectic as he needs to move from city tocity through the off-road terrains, mountains, edgy road and steeprocky paths driving from village to village for delivering animalsby observing the nature around and looking at farm animals likecattle, goats, cows and bulls and also wild and tamed horses.Thisanimal transporter truck 3D simulator driving game give you arealistic driving experiences, drive your animal truck with prideand novelty, distribute your loaded animal cargos of animals,cattle and livestock into the city and countryside to variouswarehouses, farming fields, city farmhouses and enjoy the realisticeuro tycoon truck driving and transporter environment. Fulfill yourtransporter’s shipment duty from farm animal yard to variousfarming fields. Be safe while driving through the paddy fields,park your euro truck carefully into the city car parking lot, spaceallotted for the special cargo trucks, load and unload the domesticand farm animals without hurting or damaging the livestock. Becareful as sometimes these animals can go in a rage specially thehorses as they are wild and tamed but can give the tycoon truckdriver and the supporting staff a real hard time, beware of theangry bull as they usually try to escape and run into the city.This farm animal transporter truck will enhance your drivingexperience with most realistic animal transporter services andsimulator game.Animal Transporter Truck 3D Features:• Classic FarmAnimals.• Realistic Cattle & Animals.• Realistic village farmenvironment • Attractive 3D environment• Smooth & easydriving controls• Realistic mountains and off road environment•Trailer and truck Parking• Cargo transport challenges
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Ever thought to be a super hero for the city, now is your chance tobe one in this fire truck rescue city firefighter hero 3D trucksimulator. Start your day as a rescuer firefighter and truckdriver, patrol the city and downtown alleys and eliminate the firewhenever you get emergency 911 call. Firefighters are real greatheroes always ready to serve the city fire department in allcircumstances.Play your role as an emergency 911 firefighter superrescue hero whose duty is to save people of the city stuck in thebuilding under blazing fire, take your firefighting truck to thedisaster site and make your way inside the wrecked building usinghuge ladder and help the survivors and injured people, as the cityhero control the fire with your snorkel and use water hoseeliminate the fire, combat your way into the wrecked structures ofcity buildings and houses on flames and strike the water hose. Callmore rescue fire brigade to extinguish and disburse the blazingflames, use your siren and hooters to disperse the city traffic inthe emergency duty drive to reach the location as soon as possible.In Fire Truck Rescue: City Firefighter simulator Hero 3D, rushdrive and splash your fire rescue truck on the busy streets,wipeout the traffic with your siren and drive this 911 emergencyfire rescue truck like a crazy highway road rider into the bigcity. Drive fast but don’t crash into the traffic accident. TheseAmerican firefighters are real heroes for the city people in caseof fire emergency, life of a superhero firefighter is full ofdangers and adventures, always engaged in challenging duties andmission and always there when need as in accidents, clashes,blazing fires, floods and road spills.It’s all about call and dutyin 911 emergency firetruck, be an efficient and ultimate rescuedriver of the huge red firetruck and work in fire brigade stationto save innocent citizens. Carry out the firefighter cityrescue hero mission, put out fires on buildings, around busy carparking lots, hospitals, chemical factories, kids and childrenschools, city shopping malls and city builder sites fire disastercan happen anywhere, anytime.Get your firefighter uniform andfirefighting equipment for the rescue, put your helmet and move outfor the amazing wipeout adventure to extinguish the danger ofdisaster. Be an iconic super hero for the town and show act ofbravery in emergency situations by driving your firefighting truckwith furious speed and fast pace, grab your fire hose and speed upto save lives and show the real courage as the best duty driver offiretruck in 911 emergency firefighter city hero & rescue dutytruck driver. You should know that in order to control the fire andstop the chain reaction that is causing the fire to spread, youmust either bring the temperature down or cut the supply of oxygento the fuel or you could also remove the source of combustion,which is the fuel, altogether from this space. Help yourfiremen to launch the fire operation on the firemen trucks, livesof the innocent people are now in your hands, this is a real greatchance to become an amazing American superhero firefighter,eliminate the burning and blazing infernos and save the iconichistoric landmarks and city markets. As a brave firefighter youmust stand with courage in your firefighter gear, fully equippedwith protective gear, water hose pipe, emergency blue lights etc.You have to find the fire zone and extinguish the fire using water.Fire Truck Rescue: City Firefighter Hero 3D Features:• ModernFirefighting equipment.• Firemen Gears Rescue Missions.• Realistic3D City Environment & Game play.• Firetruck with WaterHose • Real Firefighter Truck Driving & Parking •Animated Fires & Smoke
Taxi Game 2018 1.1 APK
Hey taxi driver, get behind the wheel of the most famous moderncrazy taxi and transport people where they need to go for a joyride, drive the amazing yellow taxi of New York, or take a righthand drive experience in the London’s famous cabs or hit the cityrush with the tough German cars and spin your cab like a fidgethero. As the best cabby and driver of modern city rush, explore thesin city. Duty driving is not an easy task. Reach on time to pickup or the passenger will cancel the ride.It’s time to hit the roadand burn the asphalt, fasten your seat belts and get set for themodern city crazy taxi drive with extreme taxi driver skills, getonto the chase. The crime city is full of cabs, beware of mafiagangsters and Russian spy agents as they are the main culprits andcriminals in this town are always in search of a free ride let themhave a spin of a fidget hero driver. In this crazy taxi driversimulator, cross the modern city rush and get onto the mainhighways, transport and commute people and tourists, let them hireyou for the whole day for sightseeing and going on top of the hillside roads for picnic and excursion. Race your taxicab through thebusy city traffic, pick up passengers and drive them safely todestinations.Take a cabby day out, drive with furious speed on theclear modern city roads, drive through the big city traffic, pickup the passengers and drop them off to destinations, be careful atthe turns and cuts and don’t drift while the traffic is high.Charge your customer a good fidget hero fare at peak times. Don’tget crazy driver with speed and drift. Taxi driver modern city rushcrazy drive is an amazing yellow cab simulator game with excellentmad driving skills, be the best duty driver of this taxi rush driveand transport commuters within the modern city areas, shoppingmalls, supermarkets and nearby banks and cheap markets. Life in themetropolitan is crazy, watch out for the people and the traffic.Watch out for the traffic police, don’t park your yellow cab at theno parking zone, don’t let traffic Sargent book you in no carparking slot or come against a trucker for some insane impossibleadventure on the busy metropolis roads with all the heavy traffic.Taxi driver’s life is a tough business; to fulfil your dreams youhave to drive for extra shifts to make extra cash on the weekends.Be a survivor from the road accidents.Your passengers are waitingand you are racing against time, you have to race against somemodern duty drivers on the busy city rush roads packed with heavytransport trucks and car trailers. As a taxi driver you must go tothe airport taxi stand to get some decent foreign passengers, parkyour cab near the airport taxi parking lot area and wait for yourturn, try not to get a fine ticket, pick up passengers from thecity rush roads and hotels and drop them off to airport as some ofthem are running late due to heavy metropolis traffic, as they haveto catch an early flights, show some unique cabby and taxi drivermodern skills during the peak hours in this modern taxi driverracing rush game. This taxi driver modern city rush is just like adriving school training centre for those who want to learn crazytaxi driving on modern rush city roads. A real driving simulatorwith multiple transport tasks and a chance to show your expert cabdriver driving skills. Its upon your luck that what type ofcustomers you get may be you have to face criminals, police cops orsome secret mafia Russian agent or spy on mission. It's a crazydrive on your cab with streets crowded with people and cars.TaxiDriver Modern City Rush Features:• Smooth car controls.• Realisticsimulation and animation.• Challenging Levels of Driving.• Race thecab through a real city environment.• Real-time Simulation &Drifting.• Best cab racer driving skills.
Well of Death Extreme Car Stunts - Top Car Racer 1.0 APK
Welcome to the circuit arena of well of death, extreme car stuntswhere you will find the top racers and extreme action and thrillingfun while simulating into ultimate super stunt death cars hoveringall around inside the dome, enjoy this amazing and legendary stuntracer game insane speedy cars, be one of the best death well crazycar driver challenging your rivals for competitive and quickeststunt rides of your life. Give the audience an adrenaline rush whenyou get into the Well with your ultimate wagon, show the fast speedand let them feel the grand furious rush in the blood,Show yourbest performance and be a daredevil car racer stuntman and performshocking crazy daredevil stunts in the game of death with deepshallow death arena, all you have to control your rider cars whileshowing extreme stunt mortality race rider in this dome of fatalitysimulator game, the city builder have constructed a special well ofdeath for the latest city carnival and people from all over theareas are attending this car stunt show to see the top stunt carand death racers in this well of death action packed game. thedrivers are ready to drive deadly loaded death cars and monstertrucks, moto stunt bikes and muscle super cars in this bigfootbarrel shaped motor dome carved with wooden planks and steelplates, rotate your top death cars and automobile on the verticalmaverick death wall and perform daring aerobatics along withminiature cars and bikes busy in jumping, whirling and dodging,mixed up to put a great daring and stunt cars racer show for thespectators, all you need to perform realistic rotation around theWell wall.Drive your extreme stunt cars in this car game of deathwell with real and amazing speed, challenging levels has beenspecially design for death well globe stunt lovers. You may haveplayed demise well with cars but this now you have a good chancefor driving luxury racer cars and 4x4 monster jeeps in well ofdeath. Lift up the crowd on their toes and amaze them while drivingacrobatic car drifting inside the death well arena. It is not easyto ride your crazy top stunt cars in a well of bereavement. Youmust be fully trained and professional to be a trained highwayarena rider to drive the deadly vehicle in rotations on circularramps.Perform crazy death car stunts in the huge dark well ofdanger, don’t get killed or face accident, avoid hitting obstaclesand hurdles and other cars, motorbikes and monster jeeps and truckselse you will lose your concentration and will fall off from theseimpossible driving tracks. To become an ultimate extreme arenadeath car driver, be a legend and take a chance to be the top stuntcar rider with auto speed of powerful death cars in round afterround. Check your driving and forget the traditional vehiclecontrol, forget the fast arena racing and take this knockout or offroad race as a traffic racer with real drift rally racing as thisis the master piece of this fantastic modern death car racer. Wellof Death Extreme Car Stunts Features: Amazing and legendaryglobe run car racing death well.Most thrilling extreme adventureslevels.Play and try to try to be the champ.Smooth and realistic carcontrols.Collect bonus stuff while cruising more thrill.Beautifulevent base environment