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Gingerbread Story is an original match-3 game with an interestingnarrative, quests, boss battles, new game modes, powerful bonuses.Match candy, cookies, cakes, jelly, marmalade and help to solveevery puzzel three friends: Lisa, Tommy and the Gingy. Start yoursweet adventure!STORY:Once upon a time, in a dark far away foresttwo poor things Tommy and Lisa, went for a walk in the woods whensuddenly they came on a beautiful house covered with sweets.Strange old lady was living in the sweet house. She invited thelittle ones in the house by offering delicious candys. Childrendidn't even suspect that that was a trap. The lady turned out anangry witch. She grabbed Tommy and through into cage. Now Lisa willhave to go through many quests to save her brother from the evilwitch.The old woman told Liza to find the lost gingerbread man, thepath to whom she will find on a magic map. Only then Tommy will befree. Suddenly the gingerbread man turns out to be a real friendfor the girl, and his advices helps Liza to find a way how todefeat the evil witch.Following the magical road you will have togo through many quests and visit the distant and unpredictablecorners of the sweet world. Together with Lisa, you have to helpthe gingerbread man get out of the trap, build a real jellypyramid, resolve various tasks to get through the dense jungle,faced the sleeping dragon and try not to wake him! FEATURES:-Collect all kinds of sweets to achieve the goal!- A threecharacters who will help you!- You will visit unique, sweet cornersof the planet!- Challenge the variety of interesting match-3levels!- Get free bonuses and rewards!- Solve the quest of thesweet world and become the winner!

App Information Gingy Story: match 3

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    Gingy Story: match 3
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    September 14, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Cyprus, Nicosia, 41-43 Klimentos, Klimentos Tower, Flat/ Office 25
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