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Windows and vegetables aren't typically linked together inconversation. One is what allows light into your home, while theother is what you try to make your kids eat at the dining roomtable. They aren't exactly interchangeable.However, when it comesto garden windows, the connection is more easily found. This typeof window will let you grow vegetables, herbs, or even flowers frominside your home. For the plant lover who enjoys being outside butwants to bring his or her hobby indoors, these windows areperfect.Garden windows protrude from your home like a half box,with windows on each side and a seat board at the base to placeplants. You can add a shelf or two if your window is large enoughor if you want to add more greenery. A garden window is essentiallya mini greenhouse attached to your home. Your plants will getplenty of sun while avoiding harsh weather, especially in thewintertime. You can also install garden windows with screened ventsso that you and your plants can enjoy the warm breezes in thespring and summer.Plants that don't bloom, don't grow too large,and can handle fluctuations in temperatures are the best choicesfor garden windows. It's easy to throw anything in your gardenwindow and hope it survives, but picking the right plant and makingsure to water it on a regular basis will make it more eye-catchingand beneficial to you in the long run.Typically, garden windows areplaced in kitchens and breakfast areas. These locations give youeasy access to any of the vegetables or herbs you might grow, inaddition to adding color. If placed over a sink, these windows canadd counter space as well. However, you can place them almostanywhere, such as bedrooms or bathrooms, which are also great spotsfor flowers.Homeowners are constantly searching for elements todistinguish and personalize their living spaces. Garden windows area creative way to add vibrancy, color, and life to your kitchen orliving areas. You might even get something to eat out of it!Gardensare the epitome of beauty and flair that greatly enhance thegrounds of one's property. Neatly landscaped shrubbery and colorfulflower displays help a home to stand out as an attractive kitchencenterpiece. Garden windows are cleverly positioned to showcasegardens and houseplants with their unique angling and shape.Agarden makes a home look appealing and well nurtured because itfosters a well-maintained, attractive appearance. Many peoplechoose to install a garden window to bring out their garden toprovide optimum lighting for their kitchen space. The natural lightthat comes in through the kitchen window brightens up the kitchenand gives it a spacious feel.A beautiful bay kitchen window isbecoming a popular choice for homeowners who want to spruce uptheir kitchen space. The expanded window shape often gives thekitchen an illusion of extra space. This kind of window can behelpful to make small kitchens look larger. This can be anattractive selling point when trying to bring out the best featuresin a smaller kitchen.The expanded view from the garden window cangive homeowners a full backyard view. Homeowners can enjoy thebeautiful light that flows in from the window and the enjoyment ofgetting a great backyard view. Lighting comes in from variousangles because of the window shape and glass panels, so homeownerscan have a well-lit kitchen.People pay close attention to the lookand style of windows, so they really capture the attention ofonlookers. The shape, size and window design can make all of thedifference in the look of a room space. Bay windows have long beenbuilt to enhance lighting and make a room look bright, roomy andattractive.A garden window is a popular choice for kitchen designand remodeling not only for the view, natural light and space, forproviding a full view of the backyard.

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House Door Design 1.1 APK
Quill Spray
There are numerous types of front door design available dependingon a home's needs. These can be customized according to one'spersonal preferences and style. A few criteria for these selectionsincludes size, style, and material of the front door.For example,materials which make up a front door can range from wood tofiberglass to steel to vinyl. Depending on your needs, differentconsiderations for the material can be taken into account. Wooddoors will need additional maintenance but provide more in terms ofappearance and style. Steel and vinyl doors on the other hand aregood for security and cost-efficiency, but they don't look asgood.One important thing to consider when picking a front doordesign is the style of your house. If you have a country-themed ormore modern style of house, choosing a door that is steel or vinylmight look out of place. So in these cases, it makes more sense topick a wood style door.On the other hand, if you live in an areawhere security or neighborhood safety is a concern, such as a bigcity or a less than desirable part of the city, steel doors are anexcellent front door to pick. These provide great security andprotection at an affordable rate, provided you pick a reputabledoor provider.Another consideration when selecting a door for theentrance to your house is whether or not you want to let light in.If your door faces the sun and you don't want your house to getreally hot during the day, it's best to pick a door that blocks outthe light and doesn't have front glass paneling. By contrast, ifyour door is in a shady area, glass doors look good and let in alittle bit of light for the front parlor area of the home, makingit more attractive.Of course size is always a consideration whenselecting a front door design. Your door must fit in the entrycorridor depending on the measurements the house has been builtwith. Before purchasing any door, make sure it will fit in theselected area. If you have questions about what type of door youshould pick, it helps to do some research online. Usually searchresults will yield companies that can not only provide you with adoor, but can also advise you in what type of door will work bestfor your entryway. In fact, they may even have someone come out tolook at your house and see what type of door might work and providean attractive, affordable selection. Ultimately what should betaken into account when picking a door is the cost, the size ofyour house, the position in which the house faces, and whatsecurity and durability concerns you have. To make an educated andcost-efficient decision, you should make a list of all thesecriteria and then go over it carefully with your spouse or whoeverowns the house with you.The front door of a house assumestremendous significance as it reflects the tastes and preferencesof those dwelling within the house. While building your home, itwould be nice to pay attention to the look and appeal factor ofyour front door. These days you can choose from a range of frontdoor designs for your home. Here are some tips on how to select thefront door designs.The basic thing to bear in mind when you aresearching for door designs is that your door should be in harmonywith the overall style and form of your entire house. If the blendis improper, then however attractive you try and make your door, itwill still stand out in an inappropriate manner in relation to therest of your home. Take a simple example. If your entire house hasa classical look to it and you go in for a door design which ismore contemporary in look, then however beautiful the door may bein itself, it would look odd in relation to your home. Similarcases of non-blending of the door with the overall house could beuse of contrasting colors or materials. Hence, your objectiveshould be to ensure that your door complements the overallaesthetic look of your home and uplifts it in a positive manner.
Wooden Front Door Design 1.1 APK
Quill Spray
If you've been thinking of treating your home to some new woodenfront doors, you've probably already given some thought to themajor details.The shape of your doors, the color, and the type ofwood all need to be decided on early.However, once you have ageneral idea of how your new wooden front doors will look, you canbegin to think about the smaller details and design elements thatwill truly make them your own.Depending on the style of your homeexterior, rustic and vintage design elements can make wonderfuladditions.Such adornments usually bring iron or steel features thatboth contrast with and complement the already attractive naturalwood finish. They also bring a real, tactile taste of the past toyour 21st century home.From gothic to farmhouse, and Victorian toProhibition era, the rustic or vintage design elements you mightinstall are limited only by your imagination.Vintage doorknockersand handlesUnless you're happy for anyone to enter your homewhenever they like, your wooden front doors are going to needhandles.However, the style is completely up to you. Modern vintageor Victorian style door handles are available, and provide thesecurity of state-of-the-art locking mechanisms with the classiclook of the period.Made of solid metal, they'll enhance the look ofyour solid wooden front doors without compromising the securitythey give.For those who wish to make a real statement, matchingdoor knockers are also available. Although perhaps more of anornamental feature than your handles, their unnecessary nature justadds to the decorative effect.Speakeasy, hard as nailsBecause woodhas long been the best material to use for exterior doors, it's onwooden front doors that many of the most iconic vintage designelements work best.The mere mention of the word 'speakeasy' bringsup images of a time long since past, and the inclusion of metalspeakeasies on wooden front doors brings those images to life.Aforged iron grill hidden behind a small flap, speakeasies areseldom needed in the modern era. However, as a vintage designelement, they bring a taste of the past that few other ornamentaladditions can.Clavos are another purely decorative rustic metaladdition to your external doors. Heavy duty nails, made from ironor steel, clavos can be round, square, or diamond-shaped. Whicheverstyle you choose, the effect will be of a tough, rustic door withmore character than most.Gothic glass and vintage metalShould youdecide to add windows to your wooden front doors, vintage metal canagain be used for a rustic or even gothic look.Leaded glass windowscan be made in almost any design to suit any home exterior orpersonal taste, and the windows themselves can be small and subtle,or the main feature of the door.Black wooden front doors have aninherent vintage look, and it's the smaller details that can directthis towards the Victorian or the gothic. Colors and shapes in theglass play a part in this; especially when combined with the rightmetal door handles and knockers.However you decide to add rustic orvintage design elements to your wooden front doors, the rightbalance should be always found.Combining a few of the elements herewill have a bigger impact than using just one, but incorporatingtoo many will be overkill.Which to include is up to you, butchoosing the right ones will give your wooden front doors a realtouch of rustic, Victorian, gothic, or simply timeless vintageclass.The very first impression that other people will acquire fromyour home comes from your very own front door. For this reason, itis important that your door shows appeal and is of sound structure.There is a rich supply in the varieties of designs and materialsfrom which you can choose the door which perfectly suits yourdesired needs and purposes.
Dark Oak Door Design 1.1 APK
Quill Spray
When looking at the vast range of doors available on the marketfrom all the various suppliers, one can't help being amazed at thepopularity attached to oak. As a timber option in home design, oakcrops up everywhere in doors, floors, kitchens, furniture andstaircases. All of them are dominated by options in oak.Oak does aclever marketing job for the timber industry of today. Like thewell-known toothpaste, oak has that ring of confidence in respectof its quality, its durability and its tradition. Is that why it isso popular when it comes to our choice of wooden items? Add all ofthe permutations of oak that the publicity machines have generatedand you're obviously on a winner. Light oak, dark oak, golden oak,antique oak, blond oak, brushed oak, and distressed oak. The listgoes on.Whilst there are a number of oak species that are used inthe commercial world, most of the oak finishes described above havebeen achieved using stains to change the base colour into somethingthat does not grow naturally.We are sometimes asked, "Can you showus the colour of your oak?" That's a toughie! Oak is one of themost beautiful naturally grained timbers in appearance, but it'snot a single colour, it's a subtle combination of browns, tans,golds and dark yellows that create a unique natural vision. Eachpiece of oak has its own individual characteristics.Have younoticed how oak doors have become more affordable now than theyused to be? Oak has not suddenly become much cheaper as a rawmaterial. Developments in manufacturing techniques mean that doorsare being constructed more and more using composite cores such asMDF or particle board made of re-constituted wooden material madefrom lower cost species, which are then faced with oak veneers andlipped with solid oak around the perimeter. The doors are stillsolid and weighty in nature, but their actual oak content mightonly represent 15% of the total mass of the door depending on thedesign.Whilst that might sound as if you have been short changedwhen making your purchase, remember that by using these compositecores, the manufacturer has radically improved the performance ofthe door in use by producing a stable product that is less likelyto deform by way of warping and twisting, and they may have made awider variety of options available to you by removing much of thecost attached to using the solid oak throughout. Additionally thereduction in the amount of oak used in the door means that avaluable resource is being used conserved. Oak used in most doorsis harvested from managed forests to ensure that it will beavailable for generations to come.You might come across 'oakeffect' products. Sometimes, these are manufactured using timbersthat are similar in appearance to oak. Chinese ash and thedelightfully named Kembang Semangkok, known more commonly as KSK,are sometimes substituted for real oak to further reduce costs.Whenchoosing a door, check the specification of the product beingoffered to you to see how it is constructed and what species areinvolved. It is all a matter of judgement as a cheaper door mayappear more attractive from a cost saving point of view, but itwill not probably last as long as a more expensive door, nor retainits appearance over time.Changing a door is not somethingundertaken lightly and it is not to be done too often, so go forthe best quality, and down the years oak doors have proven theirvalue by retaining their appearance over time and adding acomforting feature to any room setting.In recent times, interioroak doors have increasingly gained popularity amongst homeowners.This is partly due to the fact that they are durable and tend tolast a long time, not forgetting their exquisite ornate designswhich make these doors a style statement in whichever home they areused in.
Casement Window Design 1.1 APK
Quill Spray
If you are renovating your home and considering new replacementwindows, you have several great styles to choose from these days,including beautiful casement windows. You know these windows:they're attached to their frames by hinges (usually on the side)and open by way of a crank or a lever (usually at the bottom) thatalso serves as the window's lock.Casement windows have been arounda long time-as long as poets have been writing about them you couldsay. But modern casement windows are more than just a thing ofbeauty. They're a smart choice. In fact, I see a number of terrificbenefits to choosing casement windows over other styles:If You Wantan Unobstructed View: Casements make a fabulous choice for roomsthat look out over the ocean, lakes, woods, meadows or mountains.Unlike sash windows, all you see is the glass-and your beautifulvista. (Now you know why the poets love them!) You'll want to justsit back and enjoy the view for hours.If You Like to Fully OpenYour Windows: Like the open air? Yes, this window is for you,nature lovers! No other window design opens as wide. As an addedbonus, casement windows catch side breezes. Because casementwindows sport an open sash that acts as a flap, it can funnel theair into your house. This is a real godsend if your home is closeto another house or a building, with very little space between forair to enter directly. And they can be hinged on either the left orthe right side to open out, further maximizing on the amount of airyou can capture.Let the Sunshine In but Keep the Thieves Out:Casements let a lot of light in, creating a bright and positiveinterior atmosphere. At the same time, they keep unwanted intrudersout, because casements are very difficult to break into. This isbecause the locks on casement windows are hook-shaped and thesehooks are embedded within the frame- which makes them virtuallyuntouchable. I should add, while on the topic of safety, thatcasement windows tend to be discouraged in homes with children. Butthere is no need to worry, because today's casement windows areavailable with childproof safety handles.So Very Versatile: Thesewindows hold their own beautifully, but they can be easilyinstalled on either side of a picture window or in bay or bowwindow to add extra charm and character to your room. And with afull range of colors, veneers, grilles, screens and hardware tosuit every taste, modern casement windows let you really enhanceyour home's unique style.Here's another thought: if you areremodeling your kitchen, don't dismiss the idea of a casementwindow over a sink or cabinets, where opening and closingtraditional sash windows can be a real chore. Casements, with theircrank handle, are just easier to open.It's Easy Being Green: Thesewindows are weather tight, and that's great news for today'senergy-conscious homeowner. When you close a casement window, itpulls snug against your home. And because they're solid pieces ofLow-E glass outfitted with argon, they are incrediblyenergy-efficient. Once you have replacement casement windowsinstalled, just sit back and watch your energy savings add up.TheSounds of Silence: That airtight "snugness" has another benefit:silence. Casements can really keep the noise out, and this isespecially true of Andersen's FIBREX windows, a unique patentedcomposite that has the added feature of durability. FIBREX won'trot, even in those salty ocean breezes! So many reasons to take asecond look at replacement casement windows for your next homerenovation project! Gerry Rogers is the founder and president ofMr. Rogers Windows. He has been selling and installing homeimprovement products for over 20 years. After introducing hisWorry-Free, Lifetime Performance Guarantee, Gerry has earned thetrust of thousands of clients by "doing the right thing" to ensurecomplete satisfaction when it comes to quality products andinstallation.
Aluminium Sliding Window 1.1 APK
Quill Spray
Sliding panels are a great alternative to window blinds andhorizontal window doors. They have a softer look than glass and canalso be great accents in an Asian themed decor. Sliding panels havethat special ability to be both wall and window at the same time.They filter light and provide privacy at the same time.Especiallygood for covering patio doors, these window coverings preserve anoutdoors look. Some interior decorators also use them as attractiveroom dividers. The dramatic size of these wall to wall, floor tofloor window coverings creates a striking image. To install thesewindow coverings, you need some kind of track to hold the windowframe. Unlike wood blinds where the window and blinds are separate,in sliding panels they are the same. Some have tracking on the topand bottom, while some only have it on one side.To install thetrack you need a secure surface to mount it too. Make sure yourblinds came with all the parts you will need like bracket screwmountings for wood installation. Some paper windows come with aswivel bracket so they can be opened horizontally and pivoted open.You need a minimum distance between the swivel and the walls toallow the doors to open. The number of tracks roughly equates tohow solid the window covering will be.Next you need to install thehead rail. Just like the lower track the pivot brackets must be afew inches from the wall. Sometimes you may need more than onetrack to cover a room. This also allows the window panels to bestacked upon each other. If you want to add an additional valanceto the mix, make sure you use one that is deigned for that windowpanel. Otherwise it will not fit correctly.You will then need toinstall the panels into the rails. This can be hard because theyare designed to not fall out. There may be Velcro strips you caninstall on the inside of the head rail to secure the windows. Thisshould also let you slip in the panels. The valance returns attachto joiners but you may have to trip excess fabric. Woven woodenvalances come with an aluminium L joint in the corner that insertsinto the panel. The last step is to install the cords which movethe panels along the track.When it comes to renovating ordecorating a place, we all have different tastes in the styles thatwe want around our homes. Strong and attractive doors are a keyfeature in any home. The United Kingdom has the most comprehensiverange of services providing premium windows and aluminium doors,wood and glass. Sliding doors are both attractive and useful.Aluminium sliding doors provide functionality to your home and arebecoming a sign of luxury in the modern décor of UK homes, as analternative to conventional hinged wooden doors.Aluminium doorsgive a welcoming atmosphere and a sense of style to your house.Sliding Doors made from the finest quality aluminium will lastlonger, therefore increasing the value of your property and are alow maintenance choice that will fit any budget. You are sure tofind something that matches your needs perfectly as the UK basedbusinesses and suppliers offer a large variety of aluminium slidingdoors and windows.Aluminium Bi-folding Doors are versatile andappealing. The doors can be effortlessly swept aside in secondsenabling any room to embrace a larger space. They are designed andmanufactured to give reliable performance and smooth operation.Aluminium bi-folding doors can be installed as panels up to onemeter wide creating a spacious obstruction-free opening that is whythey are a famous choice for restaurants and high class retailbusinesses in the UK.Installing double glazing doors to theexterior of your house forms insulation against the noise outsideof your home. The two panels of the double glazing door preventsheat from escaping and keeps the cold air outside in winters whilestops the unwanted heat from entering your home in summers, keepingthe inside cool.
House Simple Door Design 1.1 APK
Quill Spray
Sometimes a door with a lot of adornments or designs isn't quitewhat you want. Some doors with their mouldings or various panelscan seem like too much for your home. After all, if you have a homethat demands focus, then the doors should either match that focusor move out of the way.This is a perfect reason for flush doorswithin the home. This is a very basic style that makes it highlyversatile and quite popular for numerous types of homes. Whilethese doors can be used as an exterior door, they are most popularas an interior door. Each side of a flush door is typically plainon each side, though it is possible for the wood veneer to havepatterns or inlays. Rather than style, think of them as functionaldoors instead. Between the two faces the door may be hollow or itmay have a solid core. If the door is considered hollow, thatdoesn't mean it may not have some kind of support system on theinside, such as a honeycomb construction.These types of doors arestill given the same treatments as other quality doors, such as afinish or at least some type of sealant to help prevent againstwarping or other type of damage. While there are flush doors outthere that are made of lesser quality materials such as thinlaminate or plywood on each side, a higher quality company willprovide flush doors made with solid wood. They don't always have tobe the traditional rectangular shape, either. Flush doors can comein arched forms, sliding forms, and more.People with flush doorscan occasionally get creative with them. Some of these doors blendso nicely with the walls when they are closed that people willpaint them with intricate designs or patterns in order to make themlook like a piece of wall art. However, if you do decide to choosea lovely piece of wood for your door, you may want to skip thepaints and go directly to the variety of finishes available. Askabout the different colors of stains, glazes, or topcoats. Thesecan make even a simple door something special. When done right, youcan use the door as a means to help the room itself pop and draw invisitors' eyes.These days when everything is so state-of-the-art,technologically advanced, computerized, electronic, digital,computer-generated, radio monitored, battery operated, wireless,compact, and remote controlled, it is still nice to know that thereare a few things that haven't changed.For protection in anapartment, room for rent, hotel room, or a house, there is still aneed, at least for most folks, to feel a little bit safer, eventhough doors can be locked with mechanisms that should be on thespace shuttle, made out of steel, iron, or titanium. A simple doorbrace, which can be lodged between just under the door knob and achosen spot on the floor, does not need thishigh-speed-electronic-digital-computerized technology to work. Yousimply put it under the door knob in a secure setting and wedge itinto a spot on the floor, which would prevent the door fromopening, even if James Bond were just outside and able to somehowpick the lock of the door.There are even Dual Function Door Braces,which can be wedged under the knob of a hinged door, or set down inthe track of a sliding glass door. Preferably you would find onethat is made out of 20-gauge steel, and with some sort of paddedfoot made out of a sure grip rubber to prevent any kind ofscratching of the floor. A non-marring yoke is also a nice benefitto protect against finish damage. While we are at it, you mightalso search for a door brace that you can collapse into a shorterlength when traveling or when it is not in use, this way it wouldbe more portable. Then when you need or want to use it, you canjust extend it to the proper length required. The ideal would be anunder $20 door brace that can also be adjusted to reach up to 46"in length, but that can collapse down to only 31" so that it caneasily fit in a suitcase when traveling.
Sliding Window Grill Design 1.1 APK
Quill Spray
This is a locksmith fremantle guide on how to secure sliding windowlocks and the tools you will need. Approximate costs (both DIY andlocksmith fees) are given in Australian dollars. I will alsoprovide some extra security tips and advice on double checking yourinsurance policy fine print.Many new sliding windows have keylocking latches already installed. Some allow the window to belocked slightly open for ventilation. If your home has these windowlocks they are usually secure enough to keep your insurance companyhappy. If your home has only a simple non-locking latch, you shouldsecure them with a key-locking sliding window lock or a windowgrill.Installing window locks yourself will cost AUD$15-$20 perwindow. Having these locks supplied and installed by a locksmithwill cost $40-$50 per window.Window grills vary greatly in pricedepending on the size of the window and the style of the grill butprobably the average is $150-$200 per window.Most insurancepolicies require either a key-locking window lock or securitygrill. This is sometimes in the fine print. If you don't have oneof these forms of security you may be giving your insurance companyan easy way to deny your claim and you will be wasting the moneyyou pay on your insurance premium.Sliding window locks are oftencalled vent locks as they allow the window to be locked slightlyopen for ventilation. The recommended gap is 100mm but never havemore than 150mm. The theory is that if a head can get through awindow, a person can squeeze through.The venting position is not assecure as when the window is shut and locked. Therefore you shouldonly leave your windows locked open you are at home.To installsliding window locks, you need the following tools:CordlessdrillSharp 2mm drill bitSharp 8mm drill bitScrewdriverSlidingwindows can be lifted to varying degrees within their track. If youare using the venting position it is a good idea to fit somethingin the track to stop the window from being lifted. Small blocks ofwood or plastic or just a screw can be used. If fitted correctly,this can make the window a lot more secure especially when lockingthe window in the open position.Window grills provide very goodsecurity and ventilation. Windows can be left open even if you arenot home. Window grills are relatively expensive so best fitted inbedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens or areas requiring goodventilation.If a window lock is correctly installed, the glasswould need to be broken or a considerable amount of force used toget the window open.Police estimates indicate that roughly 40% ofhome invasions and break-ins occur without actually having to breakanything - that are, no force is required to gain entry to thehome.Does this surprise you?Think about your own home. How manyexterior doors and windows do your home have? Do you appropriatelyclose all of them when you head to work? How about at night beforegoing to sleep?Home invasion has become a common crime these days.At best, a home invasion will leave you with a loss of valuable, orperhaps prized and sentimental property. At worst, you may findyourself the victim of the assault from an unwary burglar you haveinterrupted. You may find yourself seriously injured.To avoid homeinvasions, and to tighten the security of your home, you musttherefore take proper care in locking doors and windows around yourhouse. There are many points that should be considered,particularly when you are choosing locks or the type of windows.Some important things you might want to consider are -Slidingwindows: A Burglar inviteMost old models of sliding windows are acinch to remove - even when they are locked. You could probably doit yourself - just take the window off its frame. Burglars who dothis professionally can get rid of a sliding window in a matter ofmere minutes, not making the tiniest sound in the process.
Indian Window Designs 1.1 APK
Quill Spray
Studies have shown that natural light improves moods, reduceseyestrain and even creates the illusion of spaciousness. A homefilled with natural light not only appears bigger but is morepleasant to live in. Short of building a glass house, how dohomeowners facilitate as much natural light in their homes aspossible?Windows are a fantastic way of allowing sunlight to in butthe window design you select is key. Some window designs are bettersuited to the facilitation of natural light than others so it isimportant that you keep this in mind when discussing your plans forthe inclusion of new windows in your home.Window Design StylesThereare several styles of windows from which to choose here are a fewof the most popular:Bay - These large windows are traditionallymade of three windows, one large window flanked by smaller windows.A window seat under a bay window is heavenly.Double-hung - Thisclassic window design style has an outside sash that slides up anddown and an inside sash that slides up. This style of window allowsa lovely breeze in as well as facilitates natural light.Casement -Casement windows are usually hung in pairs and mounted on hingesthat allow the sash to swing in or out (depending on what youprefer).Bow - These windows are similar to bay windows but havemore than three panels which join to form a gentle curve.Tilt-turn- This window design is popular in Europe, these unusual windowstilt in towards the room at the top and also turn a full 180degrees - excellent for easy cleaning.Jalousies - This windowdesign is comprised of many slats of glass that open and close.Jalousies windows are extremely similar to Venetian blinds.Skylight- This window design is perfect for small rooms where normalwindows would be overwhelming. Skylights are essentially windowswhich are fitted at an angle rather than vertically, usuallythrough the ceiling or roof.Fixed - As these windows can not beopened their sole purpose is to allow light in.Stained glass - Thiswindow design is popular in Victorian inspired homes around theworld. Patterns are made from different pieces of coloured glassand the sparkle of different coloured beams of light has awonderful effect.Window Design ConsiderationsBefore finalising yourwindow design ideas you need to take a few things intoconsideration.The design of your home - you'll want the design ofyour windows to fit into the overall design of your home. Roundedwindows may look a little obscure when fitted into a really tallwall just as overly large windows may be inappropriate in a smallhome. Select a window design that can be used through your home toachieve a consistent design theme. Incorporating a large variety ofwindow designs may be overpowering. Window design should becomplimentary never overwhelming. The climate you live in also hasto be taken into consideration - if you live in a cold or noisyarea you may want to fit double-glazed windows but not all windowdesigns are well suited to this type of treatment. Make sure youget all the information you'll need to make wise window designchoices from your window supplier.Letting the Sun InFilling yourhome with natural light is easy with the correct window designselection. Another way of facilitating natural light is to alwayskeep your windows clean. For homeowners who don't fancy spendingweekends balanced Self-Cleaning Glass is a definite must.Self-cleaning glass is making life far easier and is giving homeowners many reasons to use glass in the construction of theirhomes. What could be better than bright, open rooms with excellentoutdoor views facilitated by huge glass sheets, without having tospend your days cleaning the glass?