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A woman's beauty is incomplete if her hands and feet look uncaredfor. Besides keeping them clean through a regular manicure andpedicure, she can make her feet and hands look attractive by doingthem up with beautiful nail art designs. Nowadays, we have manynail spas and beauty parlors offering their professional servicesfor beautifying nails.Given below are a few styles that you mayfind useful. Take a white nail polish, and apply it on the upperpart of the nails, using outward strokes, from the tip guide to theend of the nail.Follow it up with the upper coat, and your classyFrench nails are ready.Nature Inspired DesignNature Inspired NailArt DesignWomen who find inspiration in nature can go in forthese.Start with a white polish, and paint your entire nail withit.Take a yellow polish, and paint the tips of the nails.With agreen polish and a thin brush, make two small leaves in the lowerpart of the nail.These can be worn anywhere, to one's college oroffice, and look really good during the daytime, especially insummers.Geometrical DesignGeometric Nail Art DesignIf you arelooking for something different from the regular nail designs, youcan opt for the ones with geometrical figures.Simply start bypainting the entire nail pink.Using a purple polish and a thinbrush, make different geometrical shapes on the nail, such as acircle, triangle, or a square.Line these geometrical figures withsome glitter so that they get highlighted.Cute Nail ArtCute NailArt DesignIf you want to paint your nails in a cute way, paint theentire nail blue.Make a small white flower on all the tips.Place asilver rhinestone in the middle of each of these flowers.This worksfor both, fingernails as well as toenails.The above ideas can beeasily implemented at home. Initially, it might be difficult to getthe perfect shape and look, but with practice, when these nail artdesigns are done appropriately, they will make your hands lookglamorous and eye-catching.

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Latest Mehndi Design 1.0 APK
Pretty brides of many Asian countries and Middle Eastern countriesas well as certain African nations love to sport henna tattoos ontheir hands during their wedding. Henna tattoos are not likepermanent tattoos that you can get at a tattoo parlor. Henna is anatural dye that stains the skin temporarily and helps one sportintricate designs on their hands. You will find the Internet isfull of henna designs and information related to henna color care.However, there are very few websites that offer information relatedto the science behind the henna stains. In this article, we shalldiscuss how does henna work and stain our skin. So, without muchdelay, let us get our facts straight.What is Henna?Lawsonia inermisor the mignonette tree are different names for the same floweringplant called henna. The name 'henna' is derived from an Arabic name'hinna'. The leaves of this plant are used to dye skin,fingernails, hair and even leather or wool since the Bronze Age.This form of tattoo art is used extensively during festivals andcelebrations, especially during weddings. The leaves of henna whencrushed do not stain the skin. They will stain only after therelease of lawsone molecules present in the leaves, after smashingthem with something mildly acidic liquid like tea. Thus, hennaleaves are dried and ground into a powder to make a paste oftoothpaste-like consistency. This paste is applied on the skin orhair for staining. This dye is completely natural and has no sideeffects. Side effects if any, arise only when natural henna ismixed with adulterants like carmine, pyrogallol, orange dye,chromium, silver nitrate, etc., that help in altering the effect ofhenna stain on skin.How Does Henna Work?After the application ofhenna, the dye leaves a burgundy stain on the skin. The color ofthe stain depends on individual skin type and the amount of timethat henna was allowed to stay on the skin. The color on the skinis due to the lawsone molecules present in the leaves. Theselawsone molecules are more concentrated in the petioles of theleaves. As mentioned in the preceding paragraph, lawsone moleculesare released only when the leaves are crushed with a mildly acidicliquid. Thus, many people trade henna in the form of powder that ismade by drying, milling and shifting the leaves. When one needs toapply henna tattoos, the powder is mixed with lemon juice, tea orsimilar mildly acidic liquids. A thick paste is formed and used toapply intricate, detailed body designs. Few drops of essential oilslike eucalyptus, Cajeput, lavender or tea tree are added to hennapaste. These oils contain monoterpene alcohols that help inimproving the staining characteristics.
Design Of Teen Bags 1.0 APK
What's the big deal about a bag?' This is one question I havealways been asked endlessly by my male friends whenever I discussfashion and the importance of accessories for the overall look.Well, surely, many fashion-conscious women know how men detest thenumber of hours we spend in perfecting our look, down to the lastdetail.Despite the increasing amount of ridiculous comments passedby my male friends, I still stick to the fact that a bag speaks alot about the person, and it is more than just a utility item.While clutch bags are best left for cocktail dinners, trendy totebags are a craze due to many zany designs and the amount of spacefor storage available in them. Well, this is for all the sneeringmen out there; there is definitely more to a bag than what you maybe thinking, and gifting one such bag to your girlfriend may justearn you more brownie points! Here is a look at the different typesof fashionable tote bags seen in all the major shopping malls andboutiques. This would help you to pick a bag that reflects yourstyle.Designer Tote Bags: More than Just Ordinary Bags!Tote bagsare basically preferred by the stylish working woman who needs alarge bag to store all her necessities. The good news remains to bethat they are now available in a variety of styles and shapes tomatch your outfit. Besides, they fit in everything you need for along working day. These are also popular because they provide theconvenience without compromising on the style factor! So ladies,get ready to splurge on these, but before you do, check out some ofthe different types available in the market.Leather Tote Bags:Totebags crafted in exquisite leather are an instant success with thecorporate woman. Leather adds a unique sophistication to the bagand is durable as well. Besides, different leather treatments giveeach bag a new look. These are the right choice for women who wishto retain a chic look that blends with their entire professionalattire.Canvas Tote Bags:These bags are very funky in theirappearance, as compared to leather tote bags. They can be seen in avariety of colors and styles due to the flexibility of the materialused. These are ideal for teens going on a casual outing or evenmommies who need to carry stuff not only for themselves, but fortheir kids as well. These bags are available in eye-catchingdesigns and motifs, from the creative to the bizarre!PersonalizedTote Bags:These are a great option for women who love to have anexclusive piece that is unique in every way. Many fashion-consciouswomen prefer personalized tote bags since they love to flauntsomething that is really exclusive in all respects. Thepersonalized theme offers you the freedom to design the bag as peryour preference, including the shape, size, color, and material.You can personalize it by adding your name or family photographs onthe outer side of the bag.
Women Watch Design 1.0 APK
In general, the watch face comes in various shapes and sizes, suchas round, angular, oval, square, and diamond-shaped. The cuff isusually wide and thick so as to support the watch face. This makesthese watches quite noticeable, and an ideal accessory for making abold fashion statement.However, you can also find many simplewatches as well, and so, it is up to you whether you like to go forthe simple designs or the designs with strong details. Among thevarious styles and designs, a few have been observed to stand outin the crowd. For example, contrast stitching like white stitchingon brown or black leather, is a hugely popular design.Many men alsolike to go for the biker style, which features a very thick andblack cuff embellished with spikes and studs. In addition to these,you can find some intricate designs, such as cuffs covered with alot of stitching and weaving, as well as those with metal snaps,studs, and engravings. Watches attached with hardware, like a metallid adorned with skull, stag head, hearts, stars, or crossbones,are some other options to choose from. A cuff encrusted with jewelsor precious stones can also look truly exquisite.Men are usuallyobserved to go for the brown and black leather cuffs for theirclassic look. As far as the styles are concerned, you can choosefrom a wide range of styles, such as biker style, punk rock, or theretro style. You can also wear only the cuff on the wrist to get acompletely new and trendy look. In general, a watch with a thickand wide cuff can look really great with a pair of trendy, casualjeans, and a simple shirt or t-shirt.Watches for WomenWatches andleather cuffs designed for women tend to have a more feminine ordainty look. But these watches can be equally sophisticated andstylish like those designed for men. The designer watches for womentypically feature a small watch face, and a smaller or thinnerband. The watch face can come in different shapes, like round,oval, triangular, and square.Women can choose from a wide range ofcolors, right from white, pink, blue, green, purple, to red.However, many women like to go for the black and brown cuffs aswell. Some women and girls seem to prefer the bold designs createdfor men. However, the designs created for women are equallyappealing. Many leather cuff watches can be found to be adornedwith beautiful patterns made on leather, while a few can be foundto be encrusted with jewels and stones.
Teenage Fashion Style 1.0 APK
The 21st century teenager is no more coy about sharing views onclothing and accessories. In fact, teen fashion trends are preludesto what adorns the ramp in the 'adult fashion' genre. Teenagers arebolder, smarter, and more defined in their sense of fashion, nowthan ever before. Clothing for teenagers is being sold off the rackonline, as well as offline. Teenagers around the world are not onlyamong the foremost buyers of trendy apparel, but are also the mostdemanding! Trendy teen clothing is catered to by a separatesegment. The clothes, especially summer trends, are designedkeeping in mind their demand for:The summer apparel line forteenagers of both genders is designed for swapping and meeting thedemand for semi-formals. The all-time favorites of this 'cool' agegroup remains denims and jeans. Teen fashion trends for summerinclude a mix and match of fabrics, patterns, and colors. Thecombination of light and heavy fabrics, loose upper or lowerapparel, and vibrant and subtle hues are not uncommon at all. Whilethe males prefer to flaunt the casual look even at formal venues,their female counterparts thrust the onus on jewelry to make up forthe missing satins and silks. Trends for males include:Wrinkle-freepants and jackets.High waters or shpants designed in denim.T-shirtsand half-sleeved regulars.Crimped, faded, and/or motif jeans.Khakis- shorts and shirts.The young women definitely have more optionsthan the males. Trends for females include:Dresses; short, long, orflowing.Jeans of varying lengths, from shorts to capris, orpedal-pushers to the traditional full-length.Flared orskin-clinging skirts of varying lengths, from micro minis toankle-length wraparounds.Blouses and tops of varying lengths, fromthe regular waist length to the midriff revealing tube-tops, andknee-length pull-overs.Today, teenagers demand more than apparel todefine their sense of fashion. Clothing is an important part ofevery teen's life. Teenage girls, especiall bridge, spend a lot oftime in front of the mirror trying on clothes and make sure theylook good. They buy fashion magazines and look for the latesttrends. Young men are no different. They may not play eye on orSwoon during the latest fashion, but they do not take the time inmaking sure they look good (or some).Teens Clothing andFashionOften the teenagers are fussy with clothes They ses Recall,this is the stage where they seek to find more about Himself; Whenthey are working on their identity and confidence. Therefore,looking for good is important. When They look good, they feel good(about themselves).Your teenage girl takes the game outfitaccording to what she sees: on TV, in magazines and in the mall.What does she see other teenage girls, want to do, especiall ifit's the celebrity you're talking about. So if your teen comes outfaster and tanks up, it's probably more because he sees clothingpropositions on others. It's not your fault.Male teenagers havefashion heroes, too. Not just rock stars and idols of a matinee.There are others out there, such as sports personalities and youngmodels, WHO Influencing teenage boys. You may want to get one foryourself, especiall if he likes the way that looks at thecelebrities he admired the most.
Latest Wedding Dress 1.0 APK
Every bride wants to look her best when it comes to the day of thewedding. This is the time when she would embark upon a new life.Naturally, every bride wants to look unique and wants the entireaffair to be planned well and function smoothly. It requires monthsof extensive planning and preparation right from choosing thewedding dress to the wedding arrangements.Spare a Thought BeforeMaking the SelectionWhen it comes to the wedding dress, most bridesare spoiled for choice with the wide number of boutiques and brandsthat are churning out the best designs available. Your weddingdress need not be big with long trains of cloth behind them. Youneed to think carefully before you make this important purchase, aswedding gowns are the heaviest and luxurious of all the outfits youwould probably own, and this is one dress that you will cherishforever. There are times when you may not be satisfied with thedesigns available. Most brides end up searching malls and websitesonline in pursuit of the most elaborate and beautiful weddinggowns. However, you can even design your own wedding dress thatwould enable you to wear the pattern you have in mind.Besides,dresses bought from the stores do not always give the best fit.Sometimes, they can be too short or very long for others. They mayhave the best design but definitely not the best fabric. Selectingone would, therefore, mean the dress has to match all the ideas inyour mind. In such cases, it is always better to opt for customizedwedding dresses. This would simply mean you have to design thepattern and speak to any fashion designer or a local seamstress whocould probably help you. Mentioned below are some factors toconsider when you design your own wedding dress.Understand yourbody typeYou must know that the wedding dresses that look good inthe fashion magazines may not always be the right pattern for yourbody type. These can be romantic or sexy, in brilliant shades or insubdued patterns. First, finding your body type is important, andthen, finding the right pattern that can completely flatter yourlooks and enhance your body. Here are a few listedbelow:Figure-hugging silhouettes: This pattern suits women who havewell-toned bodies. The skirt can flare out at the mid or lower calfwith a fitting bodice. Please note that this skirt can restrict thefreedom of movement at times.Keep a collection of the styles youhave seen and likedGo through the popular fashion magazines thatcan give you some ideas about the latest designs for weddingdresses. Keep the cutouts of such outfits. Browse online forwebsites that showcase some of their patterns. You can keepprintouts of these as well. Go to any local reputed store that hasthe options of an in-house seamstress, with whom you can converseabout the kind of design you want and get a feedback about thepictures you have and your own ideas as well. The seamstress wouldhelp you get an honest opinion about the kind of design that wouldsuit you and flatter your body.
Beautiful Stair Design 1.0 APK
When building houses with two or more floors, one of the mostimportant aspects to consider is the placement and size of thestairs. The stairs not only function from-allowing people to movefrom one floor to another, can ook attract attention and Improvethe overall design of the house. Depending on the placement, it canequally be a focal point when one re-enters the house.To create aroom that has connecting elements such as a polished andaesthetically pleasing staircase, you need to enliven the stairs aswell. One of the best ways to do this is to add mold to theladder.Ideas for Molding AppliancesMolding Along the WallOne of thebest ways to add some pizazz to the ladder is to install a wallprint that extends parallel to the banister. Most homes havestairways that have balustrades on one side and the other is anempty wall. Adding bead prints or wainscoting on the wall will addvisual interest to the ladder. You can also install a narrow pieceof mold along the wall that extends parallel to the ledge. Choose amolding color that matches the wall color. You can match the colorof the print with a ledge or try a contrasting color with it. Thinprints mounted in lattice patterns also work well. Another bigstaircase idea is to install a chair rail mold that extendsparallel to the ledge ladder, then attach the tufted fabric at thebottom of the wall. Tufted fabric walls can be made by placing foamor batting on the walls and then covering the batting withdecorative fabric.Molding on TreadA very simple and cost-effectiveway to change the look of your ladder is to add mold on the edge ofthe staircase. If you have a wooden ladder, then add a thin stripof mold around the edges of each tread. The mold for the treadshould not be too thick or too much decoration. Thinner ornamentswith rounded edges are best for such a project. Ideally, the colorof the print should fit the staircase to create a harmonious andcohesive look. But if your home decor is eclectic or you want tolook more modern, you can choose prints with contrasting colorswith tread ladder.Molding on BalustradeThe staircase is anotherarea where you can add prints to make the stairs look moreattractive and stylish. Place the spindle mold between the verticalbalusters. This type of mold gives the ladder a look of luxury andfinish. Spindle molding in off white contrasts well with woodenstairs and stair treads. You can also install rosette prints orother decorative prints on the brackets for a more distinctivelook.
Beautiful Wedding Cake 1.0 APK
As more and more people opt for fresh and fun beach weddings ratherthan sticking to the traditional ones, the ideas for wedding cakeshave also undergone a transformation. A wedding cake decorated inthe beach theme motif serves as the perfect complement for a beachwedding theme. Although you may have found the perfect tropicalwedding flowers, picked up the best beach-themed invitations, andthe prettiest wedding dress, your beach nuptials and receptionwould be rather incomplete.Beautiful Cake Designs for a BeachWeddingSeashells: One of the favorite and most commonly chosen cakedesigns for weddings are ones that include seashells, either as thekey elements or as accents to the original design. The motifs canbe created from marzipans, icing, molded chocolates, or simply fromother candies. You can team up your seashells with other underwatercreatures such as colorful sea urchins, corals, and fish. Completeyour ocean floor by scattering white chocolate shells, sanddollars, and starfish on each of the cake tiers.Tropical Flowers:Tropical and bright flowers are stunning design elements that cantransform the drab boring three-tiered wedding cakes into a funwedding cake. You can either opt for fresh flowers or have edibleones made from icing or gum paste. Decorated as bouquets, elegantcake edgings, cascades, and flowers add a touch of beauty to anywedding cake. Although fresh orchids do look beautiful and also adda tropical touch to the cake, they can wilt when kept out for alonger time. Instead, ask the baker to create island-style bloomsof hibiscus and edible palm leaves created from fondant orbuttercream to decorate the tiers of the cake.Sandcastle WeddingCakes: Wedding cakes shaped as sandcastles are perfect for a beachwedding. Made to resemble a natural-colored sandcastle, theseunusual wedding cakes can be decorated with fun seashells and othersea life accents.The ColorsAlthough most people traditionally stickto white wedding cakes, a beach theme allows you to explore othercolor options for your cake. The marine cake colors include blue,green and beige to reflect the colors of the sea. Introduce atropical feel by selecting bright colors such as fuchsia, orangeand bright yellow. Maritime such as red, white and navy blue can beused if you have a nautical theme wedding cake.The FlavorsA weddingcake needs to look great on the exterior but also taste deliciousto the guests. While a chocolate cake might work great, for a beachwedding you might want to consider lighter and less richer flavors.Fruit flavors such as coconut, pineapple, lemon orange, or a feistylime may make for great wedding cake flavors. To add a richertaste, opt for rum or liquor as the cake filling.
New Hijab Wedding Dress 1.0 APK
Hijab Wedding - You Make up is the most popular hijab camera facechanger app. A new Hijab Wedding dress designer Makeover Booth with2017 Bridal fashion trends is here. This will be your favouritewedding makeup salon, your best photo montage solution to dress upamazing hijab wedding growns fashion and try the largest muslimWedding Trends of 2017 freely. As well, Your smartphone will beyour Hijab style 2017 salon for designing bridal dress and weddinggrowns in order to discover latest fashion style that suits you themost.Hijab Wedding - You Make up is the most populat Hijab fashionstyle 2017 for all the girls of Islamic world! This photo montagesoftware is a fantastic combination of a face in hole and a fashionphoto frame for muslim girls. If you are indecisive person and youdon't know which wedding hijab suits you perfectly, you should tryout all of them from this amazing gallery. This is a favoritefashion guide for Muslim women around the world. Be one of them whowill try them all and follow the latest fashion trends.A bridalwedding dress reflects the personality and style of a bride shownto the world. That is why it is so important to choose and dress upthe right wedding gown. With Hijab Bridal Camera app, there arevarious modern and traditional hijap veil bridal dresses withgorgeous tiara, band headpiece.Get Hijab Wedding - You Make up andenter your new sticker photo booth and add one of the beautifulwedding hijab growns photo frames. If you are not sure how to wearhijab in your marriage, this fantastic photo makeover tool willshow you how. Take this Islamic app and a girl pic decorator andhave a lot of photo fun. You can easily become a muslim pics artpro and transform your photo album into a stunning hijabi photogallery. You will be astonished when you see your old pics afterthe decoration cause you look like the most famous fashionmodel.Hijab Wedding - You Make up is your best choice photoMakeover and unleash your inner artist. This can be your favoritemuslim dress up game, because you can use this photo app for girlsto have fun and try out the bridal hijab and many other from yournew virtual wardrobe. Our new Makeover Booth is here, let it takeyou to the unknown places of photo montage and Muslimah photodecorating.