1.1 / April 13, 2017
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Post ipynb file to githubgist.(https://gist.github.com/).

This app only supports ACTION_SERND intent, not launchbyitself.
Please use it from other app via SHARE.

This app is designed for MeatPieDay:

source code:

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    Gist ipynb
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    April 13, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    1 - 5
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    Email [email protected]
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Text Png Builder 0.6 APK
Text Png Builder respond ACTION_PICK image intent, and create pngimage from user text input. This app is designed to use from otherpainting app like LayerPaint or LayerPaint HD to create text basedimage layer via Layer->Import menu. And you can't use it standalone. This app does not create launcher icon and you can't launchby itself. You should launch this app from other app viaACTION_PICK intent. External font support: Now you can choose ttfand otf file from SD and use it by choosing EXTERNAL at font-tamilycombo box.
Whiteboard Cast 3.5 APK
Create whiteboard based screencast using your Android tablet orphone! Whiteboard cast is a whiteboard based screencast maker. Allyou need is just writing anything to canvas and speak to mic, thenit will become screencast video and stored locally in you device.You can share it to YouTube, google+, or other service if you want.Or just store locally and use it for internal purpose. It's up toyou! The result becomes standard webm video file, no app specificservice, no app specific own format. You can create standard videofile only by this Whiteboard Cast. Final result is stored under/WhiteBoardCast folder. No root required. - Create video lecturelike Khan Academy. (Other MOOCs like Coursera and Udacity, alsocontains these kind of lecture screencast) - Explain complex ideato your friend or co-worker - Record a discussion using one tabletwith multiple people like ordinal whiteboard based meetingWhiteboard cast is designed especially for teacher, who havesomething to teach and not a IT specialist. It's easy to use. ButWhiteboard Cast is not a toy. You can redo-undo many times, cancreate long screencast by realtime encoding. You can supportfurther development by purchasing this app! FEATURE - multiplecolour pen - Eraser - Multiple undo-redo (many!) - Clear canvas -Multiple pages - Image based slides - High performance realtimeencoding to webm - Send video to other app You can check the resultof the demo for video quality:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiUU69sTFJU
LayerPaint Landscape Addon 0.3 APK
* Attention! This is LayerPaint add on. To use this add on, youmust install LayerPaint first. Normal version is required, neitherZero nor HD. *https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.nattou.www.layerpaintThis is LayerPaint add on for Landscape painting. This add on adds"Landscape painting mode" to LayerPaint. Another launcher icon isadded and original launcher icon launch normal LayerPaint as is.Landscape painting mode only shows following features. - Eyedropper- Color picker - Brush thickness, alpha slider - Back to normalmode button If you want to use another features, you can go back to"Normal mode" and use normal LayerPaint features. In Landscapepainting mode, you can paint without changing each tools and usescreen wider. If your painting style mostly depends those featuresonly, this add on is for you. If not, please use normal versioninstead of this add on. Also, this add on mainly focus on smallscreen less than 6 inch. If you have larger screen, it might bebetter checking LayerPaint HD.
LDRAdder 1.1 APK
LDRAdderはlivedoorreaderのフィード追加専用のクライアントです。ブラウザの共有などを受け取る事も出来、そのURLからlivedoorreaderのdiscoverを使ってRSSなどのURLを探し、それをlivedoorreaderに追加(購読)する事が出来ます。フィードの追加以外の機能は持ちません。フィードを閲覧する機能等は無いので、その他のビュワーと併用して使ってください。**CREDIT**このアプリはLDReaderのソースコードを使用して作られています。http://code.google.com/p/ldreader/LDRAdderis a client of the append-only feed of livedoor reader.It ispossible that it is also possible to receive and share yourbrowser, look for the URL, such as RSS using the discover oflivedoor reader from the URL, and add to livedoor reader it to(subscribe).It has no function except for the addition offeed.Since there is no such function to browse the feed, please useit in conjunction with other viewer.** CREDIT **This app is made byusing the source code ofLDReader.http://code.google.com/p/ldreader/
OffTyping 1.7 APK
Application for flick input practice. No add, no network required,no storage access. No fancy UI. Just practice! It supports Enlishand Japanese, but no English resources (like button, label, etc.).
Preview painting before upload 1.2 APK
"Preview painting before upload" offer preview functionality onlyso that it can use wide screen, with no garbage while launching andback many times, and launch quickly. This app is designed to usewith other painting app like LayerPaint or LayerPaint HD with SHAREfunctionality of those app.
声で経費入力(家計簿アプリ) 1.0 APK
レシートの束を帳簿等に入力しなくてはいけない時に、ハンズフリーで音声のみで全ての入力作業が行える、小遣い帳アプリです。家計簿としても使えます。個人事業主などが確定申告の為にレシートを入力するケースに最適化しています。音声の内容を解釈して、埋めるべきフィールドを推測して適切なフィールドを自動で埋めます。どのフィールドに入力するかを指定する必要はありません。また、保存等のコマンドも全て音声化されているので、完全にハンズフリーで入力作業が行えます。端末をシェイクするかトグルのOFFとなっているボタンを押すと音声認識モードになります。 「6月20日 600円 接待交際費」などと喋ってみてください。 結果が正しければ「次」と喋ると入力されます。レシートを順番に読み上げるだけで入力出来る為、入力効率がキーボードや写真に撮るなどに比べて、段違いに速く行えます。また、現在の音声認識では誤認識は避けられない、という経験の元、目視で確認して音声のみで訂正する、という事を重視したUIとなっています。詳細はアプリ内のヘルプを参照して下さい。 結果はcsvとしてexport出来るので、Google SpreadSheetなどに取り込んでその後の作業をする事を想定しています。 機能 - 音声のみによる入力 - 複数のブックのサポート -csvのexport, import機能 - カテゴリの追加(初期設定では確定申告の勘定科目が入っています) The receiptof the bunch when it should not be without input to the book, etc.,can be performed all of the input work only in voice hands-free, itis pocket money book application. It can also be used as ahousehold account book. Such as sole proprietorship is I amoptimization to the case to enter a receipt for the tax return. Itinterprets the contents of the voice, to guess the field to befilled and filled with automatic the appropriate field. You do notneed to specify whether to enter into any field. In addition, sinceall also commands such as save has been voiced, and completelyperform input work hands-free. When you press a button that is OFFif toggle to shake the terminal will be voice recognition mode.Please try to talk to as "June 20 600 yen entertainmententertainment expenses". If the result is correct, it will be inputand speak with "next". Because that can be entered only in the readreceipt in order, input efficiency is compared to such as take tothe keyboard and photos, you can do different levels quickly. Inaddition, it has become a UI that emphasizes current not recognizethe erroneous avoided in speech recognition, that the experience ofthe original, to correct only the voice is confirmed visually, thefact that. Refer to help within the app for more information. Sincethe result can be export as csv, it is assumed that it is thesubsequent work by incorporating such as Google Spread Sheet.Function - Voice only by the input - Of multiple books support -Csv of export, import function - Additional category (by defaultcontains the accounts of tax return)
スマホに統計のグラフが降ってくる! 0.13 APK
「スマホに統計のグラフが降ってくる!」略して「統計グラフ!」は、様々な最新の日本の統計データとその解説を配信するサービスです。様々な統計のグラフが、解説と共に配信されて来ます。 自動でデータが更新される為、ユーザーはいつも最新の統計を見る事が出来ます。データはCSVを必要に応じて取ってきて、実際に端末上でグラフを描いています。この為、ユーザーはただ配信されたグラフを見るだけで無く、自身で軸の範囲を変更したり、ちょっとした計算を行って変形したりする事が出来ます。使われている言語はRのサブセットで、Qと呼んでいます。 "Statistics graph!" Is a service thatdelivers the explanation and statistical data of the latestJapanese various "graph of statistics come raining smartphone!" Forshort. Graphs of various statistics will come is delivered alongwith the commentary. Because the data is updated automatically, theuser can see the latest statistics always. To come taken ifnecessary CSV, data has drawn the graph on the terminal actually.Therefore, the user can not you just see the graph just beendelivered, you can change the range of the axis itself, or deformedby performing a little calculation. A subset of R, I call Q thelanguage used.