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Experience the thrill and nostalgia with this coin-op arcadeversion of the Goodwood horse race. Win a virtual fortune withoutthe danger of losing real money. An authentic recreation of aclassic arcade mechanical horse race betting machines found inarcades and casinos around the world but with added features andset in Goodwood. Place your bets on any of the eight horses beforethey start racing. Win up to 200 credits from just one bet ormaximum 200,000 if you dare to take a risk or play safe with thefavourites. Features simulated mechanical horse racing,acceleration, overtaking and wobble just like the arcade machine.Added features are multiplier bets and a form sheet so you can seethe horses performance in past games. You start off with 100credits. Just place your bets using the glowing "BET NOW" buttons.You can only bet while the "BET NOW" sign appears from the top andwhile you have credits. Once the button lights turn off and the"Bet Now" sign disappears then betting is over and racing begins.If you lose all your credits, do not worry. Just leave the machineand grab some more free virtual credits from the change machine.You only get 100 credits at a time so the aim is to try to build itup slowly unless you like to take a risk.

App Information Goodwood Penny Arcade CoinOp

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    Goodwood Penny Arcade CoinOp
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    January 26, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    FREE Games, Casino, Slots, Music: BEATS N BOBS™
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    Beats N Bobs PO4 9BG England
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Nostalgia, retro and super cool! First there was the originalGalaxy Invader (Galaxy Invader 1978). Now this sequel blasts youback to the 1980s to the childhood memories again when games weresimple but very addictive. An accurate recreation of the VFD LSIgame by CGL, Gakken, Tandy and other companies of that time. Funfor all ages with three difficulty levels. All those cool retrosounds and that vacuum fluorescent display are here. This was aclassic and very popular toy back then. Now it is a rare andcollectable item but YOU can own it right now! • Accuratesimulation of the classic handheld machine including LED flicker*All the graphic and gameplay details accurately recreated.• Fullretro sounds• 3 difficulty levels• Simple and addictive• Totallynostalgic and very cool!HOW TO PLAY 1. Set speed control to desiredlevel. Slide power on/off switch to "on"2. Move the Missile Launchlever side by side to aim at Invader or UFO and press Mssile Launchbutton.3. Game ends when you obtain 1,000 points or when all 3Missile Launchers are destroyed or when Invader captures G-zone orwhen you have shot all of your 250 Missiles.* When you obtain 700points, one Missile Launcher and 50 Missiles are given as abonus.4. To start a new game simply switch slide to "off" and thento "on" again.The original version is also available by us called"Galaxy Invader 1978"
com.beatsnbobs.astrowars 6006 APK
Welcome to Astro Wars. Created by developers that brought youGalaxy Invader and Scramble Beats N Bobs are proud releasing torelease one of the most eagerly anticipated retro tabletop arcadevintage game, Astro Wars. Its 1980, and THE MUST HAVE . Arguably,the most advanced including four sub-levels, flickering colouredfluorescent display plus joystick only seen in arcades. You couldfinally have your very own arcade machine at home. PLAY: Turn PowerON (menu will disappear, intro music plays). Select Level (Graphicsdemonstrate difficulty level). Press Start (Gameplay begins afterintro music). Kill enemies while dodging enemy fire from of alienattack phases. If surviving three attack waves, more points if candock rocket-ship. Press fire, left & right. Thrusts use Firefor landing rocket ship. Level is complete when reached 9999 pointsor lost all lives. Restart by turning off & on. Wepainstakingly analyzed every detail this tabletop has and achieved99% compared to the original. We modified controls as it simplydoes not work as well with phone/tablet so extra large arrow keysincluded but left joystick in for purists (but recommend largerarrow keys). Those sound effects are here. Four phases includingdocking sequence. Astro Wars is compared with two real tabletopmachines as these also vary with slight details. Enjoy this blastfrom past. If like this why not look at our others. Back to 1980s!Check out our other 1980s emulations, vintage handheld games likeInvader From Space, Galaxy Invader 1000 plus many more 80s arcadeclassics. More information about Astro Wars on Wikipedia:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astro_Wars
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4 Retro Classics in 1: Tabletop Games Part 2 6003 APK
Four absolute retro classic tabletop arcade machines in this onecollection guaranteed to take you back to your childhood. Withbright fluorescent graphics, simulated display, genuine retro blipsand bleeps, simplicity and addictive old school gaming. All thesegames have had their meticulous details emulated to almostperfection (some minor changes). " If you are a retro arcade diehard fan this is a must!" In a distant time, not too long ago,before the internet and mobile phones; arcade games of the 70's and80's were beautifully simple and addictive. Imagine going back intime to see your old games (or your friends' old games you couldn'thave!) Now you can own some of the best handheld/tabletop games ofthat era in this awesome retro collection. Scramble (also known asAstro Command) , Missile Invader, Frogger and Galaxy Invader aresome of the best tabletop games. Made by companies like CGL,Grandstand, Tandy, Epoch, Entex and Tomy to name but a few. Nowthese games have been brought back from distant and forgottenmemories to the 21st century. Nostalgic but fun for all ages! Checkthe screenshots to see how accurate these are! • Better value thenobtaining these as individual apps • Accurate simulations of themachines • Full retro sounds • Totally nostalgic • Super combinedscore of all games to prove how hard core retro fan you are To playeach device simply click on the machine you want to play then turnit on
Super 7 Reels ™ Gem Fruit Machine 7004 APK
SUPER REEL™ Candy Reels combines Jewels and Gems in Match gameaction slot machine with Multi wins and crazy candy bonus games.PLAY UNLIMITED FREE FOREVER! • Bonus candy games and awardsinclude: "NUDGE TIMER", "SUPER SPIN STOP!", "WIN STREAK!", "GEMCRAZE", "DOUBLE WINS" and "MILLIONAIRE" • Jewel prizesinclude:"MATCH-3", "7-IN-ROW", "TRIPLE DROP", "GEMS-BONUS" and theclassic jewels "JACKPOT" for Hypercash prizes. Experience the joyof using the reels, mega prizes, multiple jackpots, realistic reelaction, high quality HD graphics, and sound effects. A uniquesizzling hot quest It is an easy and fun fruit machine to play! • •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• • Match three jewels or gems on bottom row for unique "Gem Drop".• Back to Back Gem Drops for multiplier bonus. • Unique speciallydesigned reel movement simulating mechanical reels • Automaticallyshuffles when you open app. • A Fusion of classic action, pro andmatch three style action jewel games. • Each jewel gives you aunique bonus game or award. • Combine skill and luck for hugepayouts using the reels as games. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Missile Invader RETRO HANDHELD 6004 APK
Missile Invader From the makers of Astro Wars, Galaxy Invader andother retro handheld/tabletop emulations comes this classichandheld space-invader style game created by Bandai and Sears:Missile Invader (or Missile Vader). Screenshots show actual app inaction. See how close to the real thing it is! This is classicretro brought back from the 80's. This was one of the firsthandheld games with very simple game-play. Just dodge and fire. Bequick though as they fight back with vengeance! This is a 99%accurate recreation. Every detail has been recreated. All thesounds and graphics have been faithfully reproduced apart from oneminor alteration and that was the addition of an extra duplicatefire button. We kept the original position for the purists but theextra one make it easier to fire on a tablet• Accurate simulationof the classic handheld /desktop machine • Full retro sounds •Simple and addictive • Totally nostalgic To Play: 1: Turn Power to"on" 2: Aim using left and right buttons 3: Fire at alien (1 point)and UFO (5 points). You only have 50 missiles. 4: Dodge alien fireor you lose. If you are hit you lose 5 missiles and one life. 5:Aim is to get the highest points (maximum 250) 6: To restart, turnoff and on Power. If you like this check out our other retro gameapps
4 Retro Classics in 1: Tabletop Games Part 1 6003 APK
Retro tabletop arcade goodness X4! 4 games in this collectionguaranteed to take you back to your childhood with brightfluorescent graphics, blips and bleeps, simplicity and addictiveold school gaming. Before the internet and mobile phones, tabletopgames of the 70s and 80s were beautifully simple and addictive.Imagine going back in time to see your old vintage games (or yourfriends' old games you couldn't have!) Now you can own some of thebest handheld/tabletop games of that time in this classic tabletoparcade games collection. Astro Wars and Galaxy Invader 1000 arehighly rated, Invader From Space - a cult classic; and even moreretro is the mechanical classic Blip - before even LCD or VFD(vacuum fluorescent display) games! Nostalgic but fun for all ages!Check the screen shots to see how accurate these are! Please notethis app requires internet to validate Google Licensing (to crackdown on piracy)• Accurate simulations of these vintage machines •Full retro sounds • Totally nostalgic emulations• Keep track ofscores of all levels on the 3 VFD games * If you like 70s and 80sNostalgia, Retro, Classic, Vintage game collections or emulationsyou will love this.Galaxy Invader 1000: Accurate emulation of theVFD LSI game by CGL, Gakken and Tandy. This was a classic and verypopular toy back in the 70s and 80s. Now it is a rare andcollectable item. PLAY: 1. Set desired level. Slide on/off switchto "on" 2. Move Missile Launch lever to aim at Invader or UFO andpress fire. 3. Game ends when you obtain 999 points or when all 3Missile Launchers are destroyed or when Invader captures G-zone orwhen you have shot all of your 250 Missiles. * When you obtain 700points, 1 Missile Launcher and 50 Missiles are given as a bonus.4.To start again, move to "off" then "on" again. Astro Wars: Travelback to the 80s and this was one of the most advanced video gamesof the time with four sub games, coloured fluorescent display and ajoystick only seen in the arcades. You could finally have your veryown arcade machine in your home. PLAY: Turn Power ON (intro musicwill play). Select Level (Graphics resemble difficulty). PressStart Fire at all enemies while dodging enemy fire on all phases ofattack. If you survive three attack waves,you get the chance formore points if you can dock your rocket-ship. Press fire, left andright for thrusts to land rocket ship. Game is complete when youreach 9999 points or you lose all your lives. To restart, turn offand on Power. Invader From Space: This is an accurate simulation ofthe original 80s arcade game with slight modification to thejoystick control. PLAY: Press Power Select Level Press Start Steermissile launch pad Fire at UFO or invaders before they reach theground Avoid fire from invaders You win when you reach score 999You lose if invaders reach ground level or you lose your 5 livesBlip: Blip is an accurate emulation of the now vintage 70s classicelectronic and mechanical toy. It can 1 or 2-player. Blip was atthe time a simulation of tennis,ping-pong and the early Pong videogame made by Atari. You can play against the "computer" ( thatnever loses) or two opponents can play each other. Blip was a "musthave" holiday gift for the 1977 as mentioned in Wikipedia. Thisgame has a slight modification to give you three speeds from veryeasy to very hard. PLAY: Choose 1 or 2 players. If 1 player thenstart serving on the left side. Ball is returned automatically bythe computer. Choose numbers 1-3 to catch the ball in time, makingsure numbered button is held while ball lands, and it will return.If you fail you serve again, awarding a point to the opponent. Ifyou choose 2 players then wherever the ball is the player servesfirst. The player to reach 10 first is the winner or whoever hasthe highest score when the timer ends. To reset counters, touch anycounter. To reset timer, touch timer. Changing player mode resetseverything