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Easy to Play. Fun to master.Easy to Play. Fun to master.

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Translation Board Pro Keyboard 2.0 APK
languages.This app is a special keyboard. In order to use it youfirst have to activate it in your settings!Here is a quick tut:1.Go to Settings of Language and Keyboard Input2. Click on .CurrentKeyboard.3. Click on .Other Keyboards.4. Activate TranslationKeyboard Pro5. Then choose it as your Current Keyboard!Fortranslation press the blue button and your text will betranslated!The keyboard needs internet access to translateanything!The wrench button is for changing settings as theme,translated languages or click sound.Click on the wrench to accessthe menu for that. Then you can select the first language and thelanguage to which your text will be translated. Also you can choosea theme and activate/deactivate click sounds.Feel free to comment,rate or even write an email to the dev at oemer.d@web.d forimprovements you wish to have on this beautiful keyboard!Powered byYandex.TranslatePossible Translations "From - To" :"az-ru","be-bg","be-cs","be-de","be-en","be-es","be-fr","be-it","be-pl","be-ro","be-ru","be-sr","be-tr","bg-be","bg-ru","bg-uk","ca-en","ca-ru","cs-be","cs-en","cs-ru","cs-uk","da-en","da-ru","de-be","de-en","de-es","de-fr","de-it","de-ru","de-tr","de-uk","el-en","el-ru","en-be","en-ca","en-cs","en-da","en-de","en-el","en-es","en-et","en-fi","en-fr","en-hu","en-it","en-lt","en-lv","en-mk","en-nl","en-no","en-pt","en-ru","en-sk","en-sl","en-sq","en-sv","en-tr","en-uk","es-be","es-de","es-en","es-ru","es-uk","et-en","et-ru","fi-en","fi-ru","fr-be","fr-de","fr-en","fr-ru","fr-uk","hr-ru","hu-en","hu-ru","hy-ru","it-be","it-de","it-en","it-ru","it-uk","lt-en","lt-ru","lv-en","lv-ru","mk-en","mk-ru","nl-en","nl-ru","no-en","no-ru","pl-be","pl-ru","pl-uk","pt-en","pt-ru","ro-be","ro-ru","ro-uk","ru-az","ru-be","ru-bg","ru-ca","ru-cs","ru-da","ru-de","ru-el","ru-en","ru-es","ru-et","ru-fi","ru-fr","ru-hr","ru-hu","ru-hy","ru-it","ru-lt","ru-lv","ru-mk","ru-nl","ru-no","ru-pl","ru-pt","ru-ro","ru-sk","ru-sl","ru-sq","ru-sr","ru-sv","ru-tr","ru-uk","sk-en","sk-ru","sl-en","sl-ru","sq-en","sq-ru","sr-be","sr-ru","sr-uk","sv-en","sv-ru","tr-be","tr-de","tr-en","tr-ru","tr-uk","uk-bg","uk-cs","uk-de","uk-en","uk-es","uk-fr","uk-it","uk-pl","uk-ro","uk-ru","uk-sr","uk-tr"
Translation Board Keyboard Fre 2.0 APK
Hello, thanks for viewing my app. Please support my app by buyingthe pro version!At the end of this you will find the possibletranslate directions! Note: This is demo version. For full supportbuy the pro version. This app is a special keyboard app.If you wantuse it and don't know how follow this:1. Go to Settings of Languageand Keyboard Input2. Click on .Current Keyboard.3. Click on .OtherKeyboards.4. Activate Translation Keyboard Free!5. Then choose itas your Current Keyboard!For translation press the blue button andyour text will be translated!The keyboard needs internet access totranslate anything!The wrenc icon is for changing thelanguage.Click on the wrench to access the menu for that.In thedemo version there is only de en. For full features please buy proversion after a brief test.Also you can choose a theme and enableclick sound.After that hit accept.Please comment and rate and emailme in case you want to.Powered by Yandex.TranslatePossibleTranslations In Pro Version "From - To" :"az-ru","be-bg","be-cs","be-de","be-en","be-es","be-fr","be-it","be-pl","be-ro","be-ru","be-sr","be-tr","bg-be","bg-ru","bg-uk","ca-en","ca-ru","cs-be","cs-en","cs-ru","cs-uk","da-en","da-ru","de-be","de-en","de-es","de-fr","de-it","de-ru","de-tr","de-uk","el-en","el-ru","en-be","en-ca","en-cs","en-da","en-de","en-el","en-es","en-et","en-fi","en-fr","en-hu","en-it","en-lt","en-lv","en-mk","en-nl","en-no","en-pt","en-ru","en-sk","en-sl","en-sq","en-sv","en-tr","en-uk","es-be","es-de","es-en","es-ru","es-uk","et-en","et-ru","fi-en","fi-ru","fr-be","fr-de","fr-en","fr-ru","fr-uk","hr-ru","hu-en","hu-ru","hy-ru","it-be","it-de","it-en","it-ru","it-uk","lt-en","lt-ru","lv-en","lv-ru","mk-en","mk-ru","nl-en","nl-ru","no-en","no-ru","pl-be","pl-ru","pl-uk","pt-en","pt-ru","ro-be","ro-ru","ro-uk","ru-az","ru-be","ru-bg","ru-ca","ru-cs","ru-da","ru-de","ru-el","ru-en","ru-es","ru-et","ru-fi","ru-fr","ru-hr","ru-hu","ru-hy","ru-it","ru-lt","ru-lv","ru-mk","ru-nl","ru-no","ru-pl","ru-pt","ru-ro","ru-sk","ru-sl","ru-sq","ru-sr","ru-sv","ru-tr","ru-uk","sk-en","sk-ru","sl-en","sl-ru","sq-en","sq-ru","sr-be","sr-ru","sr-uk","sv-en","sv-ru","tr-be","tr-de","tr-en","tr-ru","tr-uk","uk-bg","uk-cs","uk-de","uk-en","uk-es","uk-fr","uk-it","uk-pl","uk-ro","uk-ru","uk-sr","uk-tr"
Easy to Play. Fun to master.Easy to Play. Fun to master.
LoL Sup 1.0 APK
It does not have much function its just for testing. If you like tosee something tell me.With this app you are able to enter asummoner and look at his Current Game Info. You can't spectate theplay.
Unit Converter Small App v1. APK
Unit Converter Small App for Xperia only.[ SmApEx4SoPr ] Small Appsextension for Sony productsThe supported types of unit are as ofnow :1. Distance2. Area3. Volume4. Mass5. Speed6. Force7. SoundLevel8. Bits
Canna Farm (Beta) beta-2.0-1 APK
Here new full version :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gengargames.cannafarmWillkommenbei Canna Farm (Beta) dies ist ein 2D Farmer Spiel. Du bist einechter Farmer? Dann sammel das Weed ein und Verkaufe es und erhaltePunkte mit denen du Upgrades absolvieren kannst. Sobald du das Weedgesammelt hast, kannst du in die City gehen und im Aktionshausdeine Ressourcen Verkaufen. Du fragst dich jetzt bestimmt wie kommeich zur City? Ganz einfach Nimm das Schiff von deiner Insel undwirst schleunigst zur City gefahren. Ebenfalls besitzt du eigenesHaus du kannst darin schlafen und vieles mehr.Anmerkung: Das Spielist noch in der Beta falls es Bugs gibt bitte nicht verwundertsein, und es am besten sofort melden damit wir die möglichkeithaben diese zu beheben.Here new full version:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gengargames.cannafarmWelcometo Canna Farm (beta) this is a 2D Farmer game. You're a realfarmer? Then the Weed collecting and Sell it and get points withwhich you can complete upgrades. Once you have collected the weed,you can transfer your resources Sell go into the city and in theaction house. You wonder now determined as I get to the City? Quitesimply Take the boat from your island and will run quickly to thecity. Also has you own you house can sleep in it and more.Note: Thegame is still in beta if any bugs please do not be surprised, andit is best to report immediately so that we have the opportunity tofix them.
Asmaul Husna 1.5 APK
99 Namen Allahs mit Bedeutung bei Klick.99 Names of Allah withmeaning when clicking.