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GPS Military Compass Navigator – RouteFinderis the multipurpose app to find out the easiest route on mapormilitary compass navigator turn your phone into a powerfulGPSnavigation system. Map factor and direction navigation allowsyouto get the position on earth also helpful to navigate freelyonmaps traffic alerts and get required direction with verityoffeatures like multiple routes of driving, transit or by walk,shortest route to find, current location, friend location,sharinglocation with friends, nearby places, military compassnavigatorand many more options. GPS route finder is easy maps guideappwhere you can find directions, guide to a place or an address,wayand navigate using real-time maps, easily find all locationswithGPS route finder smart map direction, on road with map questifhave good journey planner only with GPS Military CompassNavigator– Route Finder.
Travel direction maps compass navigation & GPS tracker is anappwhich can find a way to different places. Waze compassnavigationroute finder maps direction street view app enables youto searchand browse locations of different countries, cities allover theworld. GPS Military Compass Navigator – Route Finderallows you toconvert your phone into the most powerful GPS powereddevicewaypoints navigator. All is possible with smart GPS militarycompassroute finder. Get accurate driving route & real-timenavigationfor wherever you want to go. Travel around the worldnavigate usingGPS route finder.
In route finder helps you to find the distance and travelingtimebetween two locations with shortest and easiest path andalsoenables you to track your visited locations or placeshistoryduring the whole journey for later on use. Find route optiongivesyou the flexibility to find any Location, address or routemapworldwide. Current location option allows you to if you lostyourway or forgot the address then you can see your currentpositionand if you want to share your current location with anyoneyou wantby using GPS Military Compass Navigator – Route Finder.Routefinder gives you accurate distance, traveling time andshortestpath or provides multiple paths to reach from one place toanotherplace and helps to save your valuable time and effortswhilesearching for addresses. Location history option gives youallhistory of your recently visited places.
Key Features of GPS Military Compass Navigator – RouteFinderApp:
Simple, fast and easy interface
GPS compass and magnetic compass
Search for direction-finding between two places
Provide you shortest route from one coordinate to another
Find out current location, address view and so on
Get accurate driving route and real-time finding route
Also, support nearby locations
Find real-time driving route, transit or walking distance
Find exact path to your search location
Displays latitude, longitude, and altitude using the mobilephoneGPS sensor
Current location and target latitudes and longitudes
Manual Location insert available by latitude and longitude
Unlimited number of locations
Absolutely free to download this GPS military compass routefindernavigator app

App Information GPS Military Compass Navigator – Route Finder

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    GPS Military Compass Navigator – Route Finder
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    January 1, 2018
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  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Live Local and Travel
  • Installs
    100 - 500
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Live Street View Maps: Live Earth Navigation 2018 1.0 APK
Live Street View Maps: Live Earth Navigation 2018 Maps app can letyou search live map and see your area street live view bothfunction. Similar to earth maps live. Live Street View Maps: LiveEarth Navigation 2018 app is free to download. Street ViewPakistan. Street View Map Street View Live Map, street view. StreetView Live - Live Street View Satellite Maps - Live Maps Street appallow you to determine Your location and view building around youor in any point all over world also Traffic Status And Updated Mapquest.Download Street View Live and Maps to explore informationabout your street, world guide, earth map, realtime traffic andlive picture on maps. Find out about your street view, maps andliveview of your street view imagery on earth Instant street viewdelineate and google maps.Live Street View Maps: Live EarthNavigation 2018 Navigation app is designed to help you discoverstreet view of all places on on your single finger touch andunderstand your exact location with live map view. 3D Street viewapp & traveling planner is very amazing and helpful app for seelive street and global satellite view of places. See satellitestreet view of buildings and live inside street view of bigmarkets, tourist places with turn by turn navigation. Live StreetView Map: Earth Navigation has amazing features: determine anylocation see buildings, discover nature street view & earth mapview, street by street route finder, 2D map, 3D map, make driving& walking route quest, Satellite map, shares your location,search nearby public places with live street view map and indoormap. Live street is best route transit app.Live street view appwill show you the live view of places, where you plane you trip.Get airline and hotels information in USA, India, Russia, Canadaand plane booking according to tour. This app will help you as atrip guider at worldwide. get direction route of any local area,find place on earth map.Street view: 3D Location tracking appdesigned with full great mapping features; in public places you cansearch any tourist location, any direction for safe and save drive.If you lost in another area your job is that you just tap on thecurrent location and share the location with friends, relative andfamily.Live Street View Map: Earth Navigation app you stay in othercities or countries and you want to go in public place, and youwant to visit natural place, Just that open app and search placesnearby for example ( Restaurant, hospitals, public place, foodpoint). In lovely public place, app updates you every turn by turnand road by road. In the 3d street app, you can track road fromcurrent location to destination with 2D map and 3D map. New street3D view app very helps during the walking route time. In 3D map,you can see Any Building, any street etc.I am Proud of our teambecause they were struggling for the users, Developed the App forthe different purpose with helpful features. Now you can easilysearch shooing malls, food places. car connected map. see globallive street view of places before go there. all Europe city mapview. Features of Live Street View Map: Earth Navigation:2D, 3D andsatellite MapSee live buildings and streetsTurn by turn navigationand route updateShow distance and travel time during routeSearchany place and add into your favoriteUp-to-date mapUser friendlyinterfacePlanning of Routes and information for lovely AreasNOTEweinform to our users because our users are our assets 3D Street Viewfeature may be not work in some countries due to unavailability of3D street view of those countries. So don’t worry about this youwill be shown 3D satellite map at these countries. But you can seeany Europe and other regions live street view map from your countrylocation.
Live Global Satellite Weather Radar Earth Map 4.4 APK
This sophisticated Live Global Satellite Weather radar Earth Mapapp reflects the real-time radar weather online conditions andprovides you with detailed meteo data you need to know current and"Feels Like" temperature, today's Min/Max, the chance ofprecipitation and humidity information, pressure changes, windspeed and watch with Satellite view weather conditions, visibilitydetails and much more. The Live Global Satellite Weatherapplication for weather forecasts & alerts. Android has themost recent sea weather radar tempest updates, notices and alarmswith quick stacking Doppler radar weather alerts maps so you andyour family can remain weather alerts educated about the tempestFuture Radar weather!  Get a powerful yet easy-to-uselocal weather radar station right on your device with Live GlobalSatellite Weather radar Earth Map .Real-time animated weather HDradar and forecast images on a highly interactive ultra violet mapenhanced with severe radar weather warnings provide accurateweather today forecasts and don’t let bad weather radar take you bysurprise!.With Live Global Satellite Weather radar Earth Map youcan travel local areas where ever you want to go on global maps,Global satellite weather forecast app has 2D map for low androidversion smart phones. It is extremely very much furnished weatherconditions, radar forecasts & alerts with information reservingabilities and will never download copy information from the server.The downloaded climate ultra violet maps will put away locally andcan got to disconnected.Our tempest Future Radar following LiveGlobal Satellite Weather radar Earth Map application has a fullscreen intelligent satellite view guide with 8 hours of top qualitypast to future radar, propelled windstorm following, and continuousweather radar forecast serious climate alarms enable you to weatherradar & climate envision climate traveling your direction.Regardless of what is the whether now you need to see local stormcurrent climate conditions or every day and hourly conjecturesinitially, they're all accessible initially on your Androidgadget. When you plan a trip or tour one of the most importantthings is the weather radar condition of your location, 2 WeekWeather forecast report along your route and finally what theaccurate weather at your destination is. With this Live GlobalSatellite Weather radar Earth Map app you can check the liveweather info/ report before you start your journey. Thisinformation is accurate and up-to-date according to theweather. Display Real-Time live Weather Information. GetWeather Forecast planner with the Open Street weather world radarMaps.You understand and agree that this Live Global SatelliteWeather radar Earth Map app (incl. any updates or upgrades) maycause your device to automatically communicate with our servers todeliver the weather forecast functionality described above and tomake our products more efficient and effective, affect app-relatedpreferences or data stored your device, and collect personalinformation to provide the weather radar features described aboveand as set out in our privacy policy. Features;AccurateWeather forecasts for multiple locations all around the worldGetinformed of approaching precipitation with continuous rain cautionsat your Global area weather radar app.Know when and wherelightning strikes close to your weather watch with continuouslightning forecasts & alarms.Local Weather radar estimate andcurrent climate around the worldAbility to store an unlimitedamount of satellite view locations.Analyzing weather timelinetrends is now easier with graphs on daily and hourly screens.Statusbar on the home screen displaying the current temperature for yourcurrent or home location.No internet connection is required forthis weather forecast map app.
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Is the metal detecting is your habbit? Do you often help thefriends and family for searching the lost metal things? Turn yourphone into a realistic metel detector with Real Metal Detector –Sniffer Body Scanner HD app. Search for the jewels and rings on thebeach, treasure hunt in an old house or lost keys in office or caris incredibly easy. Download the app, choose the free metaldetector type and watch the indicator. As soon as you hear thebeep, act and get your lost device. Metal Detector is the cool toolfor fun. Application "Metal Detector HD" uses built-in magneticsensor. With the use of magnetometer it measures electromagneticfield (EMF) value in your surroundings.Actual value of the field isdisplayed as microtesla. Induction of Earth's magnetic field rangesfrom 30 to 60 microtesla (µT). If the intensity increases above 60µT it may mean that the telephone is near to ferromagneticmaterials (metallic objects). Use your phone to detect ferrousobjects such as iron and steel. Simply keep your phone flat withthe screen on top and swipe it over the area to be scanned. RealMetal Detector – Sniffer Body Scanner HD is an application whichdetects the presence of metal nearby by measuring the magneticfield value widget. This useful tools and tesl utilities uses themagnetic sensor frequency built-in your mobile device and showsmagnetic metal nail detecting field finder level in μT(microtesla). The magnetic field level (EMF Reader) in nature isabout 49 μT (micro tesla) or 490 mG (milli gauss); 1μT = 10mG. Ifany metal is near, the value of magnetic field will increase. Studmetal detector behind the wall finder app. gold metal detectormobile app free. android metal detector okm app demo. Hand heldgold metal detector studfinder mobile app free. metal ball keydetector manual with sound for locator trick. gold master metalكاشف mobile app free. Find super metal detector around the corner.Become metal soldier and find gold metal using this freeapplication. Stud Metal Detector Finder behind the wall. Like moneydetecting applications; Real Metal Detector – Sniffer Body ScannerHD helps you to detect metals using this sniffer body scanner app.The metal detector through ground sand on the beach. donde estametal detecting app to find office key. Metal detector spy toolapps for android. Best [Metal Detector Gadget]with sound. Amazingfeatures include metal detector digital magnetic tool body scanner.Real Metal Detector – Sniffer Body Scanner HD is a smart magneticmetal detector by smart digital spy tools app. Best body scannermetal detector window gadget. Easy to find coin with 中超 coppermetal detector. Android iron metal detector fist app demo for newusers. Metal detector level boost pro for finding a key.AmazingFeatures for Real Metal Detector – Sniffer Body Scanner HD: SleekDesignMarshmallow and Nougat SupportAccurate ReadingsVibration andSoundMetal DetectorDetection of metals around the phone through themagnetic fieldAlarm activation when magnetic field crosses alimitSettings for alarm limit, beep sound and vibrationDownload nowand enjoy the amazing metal detector with vibration and sounds inrealistic metel detector app….!!!
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Magic PIP Camera Effect – Sweet BeautywithSelfie is the most popular photo editor application forselfiephotos.PIP Camera with amazing pic-in-pic photo effects. Makeyourphotos extra fun with creative frames and du collage onlinephotoeffect layouts! to BIP Camera (Blender in Photo Camera) PIPCameraPhoto Effect. Magic PIP Camera Effect – Sweet Beauty withSelfie isa pic-in-pic frame collage maker up beauty cam withpowerful Makeupplus, amazing Filter Effects and cute stickers,allows you tocombine blurred photos in glass, hand, camera, boardand more toget picture-in-picture effect. Love Pip Camera Photo appGive youdifferant type of love pip image like heart,love frame, youcan setphoto inside new photo image in love pip camera application.Createbest Love pip Carmera image and shareintoWhatsapp,Facebook,Twitter,Line Instagram etc. You can selectimagefrom Gallary or Camera. photo editor picture in picture apppipcamera with 콜라주 제작자 . photo editor photography apps pip camerawith美篇 collage maker. pip pro camera frames for picturesprofessionalphoto editor . pip camera aparat new version 2017. pipcamera photoonline picture edit 2017 new for android. photo editorpip cameraapp free. new pip camera photo hat image effect 2017. pipcameraphoto editor cam pro. romantic pip selfie 最美 camera collage.bestfilter pip photo editor funny camera live effects. pip collagepicselfie app. all pip selfi frames with cool effects. fallout4piccam pip boy camera app. pip puppy cam photo big bustyphotomaker collage editor app. Pip Eunice effect camera mirror.pipselfie du collage maker photo editor.You can select photo from gallery or camera & edit imagebyapplying very sweet frames. At last save image, share imagewithyour friends, family and followers. Magic PIP Camera Effect –SweetBeauty with Selfie has all beautiful features whichincludesBeautiful creative Photo frames. Collage photo editoreffect blendmaker. PIP Camera Collage maker with online. Diwaliwishes quotesimages with pip camera magic photo effect. diwaliphoto frames.diwali photo editor background-foreground changer. PIPselfiecamera effects. Selfie camera photo editor. Smart Live Photogrid.DSLR camera collage photo effect. Insta square beauty pipcameraeffect. snap stickers and filters with many funny pic editingtoolwithin it. Its Photo editor new version 2017.PIP Camera Effect application allows you to make your photomorebeautiful by giving camera effects in glass, hand, camera,boardand more. Best Photo editing application for your selfies!Pipcamera is the best app for your selfie came.Pip camera makes your selfie pictures more beautiful andattractive.PIP Camera sets your photo inside photo frame with somecreativeframes. PIP Camera Selfie Photo Editor puts your photointo anotherphoto with special frames. PIP Camera is very easy touse. PIPCamera is best way to create creative photos withbluredbackground.Amazing Features for Magic PIP Camera Effect – Sweet BeautywithSelfie:Select photo from gallery or camera for PIP CameraPhotoEditor.Place your photo directly in PIP Camera in defaultCreativeframes.Select More Creative frames from PIP Frames to set yourphotodirectly in that creative frames.Save Photo of your PIP Camera Photo Editor folder.You can share your photo of PIP Camera Photo Editor viasocialmedia.The photo in photo blur automatically, and the filtersforbackground and foreground in Classic mode both canbechanged.Professional filtros para fotos.Easy to share with friends and familyInsta PIP Photo Editor Collage Photo CAM BeautyLove PIP Camera is gave a 15 referent type of pip frames.It require less memory and less batter in the mobileDownload now and enjoy with your collage colleagues andfamilymembers.
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Car Tracker! Car Parking Locator: Find My Car By GPS Car Finderuses your GPS to remember where you park with the push of just onebutton and guides you back to locate your car easily. Never againforget where to park my car you have parked! Car Parking Locator:Find My Car By GPS Car Finder is free car locator in the GooglePlay Store, with all essential information displayed at all times.Find My Car free is used to find your car after you park it inunfamiliar areas, large parking lots or elsewhere. It does not takeany vehicle registration info and cannot be used to find a stolenvehicle unless the thief used the app and mailed his phone to you.This find car location app reminds you & shows the locations ofyour shopping parking place, camping spot, bus stop, hotel, trailhead or any other location you would like to easily return later.Don’t be left behind. Car Park uses its vehicle parking reminderfeature to prompt you when your parking ticket runs out.Parking CarReminder: Find My Car by GPS: Parking your car means having toremember where exactly you left it. But, how many times have youended up wandering around for quite a while before finally findingyour car? Say you and your significant other are tourists in a citythat you don’t know, and you leave your car to go for an eveningwalk. Or, say you park in a rush in order to arrive on time for anappointment. But when you’re done... how do you find your car?Whereis my car?Parking Car Reminder: Find My Car by GPS allows you tosave the exact location of your parked car so you can laterremember where it's. Once saved the location of their parked car,you will be able to see the distance to it and its address, youwill be able to also share the location of the car and open the GPSto guide you to it.Also shows you the parking that exist around youand much more.Parking Car Reminder: Find My Car by GPS is alightweight minimalistic gps locator app. You can save yourlocation with a push of one button and then later you can easilyfind your way back to your car. Find My Car app uses gps to trackyour position and guide back to your saved location. You can seeyour current position on the View Map page where you can also getdetailed directions on how to get back to your initial location. Ifyou don't need detailed directions the simple gps route finder willguide you back visually with the help of the satellite view.To useAuto Save function, simply toggle on AutoSave switch. When parkingactivity is detected, a notification will pop up. Drag down thenotification bar then hit Ok button to confirm parking spot andfind the car later.Having difficulty finding your car back aftershopping or a football game? Now you can find your car within aclick. Parking Lost offers unique function so that it can rememberyour parking location automatically when you exit your car andnavigates you back to the car. Parking Car Reminder: Find My Car byGPS is the easiest to use free car locator in the Google PlayStore, with all essential Information displayed at all times.Parking Car Reminder: Find My Car by GPS uses your GPS to rememberwhere you park with the push of just one button and guides you backto locate your car easily. Never again forget where to park my caryou have parked! Find My Car free is used to find your car afteryou park it in unfamiliar areas, large parking lots or elsewhere.It does not take any vehicle registration info and cannot be usedto find a stolen vehicle unless the thief used the app and mailedhis phone to you. This find car location app reminds you &shows the locations of your shopping parking place, camping spot,bus stop, hotel, trail head or any other location you would like toeasily return later. Don’t be left behind. Car Park uses itsvehicle parking reminder feature to prompt you when your parkingticket runs out.Parking Car Reminder: Find My Car by GPS Features:
360° Viewer Media Player For Android - VR Cinema 1.0 APK
360° Viewer Media Player For Android - VR Cinema is a free andpowerful vr player app that supports all modes including panoramic360°videos ,2D and 3D videos (half side by side ). You can watch3D\2D\360°movies in the phone or network streaming files you canfind and even we recommend wonderful vr videos(Virtual Realityvideos)every week in VR. More wonderful content in VR waiting foryou! Get in touch with the world from a new perspective. Navigatein a 360° video! We made your 360 Video! 360° Videos offer thispossibility. 360° technology gives you the feeling as if you hadthe camera in your own hands. Available everywhere you need it.VIEW360 DEGREES EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS of latest events, experiences, behindthe scenes and destinations Recorded 360.This app will let youEmerge Into Virtual Reality with a new 360 video experiencerecorded and LIVE.360° Viewer Media Player For Android - VRCinema360° Viewer Media Player For Android - VR Cinema is aninnovative video player for playing exclusive 360 degrees immersivevideos to show all different views for free. You can choose yourown view.Experience the real world with this new 360° Viewer MediaPlayer For Android - VR Cinema free app. With this new VR 360 videoplayer you can experience live and recorded entertaining videos.This 360 VR player is an innovative 3D video player to play 360videos to show all the surroundings in one video. By engaging in apanoramic display videos, you can control whatever you want to seefrom your favorite angle. Just touch your screen and enjoy the full360 angle of all the videos through this VR 3d video player forandroid. Now you can watch all the videos from around the worldlike UAE, Dubai, USA, Middle East, UK, Canada etc., using this 360°Viewer Media Player For Android - VR Cinema App.An amazing 360 VRCardboard video player. 360° Viewer Media Player For Android - VRCinema allows you to watch the 360º video immersive. The virtualscene of this app is presented with 3D scene.An easy control wayhas been provided. All functions of this VR Cardboard App could becontrolled via "Gaze Selection". In the other word, you don't needto take out your phone for function control.Furthermore, "AutoQuality Control" gives you a better movie-watching experience thatwill definitely impress you.360 degree angle videos, is also knownas immersive videos or spherical videos, these videos arerecordings where a view in every direction is recorded at the sametime, shot using an omnidirectional camera or a collection ofcameras. During playback the viewer has control of the viewingdirection like a panorama mode. VR 360 video player is availablewith advanced features, high speed loading videos data and provideFull HD Video Player at 360 angle . VR 360 video player is a freeMultimedia player for the Android user. It plays most multimediafiles and also interact with 1080 pixel resolution.Features :</b>• Plays 360 º degree videos / Local / Online / Stream VRVideos• VR / Virtual Reality Videos• Use 360 ° degree | immersive |panoramic | spherical | 3D mode | VR mode videos.• Use Touch, useMotion• Use device gyro sensor to navigate in the video• Support inbuilt gyroscope.• Play 4k or more 360-degree videos.• No Drifting(BEST SOLUTION TO HANDLE DRIFT).• Faster Loading of 360° Image andVideos.• Use as a default Video player of android• Play any videoURL using http or on LAN• Play one saved 4K HD Video - Very HighResolution• Share with friends• Compatible with Oculus, Cardboard,HTC, Gear, HoloLens, Razer OSVR, Fove VR, Zeiss VR etc.• Play4K/8K/1080p/720p HD videos, 3D Blu Ray videos and MKV, MTS, M2TS,AVCHD, MP4 MOV, AVI videos
GPS Sensors Optimizer: Smart Sensor Multi Toolbox 1.0 APK
GPS Optimizer: Smart Sensor Multi Toolbox has an unlimited numberof GPS tools like speedometer, weather & forecast informer, airpollution monitor, location finder, phone tracker, level meter,compass, satellite finder in one app. Check to GPS reception inyour area, update data for faster fix times all this and other GPSand sensor data read from your phone. GPS satellite check andnavigation status toolbox is a very useful app for any kind oftravelers and the people who depend on GPS and related utilities.Nowadays most of the times we need to know about our current GPSlocation & its address, weather, forecast, air quality, vehiclespeed, satellite signal strengths, GPS alarm and more. GPS toolboxGPS test satellite radar and compass app helps you to find allthose information from your sitting place itself.The GPS toolboxspeedometer outdoor toolbox also has features of the magneticcompass and the ability to share your current location with yourfriends or social networks. GPS Optimizer: Smart Sensor MultiToolbox displays all the GPS and sensor data you ever were curiousabout position and signal strength of satellites, accuracy, speed,acceleration, altitude, bearing, pitch, roll and battery state. GPSsensor multi toolbox provides the compass with magnetic and truenorth, leveling tool, waypoints: mark or share your location andnavigate back later using the radar especially useful forgeocaching, or quickly marking your actual position. Smart sensorsGPS toolbox is the absolute all in one diagnostic tool app thatlets you know virtually everything about your mobile device status.Get full information about all sensors supported by your device.View in comfortable layout all data from your mobile device sensorsin real time, make sensors tests. Check data on chart graphic viewand text output available for each sensor and check a detaileddescription of each detector and parameters. With GPS Optimizer:Smart Sensor Multi Toolbox app you can check signal quality, testGPS module, check your position/location, satellites count, signalquality, fix the time and much more! GPS toolbox: GPS testsatellite radar & compass app is a comprehensive GPS toolsetthat offers GPS diagnostics, one-click GPS repair, GPS locker,location management and a powerful navigation system. Key Featuresof GPS Optimizer: Smart Sensor Multi Toolbox App:Accelerometerreadings linear acceleration and gravity sensorsGyroscopecalibrated and un-calibratedBarometer, pressure sensor Device 3dorientationProximity sensorTemperature sensorStep detector andcounter, kinetics sensorsSignificant motionRotation vectorsensorsOther motion and position sensorsRelative humiditysensorLight sensor Magnetometer, ambient magnetic field valuesstrength Signal strength and signal quality Detailed GPSinformationGPS fix time, accuracy, speed and bearingAbsolutely freeto download GPS Optimizer: Smart Sensor Multi Toolbox App.Displaysall the GPS and sensor data you ever were curious about: positionand signal strength of satellites, accuracy, speed, acceleration,altitude, bearing, pitch, roll and battery state.Tools provided:compass with magnetic and true north, leveling tool, waypoints:mark or share your location and navigate back later using the Radar(especially useful for geocaching, or quickly marking your actualposition).