1.1 / August 29, 2017
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GPS Route Finder - Mobile Location Tracker, GPS Tracker - MapsTraffic, Compass Navigation & Directions.

App Information GPS Route Finder - GPS Tracker

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    GPS Route Finder - GPS Tracker
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    August 29, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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GPS Route Finder - GPS Tracker 1.1 APK
GPS Route Finder - Mobile Location Tracker, GPS Tracker - MapsTraffic, Compass Navigation & Directions.
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GPS, Maps, Navigations & Driving Directions 2.0 APK
GPS, Maps, Navigations & Driving Directions is a Android appwhich helps you to Navigate freely using Google Maps. Actually GPS,Maps, Navigations & Driving Directions app has more advancedand unique features like GPS Navigation, Transits, Live Maps,Street View, Digital Compass in different modes like Satellitemode, Compass on Live Maps etc, and Traffic Alerts. Using GPS,Maps, Navigations & Driving Directions app you can navigatesolely without any fear using its advanced features like Compass,Traffic information, Live GPS on Live Maps. using GPS, Maps,Navigations & Driving Directions app you can use transitfeatures from Google Maps. All GPS Navigations are easy to followand easy to find traffic conditions around your current location.GPS, Maps, Navigations & Driving Directions app will help youto calculate best traffic free route for your destination and plotbest suited driving directions on live map. Its easy to findalternate routes to your destination. Using GPS, Maps, Navigations& Driving Directions app its very easy to find your currentaddress. For example when you’re in new location or away from yourhome town, its easy for you to know your current locations addressusing GPS, Maps, Navigations & Driving Directions app. Simplygo to Find Address option and click on Current Location and the appwill fetch you the Current Location Address of the location. Youcan simply share your current location and Address with your familyand friends. GPS, Maps, Navigations & Driving Directions appwill help you to calculate best traffic free routes and time totravel to the destination on maps. Simply by selecting two locationon the Map the app GPS, Maps, Navigations & Driving Directionswill calculate driving directions to that location by simplyselecting two location on live map. GPS, Maps, Navigations &Driving Directions app will help you to find GPS Directions usingDigital Compass. The Compass is a devise which helps you to see thedirection which you wants to travel using GPS, MAPS, Navigations& Driving Directions app you can have a accurate digitalcompass with you allays. Using Digital Compass is very easy, simplyopen app and go to Digital Compass option and select in which modeyou wants to use compass like Maps Mode, Night Mode, Camera Mode,Satellite Mode etc. Based on the mode you select the Compass willappear on top of the mode. GPS, Maps, Navigations & DrivingDirections app help you to keep track of all your visits you madeduring a day and show you in Location History feature. This featureis a unique feature which will help you to track all your visits onthe Map day wise. So its easy for you to see your traveled locationpoint to point navigation on map. GPS, Maps, Navigations &Driving Directions is simple, free to use and easy to use app. Allfuture updates are also free to use. Enjoy free GPS, Maps,Navigation, Compass, Traffic Alerts, Location History featuresusing GPS, Maps, Navigations & Driving Directions app.
DashCam 1.4 APK
DashCam Recorder is a free driving application that allows you torecord the events that take place on road while driving. Justsimply turn your phone in to a full-featured video recorder withmultiple options to choose. With the built-in manual andauto-recording mode, the DashCam is always ready to captureextraordinary moments when you are driving. Whether it is a hit andrun accident, falling meteorite, herd of deer or a herd of bisoncrossing the road or traffic conditions, reporting incidents, youwill always have something interesting captured in videos. ThisDashCam app is designed to essentially turn your phone into a dashcam, saving you the cost of purchasing a real dash cam but providesall of the same functionalities. There’s no guarantee a dash camwill save the day if you’re ever in a car accident, but if you wantone just in case, it’s good to install our DashCam app to keeptrack of all the incidents that take place on the road. And in mostincidents you just need to prove who is at fault to handle police,insurance, liabilities and all other associated costs. It has greatvideo quality, excellent warning notifications to help keep yourcamera running. Besides this, it can be pretty useful to set youmaximum highway speeds. Many users are concerned with someonenoticing their dash camera and deciding to break a window to stealtheir camera. They want a smaller, less colorful camera. Some ofyou aren’t worried; maybe you live in a relatively crime-free area.Do what makes you comfortable and happy. Our Top Options &Important Features: § Great for all kinds of drivers to recordpassenger interactions. § It’s much smaller than most cameras so itwon’t block your vision § If you get into an accident you candiscreetly watch your videos. You won’t have to pull out the SDcard or touch your dash camera. After viewing your videos you canmake a better decision on how to move forward. § Much likecamouflage if it doesn’t look like a traditional camera it’s lesslikely to draw attention. § Like GPS, this DashCam log your speedand position, directions, path and driving history. You canvisualize this information as and when needed. § Should youaccidently drift outside your lane it will give you an alarm so youcan straighten your vehicle. § Helps keeps your car a safe distanceaway from the vehicle in front. Gives an alarm when you get tooclose § Almost all cameras include a microphone. Audio adds contextto accidents (screeching tires, honking) and can capture anyconversations you may have with other drivers. § It allows you toset a speed limit where it will audibly and visually warn you thatyou have exceeded the speed. § Next is the shape. Much likecamouflage if it doesn’t look like a traditional camera it’s lesslikely to draw attention. § Instant playback is one of the mostvaluable features of a dash cam § It has great video quality,excellent warning notifications to help keep your camera running. §Located at the bottom, easy to see and easy to understand. § Bettervideo quality gives you an increased chance of capturing detailssuch as license plates and faces. Other additional features: -Support recording in the background - Support recording repeatedly- Auto recording once you launch the app - Support different videoresolutions and file size - Support specifying the video storagesize - Support sharing the video to your cloud drive - Supportrecording the driving trajectory - Support the feature which cannavigate to the last location in the video - Support editing videos- Continuous Background Recorder - Pause And Background - CameraFeatures like Zoom, Focus, Flash, Sound of/off, screen modeselection etc. - Auto deleting record file - Support video andphoto at the same time - Snapshot - Recording cycle set-up -Maximum capacity set-up - Recording files archive (Archived filesare excluded from automatic deleting) - Recording files information