2.0.0 / August 26, 2016
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Prepare to immerse into the world of gangsterwars. Are you ready to have criminally good fun? Beware of cops,always carry your gun with you and if you like an auto, just takeit. It’s time to dominate the city. Clean it up completingdifferent quests and enjoying new level of open-world!

What will happen if someone will decide to stick his nose inother’s business? Especially if it is a business controlled byRussian Mafia. There is only one way to solve this problem - showwho is the boss here, punish these ugly baboons. Especially if theyare impudent enough to commit crimes on other’s territory.Appointments must absolutely be respected. In the mafia worldgangbanders don’t like to talk with thieves, they act. And thepenalty for their transgression is death.

Explore the world of Russian Mafia by yourself. Become one ofthe members of this famous gangster organization. It’s a big timeof grand wars!

Fight against corrupt politicians, protect your gang, steal carsand etc.
Forget about vice police, you are a police, an assassin and mainhero if this action.
You can drive any automobile that you like. Take what you want,this is the virtual world with no rules.
Take control of the streets of this city full of vice.
Work your way to the top of gangster world in the city where notingis as it seems.

Get the Russian Mafia – fight for money, power, and respect inthe ultimate gangster battle game.

App Information Get The Russian Mafia

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Car Fight – crush your rivals, cause as muchdamage as you can and, if you need, use your weapon.This is demolition derby racing, the battle arena, where yourcar can become scrap metal in few seconds. So, swipe your waythrough the crazy traffic and wait for the right moment to cause amassive crash. How long can you survive the arena? Endless racing,destruction driving pleasure and speedway tracks, which give adifferent type of challenge and experience. Drive the best carsever and leave gravity in the dust.  It's time for demolitionextreme race!Do you have some problems with your car? Just use your arsenal.Remember, you are a demolition master, destroyer who are insensibleto pity. Test your crash skills, show the maximum of what youcan.Car Fight Features:Intense high speed racing action.Be a furious racer of the whole desert. Show your driving skills and don't get shaking off.Realistic car damage. Crash your car! Experience all the excitement of the competition and the dynamicsof the race in 3D. Great real time competition.Mega speed that will push adrenaline in your blood.Full of competitive spirit.Earn the leader status or die.Customize and improve your car by earning or buying upgrades.Car Fight – real racing with cool cars, weapon and endlessdestruction.
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Clash of Towers – upgrade, unlock,experimentwith cards and become a card battler.Collect and upgrade dozens of cards by deciding where todropyour heroes. You will deeply immerse in this world of royalcards.Not only heroes, such as knights, barbarian, amazon,demolitionist,samurai, ninja, dragon, troll. Also different type oftroops,spells, defenses you know. However, this time this is thefight inthe world of animals.Use different strategies, knock your enemies from their towerstodefeat them. Polish your plan to destroy your enemy’s clans!Clash of Towers - just enter the Arena!Clash of Towers Features:Start your game using only 4 cards.Earn chests to unlock rewards, collect new cards,upgradethem.Destroy opponent’s towers.Clash opponent’s using your cards.Learn different battle tactics.Clans war in the card world.
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Star Glory – fighting game with your favoritestar heroes.Take a spectacular trip through the universe of blockbustersmash-hit game, Star Glory.Start from the beginning of the galaxy knight training andbecome a powerful hero while waging epic battles, looting valuablegoods and making enemies with bad guys. Show to everybody how doesyour force work.Star Glory Features:Top-rated combat game. Get a scores by fighting and unlock allyour character's power.Remember, your enemies also get stronger as you level through. So,try not to be killed.Equip lethal weapons and epic armor in your quest to achieveblood-soaked victory over them.Perfect your skills and unleash stunning Special Attacks, SuperCombos and the all new Glorious Strike!Return to the arena and bask in the blood-hungry cheers of thecrowd as you fight to become a LEGEND!This quest will help you to unlock the secrets of the force.Star Glory – fight your way through a series of increasinglydifficult tournaments in different locations to the glory.
Mutants Fight 1.0 APK
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Mutants Fight – explosive undergroundarenabattles with genetically modified monsters collection.Your goal is simple – crush the opponent's tank withyourmonsters. Who will have more DNA after each level will win.Thomas was living alone in his house in the middle of thetown.He had only one passion, passion for science. No one couldevensuspect, that one day will start real revolution ofcivilizationand Thomas will be the reason. How? He discovered a newelement,that can create a new form of life – mutants and even canmake themevolve. But other discoverer made the same thing. And thenhasstarted the clash of scientists.Mutants Fight HOW TO PLAY:Just click on monster icon to select it and click once againonthe terrain in order to spawn it.When your monster will reach the rival's laboratory and comeback,you will get one of his DNA test-glass. And, if his monsterwillreach your laboratory, you lost one DNA. But, if monstercouldn'tcome back with this DNA to his base, DNA will lost.Mouse over to collect all DNA or Fusion Cells dropped by monstersinyour zone.Collect as more DNA of your enemy as you can and don't getlostyour own. The more DNA after each round you have thebetter.To protect your tank from opponent's monster, shoot them. Don'tletthem to get close to your tank and take away DNA.Remember, all DNA and Fusion Cells will help you to make anewmonsters on each new level. Drag and drop a monster iconontoanother and reveal a new monster. After each level choose anewenhancement for your monsters.Mutants Fight - clash of mutants commanded by you.
Superhero Wrestle Fight 2.0.0 APK
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There’s a whole new set of superheroesthathave gathered to take part in a newer, bigger game.With Superhero Wrestle Fight you will step into the courtandimmerse yourself in adrenaline pumping world ofwrestlingaction!Guide superhero through 3 matches and try to stay on the topofthe city. You have to push over your opponent or force him outofthe top of the skyscraper to win a match. Make your opponent tohitthe ground, otherwise you will lose.Superheroes wrestling is not about being pro, but being Godofthe wrestling ring.Easy to learn fighting game.Super fun party game for all ages.Play as a wrestler, jump, force your opponents out of thetop.Tap, pinch, and swipe your way through gaming's biggesteverwrestling universe.You can become not just a king of the ring, but a championofsuperheroes league. Let’s see, who will win!
Clash of Angry Animals 1.0.0 APK
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Clash of Angry Animals – tapventure withnewheroes.Rule of this game is pretty simple- you must tap. You willbecomean evil Titan, who is going to avenge oneself. How do you doit? Tapto attack, to slay, to earn bonuses, to hire heroes. Foryearsheroes have been enjoying crushing your life. It doesn’t’matter whowill pay, beggar or billionaire. Just start thistapventure andnever stop to click!Clash of Angry Animals:The world domination is waiting for you. Tap!Click or tap on a heroes as fast as you can.Be prepared for endless hours of fun and entertainment.
Poacher Hunter 1.0 APK
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Poacher Hunter — let's have fun in theworld'sgreatest hunting challenge.Hunting means not only testing your sniper skills, but alsoallyour survival experiences. Extreme wilderness environmentsofdifferent locations where is always open season. Completealllevels from rookie to master and upgrade to better typesofequipment, weapons and clothes. And, of course, get moretrophies.Train your sights on deer, hare and even tiger.Poacher Hunter Features:If you want to enjoy real hunting experience, don't forget tobuyenough food and shells for your gun.Remember about hunting license. You can go hunt without it, butifyou meet huntsman you will lose everything, all yourtrophies,weapons, and game.Exercise extreme caution as these wilderness inhabitantswillsometimes charge right at you or they can hear how you aretryingto sneak up without being seen.And, of course, don't forget to reload your gun. But bereallysilent!Poacher Hunter – have you got what it means to be amasterhuntsman? Accept our challenge!
Launchpad for DJ 1.0 APK
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Make you favourite music mix. This DJ mixerpad and combine different styles: basic, jazz, bass, electric, pop,rock. Make different sound variations. Play music from your libraryand make remix versions of a million tracks. You can also recordyour beats and share music records with your friends.Sound are taken from the real music studio witch allow you to enjoythe best quality. Learn to be a profeccional and create music withthis application. We offer you the most powerful music experience.Just turn it on.Launchpad for DJ:Different drum set.Easy and simple to use – just drum your fingers on the pads.Supports multi-touch.Realistic graphic.Study or play and mix music without making much noise.Record mode.Many of the sounds.Launchpad for DJ - get the ultimate real mix experience!