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Say “Good Night” to your special love one in a beautiful way!Selectfrom over 200 Good Night quotes to convey your feelings.Tell yourpartner or that special person how you feel about her!Don’t wastetime searching for the right words to form a message.Just scrollthrough Good Night Quotes for Her and select the quotesand imagesthat you like. Make her appreciate the message you sentto her.Enjoy the wide selection of good night quotes and otherlovequotes.Other features of this app:- Simple features witheasynavigation- Beautiful images- Simply swipe left or right tochoosequotes- Easily share through WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram orothersocial mediaIf you like the app, please help to rate and shareit.Thank you for trying out the app.Disclaimer:All images/photosarethe copyright of their respective owners. All images/photosaresourced from public domains. Credits especially toPinterest.com.No copyright infringement is intended on purpose. Anyrequest toremove any of the images/photos will be honouredimmediately uponnotification.

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Detox and cleanse your body in 3 days by following a reducedcalorie diet plan. Eat proper meals that are easy to prepare. Thereare 2 meal plans to choose from namely the Asian Diet Plan and theWestern Diet Plan. Each plan will give you 3 days of easy recipescovering breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon tea anddinner. Some of the recipes you will prepare are chicken soup, riceporridge, steamed chicken/fish, noodle soup, coleslaw, chicken andvegetable stew, tuna salad and baked fish. The total calories forthe first day is below 500 calories. The second day is below 700calories and the third is below 800 calories. The total caloriesconsumed during the 3 days is below 2000 calories. This is waybelow a normal diet which may range from 2000 to 4000 calories perday. You can safely detox and cleanse your body in 3 short days byfollowing the properly planned recipes provided here. Expect tolose 1 – 2 Kg of weight after the diet. If you like this app,please help to rate and share it. Thank you for trying out the app.
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Have a memorable Halloween wearing different costumes! Take yourpictures in different costumes and send them to family and friends.You can pose as a witch, a pirate, a princess, a nurse, etc. byjust taking your picture in different Halloween costumes. There arecostumes for women, men and children. The whole family can enjoycreating a fun collection of Halloween photos. Take a look intothis app and browse through all the available costume frames andstickers. Be creative and send the photos to family and friends.Features of the Halloween Costumes Frame - All the frames aredesigned with high resolution. - You can take a picture with thecamera and insert your photo into one of the frames. Choose adifferent frame to send out to different people. - Simply tap TAKEA PICTURE to start and slide left or right to choose a favouriteframe. How to Use the Halloween Photo Stickers 1. First tap OPENand select a picture from your Gallery or capture a photo usingyour Camera. 2. Tap MASK and then tap CHOOSE to select any stickerto go with your photo. You can re-size or rotate the sticker usingyour fingers. Once you are satisfied with it then tap APPLY. Tore-size, hold the middle of the sticker and drag the side of thesticker. 3. You can adjust the photo effect by tapping EFFECT.Choose from ‘Grey’, ‘Colour’ or ‘Sepia’. 4. Tap SEND to share yourphoto immediately to your family and friends or save it into yourgallery. Share your work of art in your album or you can even shareit on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram or on other social media. Enjoyand have fun with the new app. It is available for free! Downloadnow and enjoy the Halloween Costumes app. Wishing you HappyHalloween!
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Sirtfood is food that is high in sirtuin activators or enzymes.Sirtuins are a type of protein in our body that helps in regulatingour biological processes. Sirtuins protect the cells from becominginflamed or from dying. They help to regulate the body’smetabolism, increase muscle mass and burn fat. Eat a sirtfood richdiet to mimic the effects of fasting and exercising and achieveyour ideal weight in a healthy way. The average weight loss in thisdiet is 7 pounds in 7 days. Sirtfoods are plant foods such as kale,celery and parsley. They are rich in polyphenols that helps toactivate our sirtuin genes. Eat chocolate and drink red wine tohelp you lose weight! Both are categorized as sirtfoods. Otherbenefits of the sirtfood diet are: • Has anti-aging properties •Improves the memory • Helps the body to better control blood sugarlevels and • Cleans up the free radical molecules in the body Othergreat sirtfoods are matcha green tea, strawberries, blueberries,buckwheat, red onion, lovage and turmeric. The recipes providedhere use sirtfood ingredients that are affordable and easilysourced from your local supermarket or health food store. Thecooking or preparations are quick and simple. If you do not havegood cooking skills, you can still prepare the recipes providedhere. The one week or 7 days diet plan involves the following:Phase 1 Day 1 – 3: Total calorie = 1000 Kcal/day Meal Plan for eachday: 3 sirtfood juices + 1 sirtfood rich meal Phase 2 Day 4 - 7:Total calorie = 1500 Kcal/day Meal Plan for each day: 2 sirtfoodjuices + 2 sirtfood rich meals Check out this app to find out moreabout the sirtfood diet plan. Find out the other foods in thiscategory and how to prepare healthy meals for long term healthbenefits. The app is free. If you like the app, please help to rateand share it!
Dukan Diet Attack Phase 1.1 APK
Eat proper meals and lose weight easily. The Dukan Diet AttackPhase is focus on eating protein rich meals as a protein based dietis known to trigger faster weight loss. For 5 days, your menu willconsist of various proteins such as eggs, chickens, beef andfish.This diet works equally well as if you are fasting. Why isthat? Eating proper meals do not trigger your body to go on adefensive mode and thus preventing weight loss. Eating proteinswill satisfy your hunger easily and last for a longer period oftime. A special requirement about this diet is to eat 1½tablespoons of oat bran each day. This is already incorporated intothe easily prepared meal plans. Oat bran provides the necessaryfibre that helps to bind the calories from the food consumed. Thishelps to limit their absorption into your body.The Dukan DietAttack Phase is known to promote 6 – 13 Kg (15 – 30 lbs) of weightloss within a 5 days period. Check it out! It is free!