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Geo Mastery is a geography quiz about countries, capitalsandcurrencies. You start with the title of traveller andadvancethrough the ranks to become a Geo Master, earning new badgesas youprogress. With each advancement you unlock new featuresandquizzes. Learn Geography from the archives and completetoughquests in this fun app. Do you have what it takes to be aGeoMaster?

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    Geo Mastery
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    February 2, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Regal Apps
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    "Krithika", Milma Dairy Road, Near Fire Station, Kalpetta - 673121, Wayanad, India
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Smart Unit Converter 1.3.1 APK
Regal Apps
Smart Unit Converter is a simple and user friendly converterapplication that helps you convert all commonly used units. SmartUnit Converter is our first release and we have kept it light.We’ve limited our units for conversion to improve your userexperience. We have both the 1 to 1 unit converter as well as thequick list view on the same page to help reduce navigation. SmartConverter is designed to be fast, accurate, light, appealing anduser friendly. Any suggestion to make it better is alwayswelcome.The units available are categorized under:1. Distance andLength Converter2. Area Converter3. Capacity and Volume Converter4.Mass and Weight Converter5. Temperature Converter6. SpeedConverter7. Time Converter8. Computer Storage Converter9. DataTransfer Converter10. Density Converter11. AccelerationConverter12. Power Converter13. Energy Converter14. PressureConverter15. Circular Motion Converter16. Torque ConverterAsurprise package has been included into this app – Ratio Analysis.This is mainly for the commerce students, bankers and small-timeinvestors. We have selected a few of the key information from anyincome statements &balance sheets based on which financialratios would get calculated. This app helps you assess the keyratios required to evaluate any books of accounts. How to use RatioAnalysis:1. Click on “Finance” Tab2. Input available data onto theinput screen.3. Once all relevant data are keyed in, click on“Compute” button to see the common ratios4. If any input variableis left blank, the relevant ratio will not get calculated5. Clickon “Reset” button to all data from the input screenThe “Others”segment: This is our way of understanding your needs. If there areany converters or calculators you wish to see, write to us. We’llsee to it that it’s included into this “Others” segment. We alreadyhave a few ideas in mind – eg: health calculators, financecalculators, age calculator, world time calculator, etc… Requestyou to be generous while viewing the ads.Keywords: Converter, UnitConverter, Ratio Analysis, Finance, ConversionCredits:The Coder:Naveen RaphyThe Designer: Amal JosephThe Consultant: Tony Antony
Health Calculator - BMI & WTH 2.0 APK
Regal Apps
Health Calculator – BMI & WTH: This is a simple and clean appthat calculates your Body Mass Index & Waist to Hip Ratio andclassifies them under the standard health ranges. It considers yourage and gender to provide you a more accurate classification ofyour health range.Features:1. Age and Gender based classificationof range2. Supports Metric and Imperial scales3. Supports 4languages - English, French, German and Spanish4. Suggests yournormal range5. Gender based themesWhat is Body Mass Index (BMI)?BMIor Body Mass Index is a measurement of body fat based on yourheight and weight which generally applies to both adult men andwomen. BMI is very easy to measure and calculate and is thereforethe most commonly used tool to correlate risk of health problemswith your weight. How does Waist To Hip Ratio (WTH) complement theBMI?The World Health Organisation considers the Waist to Hip Ratioa good indicator of your personal health. However, it works bestonly if you consider your reading from both BMI and WTH. A goodrange on both BMI & WTH ensures a healthier you. Would age andgender change my BMI & WTH?Although age and gender has noimpact on your BMI or WTH, it would influence ‘the Range’ to whichan adult belongs. We have considered age and gender to calculatethe Range in our “Health Calculator".Who should not be using HealthCalculator?BMI & WTH are mere indicators basis your bodystatistics and does not take into consideration your body type,structure, current health status, diet or exercise. These are onlyindicators/ guideline. Do not use Health Calculator – BMI & WTHif you fall under the following:1. Children (below 18 yrs)2.Pregnant Ladies3. Athletes / Body builders4. People with medicalconditionsKeywords: BMI, WTH, Body Mass Index, Waist to Hip Ratio,Health Calculator, Ideal Weight
Pick Me 1.0 APK
Regal Apps
Pick me:1. Use it as a coin toss2. Use it to select an order3. Useit for any game that involves dice through4. Use it to see who doesthe dishes5. Use it for good, use it for bad, use it however youlike. The uses are unlimited.Pick Me is a random picker app thatcan pick one object out of a given list of objects, which are inputby the user. There is also a shuffle option using which the givenlist of items can be randomly shuffled.On start up the app works asa coin toss with the result being a head or tail. Pressing thereset button allows you to add a new list to choose from.
ABC for Kids 1.0 APK
Regal Apps
ABC for kids is a simple application forchildren learning the English alphabet. Pick the correct picture(out of the 4 random pictures) associated with the letter shown tomove on to the next alphabet. For example if the letter is 'A' thenyou pick the picture for apple.This app is targeted for young kids, to help them learn thealphabets faster. At the very end you get to see your final scoreand you can try again till you complete the puzzle with the maximumscore of 26.
Phone 1n One 1.0 APK
Regal Apps
Phone 1n One is basically a short cutappcontaining a list of essential shortcuts used on Android phoneinday to day life. These include settings shortcuts,socialnetworking shortcuts and in built phone app shortcuts. Alltheseshortcuts incorporated into one app makes it simpler forbeginnersto get used to their Android device. The complete list isasfollowsAndroid Market AppsCalculatorCameraContactsDate/TimeDisplayFacebookInternetLanguageMessagingTwitterUninstall AppsVolumeWhatsApp
Resistance Calculator 2.0.1 APK
Regal Apps
Resistor Color Code Calculator: For those who studies or works withelectrical devicesDescription:Resistors are electronic componentsthat oppose the flow of electricity. This app calculates theresistance (in ohms) through 4, 5 and 6 band color codes. Theresistor color code is a long standing standard in both theelectronics and electrical industries. Color "bands" are used toindicate the resistance value with each color signifying a numberand these color bands are grouped closer to one end of the resistorthan the other. In a typical 6 Band Resistor, the first 3 colorbands indicate a number. The 4th color band indicates themultiplier or in other words the number of zeros. The fifth bandindicates the tolerance of the resistor +/- 20%, 10% or 5. And thefinal band indicates the Temperature Co-efficient.How it works:1.From the main page, select 4, 5 or 6 band resistor2. Set color foreach of the bands3. Click Compute
Selfie Tic Tac Toe 1.0 APK
Regal Apps
Selfie tic tac toe is the tic tac toe gamewitha twist. Users can play normal tic tac toe as well as takeselfieand use that instead of Xs and Os. Points are kept for eachplayerso you can compete with your friends. This is a very simplepuzzlegame which takes up very less space.
Smart Unit Converter PRO 1.0 APK
Regal Apps
Upgrade to the Pro Version of smart Unit Converter:1. Ad FreeVersion2. Favourites Option3. Swap function4. Finance Calculators –Currency Converter, Ratio Analysis, Simple & compound InterestCalculator, Time Value of money, Economic Order Quantity, TipCalculator, Date CalculatorSmart Unit Converter PRO is a simple anduser friendly converter application that helps you convert allcommonly used units. We’ve limited our units for conversion toimprove your user experience. We have both the 1 to 1 unitconverter as well as the quick list view on the same page to helpreduce navigation. Smart Converter is designed to be fast,accurate, light, appealing and user friendly.The units availableare categorized under:1. Distance and Length Converter2. AreaConverter3. Capacity and Volume Converter4. Mass and WeightConverter5. Temperature Converter6. Speed Converter7. TimeConverter8. Computer Storage Converter9. Data Transfer Converter10.Density Converter11. Acceleration Converter12. Power Converter13.Energy Converter14. Pressure Converter15. Circular MotionConverter16. Torque ConverterKeywords: Converter, Unit Converter,Ratio Analysis, Finance, Conversion, Calculator