0.4 / July 26, 2018
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A simple and short game with a car. Get your speed to 88 milesperhour! Run over garbage for fuel. Cones slow you down.

App Information Get To 88

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    Get To 88
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    July 26, 2018
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    Android 6.0 and up
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    Tartle Games
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    200 Municipal Dr, Hoover, AL 35216
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Tartle's RPG Apparatus for D&D 2018.10.1 APK
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THIS APP IS NOT A GAME. It generates randomized content for popularpen and paper style RPG games. There is no way to "PLAY" this app.A feature rich utility for fantasy based roleplaying tabletop gamesand card games. features Include: Life tracking screen for lifetotals, arrow counts, poison counters, player level counters,whatever you want to track you can do so. Adding or subtractingfrom your counts is quick and easy and does not require the use ofyour device's keyboard. You may hide life counters when they arenot needed. Dice rolling tool. A standard twenty sided is alwaysavailable for use. Preset standard dice combinations are availableand can be configured to roll even unusual, nonexistent dice like athirteen-sided. Why not? Random Name Generator for creatingcharacters with a unique pixel art profile and short description orquote. The quotes, descriptions, and profile picture areprocedurally generated. Random Side Quests with over 250 original,imaginative quests! These are great for when your players decide togo south instead of north and you need to quickly come up withcampaign material to accommodate the unplanned. They're also quitefun to read through, as many are very funny and have a personalityonly found in the Tartle RPG Tool. Random Treasure Generator forcreating anything from potions to swords. You can use the craftbutton to create an item and then you may enchant the item to makeit even more weird and special. There is also a treasure chest boxthat randomly generates up to five items at once. The ultimate goalfor this app is for game masters to use it to randomly generatecontent for a campaign (ahead of time or during play). It came asan idea of trying to play a tabletop rpg without anything plannedin advance, such that the game master is discovering the contentalong with the players. It doesn't have to be used in that way, butit is an option. The Tartle RPG Tool is an on-going projectdeveloped by an indie developer with a passion for tabletop gaming.Enjoy!
Deep Sea Fish Kebab 8.19.2016 APK
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In this retro arcade style game, Bob the diver descends into thedarkness of the sea to battle Poseidon's minions and win back theocean from the mutants of the deep. Fight with sword and fish butbeware! The ocean is a strange place indeed. Over 100 differentfish--some more menacing than others!Each level has a differenttheme, such as the skeleton pirate laden deep sea, or the mermaidfilled Atlantis! Near the end it gets really weird, a bowl of milk?Outer space dolphins in space suits? Yes and yes...This is an indiegame made by Tartle Games with all original sprite artwork andmusic by a talented friend named Horse Doctor!
Tartle's Cube Zoid 17.22017 APK
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Cube Zoid melts your brain! Avoid enemy cubes on the left and rightas you collect points.Cubes come at you from the left and theright. You have to guide your cubes through the openings in theincoming walls. Some random items will help you, but the cubes getfaster and faster. Don't blink, don't look away, it gets reallyhard!
Tartle's Sloth Continuity 4.26.16 APK
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In █████, starring █████ Mc █████, you hop, jump, and █████ yourway into the vast █████ of block space. Hop on a block, score apoint. The higher your score climbs the more those pesky blocksbegin moving around and exploding. Use your magic █████ powers toget higher scores. Every match gives you some more █████ powers tohelp you along your way. Collect coins to unlock █████ costumes.Everybody is a █████! Characters include, Penguin █████, █████ Car,and Walrus █████. Many blocks have magic icons on them that makethem dangerous or helpful to hop on. No █████ were harmed in themaking of the game, even though they sometimes explode in the game.It's just a game, okay, not real life. Or is it??? █████ █████ is aindie game made by the Tartle Wizard @Tartle_Games. Play it! Loveit! Share it! And you will be helping a independent game developerlive his dream :PFun features include:Voxel █████ named █████Mc█████!Jumping on platforms for █████ █████ funAchievements so youcan achieve all a █████ can hope to achieveLeaderboard so you canbe the very best █████ master of all timeUnlockable █████characters, like penguin █████, or turtle █████
Tartle's Lesser RPG Tool 4.26.2016.2 APK
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Up to six life totals can be tracked at once. Names for monsters orplayers can be entered. Other items can also be tracked using thelife tracking tool other than health, such as poison counters orarrow counts. Easy access buttons allow you to add or subtract fromtotals quickly without using your device keyboard.The Dice rollingtool is extremely flexible. A standard 20 sided die is availablealways, but other dice can be added and configured. It may be theonly role-playing game utility that allows rolling unusual,unrealistic dice, such as a thirteen-sided. All standard dice areeasily configured. A critical roll on the 20 sides soundsthunder.This is the free version of an indie app for tabletopgames, but the life tracker is also perfect for many fantasy basedcard games that require health tracking.
Birthday Balloons 1.5 APK
Tartle Games
Hello. I made this game so that EVERYONE cancelebrate my birthday with me. My birthday is over now but it isstill a fun game. Mindless balloon popping fun. Yep. This is theONLY balloon popping game that features a hamburger man!Avoid popping the red balloons because they eat up yourremaining time. Popping blue balloons gives you added time for thenext round. The balloons are really, really fast! That's just partof the fun.
Tartle's joomp berd 12.31.2015 APK
Tartle Games
knock knock? who's there? joomp. joomp who? joomp berd.In joompberd you jump from platform to platform and try to get the highestscore you can for the online leaderboard. Each game session givesyou a full set of power ups that will help you. Powers include:teleport, super jump, flying, block spawn, and time stop. As yourscore gets higher special blocks appear that make timing jumps moreand more difficult. Luckily, you can pick up more power ups as yougo. joomp berd is a jump bird, but I am only telling you that sothat you understand. joomp berd is an indie game developed byTartle Games :P
Penguins On Ice 1.2.17 APK
Tartle Games
Penguins "Pinguins" are on a lane of ice and you have to bowl themover with a giant snowball. Aim the ball like a slingshot. Tiltyour device to add some spin on the bowling ball. Now featuringeven more walrus and more narwhal than ever before!!! You have tosee it to believe it. Warning: may contain exploding voxelpenguins.This is a bowling simulation game with a lane made of ice!Knock the penguins into the water to score points.Features includean online leaderboard and two-player mode allowing you to playagainst your friend on one device by taking turns just like in realbowling.