1.0.2 / May 4, 2017
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Gradient Color Live LockScreen is beautiful lock screen wallpaperthem for android Smartphone. The best feature this applicationdifferent from others is the mobile Lock Styles, you can changecool next generation different gradient live wallpaper theme.Select from more different beautiful background elegant wallpapersfor android phone like linear gradient, solid color and radialgradient choose your favorites colors dynamic theme. Gradientcolors Live master Lock Screen is the powerful quality materialdesigned locker, which would make your Smartphone lock incrediblebeautiful. Efficiency & security privacy guard is the manyusers can experience on this app. The HD Gradient color wallpaperswill automatically update. Start new day with one new amazingwallpaper every day. Different more stylish of layout give you manybatter choice to make your android device with unique pattern lockscreen.Carefully theme designed interaction logically support youenjoy the visual skill and fluency action. Gradients LockScreen isthe best next generation Locker replacement colorful them app. Itmakes your Smartphone locks smooth & beautiful with 3dview.General Features of Gradient Color Live Lock Screen*Selectable gradient colors live theme orientation.* Best anAnimated them background.* Battery Integration with android app.*Double tap on screen wallpaper to view accessible features.*Customize theme master lock screen size and style* Home screeneffect view 3D parallax.* Slope 3d parallax background effectandroid app.* Really smooth animation slider theme with newgradients color.* Both mode supporting portrait landscapes.* Bothdevice mobile and Tablet supported.* Support move to sd cardandroid application.* This app totally free of cost install now!*Different type of variety like PIP (Photo in Photo) , Alphabet(abc) and shape backgrounds.* Make Design of Lockscreen yourselfbecause its gives yo DIY Lock Screen.* User can set custom Clockstyle, Slide to unlock style text and Lock screen massage.* Supportset keypad lock pin password, pattern passcode and photo passcodefor phone security.We begin from Gradients Colors Live Locks andpursue the final word launcher experience. Most light weighted,sprint running speed & improved usability, Gradient Color LiveLockScreen Launcher is that the good alternative for home screenreplacement and provides the simplest our from your movable.So faras a low startup, Elegant Gradients Colors Live LockScreen teammembers devote ourselves into Gradient Color Live Locker build it amuch better product! Hope this software package will make yourphone beautiful and unique!Gradient Locker team: we tend to squaremeasure a young team addicted to following dream and perfectness.We tend to square measure dreaming for the simplest launcher! Wetend to square measure following the perfectness of performance,speed, experience, effects, etc. we tend to never compromise! Wetend to believe that everything is possible!Contact Our Team:Email:gamewizardstudio@gmail.com

App Information Gradient Color Live LockScreen

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    Gradient Color Live LockScreen
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    May 4, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    GameWiz & Lock screen Security
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    2nd Floor, 171 Sant Jalaram Socity, Opp Pandol Ind., Ved Road, Surat, Gujarat, India - 395004
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Are you looking for a round corner lockscreen app? Then you are onright place. We are giving you best Lock app named as "Round Corneri Lock Screen Phone 8 OS11 Style". this lockscreen apps gives youOS 10 and OS 11 style on your phone 7 and phone 8 with round cornerdisplay.Carefully theme designed interaction logically support youenjoy the visual skill and fluency action. Gradients Lock screen isthe best next generation Locker replacement colourful them app. Itmakes your smart phone locks smooth & beautiful with 3dview.What you get from this Round Corner i Lock Screen Phone 8 OS11Style ?- Best eye catching UI for users- Perfect secure locker appwith pin, passcode, my photo passcode and pattern lockscreen -Maintain photo passcode lockscreen and my name lock screen with 4to 8 digit photo passcode lock screen- Change left rounded corner,left rounded corner, top rounded corner and bottom rounded cornerfor s8 style lockscreen - Many customizable setting like turn onand off lockscreen, lockscreen sound, lockscreen vibration andparallax wallpaper- Only one click to enable disable lockscreen,lockscreen sound, lockscreen vibration and parallax wallpaper- BestDIY i Lock screen OS 10 and OS 11 style which helps you to editimage like PIP (Photo in photo), Shape photo and alphabet photo foras 3D parallax wallpaper and background- Many parallax backgroundand wallpaper in built app or user can choose wallpaper in fromhis/her gallery - High Quality lock app with advance technology formaintain fast next generation loker app.- Customizable round lockscreen app with change clock style and slide to unlock i lockscreen os 11 message - User can change clock style, text and textsize of clocks- User can change slide to unlock style, text andtext size lock app- User can change i lock screen OS11 message onscreen- You can use elegant and unique wallpaper from gallery picsfor mobile security- Main advantages of DIY i lock screen os 11 andos 10- A simple and powerful DIY locker editor that permits you toquickly produce customized, beautiful, and even complex elegantthemes- You can Take background wallpapers picture with your builtin camera or upload images from your picture albums too, means ilockscreen app also allows using all dynamic HD wallpapers fromyour gallery & camera.- Lots of animation for android phonescreen locks Lot- Best more different color for keypad themesRoundCorner i Lock Screen Phone 8 OS11 Style is one of the bestpowerful, security & beautiful wallpapers design locker screenwith elegant os11 style lock on screen. This app is the bestandroid locks application which is app locks & secured withcompletely free.If you have any query or suggestions in RoundCorner i Lock Screen Phone 8 OS11 Style app, please contact us toour web application developers and support team.E-mail:gamewizardstudio@gmail.com
com.gamewiz.dialer.vault 2.8 APK
Are you bored with calculator hide photo video vault app then wewill give you elegant vault named as Dialer vault I Hide PhotoVideo App OS 11 phone 8. MyDialer helps you hide your privatephoto, video, audio, and files. It hides pictures from anyunauthorized person and secures them in the app that will be calledMyDialer. You no longer have to dread letting anyone go throughyour photo gallery on your Android smart phone or tablet as you caneasily use our photos locker to lock all these private images,videos, audios or any type of file that you want. These encryptedimages or videos can only be viewed and accessed via this app usingthe passcode and no one can open it without the passcode that youwill set once you install our app. So once you install our app onyour device, we make sure that no one can see your private files oreven find them because we used the latest security technologiesinside our app and because it was developed by a team of experts indata security. Hide photos & videos from your photo gallerylock and access them easily using a secret PIN code. Now you caneasily share your phone without worrying about privacy secretvault. User can add multi select feature to import hundreds ofphotos/videos quickly Why you need to download and install Dialervault I Hide Photo Video App OS 11 phone 8 to secure images andlock videos instead of other gallery encryption apps? Dialer os10features : ☆ OS 10 dialer is easy to use for everyone ☆ Fast andsmooth dialer ☆ Extra light weight dialer ☆ Smart T9 algorithm tosearch contact form I dialer ☆ Inbuilt I contact OS 10 style foryour phone 6 and phone 7 ☆ Directly call/text to someone only onone click ☆ View recent I contact and missed calls ☆ Add or removefavorite list ☆ Speed Dial Vault features : ☆ Pin Passcode as Idialer call - Dial number as passcode and press call button toenter in confidential space in your phone ☆ Intruder Selfie (Backin alerts) - Intruder selfie (Back in alerts) allows you to easilysee who has tried to unlock your device without your authorizationor enter the wrong pin ☆ FingerPrint Detection - Finger PrintDetection will help you to enter into vault without need to enterpassword on supported devices ☆ Uninstall Protraction - UninstallProtraction Prevents this app to uninstall and protect photos,videos, and files ☆ Hide private contact - Easily user can hidecontact and use it anytime for call and send messages ☆ FakePassword - User can set fake passcode for save image and video fakespace or fake vault ☆ All files are supported - Hide any type offile such as apk, audio, video, image, video, pdf and etc files ☆Disguise or Hide App Icon - App is itself secret dialer Disguise ormake vault icon disappear from your home screen, so no one knows itexists ☆ Password recovery - User can easily recover passcode withsecurity question We used BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN Only used to preventaccidentally uninstall of your device. FAQs of Dialer vault I HidePhoto Video App OS 11 phone 8 1> What is Fake PIN? - Fake PINallows you to add a secondary space to disguise your real space,you can access Fake space using separate PIN. This is very helpfuland keeps your real space even more secure if anyone makes you openyour space and you have no other way to out of the situation. 2>How do I recover items after uninstall? - Your Files are locked andstored inside application internal memory. Before uninstallapplication unhide all files after uninstall application will eraseall hide files and will be lost forever. Do not Factory reset yourphone, It will remove the application and it's all data forever.3> How do I recover the password? - In case you forget yourpasscode you can reset it by entering 123456789 and press callbutton 4> How to unhide my app icon? - Please dial ##YOUR_PIN onsystem dial-pad or go to settings > apps > MyDialer >Manage space it will be automatically open MyDialer and disablehide app icon features
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If you want to hide secretly photos, videos, audio, contacts, andany files then calculator vault hide photo video gallery lock appis the best stuff for hiding data in MyCalculator app. Incalculator vault hide photo video gallery lock app there are manyfunctionalities like hiding picture, video, audio, contact, hideany other file stores in your SD-Card and app icon, Internal memoryor cloud. MyCalculator has much more functionalities like set pinpasscode, security question for forgetting passcode, intruderselfie, fake pin and uninstall protection. Calculator vault hidephoto video gallery lock app is a private photo lock app &photo hider app that lets you hide pictures and personal picturelock and photos hider albums or secret videos behind calculator.photos vault looks like the simple calculator with the naked eyebut has a secret gallery vault behind it, it is also useful forfreeing up space on your device by storing your photos and videosin your secure app storage. Try this amazing functional hidepictures so that hidden pictures not visible in the photos gallery.Features of MyCalculator • Best Calculator - The calculatorprovides simple and advanced mathematical functions in abeautifully designed with addition, subtraction, multiplication,and division operations. • Hide everything - A user can hideeverything like the photo, video, audio, contact and any type offiles • Lock screen setup - A user can choose Pin passcode and alsofingerprint as open private space from calculator and accessprivate stuff. • Face down to lock - In a tight situation? HaveMyCalculator itself when your device faces downward and open thecalculator. • Intruder selfie (Back In alerts) - If someone triesto open the private vault with the wrong passcode then it capturesan intruder selfie (Back In alerts) like him / her photos secretly.• Fack Pin - A user can set a fake pin for fake space. It means ifsome user knows its vault then you can write fake passcode andredirect to fake space. • Uninstall protection - If someone triesto uninstall application then it will protect the unistallapplication. • Hide app icon - A user can hide the icon fromlauncher so no one can see the icon of a vault and you can openvault using system dialer or manage space. • Gallery - Inbuiltgallery of all hidden file so you can check individually check itfrom an app. • No storage limitations - There are no limitations ofstorage as your phone memory and sd card storage. It means you canhide everything with your storage capacity • Best UX and UI - Weimplement perfect user interface and user experience for everything• Excluded from recants - it does not show in ‘recent apps’ listfor user privacy. We used BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN Only used to preventaccidentally uninstall of your device. FAQs of calculator vaulthide photo video gallery lock app 1> What is Fake PIN? - FakePIN allows you to add a secondary space to disguise your realspace, you can access Fake space using separate PIN. This is veryhelpful and keeps your real space even more secure if anyone makesyou open your space and you have no other way to out of thesituation. 2> How do I recover items after uninstall? - YourFiles are locked and stored inside application internal memory.Before uninstall application unhide all files after uninstallapplication will erase all hide files and will be lost forever. Donot Factory reset your phone, It will remove the application andit's all data forever. 3> How do I recover the password? - Incase you forget your passcode you can reset it by entering123456789 and press % button 4> How to unhide my app icon? -Please dial ##YOUR_PIN on system dial-pad or go to settings >apps > MyCalculator> Manage space it will be automaticallyopen MyCalculator and disable hide app icon features
Round Corner i Call Screen OS11 Phone 8 Style 1.4 APK
Are you bored with stock and native i call screen? Don't Worry weintroduce new Round Corner i Call Screen OS11 Phone 8 and OS10Style for your android smart phone. once you download it we sureyou will love Call Screen OS11 With Rounded Corner Call Style. HD iCallscreen OS11 with awesome rounded corner like S8 on your androidsmart phone. it's same as which you see in OS 11, OS 10, and OS9 onPhone 8, Phone 7 and Phone 6 get it now. Best features in RoundCorner i Call Screen OS11 Phone 8 - Round Corner OS11 and OS10style Callscreen - Easy settings for every round edge on callscreendialer - Great looking incoming call and outgoing call screen UIwith Rounded Corner - HD Wallpaper OS11 Style and also select HDBackground from your gallery - Very easy to customize i callscreenand play with all settings of caller screen dialer - Easy to switchin Full Screen Caller ID and hide your status bar - Block orUnblock unwanted spam Calls - Show international number format onyour call screen - Animation for your incoming and outgoing icallscreen - HD Ringtone OS11 and OS10 style incoming call - BestCallscreen theme of Phone8 and Phone7 Style - Rounded Edge for yourcallscreen Best features in Round Corner i Call Screen OS11 Phone 8Dialer - Speed dial number on long press on 0-9 number on Dial Pad- Advanced T9 Search for fast number dial for Dialer - OS11 andOS10 Style Call Dialer - Easy to manage call long - Neat and CleanContact Details - Manage your i Contact book - Add your i Contactto favorite list on Dialer So What are you wating for download freeRound Corner i Call Screen OS11 Phone 8 app to make your androidsmart phone looks incredible like Phone 8 and OS 11 now. Reach usany time for feedback, help or any suggestion on :gamewizardstudio@gmail.com
Call Screen 1.4 APK
Are you bored with in built call screen download i call screen OS10 and OS 9 style call screen in your phone 6 and phone 7. Downloadthis call screen dialer app and enjoy Phone 5, 5s, SE, 6, 6s,6splus 7, and 7plus UI style i caller screen on your android smartphone now. We make an anroid app named as for touchwiz call screenwith great UI and UX with Dialer and OS10 and OS9 Caller Screen.Enjoy your unlimited free incoming and outgoing Jio4GVoice, Tmobilecellphone or other networks with using of i callscreen phone7 UIcalls design theme. Best Fetures of Call Screen OS9 and OS10 - iCall Screen Have Great Incoming and outgoing caller ID - User Canuse Full Screen Caller ID with Full Screen Enable option - User CanChange Animation of Full Screen Caller ID - Easy to swipe CallerScreen receive and accept number - Easy to custominze backgroundfor touchwiz i call screen - Block and Unblock Spam contact. -Advance T9 serch Dialer in callscreen - Simply user can managefaveorite contect and recent calls - Best OS10 and OS9 style dialerpad - User can view contect in i dialer phone - Any time exit fromcall screen with back press - Display your phone number asinsternation style - Open dialer from missed call notificationdirect - Best callscreen UI for touchwiz So what are you waitingfor download call screen for touchwiz now and make your phonecaller screen looks incredible like never before.
HD Phone 8 i Call Screen OS11 1.4 APK
Download HD Phone 8 i Call Screen OS11 and make your phone callscreen incredible and style like OS11 and OS10 on your androidsmart phone. This is totally new look with very dark gray colorbackground and OS11 Style Theme Background for your i Call ScreenPhone 6 and Phone 7. This app is very similer as in OS9, OS10 andOS11 style and also in Phone 6, Phone 7 and Phone 8 Style CallScreen on your android smart phone. Please check out below our allfree features for HD Call Screen OS11 Now. 【 Best Features of HDPhone 8 i Call Screen OS11 】 ☎ OS11 Style incoming Call Screen and☎ OS11 Style outgoing Caller Screen. ★ Super Fast Call Screen ever★ Callscreen with OS11, OS10 and OS9 Style theme ★ Caller ScreenDialer with Phone 6, Phone 7 and Phone 8 Style theme ★ Customizeyour Callscreen OS9 Backgroud from Gallery also ★ Change CallScreen Dialer animation for incoming and outgoing call ★ Showinternation number format for Call screen number ★ You can easilyexit from call screen with back press ★ Show Full Screen Caller IDwith hide status bar on single tap ★ HD Ringtone OS11 and Phone 8Style ★ Block or Unblock any spam contact ★ HD Backgroud andWallpaper OS11 Style for your Callscreen 【 Best Features of HDPhone 8 i Call Screen OS11 Dialer 】 ★ T9 Search Dialer for FastDial number with some taps ★ Advance Speed Dial Option for FastDial number ★ Direclty access dialer from missed call notification★ Easy to manage contact and also View Contact details neat andclean ★ Neat and Clean design for dialer ★ Easy to manage your CallLog and missed call ★ Add Contact to Favorite to direct dialnumeber. It's itn't enough for you? So what are you waiting forDownload HD Phone 8 i Call Screen OS11 now and show your friendsand family your have same as phone 6, Phone 7 and Phone 8 and yourPhone OS is like OS9, OS10 and OS11. if your have any problem orsuggestion please mail us on : gamewizardstudio@gmail.com