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MooseRoots provides over 1 billion freegenealogical records and supplements them with additionalinformation to provide context about your ancestors’ lives. Ourcatalogue includes the entire U.S. Census from 1790 - 1940, dozensof state specific collections of Birth and Death records, Marriageand Divorce records, and several rare collections. Use dozens offilters to find the records you are looking for and bookmark themfor later.

In addition to a large catalogue of records, MooseRoots specializesin supporting content. Depending on the type of record and detailsavailable, we include information about the time and location ofyour ancestor’s life as well as the broader context in which theylived.

★ See the meaning and origin of first and last names, how nameshave ranked over time and how many newborns they have been givento, population distributions throughout the United States, andethnic breakdowns of last names.
★ Explore the location of your ancestor’s record with snapshots ofcities, counties and states from the time of your ancestor’s.Interactive visualizations show demographic breakdowns (age,gender, nationality, population), education levels, urban to ruraldistributions, and marital status. Over time data also shows howthe places of your ancestors have changed.
★ Weather data allows you to see min, max, and averagetemperatures, and precipitation levels on important days and placesin your family's history. All time temperature and precipitationrecords are also included for locations.
★ S&P500 data highlights the economic eras, booms, busts, andtransitions experienced by your ancestors, and insightfulnarratives provide context to your ancestor’s world.
★ Comprehensive data surrounding all U.S. Presidents provides anoverview of who was in office during , domestic politics, foreignpolitics, notable milestones, approval ratings and electionresults.

App Information Genealogy Search by MooseRoots

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