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Let’s start the battle against rivals!!Grand Flash light HeroBattle : Super Warrior 3D game is all about thrilling challenges ofsuperhero actions and fighting against all evil crazy enemies.Select your favorite super flash hero to fight against all the evilentities in this battle of hero adventure. Enjoy the real crazysupernatural hero legend powers in this fighting 3D simulator asflash hero warrior. Mutants have invaded the grand modern city,they want to kill the citizens in this Grand Flash light HeroBattle : Super Warrior to relish. This action-packed 3D gamecontains all multiple features and hero legend powers to win thiswarrior adventure. This mighty hero adventure will lead you towardsthrilling challenges all the rivals in limited time. Be a flashmighty hero warrior and mighty hero to compete in this war to showsome crazy real actions in 3D simulator. This Grand Flash lightHero Battle : Super Warrior provides all the craziest super relishchallenges to kill the enemy, crash the cars & vehicles thatare destroying the city traffic. You have to be very vigilantsuperhero to fight against enemy gangs and win the missions torescue the citizens in this warrior adventure by utilizing yoursupernatural powers. Destroy all the mutants’ cars and theirweapons to be the best flash hero warrior and relish the rescuemissions for the sake of citizen’s lives. This is best time toexperience the real super mutant mafia war and real crazy warrioradventure. You will gain all supernatural powers and realisticcontrols to become a mighty hero and hero legend of thisbattleground. You have to prove yourself as a legend superhero andwarrior to win the battle against mutants. The city shows topicture of real mafia battleground of mutants in this arena, thecrazy Grand Flash light Hero Battle : Super Warrior let youexperience the real super mutant war in 3D simulator of 2018. Youwill gain all the supernatural powers and controls to become therelish hero legend in this warrior adventure. You are an incrediblesuper flash hero and you need to complete every super mission inthis 3D simulator. Get ready to play and enjoy the differentthrilling missions to rescue your friends from the mutant enemywarriors. You can roam in this city adventure. Relish in this 3Dbattle of realistic mutant grand war as a great superhero flashlegend and mighty hero. Perform incredible tricky missions to winin this battleground as a super flash mutant hero. You have all thesupernatural flash hero warrior powers to fight with the enemies.Download this Grand Flash light Hero Battle : Super Warrior thatamazing chunk of hero adventure and available free on play store.You have to perform duty as light hero to wipe out the gangster’scars from road. This mission has to be completed in limited time.Your real super hero legend master wants you to save the innocentlives, save the kids that are harassed by mutants. Kill the enemyand mutants gangs as mighty hero in limited time; you need to bethere in minimum time. Accomplish all the super crazy warriormissions in this hero adventure successfully. There is need to getsome relish environment, being a super flash hero you work so hardto perform difficult duties. Kill the rivals to establish apeaceful environment in the city of 3D simulator. There is a majorshopping mall in the city that need to be rescued, be there on timeto diffuse the bomb blast and save the lives of thousands ofpeople. Utilize your superhero flash power to be there in minimumtime, you just have to prove yourself that you are worthy enoughbut you have to try bit harder in order to get the city in peacefulenvironment. The real superhero reward waits for you!*keyfeatures*• Use supernatural powers to accomplish the missions•Incredible 3D graphics and best audio effects• User friendlyfighting controls to achieve and win the missions• Thrillingmissions to play• Undertake the missions to move forward

App Information Grand Flash light Hero Battle : Super Warrior

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    Grand Flash light Hero Battle : Super Warrior
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    May 4, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Super Heroes Game Studios
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Grand Monster Ghost Skull Fire superhero Attack 1.1 APK
Grand Monster Ghost Skull Fire superhero Attack is a thrilling gamewhere you play as a real ghost hero, fight with super villains likea super monster and fantastic superhero. You can use his grandfirefighting skills and strange ghost powers against the real allfavorite superhero powers of your dangerous challengers. Ghost fireskull hero uses its firefighting and battle power to kill thedangerous enemies and save the big city from evil powers. Go aheadand be the ghost fire skull hero in this Grand Monster Ghost SkullFire superhero Attack game that starts with interesting gameplay,where you play as a real killer ghost hero and fight withsuperheroes. Suddenly all the superheroes have changed into supervillains of the city changes into super villains and are ready todestroy the city, kidnap the genius innocent scientist and grab thebio weapons from them to make a mass destruction weapon. All evilsuperheroes now plan to use that weapon and those powers againstthe one and only ultimate Fire skull ghost superhero. But they haveno idea the ghost hero is ready to fight with the evil superheroes,he is better than all the superpowers and tricks altogether thathis enemies have. Ghost fire skull superhero comes in the city andfight for the real justice even if he has to kill the citysuperheroes for it. Ghost super hero fights with super villains’and eliminate their bad and evil plans. Strange extreme andincredible superheroes like bat villains, spider villain’s, monstergrand villains and ultimate fantastic hero. Superheroes try tosneak and steal the bio weapons from the scientist to destroy thegrand city of peace and heartlessly kill the civilians. Ghost skullfire hero uses its fire combo with the laser technique power tostop them and save the public from getting harassed. Ghost heromoves from one place to another in seek of justice and peace byusing sports cars and luxury traffic cars. You are no ordinaryperson in Grand Monster Ghost Skull Fire superhero Attack game; youare a real ghost skull fire superhero who is not afraid ofanything. If any evil or a mafia comes in front of you, you canfight that evil superpower in no time. You have been trained forthis; this is your destiny you have to bring back the peace. Notonly this, but you get to ride the luxury super sports cars and usethem to reach the places in short time where you are needed themost. Embrace the real ghost horror of Grand Monster Ghost SkullFire superhero Attack game which is on Fire. The Ghosts of thenether realm are after the blazing super ghost and skull rider;escape the hell full of killer dangerous mega monsters in thisscary super hero’s game. Become the real and fear and ghost of anevil criminal riders and dodge bone crushing blades. The game hasextreme realistic physics and responsive controls that will helpyou burn, mega smash, steer through crazy city road obstacles andtake on a daring rider you simply wouldn't believe! *Key Features*1. Dangerous super villains are monster hero, fantastic hero,spider hero and bat hero 2. HD graphics and smooth controls 3.Stunning gameplay with variety of superheroes 4. Play as Ghost Heroto save the grand city from dangerous enemies 5. Futuristic HD 3DGraphics 6. Thrilling and exciting gameplay with battle environment7. Realistic Sound Effects 8. Fully equipped with realisticfighting animations
Monster Hero vs Flying Spider City Battle 1.0.2 APK
The incredible battle is to be started. Battle that has fight,monster attacks, battle that is a revenge, battle that aims to killthe mafia, battle that is the best of all. Get ready to kill or bekilled, prepare yourself to face the immense crime and actionfilled with fighting in the super city. The incredible battle is asuper battle of monster and super spider hero. This is going toeliminate crime and gangster mafia. This evil fight is a battle forpeace. The super flying spider is an incredible hero who is readyto face every danger on his way to get rid of any gangster mafiawho attempts to spread evil and kill others. Wash off the crimefrom the super city as a great spider hero and a monster mafiakiller. This real game is based on revenge. This is not just afight between a super hero or an incredible villain it is a battleof revenge for a big reason. Let have a look on this super battleand see who wins in this city, super flying spider hero or the evilmonster. Whatever happens, adventure and fun is guaranteed. Step inthis battle and live a life full of action and incredible fightskills. Turn this fight into a battle with your super flying andfighting skills. Use your incredible super hero powers and be thegangster monsters, kill them with no weapons, fight like a bravosuper spider hero in the city, and save the city from the gangstermafia. This free to roam super action adventure simulation 3Dfighting monster hero game with thrilling level & flying spidermissions truly allows you to become hero of heroes in this supercity. To defeat & kill the terrorists, gangsters &criminals in this spider city battle use your super incrediblemutant strange monster powers & combat fighting killing skills.The residents of your super city demand peace & protection asthe roads of the city are filled with mafia terrorists &criminals instead of the routine traffic & every street has aflying number of mafia thugs & gangsters. Army military is alsotrying to combat the monster villain terrorists with their modernweapons but it won’t be possible without your super monster mutanthero strange powers. Terrorists and gangster mafia are going torely on shooting so be ready to counter their attacks with youramazing super flying powers and fighting potentials and kill back.Save your city to prove that you are the best super action player& a true super strange monster mutant hero of city in this freeto play Monster Hero vs flying spider City Battle. Key Features1-Amazing monster fights2- Impressive super city 3D environment 3-Outstanding audio effects and realistic graphics4- Smooth and easycontrols5- Interesting super fighting game play
Spiderhero Super Robot War Homecoming 1.0.1 APK
Super spider hero is here for war of homecoming. Let this be thebest incredible fight between spider hero and strange robots. Realspider hero is waiting for flying towards homecoming, theincredible destination for his spider war. All the mafia hascombined now because fighting with spider hero alone is not easy,it’s a battle, and it’s a war. There are guns, there is fighting,shooting, flying and the best part about it is homecoming. Showsome incredible action moves around the city while fighting thewulture robots, Show your stunts while flying and impress everyonein the city. Scare the souls out of the enemy and destroy theincredible robots like crap into pieces. This is an open battle,explore the giant 3D city and kill your enemies with your strangepowers in this super spider homecoming simulator. The spiderhero isthe last hope of the city. You need to rescue the city use yourmarvelous shooting skills, Aim the target, lock the target andkill. Let’s begin the greatest war in the city with a mission towin this battle against incredible robots before homecoming. Yourmission is to identify the strange creatures moving around in thecity mainly as robots and kill them before they eat you. This isenormous city so being a spiderhero you need to use your flyingpowers and strange fighting skills in order to win this battle likea hero. Don’t fear the robots when you have incredible weapons inthis spiderhero super robot war homecoming simulator. You are aclassic spiderhero who is secretly working for intelligence agencyto protect the big 3D city. All the mafia and criminals areplanning to rob different banks of city and destroy economy of thewhole peaceful country. This needed to be stopped before our fellowcitizens suffer from emotional crises at homecoming. If you are afan of futuristic games with incredible battle robots, high speedmoving strange car tricks around the city, with incrediblefuturistic robots, robots, and robotic games, and the best strangefighting games, than you will like the futuristic game ofspiderhero super robot war homecoming. Key Features 1. Amazing HD,3D graphics2. Spiderhero homecoming event game3. Futuristic gameEnvironment4. Amazing action game in which fight against robots5.Realistic sound effects
Flying Superhero Grand Robot City Rescue Mission 1.0.4 APK
The grand city is in bad hands, everyone is in real danger.Citizens are scared; the grand city is harassed by the crime bodiesof the city. They kill for adventure, they fight for fun and theirmission is to destroy the city. They want to transform the peacefulcity into the crime hub of street fight club members and theirmafia groups. The game is a real challenge for the player tounderstand the crucial situation of the city people, how much theyneed help and care. A major crime and street fight club group hasattacked the city few days back which left the danger less to theimagination. Citizens are unable to fight back, they have leanedlove not fighting. They are unable to face the grand crime gang andsuper fighting champions alone without any support of a superhero.The battle has already ended and it did not go well. This fightingand crime survival simulator is the best fight and gangster crimegame in the town. The city is almost demolished and there is nochance of the citizen’s survival. Only a superhero can save thecity and its people and undergo this survival mission. There is await for a superhero to fly to the city and help the peopletransform their lives into betterment. The superhero will fly torescue and save the survival mission. This grand battleship is overbut still help is needed to take the citizens, pick them fly themto the rescue towards ambulance. This grand game is full of fun andsurvival adventure. The 2017 amazing 3D game is a way to releaseyour stress and help other survive. Help them get them to ambulancefly to the rescue. Transform the dead city into city of livelypeople. There are ambulances all around the grand city you justhave to pick the people fighting for their survival and drop themto ambulance. Then fly away to the place you are needed. Transformyourself into a robot rescue superhero. The real flying abilitieswill make the rescue and survival mission super easy for you. Useyour superhero like power to fight the street crime gang and showthem the result of their adventure. Make fighting a cause, be asuperhero to save the grand city. This fight is going to be a superstreet robot fight. Fly anywhere, wherever you are needed, whereversurvival needs a superhero. You are one of the best grand supercity heroes from action hero legend robot fighting squad, go to thegrand city and complete your super challenging city superherorescue mission and enjoy the superhero adventure with completeresponsibility. Life of a super robot, flying from one building toanother in the grand city at supersonic speed, rescue civilians andtransform robot fighting crime into peace; is a true Maydaythriller. As a Grand Flying Superhero Grand Robot City RescueMission hero, you work as a flying robot rescue hero legend; youmust be able to save people and injured citizens in amazing actionsimulation and bring them to ambulance. There may be a securityalert, criminal attack and a combat between crime and survival.Run, fight, fly and rescue. Key Features 1- Amazing crime andsuperhero fight 2- Fighting and rescue mission 3- Super impressiveaudio and visuals 4- Superhero robot fight with flying skills 5-Grand 3D 2017 City 6- Smooth and easy to play, challenging tocomplete
Super Hero VS Gangster City Battle 1.0 APK
Get ready for the rescue, get alert to strange activities going onin the city. The mafia has taken over the city and is going todemolish everyon that comes in the way of their actions. The trillhas spread and covered all the streets and people of the town.There is a danger to live and survive. Everyone in the streets isfinding a way to fight back and make an escape from the wrath ofthe mafia and their criminal deeds. People in the city areinnocents, they don’t know how to fight, they do not understand thestrange tactics of the city gangsters and criminals, they need helpthey need assistance. They need support to escape from thedangerous city streets and live their lives in peace and harmony.The only thing they are scared of is the strange power ofcriminals. The mafia has many powers, they have been criminals fora long time now, they know how to defeat kill. This new 3D fightingand escape simulator game is the new thrill in town.You are thestrange super hero with amazing flying power that your enemyterrorists and criminals have never imagined. To them it’s strangethat someone is against them and someone tries to fight and escape.Show the criminals your fighting and battle skills, show the mafiawho the real hero is. This is a future battle summoned by the realmafia criminals. You have been called to the city for rescue.People want to escape from the mad boss of gangsters and mafia.Join the street battle and win it with your strange fight power andkiller actions. Come to the city with a bang to win this battle,undergo every task and win every mission with courage and yourflying rescue power like a hero. Super Hero vs. Gangster CityBattle is an interesting flying and fighting superhero combat gamein which you can utilize ninja super strange power as a hero: theone of the rescue hero criminal killer to defend the mafia andfight criminal and gangsters as a special fearless super herofighter from the war criminals, gangsters, mafia, and gun fighters.Enjoy this strange super amazing gangster vs. hero future thrillfight which is a giant 3D strange world environment hero battlegame that allows you to roam free as a legacy of alien superheroesto fight gangsters for city people and use your strange flyingsuper powers to rescue the civilians from the mishaps.You have tostart every fighting mission with super strong skills anddetermination with problem solving and super strong will power soyou will be able to complete the fighting mission within given timelimit. This super creative environment will gradually raise yourconfidence and you will be able to become a real superhero ofstreet fighting challenges. Increasing levels will be super toughand challengeable and you have to struggle and fight hard toovercome the situation professionally. Fight like a pro and expertwho knows his way around the future battle street fight. Don’t beafraid from enemies and don’t be scared of the thrill of crimegangster and kill them to rescue and escape the civilians fromterritory. Police failed to control the vice town thugs and disableto lower the extreme crime rate. Get ready to fight against crimeand eliminate this brutality. Key Features1- Amazing super fight2-Fight with strange powers3- Easy to play hard to complete4- Smoothcontrols5- Challenging missions6- Incredible visuals
Superhero Ninja Warrior Survival 1.1 APK
The real ninja superhero battle is about to start. Get ready toenter the war with the winning spirit and warrior skills. You are atrained and wealthy warrior, you have never lost any war againstthe criminals. This is your first shadow battle, win it and youwill be the hero or everyone in the castle. Show strange and crazysuperhero fighting skills and get ready to show everyone the worsepossible defeat in this revenge superhero ninja war. This is thelast battle of your lifetime and with no doubt the most importantone as well. The real ninja enemies are on your way the castle isfull of assassin and enemy warriors in grand 3D simulationenvironment of 2017. Fight for the throne and win this game with aclassy fight and ninja skills. You are a trained ninja, you havealways been ready for this fight. If any person speaks against theninja, never spare that person and deal with him like a pro fighterand ninja superhero battle winner. Your strange fighting skillswill come real handy when it comes to fighting with two or threeshadow enemies at the same time in this battle. Fight like a ninjawarrior in this survival mission and win it like a hero. Proveyourself to be a superhero ninja survival hero and leave everyonecrushed with your ninja warrior and shadow skills in this realsuperhero battle of survival. Take the revenge of your innocentpeople, you started the war, now you finish it with a win. Fightlike a bravo commando, step forward like a real ninja, give acounter attack like a true warrior and come back with a win a realninja shadow superhero. What you have to do in this superhero ninjawarrior survival is carefully sneak into giant 3D castle for silentkilling and survival mission. Fight the angry castle shadow guardsand fighting gate keepers. Avoid the mistakes and stay away fromextreme deadly attacks from shadow ninja super enemies like a hero.The ninja shadow rivals are real strong and powerful so you need toavoid lethal deadly strikes for your ultimate survival out of thiscastle. The real test comes in when after every two fights you haveto fight to a real shadow super boss like a true ninja warrior.Face him, fight him and kill him like a survival and fighting ninjasuperhero. As a tur ninja warrior superhero you need to collectreal battle evidence against the King before doing final revengelethal attack. Fight bravely in assassin combat superheri shadowmissions, collect real evidence, use you samurai sword as realninja warrior superhero and kill shadow rivals in this battle ofninja caste like a real superhero. There is a shield to protect youagainst brutal attacks and that shield is your survival skill. Yourninja warrior trainings are the true key to for fighting againstshadow castle criminals. Use the samurai sword and shield wisely.Sosneak inside the real shadow castle, start this survival battle,fight the guards, win the war, be hero and become the realsuperhero ninja warrior. All hail to the new superhero ninjawarrior and winner of this shadow battle. Key Features 1- Realninja fight2- Fight a battle for the revenge using your sword3-Special survival fight with the boss4- Smooth controls and easy tounderstand game5- Amazing 3D environment and ninja view6-Interesting gameplay and hard survival missions
Spider Hero Training Counter Mafia 1.0.3 APK
Be the real super spider hero and get ready toface the dangers of fighting against mafia in incredible war. Youare a real spider super hero who has to train to fight every crazybattle again mafia misters and city gangsters. The criminals havetaken over the city in such a crazy way that there is no place togo on the planet, no way to find peace and stay safe. At this timegangsters and mafia are at peak of their criminal actions and noone is here to stop this real madness.You are going to be trained to win a war, kill the mafia andgangsters and have elite shooting and killing skills so you neverget defeated. Welcome to the world of fights, with incredibletricks and hero like potential. Show some real potential eliteaction against all the thugs mafia and crazy criminals by being thestrongest spider hero with truly amazing super powers. You are aspider hero with super spider action skills and tricks, use thoseskills and kill the mafia. Undergo the elite training sessions withyour decent training skills and be the bravo military trained supercommando and spider hero of all times. You are a real action expertelite spider hero with bravo super spider powers who has beensaving his city for a long time now from thugs, criminals &mafia gangsters but now it’s turn of the super hero to help thearmy military as a spider commando in action, show some real superaction without any guns and war weapons save the whole 3D from theevil enemy mafia terrorists all on basis of your elite supertraining Spider Hero Training to counter mafiaThis spider hero super elite training simulator will teach you howto fight and win battles without any weapons. You have incrediblespider powers; you are a real super spider hero of the city whowill stop the crazy criminal actions with elite and incredibletraining undergone by you.Train yourself to bear all the pain and hassle of fighting againstreal mafia. Make strategies and skills for counter actions againstmafia. In this Spider Hero Training Counter Mafia 3D simulatormafia is your enemy and you have to show that with elite training,incredible skills and amazing war potential you are no less than abravo military super hero. Help military army in the incredible waragainst crazy mafia terrorists counter them like a true super heroto save your city as a spider survival expert and as a hero. Learnthe true essentials of winning a war arena in the special armyelite training school duty program by. Improve your hand to handfighting skills get elite training and focus on sniper shootingskills. Your spider skills will let you climb the high area, runwith amazing speed and defeat the gangsters. Get yourself welltrained to be tricky, smart and active enough to handle yourenemies, terrorist and mafia gangsters at military army trainingboot camp to destroy them brutally. Enter the incredibl trainingprogram designed by elite military army and get yourself trained tobe a true spider war hero by learning how to fight, kill andsurvive a combat, strike & shoot. Learn all the essential ofthe war and its counter actions. This elite program is speciallydesigned by military army to fully train you physically &mentally and bring the best out of this Elite super spiderincredible hero, Train to be the best commando soldier &military army shooter. Help military in an extreme war against realmafia and terrorists like a true spider super hero to save yourcountry.Key Features1. Military based elite training2. Amazing 3D visuals and specially designed elite trainingenvironment3. Amazing action packed mission based game4. Enjoy the experience of being a spider hero5. Explore the real 3D city in this training simulator6. Impressive 3D graphics, visuals and breathtaking cityviews
Super Spiderhero: Amazing City Super Hero Fight 1.0.3 APK
The real war is on in grand city! Kill all the serial killers,monsters, criminals and terrorists in the modern city, who areruining the peace of the city. The innocent people are calling thesuper spider US hero to rescue them and save them from all therivals before they shoot the whole city. The real modern Americancity is in danger, real monsters killers are attacking with themodern weapons to kill the innocent lives and they transformed thereal city into a combat mission, They are burning the houses,shooting with the real bullets in the real modern US army city, andbehaving like evil commandos, they are extremely talented in theirevil profession of killer threatening and taking the lives ofcitizens, they fight with full action and power to abolish thepeace of beautiful grand city. These monsters and evil killercommandos turned the city into real modern crime mafia. You cansave the city as a real US spider super hero, be there on time savethe real modern grand city in this fighting zone. Monsters andkillers are equipped with real modern crime weapons to attack youwith full criminal actions, go in the real super crime grand cityto kill the mafia groups with full power and action, You have tocome as a Spider super hero in this US city to be a fighter andshooter to demolish all the combat missions who are running theevil real powers to ruin the peace of real grand city, you as asuper spider hero in this modern combat mission you have to be thewinner in this war, Let’s try this Super Spiderhero: Amazing CitySuper Hero Fight 3D game for the survival mission and rescue thecity from the evil commandos and realistic modern gangsters. Thesuper spider US army hero is fully trained with all the armyfighting & shooter skills to attack with one go, He is fullyskilled in army attacks fighting killing. Be a best spider superArmy American hero to win the hearts of people. You as a superspider hero has to be extreme expert in hunting mission to locatethe monster in the given map within specified time and kill thekillers to become the super US army hero in this 3D simulator. Facethese challenges with all the passion and excitement in this grandcity to demolish the monsters, commandos and monsters are shootingwith modern grand weapons in this battle. You have to be great realsuper spider US hero to rescue the modern grand city from all thecriminals. Be an amazing army US real shooter and war commando tofight in this extreme crime city with super actions. Spider superhero got all the powers for the real army US fighting in the realgrand city; this is the great real war in the history of US city,rescue the modern real gangster city from all the great rivals andcriminals, wipe killers out by showing your grand extreme modernrealistic fighting shooter powers, win this combat US mission withfull pride, Attack the enemy with full power and American actions,Super Spiderhero: Amazing City Super Hero Fight is all aboutfighting and crazy shooting challenges to rescue the super realgrand city in the 3D simulator, clear the extreme mafia environmentin this 3D simulator of Super Spiderhero: Amazing City Super HeroFight. This is action packed game containing all the super spiderUS hero powers to wipe out the real monsters from the US city.Explore the crazy real commando powers of run, jump, roll, attack,kick, defense etc. in this Super Spiderhero: Amazing City SuperHero Fight. If you love to watch spider man US hero movies and wantto play the levels of action challenges then this Super Spiderhero:Amazing City Super Hero Fight 3D game is one of the best option foryou so far. *Key features* • Spider hero fighting 3D game • Superselection of amazing super spider heroes • Best 3D simulationfighting game • Real modern powers to attack the monsters andcriminals • Stunning 3D game environment and cool audio