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The end of the year brings no greater joythanfor us to express our gratitude for all your support in2015!Warmest Thoughts and Best Wishes for a wonderful HolidaySeason anda Happy New Year from all of us at AR&Co.

May your Holiday Seasons be all wrapped up with cheer andfilledwith celebration for the New Year!
We hope you enjoy our Digital Christmas Card​ Game​.​

To activate the augmented reality,
you need to print the Christmas card from http://goo.gl/4DNPxq

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Dunia Tini Wini Biti 1.4 APK
Bermain dan belajar kini lebih menyenangkandengan teknologi augmented reality.Koleksi 14 koin TWB dan hidupkan setiap karakter yang ada di tiapkoinnya.Saksikan berbagai aksi lucu dan seru dari setiap karakter yang akanmengajak kamu bermain.Ikuti langkah-langkah berikut untuk menghidupkan karakter padakoin TWB :- Beli Tini Wini Biti bertanda khusus, dan dapatkan Koin TWB didalamnya.- Download aplikasi Dunia Tini Wini Biti di Google Play.- Hadapkan (scan) karakter yang ada di Koin TWB dengan menggunakankamera handphone bagian belakang.- Tunggu dan saksikan karakter tersebut menjadi hidup- Kamu bisa tambah seru bermain dengan karakter tersebut dengancara menyentuhnya- Yuk berfoto bersama dengan para karakter binatang dari dunia TWBdengan cara menekan tombol FUN PHOTO!)Catatan:- Aplikasi Dunia Tini Wini Biti hanya dapat digunakan dengan KoinTWB.- Koneksi internet diperlukan untuk download aplikasi.- Aplikasi kemungkinan tidak bisa mendeteksi gambar jika gambarrusak atau gambar pada koin TWB terkena cahaya berlebih.- Standart minimal device (smart phone / tablet) untuk aplikasiDunia Tini Wini Biti:- RAM minimal 1024- Device memiliki kamera belakang minimal 5megapixel dan fitur autofokus- Versi Android 4.0.1Playing and learning isnow more fun with augmented reality technology.Collection of 14 coins TWB and turn every character in everycoin.Watch the funny and exciting actions of each character that willinvite you to play.Follow these steps to turn the character on the coin TWB:- Buy Tini Wini Biti specially marked, and get TWB coins init.- Download World Tini Wini Biti app on Google Play.- Expose (scan) characters in Coins TWB using the rear cameraphone.- Wait and see these characters come to life- You can add fun to play with these characters by touching- Yuk picture taken with the animal characters from the world TWBby pressing the PHOTO FUN!) Note:- World Tini Wini Biti Applications can only be used with CoinsTWB.- Internet connection is required to download theapplication.- Application may not be able to detect images if they are damagedor images on coins TWB exposed to excessive light.- Standart minimal device (smart phone / tablet) for the World appTini Wini Biti:- RAM at least 1024- Device has minimal 5megapixel rear camera and auto focusfeatures- Android Version 4.0.1
Alpenliebe Alpopplay 1.4 APK
ALPENLIEBE ALPOPPLAYAyo main dunia 3D dan menangkan hadiah keren dari AlpenliebeLollipop!Menggunakan teknologi canggih augmented reality, aplikasi gameAlpenliebe Alpopplay bisa menghidupkan dunia mainan dan karakterkerenmu dari dalam kemasan Alpenliebe Lollipop edisi khusus HotWheels dan atau Barbie.Cara mainnya gampang:•Beli Alpenliebe Lollipop kemasan khusus Hot Wheels atauBarbie.•Nyalakan aplikasi game Alpenliebe Alpopplay dan ikuti petunjukmulainya.•Scan kemasannya untuk bermain. Pastikan gambar Hot Wheels atauBarbie pada kemasan terlihat jelas.•Tunggu hingga karaktermu muncul pada layar, lalu ikuti petunjukmisinya dan berusaha untuk meraih skor tertinggi.•Kamu bisa selfie momen seru bersama karaktermu dengan menekantombol kamera seusai main.•Selesaikan misinya untuk kesempatan mendapatkan SMS kode unik.Tukarkan dengan hadiah dari Alpenliebe Lollipop di Alfamarttertentu..Catatan:•Aplikasi game Alpenliebe AlpopPlay bekerja hanya dengankemasan/bungkus Alpenliebe Lollipop Hot Wheels dan atauBarbie.•Koneksi internet diperlukan untuk download aplikasi, pendaftaranusername dan atau pendaftaran skor ke Leaderboard.•Aplikasi kemungkinan tidak bisa mendeteksi gambar pada kemasanapabila cahaya di sekitar packaging terlalu terang,jangan lupaaktifkan auto focus kamera device mu ya. Ayo coba lagi!Alpenliebe ALPOPPLAYLet's play the 3D world and win cool prizes from AlpenliebeLollipop!Using the advanced technology of augmented reality, gamingapplications Alpenliebe Alpopplay world can turn your cool toys andcharacters from the packaging Alpenliebe Lollipop special editionHot Wheels or Barbie.The way the game is simple:• Buy Alpenliebe Lollipop special packaging Hot Wheels orBarbie.• Turn on the game Alpenliebe Alpopplay application and follow theinstructions began.• Scan the packaging to play. Make sure the image Hot Wheels orBarbie on the packaging clearly visible.• Wait until the character appears on the screen, and follow theinstructions of his mission, and strive to achieve the highestscore.• You can selfie moments of fun with your character by pressing thecamera key after the game.• Complete the mission's chances of getting SMS the unique code.Redeem with prizes from Alpenliebe Lollipop in particular Alfamart..Note:• Applications game Alpenliebe AlpopPlay work only with thepackaging / wrappers Alpenliebe Lollipop Hot Wheels orBarbie.• Internet connection is required to download the application,registration or registration username and score to theLeaderboard.• Applications may not be able to detect images on the packaging ifthe ambient light is too bright packaging, do not forget toactivate auto focus camera of your device yes. Let's try again!
ARTX 2014 01 1.0 APK
ARTX is the pioneer of Augmented Realityeventin Asia. With a technology conference and expo to bringtogether amixture of entrepreneurs, visionaries, and thoughtleaders.This is a celebration of technology and innovation to bringsthelocal community together to improve human creativity and qualityoflive through exciting event. ARTX celebrates innovation inemergingtech hubs across Asia.From our first event in Jakarta 2012 and second event inHanoi2013, we have grown and will continue to bring our celebrationtomany more centers of innovation across the South East Asia
Signature Gallery 1.3 APK
PT.AKR Land with tagline Lifestyle, LeisureandBusiness at New Heights Presenting Gallery East at the heartofSurabaya comprising 4 tower at one luxurious Superblock
AR&Co Augmented Reality USB -Augmented Reality technology is a new solution to enrichyoursurrounding world with digital information.To view: Simply activate the application, and point yourdevicecamera to the AR&Co logo image printed in the USBFlashdisk.View the Augmented Reality content in real timeNote: This application only works on AR&Co USBFlashdisk.Marker Link : http://goo.gl/ycNSTV
Bali Safari & Marine Park 1.0 APK
It is an interactive map application forTamanSafari Bali Zoo, it was developed with the purposes toentertainand educate users.By using this application at the Zoo, people will gainmoreinformation about Bali Safari Zoo area, whether thefacilities,playing area, etc. Moreover, the application can guidethe user toreach the area they like to go to. It is only activeinside theBali Safari zoo area because it's detect the locationusing GPS.Furthermore, it has another feature called fun photo frame.It'sa linked apps with the Interactive Map apps(explainedabove).It is an added fun apps for the user, where they can make aposewith the virtual animals, take the picture then save into theirownstorage.Even if the user have to download the Interactive Mapapplicationand the Fun Photo Frame application separately, but thetwo apps arelinked into each other.
Mr.Crick Pizza Factory 1.0 APK
Mr. Crick is now making Pizza ! Help Mr. Crickto put the ingredients to make delicious pizza ever !Download and uUsing your skill in shape recognition and youbrilliant in mathematics, join Mr. Crick in the kitchen ! Show yourbest skill and beat the score !-----To Play the Pizza Math you need to use The Adventure of Mr CrickSticker book that you can get it at Miniapolis Merchandise Store orat www.myminiapolis.comMiniapolis, created for kids, enjoyed by allwww.myminiapolis.com
ARcivilizaciones 1.1 APK
Libro de REALIDAD AUMENTADA: CivilizacionesAVISO: Para utilizar ésta aplicación de REALIDAD AUMENTADAesnecesario disponer del libro titulado “CIVILIZACIONES”,deEdiciones Saldaña.Para cualquier consulta puede contactarconwww.edicionessaldana.com¿Quieres adentrarte en una pirámide egipcia para ir en buscadeltesoro? ¿O participar en unas olimpiadas de la antigua Grecia oenuna lucha de gladiadores? Ahora puedes con las impactantesimágenes3D en movimiento de la Realidad Aumentada deCIVILIZACIONES.Además, disfruta interactuando con ellas: pulsa con el dedo enlaimagen de Realidad Aumentada y muévela a tu gusto parapoderdesplazarte por ella y disfrutar de los juegos que seproponen.¡También puedes hacerte fotografías junto a alguna delasanimaciones!