2.0 / November 20, 2018
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✬ Hey glamorous girl, check out our latest collection of glimmering“wallpaper themes”! Now you can adorn your phone display with a“glitter wallpaper” that will glow and shine bright like a diamond!Bathe your screen with beaming particles that will turn yoursmartphone into the trendiest device. This fascinating “app forgirls” is a must-have app for every girl who is into glitz andglam. Join the colorful glitter mania by downloading these free“wallpapers and backgrounds” that will reflect shiny particles atdifferent angles! Thanks to this charming *Glitter Live WallpaperHD* you will have the screen covered with sparkling sequins andglimmering decoration every day. So, don't waste your time – hurryup and get this awesome wallpaper app!*∴*∵*∴*∵*∴*∵*∴**∴*∵*∴*∵*∴*∵*∴**∴*∵*∴*∵*∴*∵*∴**∴*∵*∴*∵*∴* ✬ Anincredible array of “girly wallpapers” for your phone screen; ✬Choose your favorite background design – pick pink glitterwallpaper, purple glitter wallpaper, “rose gold glitter” wallpaper,black glitter wallpaper, etc; ✬ Make your own “sparkle wallpaper”and embellish your display in a sec; ✬ Set amount, speed, rotation,and direction of the moving particles! ✬ Very easy to use: just taponce to preview the background photo and hold to set the image; ✬Optimized battery usage, supported sleep mode; ✬ Both landscapemode and horizontal mode are fully supported; ✬ Compatible with 99%mobile devices; ✬ Share your previously chosen background on anysocial network; ✬ These adorable, free and “animated backgrounds”are waiting for you! ✬ Please rate and comment our app, any kind ofinformation will be useful!*∴*∵*∴*∵*∴*∵*∴**∴*∵*∴*∵*∴*∵*∴**∴*∵*∴*∵*∴*∵*∴**∴*∵*∴*∵*∴* ✬ Let'smake it clear – there are a time and place for glitter and that'salways and everywhere! Grab attention wherever you go thanks tothese cute “moving wallpapers” that will for sure give yourfavorite device such a unique look! Choose an ultra shinningbackground or a more subtle one and adorn your home screen in themost beautiful manner. Enjoy watching glitter flying on differentbackgrounds and choose the one you like the most! Feel like aprincess every day thanks to these cute wallpapers for girls withglittery dust and sparkles! ✬ Finally, you can have thebest-looking phone screen ever with *Glitter Live Wallpaper HD*! Itis high time you rid of your old wallpaper image and check out thisoutstanding “background app”! Accessorize your home screenwallpaper with sparkles, sequins, and glitters and have the mostluxurious display of your dreams! Dress up your phone in a charming“glitter wallpaper HD” that matches your lavish style and tell allyour girlfriends about this fantastic app that is definitely amust-have app! ✬ By getting *Glitter Live Wallpaper HD* you canperform the most authentic phone screen makeover! Set your favorite“shimmer wallpaper” in your preferred color and impress everyonewith your dazzling display! Don't forget that these movingbackgrounds are fully customizable, you can just adjust the speedand density of the moving parts. Bring some stunning glitter toyour smartphone and turn your mobile device into your favoriteaccessory! There is no doubt that you will have the mostfashionable device among all your girls!

App Information Glitter Live Wallpaper HD

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    Glitter Live Wallpaper HD
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    November 20, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Simpatico Labs
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↔ Are you crazy about making fun and original photos? Then the ✇Boomerang Photo App - Video Maker ✇ is a photo editor made exactlyfor the likes of you! You can now “turn videos into boomerang”clips which never stop moving! It's an “animation maker” which turnyour photographs into short, but really interesting and creative“loop video” clips. The images you make using this “gif maker” willbe moving around on your cellphone or tablet screen like it's somesort of magic! So, don't miss out on a chance to get the best“photo video editor” on the market right now! The ✇ Boomerang PhotoApp - Video Maker ✇ is waiting for you, and it's absolutely free ofcharge!♥❤❥✢✣✤✥♥❤❥✢✣✤✥♥❤❥✢✣✤✥♥❤❥✢✣✤✥♥❤❥✢✣✤✥All the features you getwith this awesome “animated gif” software:↱↲ A free “reverse gif”application with practical interface!↱↲ Create a unique boomerangvideo with “stickers for pictures”!↱↲ Snap a picture on the spotand edit it, or just use the ones you already have in yourgallery!↱↲ Make a photo montage either manually or let this videosticker editor do it for you!↱↲ Decide what shots you want to beincluded in your boomerang photo!↱↲ Attach some cool stickers toyour “moving pictures” by simply choosing one of many – we've goteverything from love stickers to funny stickers!↱↲ Save themasterpiece you created in the gallery of your device!↱↲ Share itwith friends and family on all the famous social media websites!↱↲Add a rating to the ✇ Boomerang Photo App - Video Maker ✇ to let usknow how you like it!♥❤❥✢✣✤✥♥❤❥✢✣✤✥♥❤❥✢✣✤✥♥❤❥✢✣✤✥♥❤❥✢✣✤✥↔ Takingregular selfies is something we have all been doing for years now.As amusing as it can be, we are in desperate need of somethingrefreshing, and the “boomerang camera” totally provides that. Letthis fantastic “photo movie maker” take you on a journey likeyou've never seen before! Get together with your friends,brainstorm some distinctive ideas, and use this animation creatorto make them come to life! The possibilities are endless if you areinventive enough. For instance, you can blow some bubbles, and makea photo video out of that. When you add the loop effect, it willlook like you have the ability to blow and suck the same bubblesover and over again! Add a funny photo caption to it, and you willbe a real hit on social media!↔ Breathe new life into your plain,boring photos by using this “mini video” application! Now you areable to make an “image to video” transition effortlessly. You haveprobably seen some movies where the pictures are moving instead ofstanding still. However, you've never thought that would bepossible in real life, have you? Well, this picture editor is hereto prove you wrong!↔ If you want an amazing “boomerang app” to makeyour photo taking experience a lot more amusing, look no furtherthan the ✇ Boomerang Photo App - Video Maker ✇! Once thisextraordinary photo editing software becomes a part of your appcollection, you will get totally addicted to it! With all theeffects and stickers you can add, you will never take a bad selfieagain! Even if it's originally a bad one for your standards, youcan always turn it into a hilarious photo sequence and show somesense of humor! Tap on that Download button, and bring your pics tolife! It's one video maker editor to rule them all!
My Secret Diary App 2.0 APK
♡ We all have some private things that we'd like to keep toourselves, but we have to express our emotions somewhere. That'swhere ❦ My Secret Diary App ❦ comes in! This is a wonderful “diarywith lock password for girls” that, in addition to holding all yourprecious memories and feelings, looks marvelous! It is the mostadorable “customized diary” you will find on the internet! This“cat diary” is accompanied by cute kittens all over it, which makesthis “journal app” simply irresistible! So, come get your “cutediary” today! ❦ My Secret Diary App ❦ brings the greatest “diarytheme” to the table, and you just can't miss out on it!✱✸✿❀❖✰✪✾✽✫✬✮✯✱✸✿❀❖✰✪✾✽✫✬✮✯✱✸✿❀❖✰✪✾✽ This is what you can do withthe awesome “picture diary” app: ✿ Any entry in this “secret diarywith lock” can be added or deleted! ✿ Organize the entries by fromoldest to latest or vice versa! ✿ Look them up effortlessly thanksto the search option! ✿ Upload a pic from your own photo galleryand make this “personalised diary” even more personal! ✿ In ahurry? Use the quick text option to write speedily! ✿ Pick yourfavorite “cute cat wallpaper” to make your diary purrfect! ✿ Your“dear diary” program allows for total customization, so there areendless style variations! ✿ Use the wide range of emojis so thatyou can express your feelings more vividly! ✿ Customize the fontstyle, color, and size to your liking! ✿ Change the wallpapers andthe color of buttons to match your groove! ✿ Set up a lock passwordso that only you can read whatever is written there! ✿ Leave acomment and/or a rating for feedback on this free diary app!✱✸✿❀❖✰✪✾✽✫✬✮✯✱✸✿❀❖✰✪✾✽✫✬✮✯✱✸✿❀❖✰✪✾✽ ♡ Thanks to this “personaldiary”, anything you might have on your mind, and is too sensitiveto be shared with others will be secured properly. It is a “mypassword journal” that uses the most advanced technology to keeppotential intruders away from your personal stuff. There are waytoo many nosy parkers out there who just can't wait to stick theirnose in other people's business. Well, they have no chance ofbreaking into this secret lock diary! You can rest easy knowingthat the memories you cherish the most are protected from suchpeople. ♡ This “personal diary app” completely replaces theimpractical physical diaries! ❦ My Secret Diary App ❦ will keepeverything you hold dear virtually in your smartphone or tabletdevice! Gone are the days when you have to worry about someonereading your diary when you aren't home or, even worse, someonetrying to steal it. The wonderful “emoji diary” will is not onlymore practical but also lets you show your mood much morecreatively! The cuddly animated cat images will entirely transformyour cellphone! If you're a cat person, this is a must-have app foryou! ♡ If you want the ideal “diary with lock and key”, look nofurther than ❦ My Secret Diary App ❦! The most amazing diaryapplication is one click away! All you need to do is press thatDownload button, install the cute diary, and you're all set! Writewhat's on your mind, change backgrounds and fonts, add emoticons,all that using a single app! You don't have to spend countlesshours looking for a journal that fits your preferences best whenyou can create your own in just a few minutes. Download this lockdiary for girls now, and build a home for your feelings andopinions!
Beauty Makeup Effects – Face Photo Editor 1.0 APK
♥ If you're a beauty enthusiast and you're completely obsessed withcosmetics, we offer you one of the best “makeover games” for girls!Finally, it's possible to look like a glamorous diva thanks to the*Beauty Makeup Effects – Face Photo Editor*! With the help of thisfantastic “ beauty photo editor”, you can transform your imagesinto stunning makeup pics in a blink of an eye! For a girl wholoves her beauty products, there's just never enough ways to getyour daily dose of all makeup goodies such as eyeshadows,lipsticks, blushes, lipglosses, etc. That's why we have created thebest photo editing software where you can “edit faces in pictures”for free. Discover plenty of “photo stickers” that will help you tomake some of the most incredible makeup looks. Stop spending yourprecious time in a beauty salon, and download this superb “photoface editor”!ⒸⓄⓄⓁ*ⓃⒺⓌ*ⒶⓅⓅ*ⒸⓄⓄⓁ*ⓃⒺⓌ*ⒶⓅⓅ*ⒸⓄⓄⓁ*ⓃⒺⓌ*ⒶⓅⓅ*♥ The best“face editing app” with tons of photo editing features;♥ Use aphoto from your camera roll or take a selfie with your frontcamera;♥ Choose among numerous “makeup stickers” to edit yourpics;♥ Adjust your stickers for pictures by zooming, scaling,rotating;♥ A wide range of realistic beauty stickers – glitter “eyemakeup”, matte lipsticks, sparkling lipglosses, contour kits andother cool stuff;♥ Save the picture of your “virtual makeover” onyour library;♥ Decorate your photo montage with cute texts, beautyquotes, and inspirational sayings;♥ Get one of the prettiest facemakeover apps and learn to edit like a pro;♥ Share your incrediblephoto montage on any social network for free;♥ Please be kind torate and to comment our app, any kind of information isuseful!ⒸⓄⓄⓁ*ⓃⒺⓌ*ⒶⓅⓅ*ⒸⓄⓄⓁ*ⓃⒺⓌ*ⒶⓅⓅ*ⒸⓄⓄⓁ*ⓃⒺⓌ*ⒶⓅⓅ*♥ Feel like a beautyqueen and rock various makeup styles on your selfie photos! Stepoutside your comfort zone and try on different “face beauty” lookswithout going to the real makeup salon. Apply favorite stickers toyour plain photos with the help of this awesome makeup editor appto create a stunning makeover like a true professional make upartist. Feel free to share the outcome of this “photo enhancer”among your followers and friends on your social profiles!♥ Test outnext beauty trends with this latest photo editor that shows you thepower of “makeup effects”. Turn on beauty camera and get the kittyeyes or a smokey eyeshadow look within a minute! This cool *BeautyMakeup Effects – Face Photo Editor* helps you to find the bestmakeup look for your face shape by trying tons of differentrealistic photo stickers. Get lost in our virtual beauty salon andfind the perfect products in order to beautify your ordinaryphotos. If you are into dress up and “makeup games” you will bethrilled to know that the most amazing face beauty app has justcome to the app market!♥ Let the photo editing mania begin with the*Beauty Makeup Effects – Face Photo Editor*, the best “photoediting app” at this moment! We assure you that once you tried ourvirtual makeup studio, you won't be able to stop playing with itfor days! Do a fabulous “photo makeover” and share your photomanipulation on any social media to dazzle all your followers. It'stime to gather all your girls and tell them the most exciting news– the most impressive “photo retouching” app with special makeupeffects and stickers is finally in your hands!
Diamond Live Clock Wallpaper App 2.0 APK
☆ Diamonds are a girl's best friends, and the ♦ Diamond Live ClockWallpaper App ♦ is here to let you indulge them virtually as well!This gorgeous looking “diamond clock” will make your home screenmuch more attractive and simply stun you with its “diamond livewallpaper”. If you're looking for a new “clock design” to enhanceyour smartphone or tablet appearance, you have come to the rightplace! This is a “luxury clock” sure to please any lady! So,download this “clock live wallpaper” and see how the multicoloured“gem wallpaper” embellishes your screen with amazing “diamondpictures”! The ♦ Diamond Live Clock Wallpaper App ♦ is truly adiamond in the rough, and you can't afford to miss out on it!✱✲✳❃✢✣✤✥✱✲✳❃ ✢✣✤✥✱✲✳❃✢✣✤✥✱✲✳❃✢✣✤✥✱✲ This wonderful “time widget”allows you to: ▶ Select a “diamond background” to restyle your oldclock completely! ▶ Pick among a solid selection of “pictures ofgemstones” to give your clock a virtual makeover! ▶ Sync your“analog clock” to the digital one on your device! ▶ Choose all ofthe features yourself for clock app individually! ▶ Decide on theclock hands, background pictures, the ticking sound, and theoverall appearance of the clock without the app's interference! ▶Check a free preview of the clock's potential new look beforeactually applying it! ▶ Switch the square and the round clock face!▶ Use the new time-telling application like a hot knife throughbutter with its user-friendly interface! ▶ Set and check the time,as this is a “real time clock”, not just a simple picture! ▶ Rateand comment on our watch wallpaper to voice your opinion and giveus some feedback! ✱✲✳❃✢✣✤✥✱✲✳❃ ✢✣✤✥✱✲✳❃✢✣✤✥✱✲✳❃✢✣✤✥✱✲ ☆ Who saysanalog clocks are out of fashion? This “girls clock” is here toprove them wrong! The ♦ Diamond Live Clock Wallpaper App ♦ boasts awide variety of high definition “diamond live wallpaper” imagesthat will make your clock and your eyes sparkle. It will actuallybe the last word in fashion once you install it! With such abeautiful clock decoration, there is no way you will forget tocheck the time. You will be too tempted to look at the time againby the shiny “diamond theme”! ☆ Diamonds are forever, and preciousto everyone. That is why things use them as their embellishment,including the ♦ Diamond Live Clock Wallpaper App ♦. But what do wereally know about them, and is it really true that they lasteternally? Here's some info that can help you answer some of thequestions you might have about these gemstones. They were evenpresent in the ancient times, as it is well known that the Greeksand Romans believed they were tears of the gods, or pieces offallen stars. Even though they seem complex, they are actuallyalmost entirely made out of one element, and that's carbon.Diamonds are virtually indestructible – only another diamond candamage a diamond. They were even believed to have healingproperties by the Hindus, and were used for treating someillnesses. One thing's for sure – they'll cure the boredom of yourhome screen clock! ☆ Get the best clock on the market and make yourscreen shine brightly like a diamond! Among all the “clock themes”,this is by far the most awesome and shiny one! Get yours today bysimply clicking on that Download button! You will not bedisappointed by the sheer opulence of this software!
Photo to Video – Gif Maker with Boomerang Effect 1.0 APK
✪ Welcome to the brand new photo editing studio where you cancreate the pure magic of your precious photos! The *Photo to Video- Gif Maker with Boomerang Effect* allows you to make incredible“animated pictures” that will represent such a refreshment in yourphoto gallery! Turn your GIF camera on, capture multiple picturesand make an “animated GIF” that you can later share across allsocial networks! Feel free to express your artistic side and createa cute movie of your favorite images by adding “reverse effect”, orany other special effects and filters to your pictures. The mostexciting thing about this awesome “movie maker” is that you canrecord movements in real time as the video plays, and in that way,as the result, you will get fantastic “boomerang GIF”. Get yourcreative juices flowing with the help of this impressive “animatedGIF maker”, and turn your ordinary pictures into mind-blowingmoving images!*ⒸⓄⓄⓁ*ⓃⒺⓌ*ⒶⓅⓅ*ⒸⓄⓄⓁ*ⓃⒺⓌ*ⒶⓅⓅ*ⒸⓄⓄⓁ*ⓃⒺⓌ*ⒶⓅⓅ*✪ Anincredible “animation video maker” with boomerang effect;✪ Uploadpictures from camera roll, or take new ones;✪ Add up to 10 photosfrom your gallery;✪ Easy video editor user interface;✪ Choose whichof the shots you want to include;✪ Choose how many times the videowill loop;✪ Crop and trim video, merge videos together;✪ Addstickers for pictures to embellish your animated GIF images;✪Create the illusion of an animation in an instant with our cool“image to video maker”; ✪ Share your perfect “GIF photo” on allsocial networks;✪ Please rate and leave a comment on our app, yourfeedback means a lot tous!*ⒸⓄⓄⓁ*ⓃⒺⓌ*ⒶⓅⓅ*ⒸⓄⓄⓁ*ⓃⒺⓌ*ⒶⓅⓅ*ⒸⓄⓄⓁ*ⓃⒺⓌ*ⒶⓅⓅ*✪ GIFS are a lot ofentertaining, but they're even more fun when you can make your own.Thanks to *Photo to Video - Gif Maker with Boomerang Effect* youcan create amusing “GIF clips” of your dearest photo memories!Record your snapshots by adding boomerang effect on them, and fixthem in our “GIF photo editor”. Add a bunch of photo stickers,stamps or cool captions and make your animated image look 10 timeseven better! Finally, you can create a “reverse GIF” that loopsback and forth, adjust the speed of the clip, and set how manytimes the video will loop. When you finish doing that, you can saveyour mini-movie on your phone's gallery or share it on any socialnetwork. With this superb “photo to video maker app”, you'lldiscover the easiest way to make your pics everlasting!✪ Now it'spossible to enliven your precious images by making of them aspecial “video animation”! Take up to 10 pictures in real time,merge them together and set a custom animation speed, depending onwhat you want. It’s really easy to customize the order of thephotos because you can simply rearrange them via drop and dragoption. Capture with your GIF camera maker jumping on a trampoline,a romantic kiss with your bae and many other moments dear to yourheart. But also, keep in mind, that our amazing “GIF converter” canturn your plain pictures into stunning moving images in a blink ofan eye, so that you can show them later to your friends or socialmedia followers. Download free of charge this outstanding *Photo toVideo - Gif Maker with Boomerang Effect*, and have the best timemaking photo-looping clips!✪ Become social media popular thanks tothis awesome “photo movie maker”! Everyone will wonder how did youcome up with such an interesting idea, to transform all yourpictures into breathtaking GIFS! Regardless of whether you are aprofessional photographer or simply an amateur, you'll be thrilledto own this stunning video maker app!
Glitter Zipper Lock Screen for Girls 2.1 APK
✦ Are you obsessed with shiny things? Do you want to haveeverything covered in glitter? If that's the case, you've come tothe right place! Let us present you the best *Glitter Zipper LockScreen for Girls*! Discover the most authentic way to keep yourprivate data well-protected thanks to this awesome “glitterzipper”. With the help of this amazing “zip locker”, you can haveboth secured and a beautifully decorated home screen that everyfashion girl wishes to have. There is no such thing as enoughglitter, so don't be afraid to add some sparkly dust on yourdevice! Choose your favorite background image, add your preferred“glitter zipper lock”, and watch your phone's display shine brightlike a diamond. It's the glitter that matters so feel free todownload one of the most exciting “lock screen apps” for girls!*ⓖⓛⓘⓣⓩ&ⓖⓛⓐⓜ**ⓖⓛⓘⓣⓩ&ⓖⓛⓐⓜ**ⓖⓛⓘⓣⓩ&ⓖⓛⓐⓜ* How to set up yourlock screen wallpaper: 1. Check the box that says 'enable lockscreen'; 2. Enter your access code twice to confirm it; 3.Personalize your phone screen the way you want it;*ⓖⓛⓘⓣⓩ&ⓖⓛⓐⓜ**ⓖⓛⓘⓣⓩ&ⓖⓛⓐⓜ**ⓖⓛⓘⓣⓩ&ⓖⓛⓐⓜ* ✦Plenty of lockscreen backgrounds with a zipper are at your disposal; ✦ Selectyour favorite “girly lock screen” theme; ✦ Choose your favoriteglitter zipper style to “unlock your phone”; ✦ Set the zipperhorizontally or vertically; ✦ Choose to show or hide numbers overthe locked screen; ✦ Set the time and date formats on your trendy“screen locker”; ✦ Preview of missed calls, text messages, alarmreminders and other notifications on this shimmering home screenlocker; ✦ Check the preview to make sure you like your settings; ✦Feel free to rate our app and to leave a comment below, anyinformation will be useful;*ⓖⓛⓘⓣⓩ&ⓖⓛⓐⓜ**ⓖⓛⓘⓣⓩ&ⓖⓛⓐⓜ**ⓖⓛⓘⓣⓩ&ⓖⓛⓐⓜ* ✦ If you want toprettify the moment you spend unlocking your phone, do it with thebest “glitter lock screen” ever! Obtain this fantastic *GlitterZipper Lock Screen for Girls* that will turn your smartphone intothe most stylish device ever! Choose every day some other pendantstyle that will make your phone screen look so chic and unique.However, keep in mind that this “app for girls” doesn't give youonly amazing zipper lock screens, but also protects your phone fromany unwanted visitors. Just enter your lock code which only youwill know to access to your messages and pictures, and you won'thave to worry about your device security ever again! ♦ It's timefor a total home screen makeover! Thanks to this adorable *GlitterZipper Lock Screen for Girls* your phone display will look sotrendy and on point! Show everyone how stylish you are by choosingyour favorite glimmering zipper locker in pink, yellow or purple.In this awesome app, you'll find a variety of “cute lockscreens”ready to embellish your smartphone in a most delightful manner.Catch the attention of anyone wherever you turn up with yourglimmering lock screen wallpaper and become the most popular girlin your squad! There is no better app to personalize your lockedscreen than this one, so don't wait any longer, grab it while it'strending! ♦ Finally, you've found the most exciting way to unlockscreen! With these “zipper lock screens free for girls” you willmake your device look 10 times better! The only thing that you haveto do in order to enter your phone is to drag glittering zipper tothe bottom of the screen and to enter the passcode to unzip it.Remember, everyone deserves to sparkle, so get this outstanding“phone locker” with glistening zippers as soon as possible!
Unicorn Zipper Lock Screen Wallpaper 2.1 APK
♞ Are you searching for a “zip locker” for your smartphone ortablet device, but you want more than just your average “zip screenlock app” that's all over the internet? Then how about a wonderful“unicorn theme” that the ✿ Unicorn Zipper Lock Screen Wallpaper ✿offers? This is an amazing application for your screen lock thatyou won't regret downloading! The best “unicorn lock screenwallpaper” can now embellish your phone in style, as well asprovide the necessary protection with the “zip app lock”. So, whatare you waiting for? Download the ✿ Unicorn Zipper Lock ScreenWallpaper ✿ now and feel the charm of this “horse lock screen” forfree! ♥❤❥✢✣✤✥♥❤❥✢✣✤✥ⓒⓤⓣⓔ ⓛⓞⓒⓚ♥❤❥✢✣✤✥♥❤❥✢✣✤✥ How to enable this“phone lock app” properly: 1. Click the 'Enable lock screen' optionin your settings; 2. Select a password, and re-enter it to confirmit; 3. Personalize your app lock as you please! The ✿ UnicornZipper Lock Screen Wallpaper ✿ will allow you to: ✢ Choose a“unicorn background” to make your locked screen appear magical! ✢Pick from the wide selection of “zip wallpaper” images that canunzip your screen just like a jacket! ✢ Select either 12 or 24-hourclock display to suit your preference! ✢ Set up the date formatwhich you are used to! ✢ Display the battery icon in order not toforget when it is running low! ✢ Gaze at the fantastic “unicornpictures” even when your screen is locked! ✢ Rate our brand newphone locker and leaving a comment – all feedback is appreciated!♥❤❥✢✣✤✥♥❤❥✢✣✤✥ⓒⓤⓣⓔ ⓛⓞⓒⓚ♥❤❥✢✣✤✥♥❤❥✢✣✤✥ ♞ Finally, you can get some“zipper lock screens free for girls” that will do away with yourboring lock screen background! The main focus of most customizationtools are usually things like wallpapers, icons, keyboards, butthere is usually not much attention dedicated to customizing yourkeypad lock. Well, now there is a “cute zipper lock screen” tochange all that! With the wonderfully drawn unicorn all over yourdisplay, you will simply refuse to even unlock your screen! Youwill never be bored by your screen lock image ever again! And notonly that; it also possesses the most advanced security lock youcan find on the market. So, all the potential intruders can wavegoodbye to their chances of getting to your precious files andmessages! ♞ The phenomenal ✿ Unicorn Zipper Lock Screen Wallpaper ✿gives you an astonishing “horse zipper lock screen” to work withand some gorgeous unicorn backgrounds for decoration. Here are somefun unicorn facts that unicorn lovers will definitely findintriguing. First unicorns were depicted a lot longer than youmight imagine – some 15,000 BC. Their horns are believed to havemagical powers which reveal when someone is lying. They apparentlycannot be tamed even if they are caught. Even though they seem likemeek and gentle creatures, they have immense strength – enough tokill an elephant! They are attracted by purity and innocence, butthey are not to be messed around with! ♞ You want the perfect “applock with password”? You've found it! The ✿ Unicorn Zipper LockScreen Wallpaper ✿ is everything you're looking for in a good“keypad lock screen”. The unicorn face on your locked display willmesmerize you! You will have the most attractive app in town! Youare just a couple of click away from owning the greatestapplication lock right now!
Diamond Zipper AppLock Theme 1.0 APK
✤ If you're seeking a fresh, new way to “unlock your phone”, you'vefound the right application! The ✇ Diamond Zipper Applock Theme ✇is a “passcode lock screen” that offers girls exactly the kind ofscreen they need – adorned with a sparkling “diamond zipper”! Youwill soon be enamoured of this super fancy “lock screen” that youwill simply ignore any other “lock screen apps”! Just open thiszipper locker, and you will witness the gorgeous transformation ofyour locked screen before your very eyes! Your plain, boring “lockscreen wallpaper” will be replaced by a beautiful, fun zipperdecorated with a colorful precious stone! So, no need for waitingany longer! Tap on that button for downloading, and get yoursmartphone a well-deservedmakeover!✽✫✬✮✯✤✱✸✿✢✤✱✸✿✽✫✬✮✯✤✱✸✿✢✤✱✸✿✽✫✬✮✯✤✱Instructions on usingthe ✇ Diamond Zipper Applock Theme ✇:1. Check the 'Enable lockscreen' option;2. Enter your preferred password, then enter oncemore to confirm it;3. Customize your desired theme.➥ Select themost attractive “diamond wallpaper” from our collection and set itup!➥ A huge choice of fancy, luxurious backgrounds to pick from!➥Switch between a 12 and 24 hour system!➥ Display the date on thescreen, or disable it!➥ Show or hide the battery icon!➥ Embellishyour device in the safest waypossible!✽✫✬✮✯✤✱✸✿✢✤✱✸✿✽✫✬✮✯✤✱✸✿✢✤✱✸✿✽✫✬✮✯✤✱✤ We can probably allagree that diamonds offer one of the best, and the most sumptuousjewellery embellishments out there. So, why not apply that to an“app lock” program? The ✇ Diamond Zipper Applock Theme ✇ will makeyour screen shine bright like a diamond! Many girls are simplydying for a to have a diamond on their phone as an ornament. Andnow, that's more than just a dream! This “app locker with password”will make your cellphone infinitely more alluring than the genericone that literally every phone has! Add some originality to yoursmartphone's style, and beautify it with these “zipper lock screensfree”! There are many “cool lock screens” on the market right now,but not many of them offer this unique blend of lustrous diamonds,and awesome zippers!✤ This fantastic “keypad lock screen” will evenmake unlocking your phone a fun activity to do! You know how yousometimes play around with the zipper on your jacket, and justcan't get enough of it because it's so addictive? Well, this“zipper lock screen” offers you a similar feeling, except it'sprobably much prettier than the one on your jacket! And don'tforget, this is a high-security app locker that will protect yourdata at all costs! Once you set up your lock screen password,intruders can forget about ever breaking into your phone! There aremany nosey people who just love spying on others' conversations,and texts, but now you get to choose who you share your sensitiveinformation with!✤ So, out of all the “zipper lock screens free forgirls“, which one is the best? The answer is the ✇ Diamond ZipperApplock Theme ✇, of course! The “diamond lock screen” offers alittle extra in addition to the now classic zipper lock in the formof these lavish stones. Girls, don't waste your time with the oldscreen lock that just became an eyesore now! Download the ✇ DiamondZipper Applock Theme ✇, and let the diamonds take your breath away!Dogs might be a man's best friends, but we all know we know what agirl's best friend is! Let your phone stand out in a crowd ofuninventive smartphone themes!