1.2 / September 9, 2014
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Gem Splash is an addicting "Match-3" game. Match 3 or more gems tomake them explode and earn points. Try to get more points aspossible before time out. You can especially change the path ofmatching gems.When many gems explode at the same time, there willbe special gems appear.Play and rule the leader board now!

App Information Gem Splash

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    Gem Splash
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  • Updated
    September 9, 2014
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
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    Kayac Hanoi
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    F7 CMC Tower, Duy Tan Street, Cau Giay Dist., Ha Noi, Viet Nam
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Kayac Hanoi
Have you ever been addicted to Pokemon? Or have you ever dream todominate the Monster World and possess strong, skillful andadorable Monsters?Join Monster Dungeons where you can grow your ownMonsters, power them up and hunt various kinds of Monsters inmysterious Dungeons.Over 200 Monsters in Collection with differentexclusive skills include regular Monsters, Rare Monsters, LegendaryMonsters and Bosses are ready for the battles! Monster Dungeons isa combination of RPG and Puzzle where you make up a team ofMonsters and clear stages in Dungeons using given puzzles.Yourexcellent ability of combining gems inside a puzzle board andturning them into Monster Power will lead you through anychallenges, and for sure you will gain what you deserve, like gold,crystal and more and more Monsters for your collection.Dungeons arenot the only places you can get Monsters.Try out the Gacha system,one kind of Lucky-Wheel where you spend some amount of points orcrystal to gain a chance getting new Monster.And when your Monstersare ready, they can even evolve to new stronger type, with moregorgeous looking.What you have besides Monsters while you are instrange and dangerous Dungeons? Friends?It's a whole Community inwhich you can trade items, Monsters or ask, chat with friends anddiscuss any given topics to gain battling experiences or simplyrelax.And because of that essential need, Monster Dungeons alsoprovides additional sharing system so that you can invite morefriends to play with.More friends more fun!Dungeons' gates arealready opened, mystical Monsters are revealed, what are youwaiting for?Let's start adventure!
Cherry blossom LiveWallpaper 3.3.2 APK
Kayac Hanoi
The Cherry blossoms' petals dancing lightly.Bring a beautifulcherry blossoms by night to your phone.【Overview】This is the livewallpaper with the motif of the beautiful cherry blossoms in thefantastic moon.When being set, the animation of wonderful fallingcherry blossoms will appear on your screen.■ How to set the Livewallpaper1. Click the Menu button on the Home screen2. Select"Wallpaper" from menu3. Select "Live wallpaper" from the menu"Select wallpaper"4. Select "Cherry Blossom Live Wallpaper" fromthe live wallpaper list.★★★Thanks for your interest in ourapplication for along time★★★ The update this time will enablechange the background image instead of original background which isyour own favorite image.And there are something to be improved formore choice & better sense.You cannot only change thebackground image but also change the color of background in customsetting.We hope you will enjoy it!
Ninja Legend 1.1.6 APK
Kayac Hanoi
Ninja Legend is a fast , easy to play and most-suitable ninjaaction/casual game for everyone.The game consists of unique andchallenging boss system that will amaze you stage by stage.Thereare massive waves of enemy interfering you, some can ambush youfrom any sides of the road, so be aware. At the end of each stage,there normally lives a powerful boss who is fabulously moreskillful and possesses higher damage than most of the ninja enemiesyou ever met, and that will be the real challenge for you. The moreenemies you defeat, the more power and experiences you will gain toproceed to higher levels, with much more types of great weaponsavailable in Shop which grants you greater stats. MAINFEATURES--------------------------------------- FREE TO PLAY-Ninjas- Shop: where you can buy various types of weapons and items- Battle: stage by stage, with various types of enemy likeassassin, samurai or armored guardian awaiting and unique boss foreach stage- Weapon: numerous kinds of shuriken (ninja star), kunai,bomb that are all upgradable- Support item: will support you inbattle such as HP restoring item or revival stone- Facebook: whenyou get to higher level and possess more powerful weapons, itworths to save your data just in case you lose your phone oraccidentally clear game data. Facebook connecting allows you toshare your high score as well as to invite your friends just by asimple tap and receive more rewards. Also note that internetconnection is recommended, but is also optional. You can play andsave data offline. However transaction features will bedisable.Follow us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/ninjalegend.jpThanks for playing!
Labyrinth of Battles 1.0.3 APK
Kayac Hanoi
For each game run, dungeon map will change and player needs tocontrol their character cleverly to pass rooms that are dominatedby monsters.Stages are unlimited and the real challenge is how faryou can go in this game.[Gameplay]Control your character and clearstagesPower-up your character with money gained by defeatingmonstersMore and more powerful characters unlocked when you passhigher stages■ ClassesNew class will appear after a specificstage!+ Silver NightSwordman with vigorous bodyPowerful attackmoves+ Elf ArcherUses bow and arrows to attack the enemyCan attackin specific range+ Dark MagicianWizard with ancient spellsCanattack in a wide area+ AssassinKiller of the night with superspeedy moves■ Power-upTwo types of upgrading your character:1.Basic strength: can upgrade battle stats with money gained bydefeating monsters.2. Battle strength: during battle your characterwill get experience and may level up, as well as increase some ofits stats. However these stats will only be effective during thatbattle, after that your character's level will be reset.Let'schallenge yourself with numerous stages and collect your ownachievements!
CherryBlossom HD LiveWallpaper 1.2 APK
Kayac Hanoi
This is the live wallpaper with the motif of the beautiful cherryblossoms in the fantastic moon.When being set, the animation ofwonderful falling cherry blossoms will appear on your screen.TheCherry blossom's petals dancing lightly.Bring a beautiful cherryblossoms by night to your phone.■ How to set the Live wallpaper1.Click the Menu button on the Home screen2. Select "Wallpaper" frommenu3. Select "Live wallpaper" from the menu "Select wallpaper"4.Select "Cherry Blossom HD Live Wallpaper" from the live wallpaperlist.When this Live Wallpaper is set, you can double tap the moonto display Setting screen.
Ninja Shoot 1.0 APK
Kayac Hanoi
In this game, you play role of a Ninja (also known as Shinobi) inJapanese legendary stories and use deadly "shurikens"(Ninja Star)to throw at various kinds of target that appear on screen. -- Easyto play and suits everyone -- Simple using just your finger to takeaction, you don't have to be a hard-core gamer, even kids or womencan play easily and fast. -- Game content brings fresh mood toplayers -- You use Ninja shurikens(Ninja Star) to throw atbreakable targets that appear on screen, this will bring to you newand interesting feelings. You can choose between mini-games whichrequires high accuracy or which requires high speed action. NinjaShoot also supports multi-touch so you can throw shurikens freelyas you like. -- New mini-games will be added in newer versions --We will continue to upgrade and add new gameplays in next updates.And of course they are FREE, too!
Gem Splash 1.2 APK
Kayac Hanoi
Gem Splash is an addicting "Match-3" game. Match 3 or more gems tomake them explode and earn points. Try to get more points aspossible before time out. You can especially change the path ofmatching gems.When many gems explode at the same time, there willbe special gems appear.Play and rule the leader board now!
KING LiveWallpaper 1.01 APK
Kayac Hanoi
■ How to set the Live wallpaper1. Click the Menu button on the Homescreen2. Select "Wallpaper" from menu3. Select "Live wallpaper"from the menu "Select wallpaper"4. Select "Cherry Blossom LiveWallpaper" from the live wallpaper list.