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Who said that only boys play games, andthatall stuff in the games are made for them as well - girls,prepareyourselves! It’s time to take your shoes, bags and makeup totheride of your life. Lead them through color swap and match thecolorof the object with the one on the circle that is rotatingtocontinue the game and get more points for your style. Stuffmaychange from game to game - after all, it’s the fun and feelingfreethat gives you motivation to play and try different thingeachtime...
Fun Arcade Games are proud to present you our latest color swapgame- color swap girls stuff. Open the wardrobe. Empty the bag.Get allthe stuff out and prepare for adventure. Your task issimple - tapthe screen to move that shoe, lipstick or any otherobject acrossthe screen. Be careful because the color swap isslowly rotating andif you tap it too soon or too early, you willpass through the wrongcolor and game will end. No points for thatgraceful girls style ofyours! Also, sometimes an obstacle mayappear that will conceal yourview of the screen temporary so bepatient not to mismatch thecolors.
This fun and free game features:
• Beautiful style - graphic is hand drawn and very pleasing totheeye, every color is there for a reason.
• Patient game play - watch the swap and in the right moment tapthescreen to progress further.
• Girls just want to have fun - girls stuff changes with eachgame,so every try is somewhat different.
• Feeling free and alive - music and sound effects add to thegreatatmosphere and enjoyment.
Color swap asks from you to be patient and to watch carefullysothat you can match the passing of the girls stuff with therightcolor while the circle rotates. It is important if you want togetit further down the path of success and styling. Do not losepoints- someone is carefully judging your every tap along the wayand isready to award you, so that fun may continue. This free gameisaccessible to all ages. Do not let the girls in the titlemisguideyou - this is a color swap game and it is about girl stuff,so doyour best to get to the high score list. You can compete withotherfamily member who has the most style and prove it with thefinalnumber of points - no one can deny that! Compete with yourfriends- maybe they need a reminder that your grace and style isnot lastyear at all. And there is a score to prove it!
Enjoy the graphic which is made to complete the enjoyment andfunyou will have while playing the game. All girls have an eye forabeauty, so the stuff is made with extra details. Colorsareimportant for combining different objects, so consider the swapasa way to test free different combinations and to have a goodtimewhile you do that. Music is cheerful and it's there to prepareyoufor the lovely time you’ll have while playing the game.Soundeffects are supporting your play style so it’s easiertoconcentrate on that color swap and tap the screen in therightmoment.
Each time you play the girls stuff is different, so everyplaythrough is a unique experience. And if it happens that you tapthescreen in the wrong time and miss right color in the swap, donotfeel bad about it. You can always restart and have another gosothat your final score in girls’ style and graciousnessisbetter.
Fun Arcade Games recommends you to try our others colors swapgamesas well. Our girls stuff is just one in our large collectionoffree and fun games, so do not hesitate to try them all. Enjoythegraphic and sound that are really immersive, play it withfullfocus and do your best to get the best possible score of themall.Empty the wardrobe and bag with girls stuff and be ready torock!Roll them across the floor through the right color and watchforobstacles that may prevent your view over the game. Tap thescreenin the right moment to keep them moving and watch for swap inthecircle. And show everybody that your style isoversubstance...

App Information Girls Stuff - Color Switch

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    Girls Stuff - Color Switch
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    April 27, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Arcade fun games
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    10 - 50
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Prepare to throw the baseball ball into theskyin a match of your life in this color switch game. Be preparedandstay focused - colors rotate and ball will switch its colorfromtime to time, so play this baseball game carefully. Youcontrol theball and the field where the magic happens. And that’snot all! Tapthe screen in the right moment so that the ballcontinues to movethrough the right color and that you get thatbaseball ball as faras you can. Be quick on your reflexes so youcan fully enjoybaseball match. The terrain changes in color fromtime to time, andalso clouds or other objects may appear and passthe screen,concealing the ball and making the gamechallenging.You are the latest addition to your team and the coach iscountingon you. It’s time to prove your worth to your teammatesandaudience as well. Remember that you will be rewarded withpointseach time you get baseball ball further than the last, sodon’tstop! Throw the ball through the color switch in this latestfunbaseball game.Fun Arcade Games is proud to present our latest color switchgame:Baseball ball - color switch. The game features:• Beautiful and hand drawn graphic which fits perfectly inbaseballgame• Throw it quickly - your reaction in the right time is allthatcounts so watch carefully for color switch.• Audience is happy - good moves will be rewarded with goodscoreand cheers from the crowd.• Color of baseball - from time to time scene will change,tosupport your progress in moving the ball through therightswitch.• Avoid sitting on the bench - pay attention to the color switch,soyour baseball game and fun should not end early!All eyes are focused on you - your teammates, whom depend on youtothrow the baseball ball further and hit the right colorswitch.Your coach - who prepared you for this and knows how fastandchaotic game can be. Your devoted fans - who are ready tosupportyou with cheer and points, for your moves with the ball aretrulyamazing. Now, knowing all this and having all this support,it’stime to hit the field and give your best in this fun baseballgame,and remember that you can always try again. Your teammates,coachand fans will never lose faith in you and this color switchgamewill always offer you the opportunity to restart a game and trytoget a new high score with baseball ball.The scenery is beautiful and it offers unique fells in the genreofcolor switch games. You have relaxing grass, a detailedbaseballball and color switch to pass through. Occasional details -such asclouds that gather over the field or small planes passing bywithsigns - are eye-catching and give you additional challenge tothetask. The details are amazing and help you enjoy game whilemovingthe ball much more. Be ready to react fast - just as if youareplaying a baseball match. Tap the screen to continue movingtheball and pass color switch in the right moment. Andeverysuccessful pass will be rewarded with more points, so be suretokeep them coming and always have best score at the end of thegame.If you tap the screen too early or too late, do not worry.Tryagain and this time do your best to stay focused on the ballandcolor switch. And if throughout the game field changes colors,donot worry. It’s not just your fans giving you support withcolorfuldisplay - it’s the way our color switch game tells you thatyou aredoing exceptionally well and you should continue pushingon.Fun Arcade Games create games for all ages - whole family mayenjoythis baseball color switch. You can compete with otherfamilymembers and friends who can get the best score. As you takethefield, remember that it’s your reflexes that count for therightcolor switch. Show everybody who is the most valuable playerofthis baseball match! In the end, look at the scoreboard andbeproud because you have high score in this amazing colorswitchbaseball ball game. Congratulations!
Swing Thief 1.0.0 APK
The night has fallen and the city isasleep.Everybody are peacefully laying in their beds, dreamingabout funtimes. Well, not everybody. A thief with the heart of golddecidedto do what he does best - to rob the bank of its gold andmoney.However, all did not went according to the plan. Heaccidentallytriggered the alarm and police was alerted to hismischievousactivity. There was no time to waste - he grabbed apiece of strongrope and braced himself to swing his way out of thetrouble. And heasked you as a member of his gang to helphim...Fun Arcade Games is proud to present you our latest swing game-Swing Thief. Become support the little thief needs and helphimescape from the law. The rope extends and when you tap thescreenit turns into swing with whom the thief will shift across theroofsof the city away from bank. If you tapped it in right moment,thiefwill safely land on the next roof. Land him in middle of theroof(right where the little spot is) and you will get extrapoints(more of the loot)! The chasms between buildings are wideanddifferent each time you manage to safely swing thief on theotherside, so be patient and when the time is right tap thescreen.Touch it too early or too late - and thief will hit the wallandfall down, right into police arms. But do not despair! He is afastrunner and escape from a bank is not an easy task. Be preparedtohave fun along the way and get ready to beat high score againinthis amazing free game:• The night is young - the city looks and feels sleepybutactive, with music and sound effects that just expandtheenjoyment.• Use swing in the right moment - tap the device in time sothethief ends on the other side of the building. Bank escape isnoeasy task.• Count the loot - always aim for the point in the middle oftheground, so that you more points.• Watch for that ledge - if you tap it too early or too late,thepolice will ar-rest the thief! Do not feel bad about it - youcanalways try again.• Become escape artist - get your score to the top of thehighscore list and stay the best in this free game.Enjoy the atmosphere of the city during nighttime with musicandsound effects that complete the impression. Thief is tryingtoleave the bank by using rope and swing, and with your help andalittle bit of luck, he will escape police. This free game ismadefor all ages and both kids and adults will have fun playingit!Start the game and swing like never before.Remember that it’s up to you to help him escape from police.Watchcarefully and touch the screen in the right moment so thatthiefcan swing safely across the pit between the buildings andlandsafely on the next roof. The beautiful, hand-drawngraphics,engaging music and sound effects make this escape frombank trulygreat.Watch the screen when the rope starts to expand, so you can tapthescreen when the time and size are right for thief to swingandlegend to continue. You are part of the gang now, so helphimremain safe from police...Thief is patient and smart and if you tap the device inwrongmoment, it’s not the end of the world. He will take thestaircaseback to the roof because he wants to stay as far aspossible fromthe police. That will give you another op-portunity toswing andtry to finish runaway that ended prematurely. You canswing himagain and again across buildings so that he can get awayfrom bankand have some fun along the way. In this game, there is noneed tofeel bad about falling down the gap between buildings - justhitrestart and you can swing thief away from police againandagain.Fun Arcade Games are creating games for all ages and all membersofthe family will have great time with our swing game. Turn itintocompetition - see who can have the best score and get thethiefaway from the bank. Be part of the gang and swing him intothehighest position on the scoreboard.
Road to hell free arcade games 1.0 APK
Lo and Behold! A wicked little demon withtheheart of gold is thrusted on amazing trip of his (after)life!Listen to the story I will tell You… or even better, play itandexperience ups and downfalls of our fiery hero in thisamazingrun..In a place beyond time and space, little demon finished hisdailyquota of mischievous tasks ordered by the Devil himself . Atlast,decision he made to go home and get some well deserved sleep,foreven wicked need the rest. But alas! Destiny had other plansforour unexpected hero, and so he got lost in the infinite maze,whosebrick walls are deadly to touch. Thus, our journey beginshere...It’s time to stretch your arms and ready your fingers for funandexcitement. Smart Armadillo is proud to present you ournewestarcade game! Prepare your phone or tablet, because unearthlyherois in dire need of your help in this amazing and fun game.Little demon needs You to lead him back to his home - a firepitprepared for a rest of eternity’s worth. Alas, to make themattersworse, a host of Angels was sent by the Almighty Himself tograbdemon and take him back on the path of Righteousness. And soitcame to pass, that in order for fun to continue, it’s Yourmissionto help him get as far as he can. Let him not suffer touchof themaze’s walls or getting caught by Heavenly Creatures. Leadhim onthe road to Hell and collect sins as you tread along to riseyourscore to the Heaven and beyond. Like all arcade games, it isalwaysmore fun when You see your score at the end on high-scorelist.Tap the screen gently to make demon move in differentdirections,and thus help him find his way to the Devil’s company!Avoid theAngels at all costs – those beings from Heaven, withhalos and wings- for their plan is to end Your game and demonsexciting and funnyjourney too soon! Likewise, be sure to collectas many sins as youcan along the way. The Demon is happy when hecan bring sins to hispit and will reward You with bigger score. Bea little mischievous -Your score at the end should always be onthe top of the high-scorelist in this amazing arcade game.This fun and challenging game features:Art made in Heaven - beautifully drawn little demon, maze andtheAngles, so you can enjoy this amazing run.Trust you reflexes – thread carefully and move our braveherothrough the maze but be prepared to act swiftly in order toavoiddangerous brick walls or Angels.Avoid the Holy ones – the beings of Good and Light want to catchthelittle demon and show him the Right Path he should followuntileternity ends. Don’t let it happen – don’t let them interruptthefun!Collect your sins – do your best to gather as much sins as youcanduring this amazing ride, so you can get that High score youwantso muchNo two roads are the same – the maze is different witheachattempt, and as you travel down the road of Hell in thisamazingarcade, so is the difficulty rising and challenge isgreater.Do not be frightened by the content of this story. There areDemonsand Devils and sins and Angels, but it is just a setupforexcellent Arcade game in which you will enjoy for hours. Bebraveand embrace the challenge – our little demon just wants to gobackhome. Help him through the this amazing run and you willberewarded with the unforgettable journey.Our team strives to create fun arcade games, and we offerourinvitation to You to try them and experience for yourselfwhatmakes these amazing rides so popular. All the graphic in thegameis hand drawn, music is tailored to suit the art style and wedoour best to make our arcades interesting for all ages, so thatbothkids and adults can have fun time playing it.More informations about this arcade game You can find insidetheapp, so do not let our little friend remain lost forever. Givehimthe pat in the back and thrust him steadily through the mazeofbricks.And do not forget that old saying (or one version of it).
Stick Hero Ninja 1.0 APK
Move like a fox and be silent like a shadowinour latest stick hero game. You are ninja on important missionandyour skill and reflexes are going to be tested to the limit.Yourroad is full of chasms of different lengths, but you haveyourtrusted weapon to help you pass them - a stick that changesitssize based on your reaction. Once you step on the edge ofchasm,the stick will start growing and it’s up to you to stop it attheright time. If you do that - ninja will walk across that bigholelike a hero. If you stop it too early the stick will collapseandbrave ninja will fall into the pit. If you stop it too lateourhero will trust you and continue his journey over the edge andintothe chasm. Be patient like a warriors of old but also be quicklikemouse and react in time to help our hero finish hisjourney.Fun Arcade Games is proud to present our latest stick hero game-Stick Hero Ninja. It is fun and free game that features:• Beautiful landscape - graphic is amazing and full ofbeautifulhand drawn details.• Move like a wind - the stick changes its length slowlybutsurely so be ready to act in right moment.• Walk like a panther - once you past the chasm, the nextoneopens, always different so do not relax.• Listen like rabbit - the music and effects are theretocomplete the enjoyment of the game, so put them on max.• Keep the tab open - you score is there to show you howmuchprogress you made, and to encourage you to continue trying togetmore points.Our ninja hero is on a dangerous but very importantmission.Armed only with his trusted stick, he faces numerous chasmsalonghis way and needs your help to pass over them. Each time theactionis the same - just like a series of ninja movements. Tap thescreenin the right moment so that length of the stick matches thelengthof the chasm and only then can our ninja hero safely acrossthebottomless pit. If you tap it too early or too soon - thestickwill not save him but lead him to fall into the abyss. But donotdespair. Like every ninja, our hero will cheat death and isalwaysready to come back and try again so that his missioniscompleted.If you wanted to feel what its like to be in the role of thesilentassassin which leaves no trace and is quick and fast, looknofurther! This hero stick game will keep you locked on thescreen,because it’s no small task to help our ninja hero pass allthosechasms just with the stick. The changing of the length ofstick isthere to keep you focused. Tap the screen in the rightmoment - nottoo early or too late or our ninja hero will fall intothe chasmand you’ll have to start again. Your score is there notjust toshow you how much progress you made, but also to support youto dobetter next time you start playing. It’s a fast arcade game,so beready to react like a true ninja.Fun Arcade Games is always ready to deliver you the titles whicharefun and ready to test your limits. Do not feel bad if you failtomake the length of stick right and our ninja hero falls down. Heisagile and will quickly find his way out and be ready to tryagain,because the mission is too important to dwell on the pastfailures.Our games are made for all ages and you can play themwith yourfamily and friends and compete who can get the betterresult and getninja hero with his stick further. Be patient -sometimes you needto be silent and steady like a tiger ready tojump so do not letpanic overcome you. Tap the screen when thestick reaches right sizeso our ninja hero can safely cross thechasm and continue hisjourney.This arcade game is free and fun, with amazing graphics, musicandsound effects. It will always feel like a new experience eachtimeyou start the game. Ninja hero is always ready with his sticktofinish the journey and his mission. So help him with his taskandhelp him travel across the chasms safely. He will be silent,butgrateful.
Stick Hero Monster 1.0 APK
Once upon a time, a one-eyed monsterwastravelling through the forest. Everybody was afraid andwererunning away wherever monster appeared. Especially because hewasarmed with the stick, so everything about him lookedterrifying.Little did anyone know that our monster was a niceperson, a heroreturning home after a long journey! His stick wasnot a weapon,but a tool to help him return safely to his lair andget somewell-deserved rest. And so, his journey back home began,and he waslooking for help so he can get safely there. And that’swhere youcome into the spotlight!It’s time to stretch your arms and prepare your fingers forfunand excitement. Fun Arcade games is proud to present ournewesthero stick game - Monster Stick. Prepare your phone ortablet,because unlikely hero is in need of your help and yourquickreflexes. The chasms appear on the road to home, and the onlywayto pass them is to use the stick in right moment.Our monster hero is not helpless or without any means. He hasamagic stick - which he obtained many, many years ago, butthat’sanother story - which can change size. Once the monsterreaches theedge of chasm, the stick will start to expand. Tap thescreen inthe right moment - and our hero will pass across the chasmsafely.And for every safe passage, your score is rising. Also, ifyoumanage to land the stick in the middle of the ground where ourherois supposed to cross, you will get additional score as a rewardforyou precision. Also, our hero can collect various objectwhilewalking on a stick for additional points. And like allarcadegames, it is always more fun when you see your final resultat thetop of high-score list.If you tap the screen too early - our dear monster will tripoverthe stick and fall in the chasm. If you tap it too late - thestickwill overextend and our hero will end up in another chasm. Sobeprecise, take a deep breath and watch carefully for the rightsizeof the stick so our hero can walk across the pit safely. Anddo notworry if monster falls into the chasm - our hero is stubbornanddetermined to get home so you can always try again, each timetryingto get him closer and closer to home.This fun and challenging game features:• Forest like in a fairy tale - beautifully drawn dearmonsterand background, so you can enjoy this amazing journey.• Trust you reflexes – be careful and move our hero safelyacrossthe chasms by tapping the screen in the right moment.• Failure may happen – tapping the screen too early or toolatewill lead to the fall over the stick - do not let thathappen!• So try again and again – you can always try again - our heroisnot going to quit easily. Do your best to get that cute monsterasclose as it is possible to home, so you can get high scoreyouwant.• Pick up the pieces - there are different object alongthechasm, try to collect them so your score can improve.• The sound of nature - the music and sound effectsthataccompanies the game are beautiful and complete the enjoymentofthis free and fun game.Be ready for anything - the chasms change in size so you needtowatch carefully in order to create. Also, if you manage toplacethe end of the stick in the middle of the ground you wantourmonster to cross, you will earn additional score foryourprecision. And our hero will trust you even more, for youwillprove that you know how to handle a magic stick.Fun Arcade games creates challenging games for the wholefamily,and we invite you to try them and experience for yourselfwhy ourgames are really popular. All the graphic in the game ishanddrawn, music is tailored to suit the art style and we do ourbestto make them interesting for all ages, so that kids and adultscanhave fun time playing it. You can also compete with yourfamilymember and friends who can get the best score, and help ourmonsterhero get to his home safely, and leave the stick for awhile.
Swing Hero Monster 1.0.1 APK
In the forest older than time itself livedahappy monster. But the forest was not happy and wanted to stophimto return to his family. And chasms opened so wide that themonstercould not jump over. But monster wanted to experience funand feelfree, so he made a magical swing to help him get across thechasms.And so the legend was born.Fun Arcade Games is proud to present to you our latest free andfunswing game - Swing Monster. Help our cute little monster toreturnto his family by using magical swing made by his own hands.Theswing extends and when you tap the screen the monster swingsacrossthe chasm and if you tapped it in right moment, it will landsafelyon the ground. And if you managed to land right in the middleofthe patch of ground you will get extra points! The chasms arewideand are changing all the time, so be careful when you tapthescreen. Too early or too late - and our hero will fall into thepitand legend will be over. But do not despair! He is ready toswingagain and have fun so be ready to try again to beat high scoreinthis amazing free legend:• Swing like a pro - be careful and watch for the right momenttoget monster to the other side.• Hit the right spot - try to land in the middle of thegroundpatch, so your get extra points.• Enjoy your surroundings - the forest looks alive andfeelsright, and music and sound effects just add to the fun. It’sallpart of legend.• Watch not to hit the ledge - if you tap the screen too earlyortoo late, the legend will be over too soon. But do not worry,youcan always try again.• Your score is on the top - compete with yourself or othersinorder to get your score to the top in this free game.Our little monster is very persistent and if it happens thatyoufail and he falls down into the hole, you will have theopportunityto try again and continue the legend that endedprematurely. Youcan swing him again and again across chasms so hecan get back homeand also have fun along the way. In this freegame, there is noneed to feel bad about falling down the hole -just hit restart andyou can swing monster again and again.Fun Arcade Games are creating games for all ages and wholefamilymay enjoy them, so do not hesitate to try this game. Competewithyour family members who can get the best score and take themonsterfurther. Become legend yourself and swing him into highscore. Funfor everybody is included, so make the best of our freegame. Donot let monster’s family feel bad or worried for he is latehome.Watch carefully and touch the screen in the right moment so hecanswing safely across the chasm and arrive at his destination.Thebeautiful, hand-drawn graphics, engaging music and soundeffectsbring atmosphere in the game to the top and makelegendcomplete.Remember that it’s up to you to return our monster home. Beverycareful when the swing starts to expand, so you can tap thescreenwhen the size is right for monster to cross and legend tocontinue.Any other tap will lead to the fall into pit, but thatdoesn’t meanthat the game is over. Fun will continue as soon as yourestart thegame and try again to beat the high score. And try to beveryprecise - hitting the middle of the ground will give youextrapoint, so it’s the way our free game wants to support yourprogressand precision. The more precise you are, the more pointsyou getfor your score and you’ll end on a high score list aswell.Enjoy our game because atmosphere is amazing and sound effectsarethere to complete the impression you have about the game.Themonster is on his way to become legend and with his swing andyourhelp, his dream of returning to his family may become reality.Ourfree game is made for all ages and kids and adults alike willhavefun with it, so do not hesitate! Start the game and swinglikenever before. After all, you are part of the legend now,andmonster is counting on you.
Tennis Ball - Color Swap 1.0 APK
Maybe you always dreamed aboutbecomingprofessional tennis player. Now you have the opportunity.Grab yoursmartphone or tablet and prepare for the Grand Slam you’llenjoylike never before. Time to show your coach and the fans who isthenumber one tennis player in the world. This tournament you’llneverforget and after playing this color switch game, this sportwillnever be the same for you.You control the tennis ball - tap the screen in the right momenttokeep it moving across the field. And color of the ball changeaswell, so watch for color switch and guide it so that theballalways pass through the right color. If you ever tap too earlyortoo late your match will be over and you’ll lose the tournament.Sodon’t let this tennis game end without you being the number oneonthe scoreboard.Fun Arcade Games is proud to present you our latest colorswitchgame - tennis ball color switch. This sport gamefeatures:Live from the field - hand drawn and lovely graphics fitsperfectlyin this tennis game.Show your skill - tapping the screen in the right momentisimportant, so watch carefully while leading the ball throughcolorswitch.Audience is happy - good moves will be rewarded with scoreandcheers from the crowd.Win the tournament - from time to time scene will changeorsomething may pass. Don’t let it distract you - win thatGrandSlam!Sport is great - pay attention to the color switch, so yourfuntennis match should not end early!All eyes are focused on you. Your coach prepared you forthistournament and knows how fast and chaotic tennis match canbecome.Your devoted fans are ready to support your road to GrandSlam withcheers because your moves with ball are truly amazing.With allthis help, it’s time to go out and show how good you are inthistennis color switch game. Remember that you can always tryagain.Your coach and fans will never lose faith in you and thiscolorswitch game will always give you the opportunity to get a newhighscore with tennis ball.The tennis field is beautifully drawn and it offers a lotofexcitement. You have grass that relaxes your eyes, adetailedtennis ball and color switch to pass it through. Simplebutinteresting details - such as clouds that gather over the fieldorsmall planes passing by with signs - are eye-catching andmakeadditional challenge to the guiding of the ball throughcolorswitch. The details are amazing and help you enjoy gamewhileguiding the ball. Be ready to act immediately - just as if youareplaying a real tennis match. Tap the screen to continue guidingtheball and pass the color switch in right moment.Fun Arcade Games creates games for all ages - entire familymayenjoy this tennis color switch game. As you take thefield,remember that it’s your reflexes that count for the rightpass ofthe ball through color switch. And scoreboard is there for areason- everybody should see who the best of the best tennis playeris.You can compete with other family members and friends who willgetthe best score. Show everybody who is the number one player intheworld through exciting tennis match!In the end, look at the result and be proud because you havethebest score in this amazing color switch tennis ball game. Andeverysuccessful pass will be rewarded with additional points, somakesure to keep getting them and end this tennis match on thetopspot. If you tap the screen too early or too late don’t worry.Tryagain and this time do your best to stay focused on the ballandcolor switch. And if throughout the game field changes colors,donot worry. It’s not just your fans showing you their supportwithcolorful display - it’s the way our color switch game tellsyouthat you are doing exceptionally well and you shouldcontinueguiding tennis ball on and on. Watch the ball carefully andguideit across the field, so nobody ever forgets how good youare!
Basketball Ball - Color Swap 1.1 APK
Your basketball game is about to becomemuchmore interesting - it’s time to show everybody who can keeptheball and score most points. And this is no ordinary match. Inthislatest color swap game, your task is not just to keep the ball.Youalso need to watch the swap and react in the right time to passtheball through adequate color, in order to progress in our funarcadegame. And the arena is cheering for you and gives you supportsoyour score at the end of basketball match should always be onthetop of the list - or they may boo you if you fail. It’s all partofthe game. Remember - the further you get by successfullyfollowingcolor swap, the more points are stacking up. And when thegame isover and cheerleaders are on the field entertaining thecrowd - donot feel bad. The fun is not over! Consider it just abreak askedby the coach to reassess tactics and give you theopportunity toenjoy another try in this amazing free arcadegame.Arcade Fun Games is proud to present the latest of our colorswapgame - Color Swap Basketball ball. Enjoy the game like no otherasit features:The court is yours - entire place is created with theamazingdetails as if you are really there, in flesh.Ball is in the air - you control the ball and yourreflexesdetermine success or failure in this arcade game.Crowd is standing - the setting will swap colors from time totime,to support your progress and make each basketball game newandinspiring.Scoreboard is working around the clock - game is never reallyover.You can always try again and do your best to make newhigh-score.Do not hesitate to do it!Tomorrow is another day - our arcade games are alwaysofferingsomething new and can be tried again and again, so it’shard to getbored with them.If you ever wondered how the players of top basketball teamsfeeljust before the match, look no further. Our latest color swapgamewill offer you the same level of excitement, while pushing youtoreact fast and precise - just as you would if you had to shootaball through the hoop and score for the team. It’s not justthecolors you have to match with your ball that are changing.Entirescene will change it’s colors from time to time, to supportyourprogress in this amazing arcade game. It is up to you toremainfocused and give your best with each try. In real life,abasketball game lasts four quarters, but here, seconds maylooklike ages when you are carefully leading your ball throughthecourt, always on the watch to pass it through therightcolor.Our game is fun, but can be also used for education, so kidscanname and learn different colors when they swap, and you canplayand compete with your family members, too! Be prepared to showthemhow fast and ready you are in basketball game. Fastest are theoneswho get the best score and this fun arcade game will rewardyourquick reactions and correct pass for each color swap. Don’tjumpahead recklessly ! Be smart like a coach of your basketballteamand do your best to keep the ball rolling. Feeling like youneed tocall timeout? Do it and either start again or take a breakandprepare for another halftime of fun and excitement! Carefullywatchhow the colors change, for this free arcade game is fast andeverysuccessful pass is like a good pass in the game - a chance formorepoints. Do not let the swap block your progress - react andmakethe ball pass through the right color.Arcade Fun Games creates amazing color swap games, and we inviteyouto play and experience for yourself what makes our games soamazing.All the graphic in the game is hand drawn, music is madeto suit thearcade nature of the game, and we do our best to makeour free gamesinteresting for kids and adults alike, so thateverybody can havefun time playing it.So don’t waste any more time! Go for it and don’t losethisimportant basketball match. And don’t forget - the game is notoveruntil the lights are out...

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Sangiorgi Srl
**Devices WITHOUT root permissions and withAndroid >= 5.0 (Lollipop), can connect with this app but theyCANNOT view the WEP-WPA-WPA2****Devices WITHOUT root permissions and with Android < 5.0(Lollipop), CANNOT connect with this app and they CANNOT view theWEP-WPA-WPA2**Do you want to know if your Access Point is vulnerable at the WPSprotocol?Wifi Wps Wpa Tester is the app that you need!With this app, you can test the connection to AP with WPSPIN.PINs are calculated with many algorithms:-Zhao-TrendNet-Dlink-Dlink+1-Belkin(root)-FTE-xxx-TrendNet-Asus-AiroconRealtek-EasyBox Arcadyan-ArrisAnd others default PIN of MANY Access Point.Then NOT ALL AP ARE COMPATIBLE WITH THIS APP.App allows to do PINS BRUTEFORCE in a SMART WAY ( ONLY FOR ROOTEDDEVICES )Why SMART?Because, app will try 11000 PINs COMBINATIONS rather than10^8.In fact, AP tells to your device if the first 4 of 8 digits of WPSPIN, are correct and the last digit is a checksum of previous 7digits.NO OTHERS APP ( CLONE OF THIS APP ) CAN DO THIS.And, app allows to notify if WPS is in LOCK STATE ( ROOT AND NOROOT ).NO OTHERS APP ( CLONE OF THIS APP ) CAN DO THIS.WPS Lock state is a state when Access Point, for security reasons,does not allow no more PINs. THEN is USELESS to try othersPINs.App needs root permissions for devices with Android version <5.0 ( LOLLIPOP ).For devices with Android >= 5.0 you can test the PINs with thisapp and you can connect, BUT YOU CANNOT SEE WPA ( OR WEP ) PASSWORDWITHOUT ROOT PERMISSIONS.Use this app only with your own AP for do not go against thelaw.Privacy Policy :https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/8000344
WordPress APK
WordPress for Android puts the power ofpublishing in your hands, making it easy to create and consumecontent. Write, edit, and publish posts to your site, check stats,and get inspired with great posts in the Reader. What’s more? It’sopen source.WordPress for Android supports WordPress.com and self-hostedWordPress.org sites running WordPress 3.5 or higher.Visit the forums to get help with the app:http://android.forums.wordpress.org
Blog 0.0.1 APK
Our blog posts include experiment results ofonline marketing, how to articles, tools and tips for running yourbusiness, business ideas, online selling, entrepreneurship, startups, success stories, interviews and reviews of relevantbooks.You can visit the web version of our app:http://technotip.orgFeatures1. Has a list of 8 recent articles on the homepage and user cannavigate to older blog posts.2. Clear reading experience with bigger fonts on articlepage.3. Facility to bookmark the article and read later from bookmarkssection.4. Cache the recently viewed article for offline reading.5. List of pages.6. Search facility.7. List posts based on Category.8. List posts by author/contributor.9. Invite others to our app via Social Sharing Apps.Option to rate the app.10. Facility to directly share the posts and pages with others frominside the app via popular social sharing applications.