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Golf Solitaire Classi card game is anothersolitaire card game from Card Free Games.

Named after golf, the sport, the goal of this patience card gameis to earn the lowest number of points over the course of ninedeals. Golf solitaire card game has the highest skill to luck levelamong the other patience games, such as Freecell, Klondikesolitaire game or Spider solitaire.

Golf solitaire is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. Theset up is as following: there are 7 columns of 5 cards each, faceup ('the tableau'). At the base of the foundation, there is oneadditional card dealt. The remaining 16 cards are lying face downto form the stock.

The rules of salitair golf are as follows:

Player can remove only the topmost card in each column. Once itis removed, next card that is lying beneath becomes available toplay.

Player can move cards from the tableau to the foundation, if thecard is either one rank higher or on rank lower than thefoundation's top card. Card suit does not matter. No card can beplayed on top of a King.

Cards rank from Ace to King. There's no wrapping (e,g, Ace on aKing, or King on an Ace) in golf solitaire.

When there are no possible plays,player turns cards up one byone from the stock to the foundation, and when it is becomespossible, resumes playing cards from the tableau.

Golf solitaire card game has no redeal. If there no more movesare available, and the stock is exhausted, the game is over.

Scoring in golf solitaire is as follows:

Each card remaining in the tableau by the moment when the gameis over, brings one point to a player. If the tableau is cleared,player scores a negative point for every card left in the stock.Game has nine deals, and the score of 45 or lower is consideredpar, with a score of zero or lower being perfect.

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