/ May 29, 2018
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Gorgonzola released a color themed puzzle game.A unique andsimplenew way puzzle gameMake the board gray.Challenge highdifficultyTryto score as much as you can.- Tablet support- Infinitepuzzles areALL FREE.- Convenience to enjoy with simple touch-Offline play-Various boards from 3x3 to 8x8- Various difficultylevels.* Even ifyou increase the difficulty, there may be an easyproblem if thereare few board spaces.* This game does not collectany personalinformation.

App Information Gorgonzola - puzzle game

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    Gorgonzola - puzzle game
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    May 29, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    16931 18-34, Ihyeon-ro 29beon-gil, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea 101Dong 301ho
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옛날 성경, 옛날 찬송가 사용하는 교회가 여전히 많습니다.성경전서 개역 한글판(1961년)과 1983년 발행된 개신교의기독교 찬송가인 통일찬송가 (가사)를 담았습니다.직관적이고 깔끔한 디자인과편리성에촛점을 맞춰 제작하였습니다.이용안내정독을하실 때에는 본문시작위치를 "처음"으로, 글꼴은 나눔명조로 설정하시면 편안하게 이용하실 수 있습니다.빠르게 성경 구절을찾기를 원하시면 본문시작위치를 중간으로, 글꼴은 좀더 선명한 기본 글꼴로 설정하시면 편리합니다.이 앱은 이용중 데이터이용 없이 오프라인으로 모든 컨텐츠 이용이 가능합니다.* 본 앱은 어떠한 개인정보도 수집하지 않습니다.* 앱삭제,폰변경으로 구매내용이 함께 삭제됩니다.* 구매일로부터 1년 이내에, 주문번호를 이메일로 보내주시면, 복구 쿠폰을발송해드립니다.위트잼(Witjam)의 앱을 이용해주셔서 대단히 감사합니다.사용중 불편사항이나 건의, 오류신고는이메일([email protected])으로 연락주시면 가장 빠른 처리가 가능합니다.*성경전서 개역한글판의 저작권은(재)대한성서공회에 있습니다.*성경전서 개역한글판은 2011년 12월 31일 저작재산권 보호기간소멸되었습니다.----개발자 연락처 :+821028801755Old Bible, the church is stillused by many old hymns.The King James Bible was damat Koreanversion (1961) and Christian hymns of the Protestant hymn publishedin 1983 reunification (lyrics).Intuitive and clean designConvenientsexShe tailored the focus. Description Use When you peruse the bodyto the starting position, "first", the font is available in thecomfort you set sharing Courier.Quick start in the middle of thebody where you wish to find a Bible verse, it is convenient to setthe font to a more vivid default font.This app can be used offline,without the use of any content of data being used.* This app doesnot collect any personal information.* Is removed with the purchaseinformation to the app delete, change phone.* Within one year fromthe date of purchase, please send your order number by e-mail, wewill send you coupons recovery.For using the app wit jams (Witjam)Thank you very much.Use complaints or suggestions, please contactby e-mail Report an error ([email protected]) allows the fastestprocessing.* Copyright Korean version of the King James Bible isthe Bible Society to (re)* King James Bible Korean version wasdestroyed on December 31, 2011 Author property protection period.
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Sudoku - Classic puzzle APK
Enjoy various levels of puzzlesfrom entry-level to advancedlevel.This puzzle is the perfect game to take a rest or kill timeonpublic transport. It even helps you to relieve stress andstimulatean enjoyable idea.Every puzzle has just one answer.You canimproveyour memory by logical thinking and your psychologicalstability bymental training.What’s newerasersShort touch : ClearselectedblockLong touch : Clear all magic wandShort touch :Memorizeselected blocks automaticallyLong touch : Memorize allempty blocksautomaticallyWrong answers will not appear FEATURES-Provideshareable seed numbers - Various levels from entry-leveltoadvanced level- Simple and intuitive design- Dailyrewardablechallenges- Play it without Wifi! - Night Mode- Very wellorganizedpuzzles, over 200 billion.* We do not collect anypersonalinformation in this game.* Every purchase will be deletedwhen youclear app or change your phone.* We will send you arecoverycoupon, if you send us your order number via email withinone yearfrom the date of purchasemaximum two times per year.* Thankyou forusing Witjam’s games
Chicken Farm APK
Run your own farm.Hens lay the eggs we eat for breakfast.Chewy chicken is great.They sell eggs, they sell chicken,Make the best farm.
Angel Clicker APK
Angels ' songs have powerful powers.Build a team of variousangelsand make the best harmony.Upgrade the attributes of angelstogather the power of the song to beat the seven deadlysins.Thereare cute and unique angels who wait for you.
Triangle Rush APK
Simple game rules and simple design!Enjoy the thrill of exquisitetiming."Triangle Rush" The hot wind is coming.(I wish ...)[How toplay]- Change the direction(left or right) by touching the screen.-▲: Life.- ○: Shield- ◆: Change the background color.- Rest:Obstacle- 40 stages.
2048 Short APK
Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!Swipe to move alltiles.When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge intoone.Getto the 2048 tile, and reach a highscore!FEATURESRight-handed,left-handed UI option.Minimalscore.Ideas to replace largenumbers.3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 boardoptions.Keep playing forHigh-score after collected 2048tile.Beautiful and simple UI.OneUndo move support
2048 macro APK
••• 2048 Game with new levels •••Come on! 2048 Macro is totallynewversion of the Original 2048 game!The 2048 app is so fun.addictiveand very simple the best puzzle number game!The“2048Mecro”is agame based on popular the classic game "2048" addingnew “Macro”features.The 2048 Macro offers with 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6boards.Havea great fun with Macros 2048.[How to use the functionof“Macro”]Just push the button and save maximum 6 commands.Pushtheplay button and then repeatsthecommands recorded.If the commandsdonot work, it will stop.Push the other button, it will stopaswell.[Simple numbers]2048 + 2048 = a2a2048 + a2048 = b2b2048+b2048 = c2c2 is 17179869184 in the original 2048.Itistooenormousnumber for showing.Show off your high score toyourfriends.Say to them “I got a b512”instead of “I gota2147483648”.Really! It is possible like thisconversation![getscores in a new way]Thescoringsystem is totallynew.There are amajor score and detail scores.The major score shownbig sizeis yourhighest score gotten.The detail score shown smallsize is recordedon the Google Reader Board.CompetewithotherPlayersand climb thehigh ranking.Show off simple your major score toyourfriends.[right, left-handed]Put UI to helpwiththediscomfortforleft-handed player.After using UI, Left-handed player canenjoywithout the discomfort.Choose and change UI in thesetup.Comingsoon “2048 short” without Macro function.