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Gauribidanur is a historical towninChikballapur district in the South Indian state of Karnataka. Itisabout 75 km from Bangalore, and 25 km from the education hubofMuddenahalli-Kanivenarayanapura. Along with the native languageofKannada, the other languages of Telugu and Urdu are spokensincethe town borders the neighbouring state of AndhraPradesh
The name Gauribidanur could have originated from the termsghori(grave) and bidanur (a common name for towns in the oldMysorestate). It has been said that Tipu Sultan had some of hissoldiersburied here. A mosque built by him stands with some oldgraves.Some other sources indicate the name Gauribidanur is derivedfromGowri (a Hindu goddess) and Bidanur.[2]

Not long ago, this town was the hub of lot of culturalactivitiesand sports. The old Acharya High School churned out manytalentedpeople from all walks of life. Homi Bhabha and MahatmaGandhivisited this school in its infancy and was labelled a modelschoolin the country.

Dr H Narasimhaiah is one of the famous sons, who was born inHossurvillage of this taluk. Born into a poor family, he struggledin hisearly years and rose to become vice-chancellor ofBangaloreUniversity. The Infosys Science Center located in thecampusNational High School at Hossur is a science andtechnologicalmuseum.Hossur is the first village in Karnataka whichwas improvedin its infrastructure and other basic needs bySwasthigramaYojane.


Formerly sugarcane and paddy were the main crops of this taluk.Inrecent times, silkworm rearing, groundnuts, maize and sunflowerarethe main crops owing to the lack of groundwater and rainfall.Therestill is a dormant sugar factory which was set up as aco-operativeunit. Uttara Pinakini river has water flow only duringthe rainyseason. If the rainfalls are scarce, the river bed isdry.

Gauribidanur has some factories like the sugar factoryinGauribidanur, the ACC cement factory in Thondebavi which is the3rdbiggest ACC in India and Silver Spark ApparelLimited(RaymondGroup) which is made out of its fashion near KEBstationGowribidanur.

Gauribidanur has several scientific facilities nearby. BARC andTIFRhave set up research labs here owing to its suitability ingeographyand soil contents. BARC hosts several highly sensitiveseismometersthat can record the minutest disturbances in theEarth's crustacross the globe. TIFR has a centre for research ongravitationalfields. Another important presence is that of anenormous radiotelescope, hosted by Indian Institute ofAstrophysics[4] and RamanResearch Institute, actually an array,spread across many hectares.This is primarily used in receptionand analysis of cosmicsignals.

This place was also a hub of sporting activities. A nationallevelbasketball tournament was held annually here hosted by thelocalDawn Youngsters Basketball Club. Teams from all over Indiaused toparticipate. The local Nav Bharat Ball Badminton clubconducted anannual invitational tourney here.

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