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Have the most elegant analog clock andbeautifyyour home screen in seconds. Decorate your phone with agold clockand be the most stylish person among your friends.Complement yourshiny wallpaper and golden screen with the mostluxurious lookingwidget app. With this smartphone app you willhave a beautifulclock, accurate time and a loud alarm. This istruly an amazingmultitasking app. Pair it with your gold keyboardand have the mostbeautiful phone! Choose your favorite widgettheme and have the mostbeautiful custom clock. Only the mostelegant people choose thiscolor, so go on, get this alarm app andbe one of them! Be the firstof your friends to have Gold AnalogClock completely free of charge!The contemporary design and modernstyle will amaze you! Try it outnow, and you will not bedisappointed, we promise you!

Gold Analog Clock features:

*** The most elegant time widget!
*** Awesome multitasking app!
*** One of the coolest utility tools!
*** Amazing alarm clock application!
*** Most stylish personalization apps!
*** Resize according to your tastes!
*** Alarm and clock in one application!
*** Works perfectly on all devices!
*** Unconditionally free of charge!
*** Amazingly simple and easy to use!

***** Easy to set up and even easier to use *****

You can have the coolest phone widget and ''custom clock'' in afewclicks! You just need to download and install app and startthecustomization. Personalize the clock display and resize thewidget.Adjust the clock hands and any other part you don't like andmakeyour perfect widget app. Try out all the unique featuresthissmartphone app offers and have as many different ''coolclocks'' asyou like. Or, you can simply enjoy the basic design. Ifyou have amodern style you definitely need one of the most uniquealarmclocks. Set it anywhere on your touch screen and customizeyourphone with one of the most beautiful widgets. Decorate yourhomescreen in the most beautiful way. Open the instructions sectionofthe application any time to check the detailed informationaboutthe app setup. Have the most accurate time on your screen withthisawesome widget app! Get the most amazing multitasking app andhavethe most ''beautiful clock''! Try it out and see itforyourself!

***** Elegance and style in one application *****

Are you a heavy sleeper? Are you always late because you cannothearyour ''alarm clock'' in the morning? Well, this ''clock app''worksas an extra loud alarm clock as well. You no longer have toworry.You just need to set an alarm and go to sleep peacefully.Our modernalarm clock will take care of the rest. Forget aboutyour oldannoying alarm clock. This is one of the finest ''alarmclocks forheavy sleepers''. Wake up at the exact time you want andenjoylooking at the most beautiful modern design of our timewidget. Thisis one of the most amazing apps and the best widgettime you willever have! So what are you waiting for? Get the mostsophisticatedphone widget and personalize your home screen in themostfashionable way. This is one of the best free widgets! Checkit outtoday, and you will love it!

***** The most beautiful phone customizer *****

The beautiful and simple design will enchant you! Enjoy alargeclock on your screen or a small widget. You can have it bothwiththis cool multipurpose app. Pick the numbers style andthebackground color and make your own custom widget! Place it onyourhome screen and decorate your phone in the most sophisticatedway.You are even able to adjust the widget skin according toyourpreferences. Another cool feature is that this phone widgetishighly optimized so it will not drain your battery power.Forgetabout the classic alarm clock and check out one of the bestapps!Do not hesitate to check out Gold Analog Clock today andbeimpressed with this cool smartphone app! Try it out completelyfreeof charge! Check out this marvelous widget app and you willnotregret it!

App Information Gold Analog Clock

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    Gold Analog Clock
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    April 12, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Live Wallpapers Gallery
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