1.0 / April 15, 2017
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Its Glow Ball Time lets have a glowing ball endless adventure run.Glow Ball 2017 is a free arcade game.Glow Ball 2017 delivers a newstyle of ball game. Easy to play, hard to master. Challengeyourself with those tricky hurdles and save your ball. Minimalisticbut cool graphics.FEATURES:+ Multiple themes.+ Colorful glowgraphics.+ Smooth and responsive game play.+ Realistic physics.+Free arcade game.+ 3D Side Scroller game.+ Quick play mode (singleplayer).+ Support almost all Android devices for mips, x86,armeabi, and armeabi-v7a.+ Multiple color environments(red,blue,green e.t.c)+ Sprint through the level, picking up itemsas you go.+ Dash your way to top the list by beating your highscore in Arcade Mode.+ Sprint through the level while completingthe giant selection of challenging missions on offer+ Strategiesyour dash, your way and collect all coins!+ Works Offline

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    Glow Ball 2017
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    April 15, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Noor ul Ameen Road , Iqbal Town , Lahore
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Be the best Sniper Shooter agent, an assassin and a killerappointed to destroy enemy troops. Sniper 3D Shoot Assassin 2017 isbest 3D army sniper shooting game of 2017. It requires the best ofexpertise from you to complete challenging and thrilling missions.Our objective is to maximize the thrill and adventure for you inthis free shooting game. Shoot and get Headshots for more points.Sniper 3D Shoot Assassin 2017 in short the game offers superbsniper game play, magnificent visuals, collection of multiple gunsand entertaining missions. Absolutely free sniper shootinggame.Shoot kill enemies fight globally, war against crime to becomethe ultimate shooter sniper in the world. Dive into the best freeshooting & gun fighting experience. Be a sniper assassin(assasin) to fight terrorism.Strike hard like the last geeksolitary surviving super commando sniper assassin of a rebel attackagainst the enemy troops. You must use all of your specializedskills to master your guns and survive against the enemy forces andmust be quick in your reflexes, so stay sharp with your gun andclear the area from enemy spies and soldiers. Be a ruthlessassassin(assasin). You will have,THRILLING MISSIONS INCLUDINGSTUNNING FPS FIGHTS AGAINST EVIL FORCESMODERN & FUTURISTICFIREPOWER WITH ULTRA REALISTIC 3D GRAPHICS AND COOLANIMATIONSULTIMATE ADDICTIVE GAME PLAY (FPS) AND EASY TO PLAYBECAUSE OF ITS INTUITIVE CONTROLS COLLECTION OF FULLY CUSTOMIZABLEGUNS Exploding Cars, Helicopters, Enemy Jeeps and the city is onfire, Ultimate sniper slow motion effects. Scavenge the area tolevel up. Be quick and be sharp to terminate all the hurdles inyour way to success. Master your skills to be the best sniperassassin (assasin) of 2017 in the world. Zoom in and zoom out forperfect shot camera view. Sniper 3D Shoot Assassin 2017 is one ofthe best free 3D Sniper shooting games. It is brought to you byTapination.
Kids Fun Balloon 1.0 APK
This game covers following activities:✔ Naming Letters: Adelightful way for kids to learn the names and appearances of eachABC alphabet letter at their own pace. ✔ Recognizing Letters:Balloon for alphabet carries single letter per balloon .✔ Tap onthe balloon which hold the same alphabet shown in the lower left ofthe screen.✔ Identifying Letters in Context: This simple gameteaches kids to recognize the alphabet letters as they appear inwords. As a result, they learn that words are made up of letters. ✔Naming Numeric's: A delightful way for kids to learn the names andappearances of each numeric's letter at their own pace. ✔Recognizing Letters: Balloon for Numeric's carries single letterper balloon .✔ Tap on the balloon which hold the same letter shownin the lower left of the screen.✔ Identifying Letters in Context:This simple game teaches kids to recognize the numeric letters asthey appear in words. As a result, they learn that words are madeup of letters. ✔ There is also a Fun balloon game in which kids hasto blow balloon as much as he/she can in a certain time.
Zombie Assassin 2017 : Assassin Frontier War 1.2 APK
Aim and take the headshot of the zombies!Zombie Assassin FrontierWar is the best zombie sniper 3D shooting game of 2017. Its anapocalypse because of zombies all over the world. There was adeadly virus spread all over the united states and then reachedevery other frontier countries in the world. Zombies and humans arein a frontier war. There are only few survivors left and you areone of them sniper. Shoot the walking dead otherwise you will bekilled by the zombies in this last zombie frontier war. So pick upyour gun, aim and start shooting every zombie you see around you.Be the best sniper of this zombie frontier 3D. Pull the trigger,start shooting and watch it in slow motion camera! Don't be afraidof the walking dead. In Zombie Assassin 2017: Sniper face the postapocalypse world and shoot thousands of zombies! It's you who haveto survive, build, lead and fight your way as you save othersurvivors in this world.Let's kill dead people.Zombie AssassinFrontier War : Sniper Shooter 3D in short providesFree shootingaction game (FPS).Realistic physics Accurate 3D sniperrifles.Assassination counter.Time Trapped shootingMissionsSlow-motion cameraAmazing Shooting ExperienceZombieFrontier 3D world war with zombiesGun Head ShotsAnimated walkingdead (zombies)Slayer AssassinWorks OfflineZombie Assassin FrontierWar is a free zombies game made by Tapination.
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Currently Includes 11 Apps1) Kids Fun With Beginning Sounsds 2)Kids Fun With Montessori Book3) Kids Fun With Coloring4) Kids FunWith Alphabet Matching5) Kids Fun With Object Matching6) Kids FunFish7) Kids Fun With Fish Alphabets8) Kids Fun With FishNumeric's9) Kids Fun Balloon10) Kids Fun With Balloon Alphabets11)Kids Fun With Balloon Numeric's
Kids Fun Learning 1.0 APK
"Kids Fun Learning Game" is a game guaranteed to help improve yourchild's spelling and letter recognition while enjoying the funnarration and images.Also improves your child's hand-eyeco-ordination as they drag the images to their final resting place!Tablet support!A fantastic and fun spelling game for kids, childrenand toddlers!Many simple and popular words for your child tolearn!!Your Toddler and/or Kid will spend endless hours of funDRAGGING the big and colorful letters into their correct slots. Thedragging action will also help build your Childs hand-eyeco-ordination! Once all the letters are in the correct slots then aword will be spelled out by the in-game voiceover! Your Child willalso love the big, colorful images that illustrate the meaning ofeach word!Even Adults will love the art work and satisfying "click"that happens when a letter is placed in its correct slot!7" and 8"and 10" Tablet Supported!!!*** FEATURES ***★ All content is 100%FREE★ Kids learn the letters of the Alphabets★ Kids learn thespelling to popular and simple words★ Kids learn how to pronouncethe letters of the alphabet and the words★ Kids learn to associatewords with their images★ Large and Colorful letters for yourKid/Toddler to drag around the screen★ Letters can be draggedacross the screen onto targets, helping to improve your Kidhand-eye co-ordination★ Cute and Colorful images of eachVoiceover!★ Animation of each word when your Kid correctlycompletes the word. They will love the animation!★ Voice overs tohelp your Kid to learn how to say each Letter and Word★ HighQuality Images★ Kids and Parents love it!★ Building vocabulary hasnever been soo much fun★ Professional voiceovers recorded inproduction studio★ 7" and 8" and 10" Tablet Supported!!!Your Childwill love the bright colors, unique sound effects, excitinganimations and dragging letters around the screen. Give it a try!You won't regret it!Building strong English vocabulary has neverbeen so exciting for preschoolers and toddlers. Complexity of wordsis perfect for ages 1 to 10!
Monster Match Mania 2017 1.0 APK
Monster Crush Mania Saga, Pop it to solveit!On their sweet adventure through the Monster Kingdom. Travelthroughmagical lands, visiting wondrous places and meeting Scarymonasterycharacters! Switch and match your way through hundreds oflevels inthis delicious puzzle adventure. The sweetest game justkeepsgetting sweeter!-------------------------------Take on this Amazing Monster Saga alone or play with friends toseewho can get the highest score!-------------------------------Monster Crush Mania Saga is completely free to play but somein-gameitems such as extra time or lives will requirepayment.-------------------------------Monster Crush Saga features:● Collect sugar drops to advance along the sugar track forspecialsuprises!● Monastery graphics that will leave you scary for more● Unwrap delicious environments and meet thesweetestcharacters● Helpful magical boosters to help with challenging levels● Complete adventurous levels and unlock treats● Easy and fun to play, challenging to master● Hundreds of Monster levels in the Monster Kingdom - moreaddedlater!● Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors!● Easily sync the game between devices and unlock full gamefeatureswhen connected to the Internet-------------------------------Last but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone whohasplayed Monster Crush Mania Saga! 

City Driving School : Car Simulator Mania 2017 1.0 APK
City Driving School Sim 2017 is the best Simulator game of 2017where you can learn how to drive & park properly. You will getto drive different kind of vehicles including cars, trucks &buses. Take note of the road signs and make sure you don’t run thetraffic lights. This is a virtual driving school which will makeyou an expert in driving & parking all sorts of vehicles.Youwill be awarded points for each rule you follow and needless to sayyour points will be deducted if you take a wrong turn or forget toput on the seat belt etc. Earn enough points to clear each leveland move towards the final goal of getting a driver’s license. Tryit out with multiple vehicles and master the driving & parkingskills.So what are you waiting for. Download City Driving &Parking School - Car & Truck Sim 3D mania and enjoy!Do youconsider yourself to be an expert car driver & park your carexactly in Multi-storey car parking plaza? If not build on yourparking skills in 2017 with our Multi level Car Parking maniagame!In our special multi level Car Parking game edition, carparking & car driving challenge comes with Advance Features. Doyou think you can park the amazing police car, ed cargo truck, 3dstunt car & tourist bus accurately? Get ready for this Multilevel Car Parking 2017!Park your Car in Multistory building andenhance your parking skills. Multistory Car Parking Mania is thefree parking, driving, and simulation! This is a Multi-level carsimulation game that you never play before! Park your Car withouthitting any obstacles! Avoid crashing into barriers and othervehicles! This is quite the challenge. Steer the car squarely andcatch the bridge in time like a flying car to lift your 3d stuntcar onto the next simulator storey.Let’s fasten your seatbelt anddrive your car into a multistory parking plaza to like drag racerin drag racing mode, check your vehicle turbo engine torque, brakepaddles, mirror angles and keep one foot on the race pedal and theother on the brake. Play the most realistic car driving game inmultistory parking zone environment. Driving cars in a multi-levelparking plaza is much more difficult than backyard parking slots.Drive your vehicle through checkpoints while avoiding obstacles toreach empty multistory parking zone. People are driving 3d stuntcars so use real drift and drag racing skills or you’ll hit themand fail the mission. Multi story building has a paint store in it.Park your furious ride inside it with precision to get a paint joband customize it. You have played truck or bus parking games inplaza environment, now play this multi floor car parking simulator.Drive your futuristic car in plaza without causing accidents. Thisauto parking valet has different missions with varying difficultylevels to challenge your car driver skills. You don’t need to go toa parking school to reach your destination. Accelerate and brake atright slots. Maneuver through obstacles like pro chauffeur and showcrazy driving skills. Park sports car in time limit to complete themission in this real car parking simulator.We hope you will enjoythis multistory car parking simulation game. Multi-Level Carparking Driver Features:- Extreme 3D Environment- Powerful &Crazy Police car simulator- Chasing, drifting and free drag racing-Powerful police alarm systems- Catch most wanted criminals- Smoothgameplay- Drag racing and turbo racing is free- Big surprises forthe first three runs each day- Realistic police driving experience-Vibrant 3D suburban city environment- Extreme Visuals and soundseffects- Free stunt car turbo racing- Real Car Driving Physics andSmooth Controls- Enjoy Luxury Sports Racing Cars DrivingExperience- Realistic environment with multistory parking lot -Real Driving and Parking Adventure mania Simulator
Kids Fun With Matching 1.0 APK
This Game Contain two game which are following1-Matching ObjectsWith Alphabets2-Matching Same Objects- Matching Objects WithAlphabet In Matching Objects With Alphabet there will be a merry gocontains different object and an Alphabet is also shown in themiddle of the merry go. Once the page is loaded then you/kid musthave to select the matching object with the alphabet shown on themiddle of the screen.- Matching Same ObjectsIn Matching SameObjects there are two big object shown in the middle of the screenand 6 round circle contains 6 different object .You have to clickon the big object first and then the big object is locked . Now youhave to select the matching object of that big object which you hadclicked. If is true then it will go on. then click as well theother big object respectively.This is an endless game.