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With millions of fans worldwide, Garden Bubble Shooter is one ofthe most famous mobile games of all time. This casual, fun gametakes you on a colorful fruit garden journey through plenty ofinteresting puzzles. It’s simple and funny gameplay appeals toplayers of all shapes and sizes! Gameplay:The aim is to eliminateall bubbles. Match 3 or more balls to make them burst. Tap withyour finger on the playing field; and choose the right angle andtrajectory to blast away the bubbles. Clear all the bubbles tolevel up. Use the walls to bounce your shots and build 3 bubblecombinations. But choose your bubble cannon shots wisely- afterseveral launches all the bubbles will slowly move down the screenand put you in danger!Bubble Shooter Tips & Hints The game endsif a ball reaches the bottom border. You can use the left and rightborder to bounce balls. Bubbles which get separated from the restwill burst as well. In the lower right corner you can see the colorof the upcoming bubble.

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    Garden Bubble Shooter
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    February 26, 2018
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    thailand, 193/336 South Pattaya Road,Nong Prue ,Banglamung Chonburi 20150
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We are glad to present you an addictive and stylish bubble shooterarcade game. The aim of the game is very simple - you should cleanthe gaming field from the colored balls and not let them fall downto the deck of the pirates ship. There is the beam with anchorscoming from the top and moving balls lower and lower. You have touse the cannon on the deck - shoot coloured balls upward and place3 or more balls together to destroy them. You must clear the boardfrom all the balls and only after this you will move to the nextlevel. The most exciting feature of this bubble shooter game -there are more than 200 levels with the difficulty increase anddifferent balls placement! The colorful graphics, nice sounds -these make pirates bubble shooter very addictive game. You canspend a lot of time for this exciting game. The game will beinteresting not only for adults but also for child.It improvesreaction, attention and logical thinking. Are you ready to have anexciting journey on the pirates ship? Then go! Good luck in bubbleshooting.
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We offer you a puzzle table game with cards and numbers, it is abingo game. However, time goes on and we were able to significantlydiversify the game. It includes a lot of different game featuresand options. If you want to try play bingo for the first time thenstart playing with the level for the beginners - it is the slowestgame mode. Then you can go to the easy, medium, and finally,advanced level.We propose you several modes of bingo games - youmust close horizontally or vertically five numbers on the card onlyafter that the center button is active, which means that you havesuccessfully completed this game and can proceed to the next taskOnthis mode it is necessary to close the four numbers in the cornersof the cardThe next mode is to close the numbers on the diagonalAndthe last 2 modes: you must close all the numbers on any given cardand only after that you go to the next level - you must close allthe numbers on the all given cards and only after that the bingobutton is active, which means you've won!Even if the star bingobecomes very easy for you - there are four types of the game withthe 1, 2, 3 or 4 cards, which will greatly complicate your tasks.You need a lot of time to pass of all the modes and levels of thissimple table game. But do not feel that you will waste your freetime - you spend it to good use! You develop and improve quickthinking and reaction. You focus on solving a specific problem thatwill require you concentration and logical thinking. The simplestversions of the game will be useful and interesting to children -they learn how to quickly navigate the numbers and to perform tasksaccurately. So this table puzzle game has no age restrictions.Would you like to spend your free time? Good luck and have a nicemood.
Gems And Jewels Match 3 1.7 APK
Match 3 logic game remains extremely popular for many years. Whatis the reason and why it is still so fame? Mainly due to itssimplicity, brightness and a wide variety of levels and alsobecause game developers are constantly coming up with new and fresh"features".It's interesting and beautiful game style and pleasingto the eye sparkling and shiny diamonds and crystals. Thiseverything surely will not leave anyone indifferent - neitheradults nor children!Rules of the Gems And Jewels game are verysimple - you must match three or more identical stones in a row,then it will explode and disappear, You will get coins and new gemswill show up at the top of the playing field. The more identicaljewels in a row you can collect, the more bonus points you earn.And now there are new opportunities to get extra coins - with abomb blast. Not only a row of stones will explode but alsoneighboring burst.If the lightning appeared on the jewel - you'relucky! When matching 3 in a row with a lighting stone, the strikewill hit all the gems in a row of the playing field and you geteven more bonus money. The game control is very easy and will notcause neither you nor your children have any problems - everythingis clear - move and rearrange the neighboring diamonds from theleft to the right or from the top to the bottom to get a horizontalor vertical row of 3 identical gems and remove it from thefield.You will enjoy 3 game modes - time attack mode, classic modeand cleaning the dark squares.In the time attack mode you get thetask to earn the required number of coins in a limited period oftime, the higher the level, the more difficult mission you will getand the more points you need gain to pass the current level.In theclassic mode, the problem is simplified - you must earn therequired number of points to go to the next level, but here you canrelax and think long time about your actions and moves, there is notime limit.In the dark squares mode you have to match 3 gems in arow at needed locations of the playing field and remove darksquares under the burst jewels. Clean all the dark areas to passthe next level.There are more than 200 levels in this game and itwill delight you with a variety of high-quality light and bombeffects. The game will not only help you to spend your free time,it will help your children to develop the reaction rate andattention. Everybody will enjoy beautiful colourful graphics andfun gameplay.This is an "old" new puzzle game! Lets start! Pass thelevels, maximize your bonuses and get the good mood!
Sweet Jellies Match 3 1.2 APK
Welcome to a sweet jelly world! Colorful graphics and cute funnyjellies will fascinate you and your kids!We did our best to makethe game more diverse and complex. That is why we created manylevels and each of them has a lot of surprises. We offer you thegood old game of Three-In-A-Row. Get three or more of the samefunny jellies in a row and earn bonus points! You will never getbored playing this game because the game has several versions. Youcan play for the best time, try the classic version or the newversion where you need to remove dark squares under some jellies.Game control is very simple and thought out to the last detail: youneed to move and swap jellies positioned next to each other inorder to get three of the same jellies in a row (either horizontalor vertical). The rules of the game are also very simple: you needto get three or more of the same jellies in a row. As soon as youdo this, the jellies explode and disappear from the playing field.You get bonus points, and new jellies appear on the field insteadof those gone. The more jellies you eliminate in one move, the morepoints you get. There are a few bonus jellies waiting for you: thelightning that removes the entire vertical or horizontal row fromthe playing field and the bomb that destroys all elements next toit. When you play for the best time, you will have to completecertain tasks with a varying degree of complexity during a certainperiod of time. You really have to focus on what you are doingbecause the speed of your response is critical. You have to thinksmart, logical and quick – this is what you need to win. After youhave completed the tasks, you get bonus points and move to a newlevel. The classic version is where you have a chance to relax:time is not important here, the main thing is to complete a taskand get the required number of points. You can take time to assessthe game situation and find the most efficient move. When you playthe new version where you have to remove dark squares, you need toform chains of the same funny jellies in designated zones. In thiscase, not only these jellies but also the dark zones will beremoved. You goal is to remove all dark zones from the playingfield.Have some free time? Start with several levels and enjoyplaying the game! Good luck!
Jungle Bubble Shooter 1.5 APK
Bubble Shooter is the one of the most famous games that you alllove. This arcade game takes you to a jungle journey with a lot ofinteresting puzzles. Lots of people like classic bubble shooter -it's simple, funny and easy to play. This all makes it one of themost interesting shooting games with colored balls for the wholefamily.Gameplay:➔ The aim is to shoot the bubbles in order to match3 or more balls to make them burst. ➔ Tap with your finger on theplaying field, choose the right angle and traectory and blast awaythe bubbles. ➔ Clear all the bubbles to level up. ➔ Use the wallsto bounce balls and make combinations of three bubbles➔ Control thebubble shooter cannon well - after several launches all the bubbleswill slowly move downBubble Shooter Tips & Hints⋅ The game endsif a ball reaches the bottom border.⋅ You can use the left andright border to bounce balls.⋅ Bubbles which get seperated from therest, will burst aswell.⋅ In the lower right side you will see theupcoming bubble.
Arcade Game - Bricks Breaker 1.1 APK
We present you an exciting game that will fill your free time. It'sa simple, at first sight, the Bricks Breaker game is to removeblocks with the ball on the gaming field. Bricks will disappearafter a successful shot, but if you missed - the ball will comeback to your racket with a high speed.What to do? To return a ball!Accurately, quickly, prudently! You will need good vision,attentiveness and, preferably, knowledge of the laws of physics andgeometry. You have to control the racket, moving it from one sideof the wall to the other, repulsing the ball and prevent it fromfalling.The ball rebounds from a racket, hits a brick and destroysit. After the destruction of all the blocks at this level, you moveto the next. Is the task simple? Yes, of course, but the ballbounces off the racket and from the wall with a different anglesand its quite difficult to predict where it will fly. Need to reactquickly and to place the racket in a correct position. But it isalso not so simple with the racket - it can lengthen and facilitateyour task, or shortened, which would complicate your mission. Thereis a bonus among the bricks - break it and you will get an extralife. You need practice and experience a bit to win. Are you areready to break the bricks? Lets start!
Match 3 Jewels Game 1.4 APK
Jewels Match - a "three in a row" free game also known as match 3is extremely addictive and popular.This puzzle game is suitable forboth child and adult. Just try to play jewels match 5-10 minutesand you can’t stop playing it. This kind of games is undoubtedlysuper hit of the last years that brings you happy, good mood andexcellent impressions.The aim of this logic game is to collectvertically or horizontally 3 equal gems or jewels. Moving pieces indifferent directions – left-right and up-down match 3 or more gemsand it will disappear and give you points. The more jewels youmatch in 1 move the more points you will get. You will have 2minutes to gain maximum points, or play campaign with a lot oflevelsGame features:Attractive appearance and designModeratedifficulty levelMatch 3 jewels is a colourful and dynamic gameMorethan 100 levelsThis puzzle Develops reaction, attentiveness andlogical thinkingThe game is free and without purchases inside
Puzzle Game: Classic Sudoku 1.0 APK
Here is the of the most popular mathematical puzzles - Sudoku has aleading place among the logical games. This game is classic andstandart - it saves us from loneliness, helps to improve logicalthinking. Not everybody has analytical mind... Want to quicklysolve puzzles - then sudoku is for you. It has different levels ofdifficulty so it will be interesting for both kids and adults. Thesimplest difficulty sudoku puzzles can be solved in a few minutes,but the others you can spend hours. The less cells filled, theharder the game. The standart game field of sudoku is a square of9×9, divided into smaller squares 3x3 boxes. The rules are simple -you must fill the empty cells of the field with numbers from 1 to 9so that every row, every column and every small square (3x3) andeach digit should not be repeated. If you make a mistake and putthe wrong number you cant sove the puzzle. The game requiresattention and concentration. There are many levels on eachdifficulty level.You spend free time usefully. Choose theappropriate level of the game for you - and go!