1.0.0 / December 22, 2016
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Underworld empire has it’s own rules, whichyoushould follow. One of them - what your Boss says is a law.Histasks, missions, quests - they are all create you, youridentity.It doesn’t matter who you are going to become - assassinor athief. Gangsters have neither creed nor other san things. thereisonly thing in this vice world that they honor. Their own gang.

Don’t be afraid to fail. This is an open - world game fullofexciting actions. Complete different missions while stealingcars,racing against street - racers, upgrading shooting skills.Only inthis way you will be able to accomplish your goal.

Visit different locations and complete quests.
Get a gun to survive in this rockstar’s city.
Deal with your rivals, don’t let them to win in this war.
Show who is the best racer here!
Do some dirty job: steal a car, deliver some things and drivemafiabosses.
Make a big explosion in this vice city.
Don’t let police and other outlaw urban criminals to catch you.

If you want to become a part of this world, you should provethatyou do have what it makes to be a REAL gangster. How? As ourherodoes. Complete all quests and missions in an open worldgangsterempire and do not let your Boss down.

App Information Grand Criminal War

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Criminal Zone Outlaw 1.0.0 APK
The best criminal game! Here you canfindendless mission about how to conquer the world of mafia. Itcouldbe very hard to complete such quests, but try to do it intime.Just try to conquer the city of mafia and your ultimate aim istobecome a criminal boss. Fight against your rivals, apply allyourpower and use modern weapon. Take part in a car chase,escapepolice or ever kill them. Do everything that is need to be aleaderof the crime gang.Many extreme quests and exciting missions.Drive as a crazy racerFight against mafia clanConquer the vice citySurvive in street fightsPlay in casino but try not to lose all your money
Gangster Pixel Action 1.0.0 APK
Gangster Pixel Action - are you a fanofopen-world games with mafia, gangsters and police war? It’syouagainst injustice!EXCITING OPEN-WORLD ADVENTUREThrilling open-world game of underworld empire. Remember, hereisonly one rule – don’t be afraid to make mistakes, you can replayitanytime. This is a mobile game’s world with no limits andquestsfull of non-stop action, adrenaline and extreme. Get the mostoutof the game by taking a part in races, firefighting with policeandbank robberies.EXPLORE A VAST WORLDPlay as the fighter against corruption police and government inanopen-world action game. Our hero intents to change the life ofhiscity. Crime, shooting, gangster battle. Everything that you likeinone game.HONE YOUR SKILLSHelp your friend to deal with mafia, drive the best cars, hitthejackpot by playing casino and bring back liberty to this cityfullof vice.CHALLENGE YOURSELF. Start out small and expand until youhavetaken over the entire city.How far are you willing to go?Complete activity missions to save your city.Destroy your enemies and fight for justice and peace.Be ready for the life full of dangers.Plunge yourself into the atmosphere of open-world crime city.
Mafia Space: Vice Town 1.0.0 APK
You woke up outside in the middle of theday.There are nobody around except one man, who is … dead?Strangethings are happening with you recently. There are not just apolicechasing, but some strikes with gangsters, strange callsfromunknown people and what is really important - you have lostallyour memories. Who are you? What happened with you during thelast5 nights, 24 hours, 60 seconds? Answer these questions whiletryingto survive.Survive in this criminal story. Find out your ownskeletonslurking in the closet.Can you defeat the criminals? And why are you being hunted?Got some strange calls? It looks like somebody declaredyouwar.Play hide n seek game with fortune.Do you have a secret identity? Solve your case.
Detective Story: Real Crime 1.0.0 APK
You got one more case to solve. This time itisnot about murder cases or hidden secrets of some gangster lords.Itis more serious. Your sister was kidnapped and you, as arealdetective, should investigate this accident. This is not onlyyourduty as professional seeker. It is about your personalfightingwith crime underworld.To cope with a new task you should follow kidnapper’s rules.Dowhatever he wants and it will bring you to the rightdirection,where you will find your sister. But be careful, anymistake cancost a lot. He is watching, every your step andmovement. Nobodyknows how long will continue this game - 60seconds, 5 nights or 7.It’s your detective skills againstcriminal.Investigate crime scene for clues!Prove your detective skills!Bring the criminals to justice.Examine clues, look for evidence, analyze everything.
Superheroes Gods of Future 1.0.0 APK
You work as a journalist, every day you havetolook for material for writing articles! This time is a specialone -you have a mission to write an article about the creation ofasuperman. Your hero will visit a leading laboratory in the cityandinterview the most famous scientist.Remember, anything could wait you in the mystery laboratory.Tocombat with evil you have to become a superhero to fightagainstyour rivals who want to conquer the world.Use well your super strength. Investigate what happened toyouand how did you get superpower.
You not the only one introuble,but in this vice place you are the only superhero. Helppeople indanger. Stop the main villain. But don’t reveal youridentity. Ifyou are lost - see the map!

In this game you have a lot of quests to complete:Save people and deal with terroristsMake superhero costumeCatch the thief and return the stolen itemsKnock down the enemiesFind the most famous scientist and take interviewDefeat adversary squadInstall the bombBlow out a fire
Miami Criminal Action 1.0.0 APK
Crime epic open world game with themostthrilling quests and challenges. Welcome to the Miami City –cityof gangsters, criminals and assassins.Take a tour to the criminal underworld while stealingcars,evading cops and racing through streets littered withobstacles.You are the most famous criminal of this city. But whatdoes itmean to be the # 1 in the criminal world? Take your gun andgo tomake your reputation in this gangs’ battle.World of dangerous hazards and obstacles.Become the # 1 in the criminal world!Commit a perfect crime.Rise to the top of criminal world while completing contestsandfacing different challenges.
Great Hidden Crime 1.0.0 APK
You was a taxi-driver, such as thousandsofothers as you. But one day you decided to ride one client withamystery story. That is when starts your own mystery story fullofadventures and dangerous quests. This case will become anewfrontier of your life experiences.Think wisely about your actions. You are the main persontosuspect now.It’s a new challenge, where things can go strange.Find all hidden details of this case of crime.Clear your name and don’t let police to catch you!It seems that you got into troubling situations. Who saidthattaxi-driver job can’t be mysterious and thrilling? Now youshouldslip away not only from gang members, but also from police.Why?Find out in our game - Great Hidden Crime!
Superheroes: Unlimited Power 2.0.0 APK
Superheroes: Unlimited Power - new actiongamefull of thrilling quests and missions with favorite comicsheroes!Age of superheroes and comics characters has started with anewepisode. This time you will face a new challenge while beingamutant. Human Universe should prepare to accept a truth. Notaboutchampions, who got a super power and always save them fromhostilegalaxies ships (even if do not ask them). It’s a newgeneration ofsuperheroes will open a new episode. Modern wars willbe lead bymutants. It’s not so easy to command powerful armies ofthem, theyneed a real captain. That’s why you will need smarttactics to beatenemy squads and also to prove that you are belongthis world.Become a mutant!Start a mobile war as a genetic new assassin.Begin your quest to become the superhero!Mutants - VS - Humans? Remember, there are other mutants toowhodon’t want to live in the shadow. Make your choice and chooseaside!