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💫 This is a perfect moment and opportunity to change your look! Ifyou are thinking about your Christmas or New Year edition, this isa great chance to expected it! Become an expert in virtual “photoediting” and find an ideal haircut! These cool hairstylemanipulations are offering numerous hairstyles for these specialoccasions. It lets you add photos from your phone gallery andcombine them with stickers. Our “hairstyle app” invites you tostart creating amazing photo montages. Are you thinking of changinga hair color?! Here you can check out plenty of fun colors! Followthe latest trends and try out our best hairstyle app for womencalled ♥ Girls Hairstyle Salon Maker ♥✿A great number of hairstylestickers of all shapes, sizes and colors;✿ Great haircuts of allstyles – take your pick;✿ Choose the one you like from our gallery, drag the sticker with your finger and place it on the picture;✿Scale a sticker and adjust it the way you like: change itsposition, zoom in, zoom out, remove a sticker...;✿ Sharing optionsfor Facebook, Twitter and Instagram;✿ Get this “hairstyle photoeditor” for free!✿ More hairstyles apps are coming soon!💫 ♥ GirlsHairstyle Salon Maker ♥ helps you “edit photos”. You can, also, usethem as special occasion greeting cards for someone special inorder to make a funny surprise. New Year Eve is coming – make aunique present for your loved ones! Anyhow, it is a greatopportunity to change your look,. Our photo editor is absolutelyfree. So, don't hesitate and start creating fabulous photomontages. If you’re thinking of making a big color change you cancheck out plenty of offered colors! Follow the latest trends andtry out our best hairstyle app for girls!💫 So if you are lookingfor a perfect look with great hairstyles included, then the bestapp which has numerous styles you can imagine is here for you! ♥Girls Hairstyle Salon Maker ♥ is a great chance to check what kindof hair length suits you. Don't forget to share it everywhere! Thisis a new way of fun photo montage by which you can change your hairstyle in a second! The best collection of numerous hairstyle photoson the app market! Now you have an option to share your photos insocial media with elegant and trending hair style. Feel beautifuland be attractive forever. No need to spend money in parlour.💫 Ifyou’re in search of marvelous “photo changer” for Android that willdo a makeover of your cute pics, then we have just what you need!Experiment with numerous possibilities this app offers you andenjoy the incredible photo options! Download it free of charge andstart exploring the world of magic creations! Thanks to our freesmartphone app, you’ll no longer have to consult different forumsabout how to change your hairstyle. Your search for the best hairlook app for your mobile phone ends here! Create a keyboardmasterpiece out of your lovely photos! 💫 The time has come topresent you our great app with “girls hairstyles”. ♥ GirlsHairstyle Salon Maker ♥ is an amazing photo editor for creatingstylish female haircuts. You will no longer have to worry about ifa hairstyle suits you, especially for this occasion – New Yearparty. You can check all of them using our lovely app for free. Wehave the best collection of numerous “hairstyle stickers” on theapp market. Try on celebrity hairstyles, change your hair color,and experiment with new hair trends. You just need to select yourphoto which you can choose from your phone gallery. Even better,take a selfie and start creating!

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    Girls Hairstyle Salon Maker
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    March 6, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Cailin Apps Editor
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Analog Clock Live Time 1.1 APK
★ Do you want to embellish your device's monotonous screen with asimple, yet very functional “analog clock”? Then you have come tothe right place! ◕ Analog Clock Live Time ◕ is a magnificentapplication that provides you with a totally accurate “analog clockwidget” on your device's background. You can now finally befinished with the same old, boring screen that you have beenlooking at forever by applying this “wallpaper clock”! As soon asyou lay your eyes upon this brand new “live clock” you will bemesmerized by its attractiveness. So, why wait then? You know whatto do – you are just one click of a button away from possessingthis wonderful app. ◕ Analog Clock Live Time ◕ will take you backto the old days with a new clock as awallpaper!✱✸✿❀❖✰✪✾✽✫✬✮✯✱✸✿❀❖✰✪✾✽✫✬✮✯✱✸✿❀❖✰✪✾✽✫✬✮✯✱✸✿This analogclock has amazing features like:➧ Choose your own pictures as ananalog clock “wallpaper theme”;➧ Choose some of the fantasticbackgrounds it offers;➧ Vary the size of the clock as small, mediumor large;➧ Change the clock's color with respect to thebackground;➧ Display or hide the date, day, month on thebackground;➧ Functions as a real time, actual clock – not just astill image;➧ Design your own clock if you are not a fan of itspre-installed featuresselection.✱✸✿❀❖✰✪✾✽✫✬✮✯✱✸✿❀❖✰✪✾✽✫✬✮✯✱✸✿❀❖✰✪✾✽✫✬✮✯✱✸✿★ If you wantto give your device that latest fashion look that everybody isconstantly following, you need to start from its background image.The simple things can give it that extra appeal that makes itoriginal and different from other phones. So therefore, it makessense to ornament it with a “clock widget” that the ◕ Analog ClockLive Time ◕ app holds in its repertoire. It will give it thatelegant combination of modern and venerable that is constantlystylish regardless of the age we live in. By downloading thiswidget, you get one of the best “clock apps free” available on themarket.★ Feast your eyes on this wonderful “watch wallpaper”, andrest assured you will not be disappointed. It comes with a varietyof absolutely gorgeous backgrounds in multiple color combinations.You can customize the clock according to your preference, andbecome the main attraction among your familiars with a devicedesigned in the latest manner! Decorate your “screen clock” via ◕Analog Clock Live Time ◕. You will not get tired of thisapplication, nor will you regret installing it, since it is sharesits place with the top apps of similar kind. This sumptuous newclock widget for decoration is bound to make you satisfied, and itis all free of charge! It is literally just there for you tobasically steal from us! And don't worry about paying additionallyfor extra features – we assure you everything is available forfree!★ Has this ever happened to you: even though you are lookingdirectly at your cellphone screen you wander off and completelyforget to pay attention to the time? A possible reason could bethat you are simply not attracted by your plain digital clock. Withthe new “live clock wallpaper” that will never happen again! As amatter of fact, you will be so enchanted by this impressive widgetthat it will be impossible for you not to pay attention to it! Justtap that Download button and own this extraordinary clock forabsolutely free! Don't hesitate anymore – you will not regret it!
Pretty Coloring Book Mandala 1.0 APK
✇ Are you tired of constantly thinking about your problems in life,and feeling under pressure the whole time? Well, now there is afantastic “coloring book for adults” that can help you take yourmind off things. That “coloring book” is called ∞ Pretty ColoringBook Mandala ∞ and it is exactly what you need to relax and enter atranquil state of mind once you start coloring. From all thestressful things surrounding you regarding your work, finances,family you will suddenly switch to much more peaceful thoughts inan instant by using these “mandala coloring pages” At least for acouple of minutes, you will forget about all the hardships you facein life and go into a more soothing atmosphere. All you need to dois click on the Download button and acquire the “coloring book foradults free” of charge.☊☋✱✸✿❀✾✽✫✮✯☁✢✤✙✇ⓂⒶⓃⒹⒶⓁⒶⓈ✾✽✫✮✯☁✢✤✙✇☊☋✱✸✿❀Thisis what you can do with ∞ Pretty Coloring Book Mandala ∞:➧ Choosebetween multiple color palettes;➧ Or select the My palette option -create your own palette of colors;➧ Enjoy the various shades andcolor nuances;➧ Explore a wide variety of filters and textures toapply to your painting;➧ Pick one of many “coloring pages foradults”;➧ Share your piece of art on Facebook, Twitter and/orInstagram;➧ Save your art in a private gallery on your device;➧Zoom in and out for more precisecoloring.☊☋✱✸✿❀✾✽✫✮✯☁✢✤✙✇ⓂⒶⓃⒹⒶⓁⒶⓈ✾✽✫✮✯☁✢✤✙✇☊☋✱✸✿❀✇ The act of“mandala coloring” is certainly pleasing and fun, but these shapesare also quite mysterious. Here is something interesting about themthat you might find amusing: Loosely translated to mean circle, amandala is far more than a simple shape. It represents wholeness,and can be seen as a model for the organizational structure of lifeitself--a cosmic diagram that reminds us of our relation to theinfinite, the world that extends both beyond and within our bodiesand minds. Mandalas can be created by individuals to symbolizetheir journeys through life. Mandalas can also tell a story ofwhere an individual has been. They have been used by lots ofcultures. From Buddhism to Hinduisim, Aboriginal to Hopi...evenancient alchemy.✇ The ∞ Pretty Coloring Book Mandala ∞ offers yousome much needed break from your day-to-day struggles by using“coloring apps for adults”. You might think to yourselves that thisis indeed childish behavior. Why would an adult person such asyourself indulge in child's play? Well this is much more than asimple children's game. The “pretty coloring books” will mesmerizeyou with their shapes and colors of wide variety, and make you feellike a true artist. Think of it more as an artistic endeavor of agreat painter rather than a coloring book for kids, since theseshapes are much more complex and appealing to adults than cartoondrawings. This does not, however, mean that only adults should useit. Quite the opposite – your children can find it very enjoyableindeed!✇ Reach the peak of you creativity with the ∞ PrettyColoring Book Mandala ∞. Bring a masterpiece to life with the mostbeautiful “mandala coloring book” and at the same time, take theedge off! Impress your friends and family members with an masterfulartwork! Click one button and do away with the tension in yourlife, and also put that to good use by creating gorgeous pieces ofart.
Diamond Zipper Lock Screen App 3.1 APK
♦ If you're a stylish girl and you're into glitz and glam, wepresent you the best screen lock app to embellish your phonescreen! Now it's possible to have both secure and chic display,thanks to this incredible ✮Diamond Zipper Lock Screen App✮. Indulgeyourself with this stunning collection of “diamond zipper” designsmade especially to satisfy your lavish taste. Whether you opt for apink diamond zipper or sparkling yellow one, this fantastic “zipscreen lock app” has it all! Explore our gorgeous lock screenwallpapers and add your favorite gemstone zipper! It's true thatdiamonds are forever, so get this luxurious “lock screen app” andbecome the most fashionable girl in yoursquad!*ⓖⓛⓘⓣⓩ&ⓖⓛⓐⓜ**ⓖⓛⓘⓣⓩ&ⓖⓛⓐⓜ**ⓖⓛⓘⓣⓩ&ⓖⓛⓐⓜ*How to setyour elegant zipper “screen lock wallpaper”:1. Turn on the 'Enablelock screen' option;2. Slide your zipper lock tin order tointroduce your access code;3. Enter your password and then reenterthe same password forconfirmation;*ⓖⓛⓘⓣⓩ&ⓖⓛⓐⓜ**ⓖⓛⓘⓣⓩ&ⓖⓛⓐⓜ**ⓖⓛⓘⓣⓩ&ⓖⓛⓐⓜ*♦Choose your favorite lock screen theme;♦ Select your favoritediamond zipper pattern;♦ Set the zipper horizontally orvertically;♦ Set the time and date formats on your “diamond zipperscreen”;♦ Choose to show or hide numbers over the locker;♦ Browseeasy and fast through our app in order to choose a background foryour screen;♦ Throw in some dazzling decoration such asrhinestones, glitter stickers, crystals, etc; ♦ Preview of missedcalls, text messages, alarm reminders and other notifications onyour awe-inspiring “diamond zipper locker”;♦ If you're obsessedwith diamonds and pearls, let this ✮Diamond Zipper Lock Screen App✮enchant you with its flashing zipper lockpatterns!*ⓖⓛⓘⓣⓩ&ⓖⓛⓐⓜ**ⓖⓛⓘⓣⓩ&ⓖⓛⓐⓜ**ⓖⓛⓘⓣⓩ&ⓖⓛⓐⓜ*♦ Ifdiamonds are truly your best friend, then you should definitelydownload this incredible “diamond zipper lock” app for your phonescreen! Dive into the most impressive collection of superbsparkling wallpapers and choose the one you like the most. Discovera variety of zipper styles to open your display in a most flashingway! After you unzip your lock screen background, you'll be able tointroduce your password in order to access your home screen. Inthat way, you're keeping safe your phone's data from noisy friendsand family members. Personalize your display with the mostbeautiful pendant and show everyone that you have an impeccablesense of style!♦ Thanks to this adorable ✮Diamond Zipper LockScreen App✮ you'll make a splash wherever you go! Everyone willwonder how did you become so trendy and hip, and they'll be jealousof you for sure! Show them how much style you have by choosing themost flashing zipper lock design done in your favorite color.Select a purple diamond or a pink diamond zipper, and let theseshining elements charm you with their beauty and sparkle. Turn yoursmartphone into the most elegant high-class device with the help ofthese luxurious “zipper locks for girls”!♦ Pull down your diamondzip and unlock your home screen in a most alluring manner! Ifyou're a true gemstone lover but you simply don't have enough moneyto buy expensive diamonds, download for free this breathtaking✮Diamond Zipper Lock Screen App✮ and treat yourself with the mostwonderful lock screen themes and zipper styles. It's about the timeto bling up your display with incredibly shiny zippers that willmake your phone one of a kind!
Flower Custom Keyboard Themes 3.0 APK
✸✿❀ Have you ever dreamed of having a keyboard skin covered ingorgeous pink roses, blue orchids or some cherry blossoms? If so,step into the magic world of cute “keyboard themes” inspired bybreathtaking pictures of colorful flowers. Adorn your “keyboardbackground” with cute designs that will make your text messagingboth beautiful and exciting experience! Every girl dreams of beinga princess and having the most stylish keyboard cover that can showto her girlfriends. Thanks to this “keyboard customizer” everydream becomes reality! Now you can personalize your phone keyboardthe way you want it, by choosing cheerful flower picture as yourkeyboard layout. Express your girly side by downloading the ❃FlowerCustom Keyboard Themes❃ - the best keyboard app at themoment!✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✸✿❀ Instructionson how to set “flower keyboard”:1. Click on ‘Enable the Keyboard’,check the box-field next to ❃Flower Custom Keyboard Themes❃, andthen click on the OK button;2. Return to the application, select‘Set the Keyboard to Default’ button and select ❃Flower CustomKeyboard Themes❃;3. You can now customize your keyboard (choosethemes, languages orshortcuts);✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✸ A vastcollection of “flower keyboard themes” to choose from;✸ A varietyof keyboard themes inspired by wallpapers with blue orchid,dandelion, cherry blossom, daisy, jasmine, etc; ✸ Select thedesired language and start typing on a French keyboard or a Spanishkeyboard;✸ Options to turn on and off keyboard sounds andvibration;✸ Select words for numbers and create shortcuts with oneof the best keyboard apps for free;✸ Both landscape and portraitmode are supported;✸ The best collection of calligraphy letters andtext fonts;✸ A variety of cute emojis, smiley faces, and coolkeyboard symbols are at your disposal;✸ Pick your favorite “customkeyboard” and start typing romantic textmessages;✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳✳ ✸✿❀ If you'researching for some brand new “keyboard app” that will help you topersonalize your keypad background, we have something perfect foryou! Our latest flower keypad will blow your mind with its stunningblossom “custom keyboard themes”! Enter our library and discoverdozens of awe-inspiring keyboard designs that are made of pinkflower wallpapers and many others flowered themes. On a cold, rainyday choose a charming keyboard cover and watch your phone screenbecomes the source of pure happiness and joy. Start to type textmessages on this amazing flower keyboard and feel cherry blossomunder your fingerprints! Nothing is so beautiful as a spring onyour virtual keyboard, so don't wait any longer to press theDownload button!✸✿❀ Maybe the spring days are over, but thatdoesn't mean that you should have ordinary, plain keypad on yoursmartphone! Breathe new life into your keyboard layout and pickyour favorite daisy flower wallpaper! Check out our best collectionof eye-catching “themes for keyboard” that will transform yourdevice into the most pretty gadget in a sec! And that's not evenall! Here you find plenty of cool keyboard symbols, cute emoticons,and calligraphy fonts to put a fun twist on typing text messages.Tell everyone that the ❃Flower Custom Keyboard Themes❃ is finallyhere to make your life better!
Dog Face Photo Editor App 1.1 APK
🐶 Excellent news for all the fans of face swap apps! 🌈 Dog FacePhoto Editor App🌈 is finally here and it's ready to show you someserious photo fun! Plenty of photo filters and stickers are at yourdisposal, any time you feel like editing pictures! Feeling curiousto know how would you look with a dog face? Prepare yourself forsome hilarious photo montage! Discover the best collection of photosticker that this incredible photo editorm offers! Transform into awild beast or into a cute animal in a sec, and laugh at your funnyimages!
Beauty Face Makeup Pic Editor 2.0 APK
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My Selfie Camera Photo Editing 1.0 APK
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