1.1 / March 6, 2016
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Complete Dating App with rich features. WithDating App people can find new friends, communicate in real time,make gifts to each other, and much more.


➽Profile Guests
➽Profile Likes
➽Profile Photo/Cover
➽Profile Information
➽People Nearby
➽Search users
➽Friends System
➽Upgrades (Ghost Mode | Verified Badge | Off Ads)
➽In-app purchases
➽Credits – Virtual currency
➽Simple Gallery
➽Direct Messages with images/photos (Real time)
➽Submitting tickets to support from application
➽Abuse reports to photos and users
➽Facebook login|sign up|connect|disconnect
➽Support Emoji in photos comments, gifts comments andmessages.
➽Profile photo and cover
➽Push notifications about profile likes, gifts, messages, friendrequests and accept friend request
➽Personalize your notifications
➽..and much much more!


App Information GoDate

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Wireless Transfer 1.6 APK
Wireless Transfer application providessolution for the users who want to connect their android mobilewith PC without connecting through a data cable or wire.Wireless Transfer application provides the connectivity ofmobile device with PC through Wi-Fi.User can copy, paste, and delete files from his /her phone byconnecting it with Personal Computer.Let’s Enjoy the easy connectivity, communication and Datasharing through Wireless Transfer app.
Radyolarımız 1.0 APK
Muhteşem grafik ile süper bir müzik keyfi STEREO formatında sizibekliyor..Türkiye'nin önemli ulusal ve yerel radyo kanalları:- SLOW TURK- BEST FM- ALEM FM- TRT TURKU- TRT NAGME- KRAL POP- JOY TURK- RADYO D- SEYMEN RADYO- RADYO KRAL- SUPER FM- RADYO POPArzu ederseniz kendi radyo kanalınızı daekleyebiliyorsunuz!Bedava indirin ve güle güle kullanın..With asuper great graphics are waiting for you to enjoy music in stereoformat ..Important national and local radio stations in Turkey:- SLOW ENGLISH- BEST FM- WORLD FM- TRT TURKU- TRT NAGME- KING OF POP- Joy Turk- RADIO D- SEYMEN RADIO- RADIO KING- SUPER FM- POP RADIOIf you wish, you can add your own radio channel!Use the bye and bye .. Download Free
Super Battery 6.1 APK
Super Battery Saver is the best battery savingapplication in the android application world. We have introducedthis application to save battery smartly so that battery runslonger than usual and increase battery life.Super Battery Saver has a special battery saving mode option.This mode will extend battery life when device is switched on.It happens many times that we need mobile very badly and ourmobile battery is low. This application will help you to increasebattery life in such kind of situation.This application has battery saving controls on one screen only.You can enable and disable particular process to save battery.Super Battery Saver generates “Memory Boost” icon on your menuscreen apart from Super Battery Saver icon. This button helps youto kill unwanted process in one click and make your phone faster.It releases RAM from your devices by killing unwantedprocesses.This application also shows some technically proved chargingmethods which help you to extend battery life. You can also see thebattery charging in graphical view which helps you to calculate thehealth of your battery.Super Battery Saver also shows technical information aboutbattery, It helps you to verify the battery specification when youare buying new battery.ENJOY!
GoDate 1.1 APK
Complete Dating App with rich features. WithDating App people can find new friends, communicate in real time,make gifts to each other, and much more.Features:➽Profile Guests➽Profile Likes➽Gifts➽Profile Photo/Cover➽Profile Information➽People Nearby➽Search users➽Friends System➽Upgrades (Ghost Mode | Verified Badge | Off Ads)➽In-app purchases➽Credits – Virtual currency➽Simple Gallery➽Direct Messages with images/photos (Real time)➽Submitting tickets to support from application➽Abuse reports to photos and users➽Facebook login|sign up|connect|disconnect➽Support Emoji in photos comments, gifts comments andmessages.➽Profile photo and cover➽Push notifications about profile likes, gifts, messages, friendrequests and accept friend request➽Personalize your notifications➽..and much much more!➤DOWNLOAD AND ENJOY NOW! Plus, it's FREE!
Make Mobile Site 1.0 APK
**Complete Solution for your Mobile BusinessCreate beautiful, high quality mobile sites withoutanyprogramming knowledge. Lots of features andwidgetsincluded..User and subscription management are included in the SaaSEdition.Join the revolution and start your mobile business out ofthebox..**Free Hosted, Seo Service & Premium SupportKeep your data on your servers to optimize for performance,securityand compliance..Use your own domain, logo and name..Many Features and a Great ExperienceDon't just take our word for it, try before you buy and takeagood look at the Team Edition or multi user SaaS Editiondemo..Some of the key features are:➽Based on the Ionic framework➽Free Hosting with PHP / MySQL➽PhoneGap API (Android + Windows Phone)➽Perfectly suited for QR and NFC campaigns➽SaaS Edition User registration and administration➽SaaS Edition Social login (Facebook & Twitter)➽SaaS Edition Unlimited accounts➽SaaS Edition PayPal and 2Checkout for subscriptions➽Realtime statistics with heatmap➽Create unlimited Mobile Sites➽Generate and download QR codes➽Drag & drop, responsive interface➽User friendly and intuitive➽Multi language support➽Themes included➽E-Commerce widget➽Coupons widget for deals & promotion➽Social widgets➽Media widgets➽Map widget with navigation➽Advanced media browser➽Multiple navigation layouts➽App icons includedENJOY!
Cut Mp3 And Make Ringtone 1.0 APK
Audio Formats:★MP3★WAV★AAC/MP4★3GPP/AMR Audio formats.Key features:✔ Supports MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR and most other music formats.✔ Record an audio/music for editing.✔ Easy to preview and play all the output ringtone list.✔ Free to manage your ringtone files. Delete, Edit, setasringtone/Alarm/Notification Tone.✔ View a scrollable waveform representation of the audio file at4zoom levels.✔ Set start & end for the audio clip, using an optionaltouchinterface.✔ Tap anywhere on the wave & the built-in Music playerstartsplaying at that position.✔ Option to Name the new cut clip while saving itasRingtone/Music/Alarm/Notification Tone.ENJOY OUR FREE APP!
3D Color Ball 1.1 APK
3D Color Ball is a highly addictive gamewhereyou have to tap the ball to Jump..Follow the color pattern on each obstacle..1 - ENDLESS GAME2 - Clear 3D graphics..DOWNLOAD AND ENJOY NOW! Plus, it's FREE!
Easy SMS 2.0 APK
We provide a simple & elegant way to save your favoritepersonnotification with a unique look.Easy SMS incredible features like 800+ emoji’s,uniquenotification for special people, it has a snappy reply pop upthathas the ability to answer immediately by tapping onthenotification, which will show a window that sort of hoversoveryour home screen.Easy SMS is a messaging app that allows you to take backyourprivacy while easily communicating with friends.ENJOY!