1.0.2 / November 20, 2017
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Garden Bubble Story is here to provide you the ultimate match 3bubble shooting experience with an enormous collection of healthyand delicious veggies which are waiting to be explode.Join to yourfarmer friend John for a mysterious adventure in an amazinglyfrenzy farm to rescue cute and colorful birds who were trappedinside marble gem bubbles.You have to shoot, to blast and crush theall jewels bubbles in this divine bubble shooter mania in order tohelp to the brave farmer to release the birds from the trap. GardenBubble Story is a brand new and addictive bubble shooting game withtwo challenging game modes which were developed for pure fun:Puzzle Mode and Endless Mode. Based on the new great bubbleshooting algorithm, very cleverly created levels, unique highquality graphics and very smooth and friendly game play that willtake you to the highest fun and excitement levels of FREE bubbleshooter game ever. Our Bubble Story game here to give the players abig pleasure on their free time. The game tests all your skills andcommitment to solve the bubble puzzle quests.Choose your favoritegame mode and prepare yourself to bubble rescue action.The Puzzlemode brings you 500+ intelligent, interesting and challenginglevels that were created relying on the desires of the addictedplayers to Free fun bubble shooter games. Use the powerful bubbleslike rainbow bubble and bomb bubble to blast large amount of fruitbubbles and win faster.The Endless mode presents to you endlessdeluxe bubble shoot game where animated veggie bubbles keep comingto the bottom of the farm without stop. You need to be fast andsharp to blast the bubbles before they will cross the limit line.You think you are a bubble shooter master? Lets check it withEndless mode.Shoot to match at least 3 vegetable bubbles of thesame color.Simply press the screen on the place that you want toshoot the bubble, and immediately you will see a guideline thatwill make you be very accurate and efficient on your way to thesuccess.It is doesn't matter what game mode you will choose, youcertainly will enjoy from hours of fun.

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    Garden Bubble Story
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    November 20, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Free Kids Games
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A multi-language word search puzzle game in 17 languages presentedto you by Free Kids Games, highly beloved classic game by variousage players young as old, pure enjoyment and high entertainmentlevel.Many great settings that will answer to your all wishes andneeds, very simple and easy interface, just download and startplay, we trust you will love it!GAME FEATURES:• 17 Languages:English, Turkish, Dutch, Spanish, Danish, Greek, French, Italian,Nederlands, Polish, Portuguese,Romania, Magyar, Russian andSwedish. • 11 Boards Size• Enable substring option – allow word inword• Wake lock option – keep device awake while playing• Same orrandom pencil color selection• Option to choose a constant pencilcolor• Rounded or square pencil tip option• 6 options of number ofrandom words to select from Data BaseEnjoy
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Sniper Bubble shooter is a brand new and amazing shooting game!Sniper bubble shooter is a special title that will help you passthe time in the best possible way, without spending a dime. Nomatter where you need to go, this game will accompany you at alltimes and provide you with the entertainment value that you need.Doyou love bubble shooting games? Then you will enjoy this title aswell! Explore beautiful landscape locations with your specialsniper bubbles friend as you try to get the best results.Remove allthe bubbles from the game world as fast as possible in order towin, in thousands of unique levels that will test your competitiveabilities and skills. Play into the wonderful arcade mode where youcan solve countless quests or engage in the one of a kind survivalmode that will test your every skill as you try to move up theranks, trying to get the best score. No matter what game mode youwill choose, you are certainly in for a lot of fun, as bubbleshooter is here to help you get the best possible entertainmentvalue very fast.The game offers a beautiful design, as well as agreat bubble shooting algorithm and cleverly created levels thatare here to test all your skills and commitment to solve thepuzzles. Thanks to its one of a kind concept, sniper bubble shootermanages to stand out of the crowd and offer the ultimate bubbleshooting experience that you can find in the gaming world.Connectto google game center to compete with other players worldwide.Share the game with your friends and your family to spread out theenjoyment.The control scheme in bubble shooter is very similar tothe one that you can find in many other bubble shooting games, withfluid tapping methods that you will certainly enjoy. You can evencontinue a game that you previously started without losingprogress, so once you get into the game you are in for a treat. Youcan also choose to play any level from the levels you already win.You can also choose the color of the next bubble by tapping on thenext bubble and preparing it to the next shoot. So if you are aperson that likes all bubble shooting titles, then you definitelytry this one right away!Instructions:You will need to find theright angle and shoot the bubble in order to create groups of 3 ormore bubbles that have the same color. Shooting is as simple astapping with your finger and blasting away the bubbles. Of course,the more bubbles you have the opportunity to pop, the better thescore that you will receive in the end. Sniper bubble shooter isvery addictive thanks to the large number of levels that it offers,2500 to be exact. So, if you want to try out a unique, interestingbubble shooting game, then you need to try this game right away!Use your strategies and gain the highest score, in some of the bestbubble shooting games out there!