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Giraffe or giraffe (scientific name: Giraffa camelopardalis) isanendemic African nail mammal and is the highest animal speciesthatlive on land. Male giraffe can reach a height of 4.8 to 5.5metersand has a weight that can reach 1360 kilograms. Femalegiraffes areusually slightly shorter and lighter.Giraffes arerelated to deerand cattle but from different tribes, namelyGiraffidae whichincludes the giraffe himself and his closestrelative, okapi. Theoriginal habitat covers areas from Chad toSouth Africa.giraffescan also be found in the world ofanimals.Download this app to getyou the giraffe wallpaper you want.

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Roses are a kind of bush plant of the genus Rosa as well as thenameof the flower produced by this plant. Wild roses are composedofover 100 species, mostly grown in the cool cool northernhemisphere.The rose species are generally bushes of thorns orclimbing plantsthat can reach up to 2 to 5 meters tall. Althoughrarelyencountered, the height of rose plants that propagate inotherplants can reach 20 meters.Roses flourish in temperateclimatesalthough some cultivars that are the result of graftingmethods cangrow in subtropical climates to tropicalclimates.Download this appto get you a beautiful rose flowerwallpaper that you want.
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The eagle is a warm-blooded animal, has wings and a bodycoveredwith midrib. As a bird, the eagles multiply by laying eggsthathave a hard shell in the nest they make. He guarded his son tobeable to fly.Eagle is a predator. The main foods of smallmammalssuch as rats, squirrels, lizards, fish and chickens, as wellas thetypes of insects depending on the size of the body. There aresomeeagles that catch fish as their main food. Usually the eaglelivesin the territorial waters. The eagle's beak is not toothedbutcurved and strong to tear its prey meat. This bird also has apairof strong legs and sharp and curved nails to grip the prey aswellas a keen visual power to hunt prey fromunfathomabledistances.Download this app so you get the eagleWallpaper youwant.
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Polar Bear (English: polar bear) or ice bear or in itsscientificname Ursus maritimus is a large mammal within the familybiologyrule of Ursidae. It belongs to the circumpolar species foundaroundthe northernmost continent of the Earth, the Arctic continentandincludes the most carnivorous bears among other bearfamilies.Polar bears are sometimes also classified as marinemammals.Thepolar bear is a reliable swimmer because it can swim asfar as 60miles without stopping.Download this app so you get thepolar bearwallpaper you want.