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In these times it is important to watch for the education of ourchildren so that in future they are good people in our society.•Phrases to tell the children.• errors that prevent successfulchildren.• safe and friendly spaces.• If bullying.• Letter fromAlbert Einstein to his daughter.• Contract of use of adevice.Language: spanish.

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    Good Parents
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    August 12, 2016
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    Think Editores
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    Carrera 29 No. 4B118 La Ceja (Antioquia) COLOMBIA
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Good Parents 1.0 APK
In these times it is important to watch for the education of ourchildren so that in future they are good people in our society.•Phrases to tell the children.• errors that prevent successfulchildren.• safe and friendly spaces.• If bullying.• Letter fromAlbert Einstein to his daughter.• Contract of use of adevice.Language: spanish.
Guía de Educación Vial Demo APK
La Educación Vial un conjunto de reglas y normas que las personasdeben conocer y usar con actitudes responsables y respetuosas, parasi mismas y para con los demás, en procura de preservar la vida yla salud de los actores de la vía a través de la prevención deaccidentes de tránsito o la minimización de sus efectos encualquier medio de desplazamiento terrestre (ómnibus, camión,automóvil, motocicleta, bicicleta y a pie).Poco a poco, agregaremosmas temas de interés en dicha materia. Por el momento, esta guíacontiene seis temas iniciales:• 16 consejos para peatones.• En casode accidente.• Consejos de seguridad vial.• ¡No se sorprendas!•Incendio en el vehículo.• La distancia deseguridad..................Agradecemos se divulgue estainformación, ya que es GRATUITA.PedagogiaVial..................Objetivos de la app:• Lograr la disminuciónde daños a personas y bienes.• Dar fluidez al tránsito, teniendo laóptima utilización de las vías públicas.• Educar y capacitar a losusuarios para el uso correcto de las vías de uso público.•Preservar el patrimonio vial y el parque automotor.• Disminuir lacontaminación del medio ambiente producida por los vehículos.Unproducto de Pedagogia Vial.The Driver Education a set of rules andstandards that people should know and use responsible andrespectful attitudes to themselves and to others, seeking topreserve the life and health of the actors of the road through thetraffic accident prevention or minimization of their impact on anyground displacement means (bus, truck, car, motorcycle, bicycle andwalking).Gradually add more topics of interest in the subject. Fornow, this guide contains six initial topics:• 16 tips forpedestrians.• In case of accident.• road safety tips.• Do not besurprised!• Fire in the vehicle.• The safetydistance..................We appreciate this information releasedbecause it is FREE.Pedagogy Road..................Objectives of theapp:• Achieve reduction in damage to people and property.• Givefluent transit, taking the optimal use of public roads.• Educateand train users on proper use of roads for public use.• To preservethe road asset and fleet.• Reduce the environmental pollutioncaused by vehicles.A product of Pedagogy Road.
A World without bullying 1.0 APK
A test and contents on this global problem.
Temporary Employees 1.0 APK
Personal vacation with all its benefitsfordomestic service work: home, office, business, warehouse, farm.Letus do the work for you! For days, times, and with allthefeatures.Initially in the city of Medellin (Colombia) and its surroundings.STAFFSelected, trained and uniformed work for your home or businessthatrequest.NO PROBLEMSAll social benefits: EPS, ARP, Pensions and Unemployment,uniforms,among others.REPLACEMENTIn case of illness of the person in charge of the work tobeperformed, send another person substitute with thesamecapabilities.YOUR BUDGETWe manage our staff for days, hours, weeks or even months, foryourhome, business or office.COMFORTAvoid hassles with personnel management, benefits, among others.Letus do the work for you!.........................................OUR SERVICES• For your home, office, business, warehouse, farm withreliablestaff.• Ironing Service.• For special events.• Rest at farm household chores.
Property Guide Antioquia APK
Find here useful information to help in the process ofconstruction, repair, maintenance, purchasing property inAntioquia, Colombia. For this reason it is essential to have allthe information to the owner information according to your needs. Auseful and free application. Here you will find a completedirectory of suppliers for your property from:• FERTILIZERS•TOILET• ARCHITECTS• CARPENTRY• LOCKSMITH• KITCHENS• CURTAINS•DECORATION• DEMOLITION• DEPOSITS• ELECTRICIANS• ENCLOSURE• ENSERES•HARDWARE• FORGED• GARDENS• PEST MANAGEMENT• MACHINERY• FURNITURE•PAINTING• POOLS• FLOORS• PLUMBING• DOORS• RENOVATION• PROCEEDINGS•MOVING• SURVEILLANCE• WINDOWS• MISCELLANEOUS
I love La Ceja 1.0 APK
An initiative of the "Municipal CouncilofCulture" La Ceja del Tambo to show the world our beautiful townineastern Antioquia. In this application you will find:Audiovisual environmental events and activities about music,visualarts, theater, dance, literature, heritage, reading andlibraries,tourism, and artisans:• Cultural Guide.• Tourist Guide: Sites of general interest. Where to findwhatyou need? This application will solve this problem tofindeverything in the municipality. You can call or come to thesite ofinterest via GPS.A FREE application.La Ceja, Antioquia -COLOMBIA
I make myself respect 1.0 APK
It is not easy to deal with minors the issue of sexual harassment,for fear of contaminating their childhood with sexuality, as wellas causing distrust of the elderly by infusing them with threats ofdanger, when all we want is for them to have a peaceful and happylife.In order to prevent harassers and abusers from takingadvantage of the innocence and ignorance of children andadolescents, it is necessary to address the issue with minors andlet them know what is normal and what is not and thus be more alertto possible abuse, They may refuse and communicate it in time, orat least prevent the act from being committed.But, how to approachchildren with this sensitive subject without violating them withlanguage?The answer is in the present didactic material whosepurpose is to guide the child, in a simple and interactive way bydifferent histories in which he will have the option to decide thefate of the characters, immersing him in an imaginary world toreflect on situations and attitudes of The protagonists and theirpossible outcomes. Responsible adults offer them tools to prevent,detect and proceed forcefully and with caution to this violentpractice so harmful.
Diario de Adán, diario de Eva 1.0 APK
Con su ingenio y encanto habitual, Mark Twain, uno de los másgrandes escritores de nuestro tiempo, presenta la historia delJardín del Edén a través del humor. Sitúa a Eva en Venus y a Adánen Marte, de una forma inteligente, sarcástica y divertida. Adán notiene más remedio que llegar a una conclusión: 'allí donde estabaella, estaba el paraíso'. Nos muestra las ancestrales debilidades ymodos de ser de la naturaleza humana.With his usual wit and charm,Mark Twain, one of the greatest writers of our time, presents thestory of the Garden of Eden through humor. It places Adam and Evein Venus in Mars, a smart, sarcastic and funny. Adam has no choicebut to come to a conclusion, 'where she was, was the paradise'. Itshows the ancestral weaknesses and ways of being of human nature.