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Plane fighter game has an adventurous flight simulation gameplay,where you can become a real-life pilot. Fly the fighter jet up intothe sky and fight the enemy battleships. They are trying to invadethe city and only you can save us. Dive into the intense air-to-aircombat battle against enemy planes and save the city. You will begiven proper instructions and weapons to win the battle. Make sureyou practice your flying skills, before even trying to fightbattleships. This aircraft pilot simulator game gives you a newadventurous to play than the other real airline driving 3dsimulator games. Each level is most difficult than the previouslevel. This airline flying game does not contain age violence orany other complete content. Flying your airline plane through aninfinite environment that contains city, lakes and oceans withrealistically showed flying Airplanes. The game consists ofreal-life aircraft flying scenarios and pilot duty to transportcars in your Airplane. Perform dizzying acrobatic manoeuvres, getthe enemy in your sights and hit the trigger to shoot them down.Become the supreme lord of the skies in Sky Jet Fighters now!Thesky war starts against enemy fighter jets and ends on various enemybattleships. You have to shoot missiles and other weapons towardsthem. Make sure to keep an eye on the radar system, and dodge theenemy attacks at the same time. We have a few jets left, so youneed to manage the flight wisely. Take control of our airbase andmake use of the remaining assets to win the battle. Do you likeplaying aeroplane robot game or highly engaging aeroplane robottransformation games then this will fulfil your requirements? Inthis robot battle game, you will play as vigilant flying airplanehaving airplane simulator or eminent transformation robot alongwith futuristic robot & instantly eradicate all evil robotswhich includes flying steel hero or highly destructive jet robotloaded with supersonic flying kill machine & advanced warmachine weapons utilized flying rescue mission or futuristic cityrobot battle.How to Play?- Use tilt or button controls to fly yourfighter aeroplane- Follow the radar and find your enemies- Getfamiliar with your weapons and shoot missiles - Follow instructionsprovided in each level- Destroy all enemy planes and battleships-And that’s allThis game is specially made for the toughest thrilllovers and flying superhero gamers. Become the pilot of one of thefastest air fighters 1942. Invade the skies with your flying skillsand destroy all the enemy ships. Perform different stunts in theair and dodge enemy missiles at the same time. Isn’t it amazing? Sowhy are you still waiting? Download the air fighter simulator 3dgame and enjoy!You can play with different air fighter planes andmaster your flying skills. Our smooth and user-friendly gameplaywill be entertaining itself. Each level has specific instructionsfor you to follow, so you won’t have to worry a lot. Just focus onshooting missiles and flying safely in the skies of the grandcity.Features of Plane Fighter Simulator 2017:- Multiplechallenging combat missions for you- Jet Fighters with realisticmissile shooting animations- Realistic controls & Smooth PlaneFlying Experience- Cockpit View for you to enjoy this air fightersgame- Intense battleship fighting and realistic flying environment-Music effects and realistic battle sounds- Modern weapons of jetfighters & battleships- Endless thrill and action simulatorexperience in this air fighters rortos game

App Information Grand Air Fighter Attacks - War Fight Pilot 2018

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    Grand Air Fighter Attacks - War Fight Pilot 2018
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    November 2, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Echno Gaming Master
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If you like 3D sports car parking simulator and like toughchallenges of car parking games 3d 2017 new, then sports carparking 3D might be the perfect game for you. This Real Car parking3D is an incredible newest sports car parking game for Android thatrequires highest accuracy and precision. This car parking simulatorprovide you a situation of parking lot and sports car challenges.You will need top skills in handling, accelerate and obstacleprevention to get your sports car parked. In this extreme carparking 3d game, drive your favorite awesome sports cars around thecorners, barriers and parking cones with accuracy and speed toenjoy action-packed driving, superb graphics, and severechallenges. In this 3d car parking game, you can easily handle yourcar view cameras to drive safely from hard turns and impossibletrack car parking situations. Select the Camera view of your choiceand have a lot of fun with this new addictive luxury car parking 3dHD 2017. This biggest mobile sports car parking new 2017 offer youthe most impressive, powerful and colorful Multi Level Car ParkingGame 2 in your showroom to enjoy driving.FEATURES:• ChallengingMissions to test your driving skills.• Simple car handling controls(Tilt, Steering, and Buttons).• Realistic parking places with 50levels.• Challenge your ability to Luxury Car Parking backwards.•An adjustable view of the mirror.• Realistic Car physicssimulation.• Control your sports car with an Arrows.• Exciting GasStation car parking challenges.• Marvelous 3D graphics with arealistic environment for Smart Car Parking Crane Driver 3D Sim:Multi Level.GAMEPLAYThe Real Car Parking 3D starts by offeringsimple but tricky tasks to parking mania your sports car in theright position without colliding with obstacles along your path.There are pillars and other cars parked in the Gas station parkingso be careful to avoid them along with your way towards thedestination. Get the checkpoints and cruise toward the dr. parkingplaces to accomplish all the missions in this speed car parking2017. There are four chances of collision in this extreme carparking 3d, so learn the skills first to achieve the tasks. This isone of the new and unique Super DR Car parking games of 2017 thatgive challenges like reverse and parallel Car Parking Simulator 3d,avoid the cones alongside the Street Car Parking 3D points andposition your vehicle inside the Manual gearbox Car parking area.For the accurate super car parking, first exercise your patience,select your mirror angles and press the acceleration and brakesbutton to test your Jumping Roof Parking Car Games skills.There areNumber of awesome Christmas Party Car Parking to unlock and 50different thrilling missions in this SUV Car Parking Game 3D. Asyou move along missions, the situation becomes more challenging andexciting to accomplish. You have various camera angles to ensureyour accuracy in Dr. Driving parking backward. Unblock Car Parkingyour favorite exotic realistic sports cars to improve your drivingskills and be a professional Reverse Car Parking Simulator: DriverSchool 2017 driver in speed parking games. The car controlling isvery challenging, you can handle the car in different modes. Everyprofessional sports car driver reverse the car in an awkwardsituation, so don’t forget to use this feature in your favor. Showyour skills and drive fast like other real car park games 3d to getthe checkpoints because there is a time limit to accomplish eachmission. So Hurry up, every mission offers a race against time.Like other Car Parking Valet best games and fun car parking gamesthis Prado Car Parking Challenge is so exciting to play.We hope youwill enjoy this real sport parking 3D game and learn the essentialskills to drive sports cars. Please rate our game if you like toplay coolest new Street Prado Car Parking 3D games 3D.
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Euro Truck Simulator 3D is a realistic truck simulator game thatgives you exciting driving experience. Drive modern cargo trucks toexplore the city environment and test you’re driving skills in realtraffic conditions. Operate Rigid Trucks to transport cargo andbecome a real gigantic truck transporter. The graphics of thisHeavy Truck Simulator game is incredible and gives you a fun ridewhich makes this game exciting. The addition of realistic music anddifferent innovative camera modes make this game one of the bestCargo Truck Simulator game in 2017. Driving a big truck can be adifficult task to handle you need real expertise in parking todeliver packages on the right spots. Features- Fresh attractivemusic.- Traffic around roads.- Best game ever among Truck gamesonly driving and truck games in 3D- Most realistic truck physicsdesigned for vehicles- Hours of gameplay, traveling massive roadswill take time!- Multiple cameras: Interior camera, Front camera,and Third person view.- Realistic steering driving handling.- Loadsof cargo transfer missions.- Real life truck sounds for engines,brakes, horns.- Truck simulator game with high-quality HDgraphics.Game PlayBecome truck driver city rush, hold the steeringof a cargo truck and enjoy most realistic Grand Truck Simulatordriving game. In this Euro Truck Simulator 3D game, you have totransfer lots of cargo items from one place to its destinations aslike other truck driver cargo games. There are a number of levelsto enjoy this real monster cargo truck game among other truck games2018. Earn rewards and cash to unlock new cargo trucks. You canearn points from watching ads also. Different camera views,speedometer, destination maps help you in completing missions moreeasily. You can change your camera view for your convenience at anytime of the mission. So, drive your truck between cities andhighways to finish your missions and become the trucker king ofroads in this 3D Truck simulator game.What's New- Adding New andLatest Truck Driver cargo 3d and Cargo Trucks.- New and excitingRoad Maps In this truck simulator 2018 game.- Bug fixes andimprovements of this truck driver cargo transporter game.-Extensive Truck Tuning and truck driver game.- Online Leaderboardsin this USA truck driving simulator game- Tilt steering, left righttouch buttons In this truck simulator pro 2 game.- New feature ofTruck parking in this truck driver cargo 2018 game
Angry Whale Shark Hunter - Raft Survival Mission 1.2 APK
Shark hunting raft game puts you in an ultimate underwater whaleshark hunting environment, where bravery and underwater spearfishing awareness will be tested step by step in the way of sharkhunting game. You can be a real shark hunter by aiming your huntergear from the shark raft survival mission or go for an underwaterhunter experience as a scuba boat diver. Defend yourself and huntunderwater shark with a range of high powered shark hunting andfish hunter gear, from spear, fishing hook, pistols to underwaterassault rifles and machine guns.Turn your underwater shark huntingdream into a reality by playing this fish hunter. Start a epicbattle against angry whale shark attacks and upgrade your sharkhunting skills. Shark hunting raft is designed especially for sharkhunting and island survival game lovers. Either stay on your sharkraft and wait for the sharks to come near the surface or jump inthe sea as a diver and experience the thrill of shooting &hunting down angry sharks. Get ready to put those hunting skillsinto some bigger and better than ever shark hunting experience inEvolution of Hungry Shark. Each mission is important and has apossible effect on your future strategy and game play. Even yourweapons and ship up gradation is solely based on your previousobjective success. So, don't lose your attention and fight like ashark hunter because this is your destiny now to fight until youwill take the revenge from these smart crew of sharks. Enter theworld of sea & be a shark sniper hunter in the animal snipershooting game. There is boat surfing like bike surfing in thegameFeatures of Angry Whale Shark Hunter - Real Raft SurvivalIsland Escape Mission: • Realistic Angry and Intelligent Sharkattack game.• Hunting Weapons like Bows, Arrows, Spears and MachineGuns to safe yourself from hungry shark world.• Underwater SharkHunting & Shark Raft Hunting Challenges.• Detailed and EngagingStory based Levels in shark simulator 3d.• Thrilling Shark HuntingJourney.• Smooth Game Play without any lag.• Its really interstingand have a unique story among other underwater games on playstore.Be aware of facing any surprise challenges and killing alltypes of enemy sharks like white sharks, blue sharks, tiger sharksand hammerheads in this shark world also. A small error will leadto your death in this shark game.
Real Forage Tractor Farming Simulator 2018 Game 1.0 APK
Experience the latest farming simulator game on your phone and livethe life of a farmer! Take control of a full-time farmer andcomplete various challenging missions. If you love performingfarming tasks, or just want to try our stuff? This farming sim 2017game is perfect for you! You will get the awesome farmingexperience by ploughing in a beautiful land. Harvest differentcrops on your farm and make money on the go! Use the latesttechnology and drive various farming machinery to make your taskeasier. We have added harvesting cargo tractors, farming trucks,transport trucks, water bowser, and much more. So make sure youhave enough time before you dive into the virtual world ofFARMING!. This farmer has lots of acres fertile land and animalslike cow buffalo chickens goats etc. He also has machinery likefarming trucks, harvester, crop choppers, trolley and sprayer.Youwill also enjoy various transportation missions by selling yourharvested crops to the city. Load the cargo trucks and drive to thecity market and earn some money. Hard work always pays off andthat’s what this game is going to teach you! You will experiencethe hustle & bustle of a farmer’s life. How a farmer ploughsseeds, takes care of the farm, maintain poultry system, and doeverything to have a happy life. But all of that is packed with asimulation gaming experience in virtual farming simulator adventuregame. Being a successful farmer today requires knowledge ofadvanced technology and operation of many trucks and machines likefarm tractor machines, heavy cargo truck driving, euro farm tractoretc. Tractor parking is a skillful task and in this farm tractorsimulator, you will be mastering this parking skill. In this farm,quest grows farm fresh foods for your country. Drive heavy tractor& cargo your cultivated crops to city market to support thecountry's economy and to gain profit for you & your family.Enjoy fs tractor driving in this farming simulator 2017. Cultivatedifferent crops including rice, wheat, corn & also forageplough season is available. Start your agriculture carrier in thecountryside with a beautiful farm and enjoy farming sim withdifferent farming tractors and machines.Farmer’s tractor drivingtechniques are quite different from other people because they haveto work around difficult offroad paths. The bumpy roads of thevillage towards the city are more than a challenge for a normalperson. Thanks to the advanced driving machinery, you can have afabulous driving experience as compared to a farmer. After you haveharvested the crops from your own farm, you can sell it to thelocal city market. Now for that, we have added some powerfulfarming tractors for you to drive. You can load your crops into theheavy driving transport trucks and take them to the city. Make sureto drive carefully, so you could reach safe and sound.Are youexcited to experience the life of a farmer? Then why not give it atry? Just click on the install button and let the adventure begin!Farmer’s Tractor Farming Simulator 2017 is waiting for you.★★★ SomeEye-Catching Features ★★★- Realistic 3D Farming Environment for youto Enjoy- Latest Cultivating & Farming Machinery- Producehigh-quality crops from the fertile land- Quality gaming experiencewith modern simulation effects- Beautiful 3D Animations & SoundEffects- Realistic physics for farming machinery with easy drivingcontrols- Multiple challenging missions to have fun- Differentlevels to challenge your farming skills - 100% Free to Play-No Wi-Fi Required
Iron Superhero flying Robot - City Rescue Mission 1.0 APK
An iron robot man flying simulator is one of the latest simulationgames, where you play the role of popular super hero. Use the powerof Iron superhero flying to save civilians in trouble, by reachingtheir destination on time. You can also run with super-fast speedand reach to the injured civilian. Take them to the nearesthospital and move on towards an adventurous journey. It is anamazing action Iron spider simulator where you will experience realflying adventure around the battlefield as a flying robot steelhero legend. It has many rescue missions and as a true militarysuperhero suits, you have to save your war heroes injured duringthe battle with terrorists and criminals.Your main goal is to flyand run towards destinations shown in the radar system. Help thepeople suffering from different conditions and asking for help!There are easy to use controls, both for Iron-man flying andrunning on the roads of Grand City. So use them and complete eachlevel to earn rewards! Be a true Military Army hero by flying overgun shooting action filled war zone to rescue your fellow injuredmilitary army soldier commandos in this thrilling iron legend orsteel mech army rescue robot game.The great man of IRON WARRIOR hasevery super power captain America required to save the city fromdifferent conditions. We need an expert flying hero, who can flyaround the city and fight with criminals. There are various crimescenes occurring in the city. Police can’t get rid of them at thesame time! So you must take the responsibility of a hero and dealwith the emergency situation. Superhero animal rescue game is anexclusive blend of US Army superhero rescue games, flying herogames, superhero adventure & super power games. You are one ofthe best grand city heroes from action hero legend squad, go to thegrand city and complete your challenging US Army superhero rescuemission and enjoy the superhero adventure.You can enjoy the realflying adventure with our great robotic hero simulator. Thefuturistic super powered robot is all in your control with amazingpowers. You can fly up high over the buildings and run super-fastwith boosters. Forget about normal simulation games and experienceadventurous thrill at the same time. You will be notified abouteach emergency situation with a notification box. Once you havereceived the necessary details, you just have to rush towards thespot. Run or fly as fast as you can and complete the mission withprovided instructions. That’s it! Sound’s simple? Why not try it?Just install the game! Features of Iron Superhero flying Robot CityRescue Mission 3D:- Beautiful 3D city environment to fly and run atdifferent levels- Iron Robot with Futuristic super powers andphysics- Smooth and Easy Robot Controls with Simple buttons-High-Quality Graphics and Sound System- Smart traffic system andanimations- Realistic emergency situations to be tackled at thesame time- Different types of challenges in each mission to becompleted- 100% Free with Everything necessary for a perfectsimulation game- Easy to play for everyone
City Taxi Driving Simulator 17 - Sport Car Cab 1.4 APK
City Taxi Sim 2017 is one of the unique taxi driving 3D games freethat gives a realistic passenger traveling scenario. You can rideyour favorite real City Taxi Sim 2017 in the city traffic to pickand drop the passengers to their desired locations and earn moneyto advance in your career in this taxi driver game. Help the needypassengers to get towards their desired places on time like mostsimulation games. The environment of this Taxi Driving Simulator isvery engaging. The scenario of euro taxi simulator makes this gamevery entertaining. Like other taxi driving games 2017 newsimulator, you have to drive the passengers as fast as you can tobeat your rival taxi driver simulator owners to outclass them inthis game. REAL CITY TAXI SIM 2017This real City Taxi Sim 2017 gameis very addictive for taxi simulator games lover. You can enjoythis taxi driver 3D as a youngster, while mature people can alsoenjoy this crazy taxi simulator free. Innovative graphics andcameras were used to develop a situation of a very cool New YorkCity Map. This addition of real classic maps in taxi games 2017 isusually very rare. So, play this New York Taxi simulator to exhibitthe challenging missions of this game.Enjoyable Features:1.Real-time Taxi Handling.2. Modern City taxi games with trafficlights.3. One of the most addictive city taxi driving car games.4.Great euro taxi simulator sounds. 5. HD graphics and Real interiorsof taxis.6. Early morning city environment.7. Latest modern citytraffic situation.8. Original Passengers pick up and drop off.9.Comfortable driving camera views.BEST CAB DRIVING SIMULATORGAMEPLAY:Drive your modern crazy taxi sim through city highwayslike a real taxi driver to give a ride to passengers in this bestcab driving simulator. Pick up the waiting travelers from theirhomes like Uber and transport them towards the checkpoint areaslike other new simulation games. Drive as quickly as possible totransport the passengers towards their desired locations to earnmaximum fares. As we know this is the basic idea behind these taxisimulator games with passengers. Complete all the given tasks ofeach mission to complete this taxi new game. You can also use theearned fares to buy and upgrade your cab, to speed up yourgameplay. As fast you travel, the more you earn in this euro taxisimulator game. Follow the rules, to be a good driver in taxi gameswith traffic lights.TAXI SIMULATOR GAMES WITH PASSENGERS:Pick upthe waiting passengers, collect cash and operate your cab in thistaxi driving games 2017 new. Boost your company revenues by buyingmore cabs to speed up your gameplay in this newest City Taxi Sim2017 game.Drive around in a great looking city location toexperience real passengers traveling like other free taxi parkinggames. Your passengers are your real assist, so please them to be aprofessional in these taxi driving car games. Have fun to speed upyour vehicle to dodge and overtake other taxis and traffic to makeyour taxi sim popular in the city. Download City Taxi Sim 2017 fromGoogle Play to have all the fun.
Car Traffic Racer Fever : City 1.2 APK
Car Traffic Racer Fever : City is a thrilling road racing game witha simple game strategy where controlling the vehicle and its speedis the ultimate factor to enjoy. However, despite the simplestrategy of this traffic car racer 2017 game, it’s quitechallenging to master the best control of your car motion. Selectyour favorite traffic driving street racing car to bring it on thehighway at the Hill Climb Racing velocity you can handle. In CarTraffic Racer Fever : City you can drive on off beam side of theroad or street to avoid the ongoing highway heavy truck traffic,get coins and other points to earn cash. In this real highwaytraffic racer game, you can earn cash to unlock different highwayroutes or get your favorite cars and trucks to enjoy the fun rideon the busy traffic roads. So, Drift-n-drag through dirt spots tocollect the points in this traffic racer car game and take part ina selection of hardcore challenges to make near traffic misses anddirt stunts. Break speed records in one of the best arcade racergames, to accumulate points and earn easy cash to buy new and fastcars. This addictive game is one of the best traffic car racergames to enjoy in this season. The category of traffic racer 2017new games will be in the headlines with this new traffic riderExtreme car driving Simulator game.Head out to become the best newracer on the streets! KEY FEATURES:• Designed with striking 3Dgraphics.• Realistic and smooth car handling in tilt and directionbuttons mode.• Realistic Physics of Cars and Real Racing 3d.•Number of best speed 3D cars available.• New rich and random tracks(Christmas, urban, Industrial and City Town)• Challenging GameModes (, Time Trial and Free Ride).• Amazing User Interface withbeautiful animations and Multiplayer Driving Simulator.• Awesomeand addictive music. • Simple and engaging gameplay for become RaceKings. AMAZING GAMEPLAY:There are no rules, safety laws or policeagents, so get ready to get wild on the road with your desiredhighway traffic racer game with Play, time trials, and otherexciting modes. This exciting new Highway traffic racer 3D game hasthe option of 4 different road maps, on which you can enjoy yourride. You can unlock different destinations and latest models ofcar in this Amazing traffic racer car racing game by getting coinsthrough gameplay. Just touch the accelerator to speed up yourtraffic racer simulator vehicle and brakes to control the speed inyour favor. You can use different controlling modes to handle yourcar in heavy challenging traffic rush. Avoid hitting cars to getcoins or move closely to do fast traffic racing action and getpoints. Be aware of collision with other vehicles while playingtraffic racer new on the other side of the road, otherwise you maydestroy your car and have to start driving again from thebeginning. Get maximum coins using coin magnet and get the highestpossible points to get all the fun of traffic racing like CSRRacing 2 traffic racer dash car racing games.TIPS:• You can getmore scores through fast Driving School 3D.• Drive safely to avoidaccidents and Death Rider• Overtaking cars on speed exceeding100km/h, will get you bonus cash.• Dodge vehicles to get morepoints and rack up a combo like Asphalt 8: Airborne.• Driving inthe opposite direction will get you more scores.SO, BUCKLE UP IFYOU DARE: If you are in search of a fast-paced real drift racingand racing games that inspire you to drive expertly and badly sideby side, then Car Traffic Racing Fever : City is your desired game.It has all the features of racing games for free like responsivecontrols, speed, rampage, and plenty of chances to drive rashlywithout winding up on the local traffic bang.If you like the game,Please rate and give your feedback for further improvement. We areexpecting your comments and ratings to bring further improvement inthis game!!
Monster Truck Racer - Quad Stunts Simulator 17 1.0 APK
The Off Road Monster truck Sim 17 game is a new Android game forcargo transporter game lovers. Like our previous game edition ofoff road luggage carrier, this new off road heavy luggage pick upgame also provides an experience of a lifetime. Show your extremedriving simulator skills in the countryside rocky terrain. Driveyour 4x4 off road cargo pickup trucks full of boxes, through therough paths on the off road rocky uphill roads. The difficulty ofhandling the cargo boxes will test your off road driving skills.The challenging missions and tasks will make you addicted to thisgame. The rocking desert side Arabian music with realistic soundswill add the special delight in your gameplay. The speciallydesigned trees, light lamps, and amazing environment, enhance theenjoyment in your gameplay. The scenario of handling 3D transporterpick up trucks on the riskiest highways is not an easy task toaccomplish. Play this off road cargo pick up driving simulator gameto have all the fun on your android mobiles. FEATURES:• ChangeablePick up colors• Day and Night time Missions• Changeable CameraViews• Customizable Resolution settings• 3 Easy Navigation Modes•Fuel, top speed, Engine Upgrading• Amazing Sound Tracks• Game speedcustomizationGAMEPLAY:Your gameplay involves the unique skill setto deliver luggage and cargo boxes in this off road pickup Truckgame. You have to face different challenges of shaky road, steepturns, watery areas and slippery paths while playing. These new andinnovative tasks make this off road cargo duty pickup game, a realchallenging truck transporter simulation of 2017. Drive yourfavorite modern luggage pickup trucks to supply the luxury boxes tocollect the points. These points will help you to buy your favoritelatest pick up trucks from the garage. You can also increase yourpoints by picking up the dollar signs along the way while driving.Use of brake and speed is essential while driving because eachmission should be completed in time. Manage your fuel and damagesalso while delivering the cargo. Otherwise, your mission will befailed, and you have to start from the beginning. Accomplish allthe challenging missions to show your professional off road cargotruck driver skills. You can also change camera and control modesto help you in easy and comfortable driving. All these featurescombined with addictive animation make this game amazing to play.So get ready to deliver important luggage to the desired places inthis new Off Road Monster Pick Up Truck game.