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Years ago, wooden doors were a trend. Theyusedto be every homeowner's favorite. However due to somecircumstances,the trend today has shifted a bit. The mosthomeowners' popularchoice today are no longer wooden doors asfront doors but thosemade of glass. This is because of thefollowing advantages theowners of the home can get using glassdoors.

1. Better lighting. Since light can pass through glassdoors,homeowners can make use of natural and healthy lighting. Theycansay goodbye to huge electrical costs because here's onenaturallighting that can provide better lighting to the house.Thisconvenience does not come with any problem like fear ofbeingaffected by the sun's UV rays since most of the glassdoorsmanufactured today are made with multiple layers to filtertheharmful rays from the sun. Any homeowner can enjoy thesun'snatural lighting without compromising their health.

2. Better aesthetics. Glass materials have this sophisticationnoother material can provide. It even displays lighting andcolorbeautifully like no other material can. This is the reason whyalot of home designers love glass and many homeowners loveittoo.

3. Better home styling. Unlike wooden doors, glass materials canbeadorned or can be treated with different materials to make itmorestylish. You can add drapes, blinds, or curtains. Depending onyourpreference, if you need more privacy you can choose thickanddark-colored curtains. To make a difference, you can switchtousing blinds or drapes the next day. You can also use walldecorsto make your glass doors look exciting. To create a nicelookingentrance for your kids to enjoy, you can take advantage oferasableinks or paints to paint your doors.

4. Better monitoring. Since you can see through glass,monitoringany outdoor activity is made simpler. If you have kidswho love toplay outdoors, you can better monitor them withouthaving to leaveyour home. You can relax a your living room whilemonitoring yourkids' activity. You can also enjoy the beauty ofchanging seasonsjust through your glass doors. No need to set footoutside just towitness the changing setting.

These and more of these benefits you can get by using glassdoors.More than functionality and cost efficiency, using glassdoorsprovides the aesthetics homeowners look for. No wonder theyaremost preferred by many buyers and homeowners today.

Front door choices have changed a great deal over the lastseveralyears. Homeowners and business owners all around the worldnow havean almost endless selection in styles and unique designsthey canchoose from to help enhance the overall beauty and securityoftheir home or office.

As with any other purchase you will make for your home, there areafew things that you will need to take into considerationwhenmaking this very important purchase. Perhaps one of thefirstthings you will want to determine is the size of front doorthatyou will need. This type of item is available in a wide varietyofdifferent sizes so it is very important to be sure that youarechoosing one that will fit just right to the entrance ofyourhome.

In choosing this particular item for your home you will also findawide variety of materials that they are made from. Thereareseveral choices that are made from various steel materials,somechoices are constructed of fiberglass that is stained in avarietyof different colors, and then there are many wood choicesyou canselect from in choices such as mahogany, oak, knotty alder,cherry,and several others. The wide variety in materials theyareconstructed from gives you the convenience ability to chooseastyle that will be the best choice for you on the front doorofyour home.

Numerous designs available also are made with unique stainedglassdesigns that can enhance the overall look that you are tryingtoachieve and there are many shapes to select from in theseglassdesigns that are set right into the doors.

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Indian Wooden Door Design 1.1 APK
Building a new house is a greatresponsibility. Choosing a wooden door over a metal one is a hardchoice to make. Wooden ones come in an array of styles and types.Choosing the best quality one is a choice that can make or break anew home's appearance.Locate one of the local hardware stores for a large selection.These stores have the doors in different types of wood and sizes.It is important to know the measurement of it making a purchase.They staff in these stores are usually very knowledgeable. If youdon't find anything in your price point, there is always the localHabitat for Humanity store. Donated appliances and hardware itemsare offered at this store at discounted prices. The selection islimited to what is donated, so you might not find everything thatyou need. Another great place to find inexpensive wooden doors isthe unfinished wood store. All types of wooden item are availableat this store. You have the option of choosing the type of stainneeded.After deciding where to purchase, now it's time to decide on thetype of door needed. A solid door or a hollow core door is what youhave to choose from. The hollow core doors are made of fiberboardsand are less expensive than solid doors. These doors are very lightweight. Solid wood doors are made of mahogany, oak or pine. Theycost more than hollow core doors. The solid doors are veryattractive. Wooden doors can have panels and be embellished withdecorations.After getting the door installed, the homeowner should know thatwooden doors are susceptible to the weather. The door may contractand expand after it is put in place. This may cause the homeownerto call for a repairman. If this is taken into account beforeinstillation, it should not be a problem.Wooden types are used in other parts of the house. There are woodenones on closets, patios, and bathroom, pantry's and interiordoorways. Most houses have some many wooden ones that you don'teven think about it. The door to your bedroom is probably made ofwood.Some homeowner may opt to get a metal door. This is another option.Most metal doors are more expensive than solid wooden ones. It is amatter of preference. There is not proof that one is sturdier thanthe other. A solid wooden door can keep the elements just as wellas a wooden door.When building a new home, you are building a place where memoriesare made. Hopefully a new home will be a place that will be passeddown from generation to generation. The character of the house canbe changed with a beautiful oak door. On the inside the quality ofthe wooden doors is just as important. A sturdy closet door canstand up to the wear and tear throughout the years. So choosing aquality wooden door can be a great investment that can last alifetime.Not many people are aware that India produces some of the bestwooden furniture of the world. In fact, the country has a long andcolorful history as far as wooden furniture is concerned. Whilefurniture manufactured in India has garnered appreciation fromalmost all parts of the world, rarely do we come across anybody whois aware of the tradition and history of Indian furniture.Wooden furniture making has been practiced in India since 1336 AD.It was actually the empires and the kings from southern India thatpatronized the craft. Century-old wooden articles bear testimony tothat. The workers were held in high esteem by the royalty becausethe craft of carving wood was considered more of an art and tradeand India has a history of patronizing art and artisans. As aresult, wooden furniture and wooden crafts can be found anywhere inIndia. Besides the standard and conventional furniture items,wooden doors, walls, posts etc. can be found even in the remotestcorner of the country, not to mention of the modern buildings andancient temples and architecture that bear testimony to thecraftsmanship.
Window Garage Doors 1.1 APK
Adding windows to your garage door will bevery great things that you can do. You will find hat the windowswill enable the natural light to get into the garage. You will alsofind that these will make your garage look great. This will makethe appearance of the door of your garage.Windows in garage door are very simple but they are very effectiveway to make the house looks more attractive. These are the correctadditions that you have to consider when you are about to sell yourhouse. Since they bring great things to your garage, you shouldconsider adding windows on your garage door. Here are some stepsthat you have to do when you want to add windows on the door ofyour garage.Getting the correct size of windows for your garage door is theforemost job that you have to do. You have to make sure that themeasurements are correct so that you can choose the windows thatyou are going to add. When you take the measurements, you have tobe sure that the size fits the inside panel of the door in yourgarage.After you got the measurements, getting the windows is the secondthing that you have to do. You can find them in the market and youwill find that they are available in many options that mightconfuse you. They vary from their styles, colors and sizes. To dealwith it, choose ones that fit the garage door that you have. Thecorrect windows will also make your garage door more exposed.After you get the windows and the measurements, you can start theinstallation. You have to mark the panels of the garage door onwhich the windows will be installed. In this case, you have tomeasure the back part of the windows before you make the openingfor the windows on the door. You will find that prefabricatedwindows come in different size between the back and the front size.After you mark the door, you can get ready to cut it. To help youdoing the correct cutting, you can use the masking tape as a guidefor the cutting process.Then, cut the garage door that you have marked. You can do it byusing a jigsaw and follow the tape so that you will get the exactcutting as the size of the windows. After that, you can attach thefront side of windows that you have to the holes that you have madeon the door. Since the windows will become the outside elements ofthe garage, you can use a layer that waterproof to protectthem.Finally, you have to attach the back side of windows to finish yourjob. You might find that there are differences from onemanufacturer with other in attaching the windows. But, you willfind that most of them are attached by simply screw them together.The screws that you need are provided together with the windowsthat you get from the market. To get the best installation of thewindows, read the instructions provided by the manufacturer.When you have a garage, you want it to not only work well, but tolook great, too. That is why many people look to add windows totheir garage door. A window that is added to a door will bring agreat amount of aesthetic appeal to the entire garage itself,while, at the same time, adding the illusion of space to yourgarage. Windows make rooms seem larger than they are, and by addinga window to the door, you are able to let a little light into yourgarage and to make it seem much larger than it is.In order to add a window to your garage door, the first thing thatyou need to do is to do a bit of measuring. In order to correctlyperform this project, you need to make sure that you have the rightmeasurements. The window must fit into one panel of your door. Itcan be smaller than the panel, leaving you a bit of trim around theedge of the window, or the same size as the panel, but it can notbe larger than the panel on the door. After you've measured thecorrect size, you can go to the store to purchase your window. Youwill want to purchase a prefabricated garage door window, as it isthe easiest, and the strongest, of windows to use on a garagedoor.
Front Single Door Designs 1.1 APK
Everyone wants their front way to make animpressive impact as it's the first impression your visitors willhave of your beautiful home. With custom designed doors you havethe freedom to create that distinctive image that fits your uniquestyle. Doors are custom designed and custom built, available inwood, steel, or fiberglass.There is a wide range of designs, wood types, stain colors, glassoptions, and hardware to choose from. Home entrance ways includesingle entry, double entry, entry doors with sidelights, and entrydoors with transoms.With custom built you are not limited to standard sizes and canpick from narrow, wide oversize, or tall doors. Doors in dramaticshapes and sizes, from arched to gothic to elliptical, you designthe door that will enhance your homes existing architecture. Onceyou decide on the perfect door you can then add striking sidelightsand transoms in stained or beveled glass that can complete thevisual impact of your entryway with the added bonus of bringingnatural light into your home.Solid custom wood doors are hand crafted from the highest qualitymaterial available from mahogany, oak or cherry. Each door willhave its own distinctive character and natural beauty.Fiberglass exterior doors are becoming more popular in the exteriorglass doors market. Fiberglass can be beautifully decorative whileat the same time strong and durable, resisting dents and scratches.Glass styles include leaded glass, beveled glass, stained glass andarchitectural glass doors. With fiberglass you have greater optionsfor picking unique designs such as beveled glass doors.The entrance door of your home says a lot about the personalitybehind it. For instance, a large black door with no window panelcould be edgy and unapproachable. Homes are where people must feelwelcome and it all starts with the first feature they see.The first thing you must look at when deciding on what door toinstall is the size of your house. If you have a single story housethen it would not be the best idea to get double doors unless youhave a very high ceiling. If the door is too high, it will makeyour house seem matchbox like. This also applies for doors thathave sidelights and a transom. If the entrance area of your houseis a protruding section with a gable, then double doors and doorswith sidelights will work.Arched double doors have been around for many years and arebeautiful as any style. Double doors can be designed in a classicstyle. This works well for houses that have more of a stonetextured or tiled house. Classic styled double doors also lookgreat as a normal rectangular shape and decorated glasspanels.Try and match the theme of the door with the theme of the house.This way the style of the house is continuous and doesn't have arandom break. If the bricks of your house haven't been plastered, asingle door with a decorated transom will suit the theme. Archeddoors have bricks arched around them but give a decorativeappeal.Modern houses are made up of the geometric and glass concept. Mostmodern houses are flat roofed with large windows. To continue thetheme, glass doors will work for the entrance. It combines thegeometric blends with the large concept idea. Glass gives theillusion of space.Perhaps you are not comfortable having an entrance door madecompletely out of glass (excluding the frame). You could simplyhave a single door in grey, black or white with a small glass panelor a double door in the same range of colors.Single solid doors with a bold color go well with protrudingentrance sections and decorative gables. By having a decorativegable, you won't need a double door because it gives the wall anddoor the appearance of an entrance.There are many different kinds of doors you can have installed thatmake the entrance to your house welcoming. It all depends on thetheme you intend to incorporate and the varying range ofcolors.
Elegant Front Door Design 1.1 APK
People tend to compromise in choosing the doorto use. Some may choose the beauty of the wooden door and give upon the security that the steel door can provide. And some may pickthe less expensive one but give up on the exquisiteness of theother. But why compromise when you can have it all in one package?It is just a matter of having the right front door design.Wooden doors can be very elegant but steel doors seem to be morereasonable when it comes to security and budget. However, fiberglass doors can give both elegance and sturdiness that wooden andsteel doors can provide. It can be molded and stained to have theeffect of the wooden door and at the same time, it maintains theirjust-installed look for years. Front door designs are not justadditional expenses after all. They can enhance the attractivenessof your homes and at the same time, add security to yourdoors.After deciding on the material you want to use, there areadditional features that you can put up to add to your front doordesign. Glass panels are available at DIY stores for your door.However you have to bear in mind that having glass panels maycompromise the security of your doors. You just have to bear inmind to keep the glass away from the locking mechanism aspossible.You may also have transoms or beams to add to your design but theymay be a problem later if you decide to change your door. You mayhave to change the framing and the beams to fit your new door.However, you can always pick on the same size for a much simplechange out.Side lights can also be used in front door designs. It adds up tothe security of your door, however, it can also reduce the fuelefficiency of the door or entry, thus making it more expensive tomaintain.Grilles can also help in your front door design. It is muchstronger than the glass panels and can also help in the security ofyour home. Grilles can be used as double doors.But whatever door we choose to use for our homes, it must alwaysprovide us the comfort, privacy and security that we need. Frontdoors are our first line of defense from the outside world afterall.When selecting your front doors, you should go for one that istough enough to bear the vagaries of the weather such as rain,wind, scorching heat from the sun, as well as keep intrudersoutside, while still looking beautiful. Your front door musttherefore be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and thusable to do all this while creating a good first impression withfirst time visitors to your home. When selecting the right frontdoor for your home, you could go for the newer versions which tendto better withstand the elements than older versions.There are also the fiberglass and metal doors which resemble woodbut are cheaper and offer greater security for your home. The mostcommon reason for getting a new front door is when your old one hasbeen ruined, while building a new house or renovating an old one.Whatever the reason is, when selecting the right door, you will belimited to a size that is able to fit the pre-existing or newlybuilt door frame.A great place to begin your search for a good front door is onlineat home improvement stores. When purchasing your doors online,ensure that the door you choose has a full description attached toit. This will enable you to know its exact size, design and color,as well as see what it looks like in the photo provided. Inquirefrom the supplier on whether or not the door comes with a warrantythat will enable you to return it in the event that you find it hasdefects. Be sure to also factor in the costs of shipping as thiswill add to the overall price you have to pay to have your doordelivered to you.When it comes to material, you will find that for many years, UPVCplastic was the popular choice for homeowners shopping for doors.However, in recent times, many home owners have been turning towood as the ideal choice of material for their front doors.
Interior Dutch Door Design 1.1 APK
Dutch doors, even for people who may havenever owned them, tend to hold a certain place in their memory.Dutch doors are often associated with wholesome things, like brightsunny days, warm apple pies cooling in the breeze.This type of door does swing open when you need it to, but it isalso divided horizontally, so if you only need one half of the dooropen, you can easily do so. Dutch doors have a lot of usefulfunctions due to this design. Much of the time you will see the topportion of the door open while the lower half remains shut. You canuse Dutch doors both for interior and exterior use as well, makingthem even more useful for a variety of reasons. Have a toddler thatyou don't want in a certain room? A Dutch door is vastly superiorin stability to a baby gate. Have a lovely day outside and the dogshave played in a puddle? You can open the top portion of the doorto let in the warm summer day while ensuring the pack stays outsideuntil they're dry. Or if winter has arrived, you can open just thelower half of the door to let pets in and out instead of openingthe entire door and letting in more cold air than you'd like.Dutch doors can come in a great variety of styles, woods, and more.You can choose the number of panels you want on the door, the typeof hardware that can be installed in the door, the type of wood,and whether or not you want glass in your door. There are all sortsof options available to you, so it is a matter of deciding what youlike the best, as well as what will work for your home and whereyou live. You can also choose whether or not you want the woodstained a particular shade, and much more. You may want to takesome time to consider styles and designs before heading out to themanufacturers. This way you'll be more confident in what you willwant to look at, as well as be more prepared in what questions youmay have.While Dutch doors may not have as strong a following as they mayhave had in the past, the fact that they are still being made andpurchased today shows that they are still in demand and that peopleenjoy everything they have to offer.Dutch doors are easy to spot and easy to remember because of theirone-of-a-kind design. Dutch doors are cut right in halfhorizontally so that each piece can swing either together orindependently of one another. For example, you can leave the bottomhalf shut and open the top half of the door.These doors have been around for quite some time. They got theirstart in the 17th Century and have since spread all over the world.They were invented in Holland - hence the name - and became quitepopular in the American colonies. This is because certain areaswere primarily settled by the Dutch, which is why the area itselfstill showcases a strong Dutch architectural influence. It waspopular in these places because many homes were still quite rural.A lot of animals - both domestic and wild - milled around farmhomes. The Dutch door solved the problem of animals wandering intohomes and the desire to get fresh air. The top could be open toallow in plenty of air while the bottom half remained shut,effectively keeping critters out.Today we don't exactly have that issue, which is why these doorsare not quite as widespread as they used to be. Still, they havethat iconic look that remind people of apple pies sitting to cool(as many Dutch doors have a perch in the center similar to a windowsill). Screen doors tended to replace Dutch doors in many areas, asthey provided the same function - allowing in air while keeping notonly animals but insects out as well.This type of door can be a great addition to a home and really giveit that comfortable, homey feel. Dutch doors do require four hingesinstead of the traditional three.
Inside Front Door Design 1.1 APK
The primary entrance to your house is calledthe "mouth of chi" in feng shui. It is an extremely important areato focus on because so much of the energy that comes into yourhouse comes through this primary entrance. A few small changes herecan make a big difference in the rest of your house. Here are a fewways to make the most of what's good about your front entrance andhow to overcome any existing problems.1) Use your front doorSo many people come through the garage now that it is quite commonthat no one has even stepped over the real threshold to your housein the last few days. Make a point of changing that by walking outyour front door to get the mail, or just to look around your frontgarden.2) Make sure the lock works well and the door opens easilyBlocked entrances are very bad in feng shui, and the front door isthe most important entrance. If your door leaks heat, get itsealed. If it sticks, either oil the hinges or get a locksmith tofix where it is stuck. Absolutely make sure that the door can swingopen all the way inside, with no coat hangers or anything elsebehind it.3) Widen the pathThe wider the path to your door (and the wider your door, too) themore energy and, symbolically, the more money can come into yourhouse. Ever notice how big, expensive houses tend to have doubledoors and wide paths? Make your house like that, even if it justmeans adding a row of paving stones on either side of the frontpath.Having steps in front of your house can be good, bad, or not mattertoo much. Having steps going up to your house can slow chi down,whereas steps going down to your front door (like a basementapartment), can slow it down so much as to create stagnation. Solong as there are just a few steps, and they seem in proportion tothe rest of the entrance, they will not affect too much. But ifsomeone has to climb lots of steep stairs to come to a little door,then you need to take some steps of your own to increase the flowof chi so it can overcome that barrier.4) Consider the directionThe direction your front door faces is very important in feng shui.Most directions are positive, but doors facing North andparticularly North-East are not auspicious. If your door faceseither of these directions, you want to insulate the inside of yourhouse from this energy. You can do that by having a winding path tothe front door and adding bushy evergreen plants so the energy hasto meander in. Painting your door with high-gloss paint will alsoreflect back some of the negative chi, as will using shiny metalfittings on the door. Other ways to block this energy includeputting a reflecting globe or a convex near the front door.Front doors facing East are excellent for building up a career orgetting started in life. A South-East facing door helps withcommunication and steady progress. The South is a high-energydirection that may even need to be toned down with a dish of seasalt if you find yourself arguing with people. A South-West doorgives more settled feel, but there is a risk of some not-so-goodenergy settling in, too. A Westward facing door will help withromance and contentment. A North-West facing door is good forauthority and stability.5) Consider the activity beyond your doorWhat's going on just beyond your property line will also determinewhether you want to block or increase the energetic openness of thefront door. If your house is at the end of a street, or in thedirect line of a traffic flow, you want to put up some blocks toslow the speeding chi down. But if you are on the inside curve of aquiet street, you want to bring the energy in and activate it,possibly with a water fountain or wind chimes.An attractive entrance to your home or office will encourage goodch'i, or energy, to enter. If you can arrange your front door sothat it faces your overall harmony or great prosperity direction,it will help bring in wealth, love and happiness.
Exterior Wooden Door 1.1 APK
Custom exterior wooden doors have a uniquebeauty that matches the home owner best. Wooden doors in generalcan have any look and feel that anyone would ever want and they area made from a warm, rich material for true luxury.No matter how simplistic or intricate a custom exterior wooden doormay be, there are different ways to change the look or enhancecertain features. Having the same look year in and year out maywork with some people, but there are many others who crave change,no matter how minor it may be. This is the same for something assimple as a door since the doorway is the first thing that peoplecome across before entering the home.By following a few simple and inexpensive tips, the front entrancecan easily change from boring and dated to something fun, uniqueand altogether exciting. Make sure to try each one out to see howthe overall look changes and to see which one works best forparticular styles or seasons.Plants and TreesPlants and trees are among the simplest and most beautifuladditions to showcase a stylish custom exterior wooden door.Whether they are planted near the entrance or they are displayed inlovely pots on either side of the door, they are able to create anatural frame for a beautiful door.Choose tall topiaries in pots for a modern look or try somethingeven more extravagant by getting professionally arranged plantdisplays in solid pots by the door.Hanging DecorationsSome people love them and other people absolutely hate them buthanging decorations are making a comeback for exterior home décor.There are many beautiful trendy options available for those whowould like to avoid the "country home" look. The hangingdecorations can be placed on the door itself or along theframe/wall as a stylish eye-catcher.They are a simple and quick way to tie in color schemes or toenhance details on the custom exterior wooden doors like carvingsor metal knockers and handles.Window TreatmentsFor the wooden doors that have windows installed, there are manydifferent types of window treatments that are available forshowcasing the beauty of a custom door. From curtains, frostedglass, shades or even tints, each option should be carefullyconsidered so as not to overpower the look of the door but workwith it in a subtle way.Simple ColourAnother simple way to change the look of an exterior door is tochange the color or tint. There are many bold modern paints andtints that will not only bring out the natural beauty of the doordesign but also help protect it from the elements over time. Thiscan quickly change the look of the home on its own or incombination with one or more of the other options listed.Prior to any changes, always try to envision what the final resultwill look like. One thing that many people choose to do is take apicture of the door as is and sketch out the details or colorchanges to see how it looks in the photo. This may seemtime-consuming for some but it's certainly worth it. It'sespecially important for those who are unsure about particularchanges since it doesn't cost anything to do on a photo but quitecostly to do in person.Custom exterior wooden doors are essential for most homes sincethey increase the overall value of the property and offer abeautiful look that works well with virtually any decorative periodor style. If there is a home that requires a little decorativechange, especially to get into a more modern era, there are a fewthings that can be done to existing wooden exterior doors or foranyone looking to invest in a new custom exterior woodendoor.Regardless of the budget or the current look of a home, by simplychanging the door, the overall look will immediately change bycreating a whole new look without spending thousands of dollars asother people do to repaint and redesign the exterior of theirhomes.CarvingsCarvings on custom exterior wooden doors make it look rich andexpensive.
Glass Garage Doors Restaurant 1.1 APK
Glass garage doors that are used in place ofwindows and walls are opening up living spaces like never before.The garage doors provide a striking substitute for commercial andhome use. The design of the doors can make any home or businessappear unique and spacious, allowing natural light to come into thebuilding. No matter where a home or place of business is located,the garage doors are insulated and can keep cold weather out whilekeeping the perfect balance of warm air during the summermonths.Not only are see through garage doors used in residential places,they also serve as a great addition to any restaurant. Having glassdoors installed in a restaurant opens up the building, allowingnatural light to come in and gives a great view of the outdoors tothe customers. With a beautiful outside view, customers will bedrawn to the beauty of the restaurant. Customers can dine at theoutside tables in the warm months while catching the views of theoutside and showcasing the activity inside. Having open windowsmake the restaurant more inviting, while giving the building amodern appearance.Just as these unique doors are a good fit for fire stations, theyare also well-suited for any service station. While having an openspace for the customer to see in from the outside, the customer canfeel safe knowing there are employees working that can help themwith their needs. Whether the person needs an oil change or quickauto repair, the glass doors provide a welcoming feeling to theplace of service.These doors are often installed in fire stations. A fire stationmust be a welcoming and comfortable place for the firefighters, aswell as a well-organized, efficient workplace in a community. Firestations are just like garages at home, they are a place to storefire trucks for when a call of service arrives. Fire station doorsare the most prominent feature of the building face. While open,they reveal to the community that firemen are actively working.During the night, light shines through the doors and serve as abeacon for those seeking assistance. As durable as glass garagedoors are, they are subject to taking a great deal of damagethroughout the years.The garage doors are also being used for patio doors at home. Thedoors make a great addition to any home, opening up living spaceslike never before. Having an open space with the use of the doorsfor patio use makes the home look more expensive without spending agreat sum of money. For a person who loves the outdoors, having aluxury garage door in the patio gives the home a feel for theoutside while being in the comfort of the home."Do you ever say to yourself "wouldn't it be nice to enjoy a cup ofcoffee outside, protected from the elements by a shelter big enoughfor all of our friends"? We all want a great outdoor space where wecan enjoy quality time with friends and family.Ask any interior designer about the trends most in demand withhomeowners these days, and you'll likely hear about outdoor livingspace into the design of the home, rather than just tracking a backpatio.It's possible to create that great outdoor space by expanding yourkitchen area. One easy way is to add a shelter equipped with one ormore garage doors which hang from the ceiling. Instead of usingsliding or folding doors, using an all glass garage door makes fora pleasant surprise, allowing the soft breeze you were hoping for.This style of door is already popular for commercial purposes, suchas for pubs and restaurants; slowly, it is starting to draw someattention for use in personal residences.One advantage of using a sectional garage door is that it saves youfrom having a door sill to step over. Another advantage is theavailability of different types of glass, such as tinted or blue,to reduce the glare of the sun's rays, which can be quite harshdepending on the orientation of the space.