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Hi There. Today went to the hospital afamilyin which the mother is pregnant and you have to help themtakebirth again. All nurses are busy so you must be the person whowillhelp the doctor and will do whatever he says. Please beverycareful because it is sensitive and patient has severe pain duetopregnancy. We're sure you'll do a good job and you Good Luck!

1) We need to check the pulse voltage and lead them.
2) check the baby using ultrasound and then make themaninjection.
3) after giving birth should go home and take care ofthebaby.
4) must return to the hospital to receive care from doctors.
5) I apply a layer of cream on her face after that cleanskinthoroughly.
6) We need to get off all the bandages on the body.
7) The table is ready so you have to go with him and givehimfood.
8) After you've dressed very nice take him home to his parents.

You've done very well so we invite you to choose and othergamesfor girls within Acetic developer and please come back dailytohelp other people through easter games

Have fun!

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