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Pro version supports the search feature and function. You caneasilysearch for content by keyword! All restrictions of the freeversionare released. No ad, No pop-up and some features areimproved! Thisapplication lists the story, history, tales andfacts of the kingdomof Koguryo. It shows content in a variety ofways such as text,image, and video. Goguryeo was a kingdom locatedin northern andcentral parts of the Korean Peninsula andManchuria. It was one ofthe Three Kingdoms of Korea with Baekjeand Silla. Goguryo in otherwords, Goguryeo was a powerful empireand one of the great powers inAsia. The name Goryeo, a shortenedform of Goguryeo was adopted asthe official name in the 5thcentury. The name is the origin of theEnglish name "Korea". Castle& Historic sites, Hero, Life, Tomb& murals, Guardian gods& Symbol, Heyday etc.

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    Goguryeo Story Pro
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    March 3, 2019
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Bujeon M. Association, 55, Jungang-daero 767 beon-gil, Goryeo-gu, Kr
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com.yj.pusantour_v95 4.0.5 APK
대한민국 부산을 소개합니다. 때묻지 않은 자연이 있는곳, 직접 가서 체험하고 싶은 곳!! 산이 있고, 바다가 있고,계곡이 있다!! 천혜의 자연이 숨쉬는 곳!! 바로 부산! 이다,, 삶에 지친 그대는 부산으로 가라!! ★★ 부산 이정표는부산지역의 여행정보를 담고 있습니다. 1. 단순 여행 정보 조회 모드 2. 여행지 북마크,스크랩 모드 3. 여행경로계획및 정보 다시 보기 모드  ☞☞ 업데이트 오류시 완전히 삭제후 새로 설치해주세요!! ☞☞ ★ 분류 ★ 산 계곡공원, 바다 해수욕장, 사찰 유적지, 체험거리, 박물관기념관, 무작위 추천여행지 ★ 주요 기능 ★ 1. 카테고리별 여행지데이터 베이스 ( 기본 설명, 상세 설명, 교통 안내, 이미지, 주변 여행지 ) 2. 일정표 ( 총 6개의 일정 선택후저장, 전체 일정 삭제 가능 ) 3. 여행지를 저장, 스크랩후  이후 일정표에서 여행지정보와 경로, 비하인드스토리를 다시 확인 가능. 저장해야 나타나는 숨 겨진 여행정보(그곳만의 스토리, 주변여행지, 특별행사)를 찾아라!-------------------------------------------------- ▶여행정보를 바탕으로 여행경로를 계획한다. ▶ 부산 추천 여행지 소개, 부산 여행 일정표 작성. 부산에서 나만의 이야기를 만들어 보자!스토리가있는 부산 여행 일지. 간편 여행 일정 & 간단 여행지 정보 ★ 나의 부산 여행 일지 여행어플(여행앱)에서'부산이정표'를 기억해주세요.♪--------------------------------------------------- ★ 소개(요약) ★ 1.외지 관광객에게 부산 관광에 대한 흥미를 갖게하여 방문을 유도 2. 부산 지역 거주자도 흥미를 가질 수 있는 관광지 정보전달 3. 일정표 기능을 통해 여행 취향에 맞게 계획 가능 ★★ 기대효과 ★★ 1. 부산 관광 정보를 일정표에 기록하여계획적인 여행이 가능하다 2. 광범위한 여행지 정보가 아닌 핵심 여행지 정보로 고민의 폭을 줄일 수 있다. 3.스마트폰을 이용한 부산 관광 계획 편의성 제공 ★★★★★ 주요 특징 ★★★★ 1. 부산 관광지의 최신 데이터 수집. 2.외지에서 부산으로 온 관광객에게 선별된 관광정보를 제공. 3. 분류별로 명확히 부산의 관광지를 확인할 수 있다. 4.사진, 상세설명, 지도로 관광지의 기본 정보를 확인할 수 있다. 5. 목적한 관광지의 특별하거나 꼭 참여하고 싶은 행사를확인할 수 있다. 6. 목적한 관광지를 개인별로 저장하여 관광지 정보를 수시로 내용을 체크. ★ 팀 : 어플스타(이*진, 김동*, 최향*, 오*현외 +1) ---- 개발자 연락처 : Bujeon M. Association, 55,Jungang-daero 767 beon-gil, Goryeo-gu, Kr We introduce Busan,Korea. Where there is unspoiled nature, where you want to go andexperience yourself !! There is a mountain, there is a sea, thereis a valley !! A place where nature is breathing! Busan! You aretired of life, go to Busan !! ★★ Busan milestone contains tourinformation of Busan area. 1. Simple travel information inquirymode 2. Travel bookmark, scrap mode 3. Travel route planning andinformation review mode ☞☞ If the update error, completely deletethe new installation please !! ☞☞ ★ Category ★ Mountain valleypark, Sea beaches, Temple ruins, Experience distance, MuseumMemorial, Random recommendation ★ Main Features ★ 1. Touristdatabase by category (basic explanation, detailed explanation,traffic information, image, neighboring travel) 2. Schedule (Youcan select 6 schedule and save it, you can delete the wholeschedule) 3. After saving and scrapping the travel destination, youcan check the travel information, route, and behind-the-story inthe schedule. Breathe to appear Find travel information (story,local attractions, special events)-------------------------------------------------- ▶ Plan yourtravel route based on your travel information. ▶ Introduction ofBusan's recommended travel destinations, Busan travel itinerary.Let's make my own story in Busan! Easy Travel Schedule & SimpleTravel Information ★ My Busan Travel Journal Please remember 'Busanmilestone' in travel app (travel app) ♪-------------------------------------------------- - ★ Introduction(Summary) ★ 1. Attract visitors to Busan by making them interestedin Busan sightseeing 2. Busan area residents can also getinteresting tourist information 3. Scheduled to suit your travelpreferences ★★ Expected Effect ★★ 1. Planned trips are possible byrecording Busan tourist information in a timetable 2. It can reducethe anxieties with core tourist information, not extensive touristinformation. 3. Convenience of Busan Tourism Planning usingSmartphone ★★★★★ Main Features ★★★★ 1. The latest data collectionof Busan tourist area. 2. Provide selected tourist information totourists who came to Busan from the outskirts. 3. You can clearlysee tourist attractions in Busan by category. 4. Basic informationof sightseeing spot can be confirmed with photograph, detailedexplanation and map. 5. You can check the special attractions ofthe destination you want to visit. 6. You can check the contents ofsightseeing information from time to time by storing the targettourist destination by individual. ★ Team: App Star (Lee * Jin, KimDong *, Choi Hyang *, Oh * prefecture +1)
Korea Panorama Free 1.5.0 APK
Nature, dense luxuriant trees, sheer cliffs, endless ocean andangry waves, high and dazzling blue sky, clear weather, pure andclean air, cool breezes, fertile land, fresh water!You can enjoyall those and rejoice such Everything in Korea. We can not containthose all in one applicaton, but will fulfill all thebest.Wandering about around various places, If you find a favoriteplace, Just Bookmark that to Favorites. You can see again from theFavorites. Also you can store and share your experiences by SNS -facebook, twitter, kakaotalk, band, Line, whatsapp and Gmail.Pleasebreathe with Korea's Nature~! In such a nature, feel the livinghistory, smell the aroma of a long tradition in KoreaPond in aRoyal palace, Imperial Court and Cliffside Sea, Park in themountains, Temple in the deeper mountains. Enjoy all of these vistaplaces!We hope you enjoy this application like touching andimpressive movie. Rejoice the panoramic Korea!Your whole body willbe recovering in a blessed country. You can truly relax in natureand recharge energy.✓ ProvideThis application provide rural sceneryimages, landscape photos about tourist attractions(landmark,leisure, culture, museum) and just show brief and compactdescription. Through the app, we hope you see and feel and enjoyKorea~✓ AreasSeoul, Gimhae, Gongju, Buyeo, Busan, Jeju, Jeonju,Pohang, Chuncheon, Gangwon, Haenam, Jeollanam-do, South Jeolla...will be continuously updated.✓ Features- A brief description-Images of different angles- Scaling User Interface, zoomingpictures- Image Gallery of different ways (list, grid, gallery)-Attractions can be seen on Google map, Location.- Adjust text size: info about travel spot of Korea- Favorites : memory, sharepicture and save photo
Picasso on the Road 5.0.0 APK
When viewing images, we suggest another way than usual way.Isn'tthere a new way of viewing photos? we've thought a lot aboutthat.and so, we've made this application.In a slightly differentVisual, in a different method from usual way, you can enjoyphotos.✓ Try it, always watched banal picture in your phone orabandoned photos or photo with memories~another placed of photos asyou view or replace.if you change your position orif you look atthose pictures in different combinations, you can feel flakyfeeling to them.✓ A combination of images, you feel completelydifferent than previous.Randomly loaded photos feel the harmony andbeauty.Assemble the pictures into a complete picture(art). assemblethe parts into a complete unit.You can suit & adjust &arrange images each other, automatically. Also, the app support toadjust images harmony manually.✓ Now, You can choose next themes ofimage -Running, Speed, Blur, run, move, Power, Fly, Dynamic,abstract -Ruins, Abandoned, oldtime, Classic, Vintage, Rusty,Desolate,Shattered -Water,Splashing, beach,Wave,Drop,Drip,Liquid,Sea,Waves -All Random Mix -light, shining,dazzling★ It is possible to share on SNS(Social Network Service) -facebook, twitter, kakaotalk, band, Line, whatsapp and Gmail✓Features -In combination with the user to import photos. -Photo,image placement, rotation, and combinations. -Combination of imagestorage -view saved images in storage. -Review captured screenimage. -Share and send made article (captured image) to yourfriends or lover, it can be deleted, too☞ poems and pictures blend,Poetry mixing, A combination of picture and wise saying,we can feelbeauty from photos of life.
Busan Milepost, Korea 5.3.1 APK
Let us introduce you to Busan city, the Republic of Korea,Placewhere unspoilt nature exist, where you want to go andexperience!where Mountains and the sea and a valley existSimultaneously!Breathe naturally blessed place!If you are tired oflife, Go to Busan immediately! ★ classification. tour- Mountain,Valley, Park- Beach, Sea in Pusan- Historical, Temples- experience,Street- Memorial, Museum in Pusan, Korea- Random recommendationsTravel Destinations.★ The app, Busan Milepost guides you throughthe place where you Must go to in Busan, South Korea located inEast Asia. Also, this app introduces several tourist attractions.In addition, these attractions is continually updated.★ PusanMilepost provides a detailed and friendly guide to traveldestination about Samgwangsa,Seonamsa,Beomoesa,Yonggungsa as Templeand Geumjeongsan, Geumgang Park,Yongdusan Park,Igidae Coastal Walkas Park and Busan Museum of Art,Maritime Museum,Busan CinemaCenter,Nurimaru APEC as Memorial or Museum and Seongjigoksuwonji,Simin library,Busan Cooperative Fish Market(BCFM),GamcheonCulture Village as Experience and Haeundae Beach,DadaepoBeach,Songjeong Beach, Taejongdae as Sea or Beach.★ It is possibleto Share on SNS - facebook, twitter, kakaotalk, band, Line,whatsapp and Gmail.★ Features 1. Data could be sorted by categryand the default description about tourist trip information,details, traffic information, images and nearby attractions. 2. Youcan choose and save 6 schedules after a certain storage and Allschedules can be deleted. 3. And can save Pusan city Guide and soyou can find trip behind stories and hidden travel informations(their own stories, nearby attractions, and special events &guide)
DownLoad Speed Max Analyzer 2.5.0 APK
✓ 2 ways1. Just press only download button and images aredownloaded at random.2. Search and Download - Level 2 onlyavailable.Search for the public domain images from Google, Flickr,Wikipedia, PixaBay.User can choose to download one of free gridimages displayed after the keyword search. After downloading that,Internet Speed is calculated and a floating message about speed isdisplayed. Once you click downloaded image as the result - Downloadinformations (speed, date, network, name, pictures) is showed.☆More speeds calculation algorithms: search pictures on the web -after the user choose and Download one - the time it takes untilcompletion - velocity calculation - It appears on the screen.✓Network-specific Reports & tipA variety of reports are createdfor each a network (Each Network report). Each average on every anetwork is generated.You can analyze your current network by usingtotal average speeds, weekly average speed, the worst speeds,maximum speed, the number of bytes received, number of downloads,the received frequency and the number of times network has beenused.If you click the network name in the information that appearsafter the download is completed, you are moved to "Each NetworkReport" page. (Example of Analysis) -The average value is constant,but the fastest speed is low. -The speed is changed severely andchange range of speeds is high, but fastest speed value is high!Sometimes Top speed comes out.✓ List OverViewOverlooking the wholedata, Gazing and looking at the overall at a glance, Guess oranalyze state trends.Sort by download date, order by network speed.sort results according to various criteria.History of results withinformation about the tests.Ability to filter and show only thespecific a network, show only Wi-Fi or only mobile (3G, 4G, LTE).Filter only data of latest one months or show only 2 megabytes ofpictures..etc (will be Updated soon).✓ StatisticsIn the'Statistics', you can see at a glance a variety of information asshown below.Total number of downloads, total download capacity,fastest speed network, lowest speed network, slowest speed, datetime, recent speed, top speed, minimum speed, the average speeds oftoday, the average speed of the recent three days, the average ofall download speeds.Weather in velocity change (speed weather,Sunny), detailed information about the acquired title, the currentlevel, necessary Experience value (number of downloads) up to thenext level.✓ Level-up and entertainment, pleasure, funThe level 2can enter the gallery mode. Pictures were downloaded in order tomeasure speeds. Enjoy the received images in various gallery modes.They can be viewed as grid format or touch gallery with pinch zoom,double tap funciton.Level 3 can directly go to touch Gallery withdouble-tap an image.By leveling up, it is possible to obtain aspecial download button.Hidden titles can be acquired using theapp.Apply cross background image - The following or previous imagebecomes the background for the currently downloaded image.Accordingto the level, the downloaded pictures can be rotated. Using Webdownload Max app, photos and images may seem overturned, upsidedown or upset.At the final level, it may be obtained randomlychanging rainbow button and customized title bar.
Picasso Panorama 2.7.9 APK
This application is gallery app for art works created by usingPicasso on the Road app. Panorama type. Before using this app,please install Picasso on the Road, first. This app is add-onapplication for above mentioned app. Refer to link below. alsoservice application for Picasso on the Road. ★ Please check it appand install the above application -refer to the link below, pleaseinstall first~!https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blurzzar If youhave any questions, please email to us. ★ The purpose of this appis just scenery, panoramic view of images. Picasso Road PanoramaRun. ★ It is possible to share on SNS(Social Network Service) -facebook, twitter, kakaotalk, band, Line, whatsapp and Gmail ★Without installing, without making screenshot using the app of theabove mentioned, If you run this app, a message will pop up "Noimage found! Need Application". Making images with Picasso on theRoad, and then launch this app again, the message shown disappears.★ Picasso Panorama Run contains add-on function & sort ofaccessories for the above mentioned app. Make something with theapp, Enjoy creatures on Picasso Panorama**
Transparent Magic 1.7.9 APK
Combine pictures and scroll and adjust to display images~The momentwhen the scene you like is made! Take a screen shot at that verymoment!!
Picasso on the Road Pro 1.5.2 APK
All restrictions of the free version are released. No ad, No pop-upand some features are improved! When viewing images, we suggestanother way than usual way. Isn't there a new way of viewingphotos? we've thought a lot about that. and so, we've made thisapp. In a slightly different Visual, in a different method fromusual way, you can enjoy photos. ✓ Try it, always watched banalpicture in your phone or abandoned Photos or Photo with memories~another placed of photos as you view or replace. if you change yourposition, if you look at those pictures in different combinations,you can feel flaky feeling to them. ✓ A combination of images, youfeel completely different than previous. Randomly loaded photosfeel the harmony and beauty. Assemble the pictures into a completepicture(art). assemble the parts into a complete unit. You can suit& adjust & arrange images each other, automatically. Also,the app support to adjust images harmony manually. ✓ Now, You canchoose next themes of image -Running, Speed, Blur, run, move,Power, Fly, Dynamic, abstract -Ruins, Abandoned, oldtime, Classic,Vintage, Rusty, Desolate, Shattered -Water, Splashing, beach, Wave,Drop, Drip, Liquid, Sea, Waves -All Random Mix -Light, shining,dazzling ★ Update will be soon ★ It is possible to share onSNS(Social Network Service) - facebook, twitter, kakaotalk, band,Line, whatsapp and Gmail ✓ Features -In combination with the userto import photos. -Photo, image placement, rotation, andcombinations. -Combination of image storage -view saved images instorage. -Review captured screen image. -Share and send madearticle (captured image) to your friends or lover, it can bedeleted, too ☞ poems and pictures blend, Poetry mixing, Acombination of picture and wise saying, we can feel beauty fromphotos of life.