1.3 / June 26, 2015
(3.8/5) (234)


Get ready and feel the thrilling 3d motor-bike riding where yougetto ride real motor bike and enjoy the fast pace track.
If you are a best racer, then you must enjoy this game.Grandtheftrider is the 3d motor bike racing where you get to ride therealmotorbike on really fast track. If you ride your bike fastenoughwithout getting hit then you must play this game and enjoythethrill.
Grand theft rider is the ultimate 3d extreme racing where youridereal bike on real city environment. Grand theft rider is thebestmotor bike racing game for bike riding lovers where all youneed todo is not crash. Download, play and enjoy!

- Addictive game, start easy and can control thedifficultylevel.
- Tilt control for a fuller biking experience.
- Handling and breaking powers.
- Easy to control.
- Real 3D graphics and environment.
- No connectivity required while playing.
- Addictive, loving & fun.
- Sounds On / Off button display.
- Multi-touch enabled.

App Information Grand Theft Rider

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    Grand Theft Rider
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    June 26, 2015
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    HORD - Top Action & Simulation
  • Installs
    10,000 - 50,000
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Grand Theft Rider 1.3 APK
Get ready and feel the thrilling 3d motor-bike riding where yougetto ride real motor bike and enjoy the fast pace track.If you are a best racer, then you must enjoy this game.Grandtheftrider is the 3d motor bike racing where you get to ride therealmotorbike on really fast track. If you ride your bike fastenoughwithout getting hit then you must play this game and enjoythethrill.Grand theft rider is the ultimate 3d extreme racing where youridereal bike on real city environment. Grand theft rider is thebestmotor bike racing game for bike riding lovers where all youneed todo is not crash. Download, play and enjoy!Features:-- Addictive game, start easy and can control thedifficultylevel.- Tilt control for a fuller biking experience.- Handling and breaking powers.- Easy to control.- Real 3D graphics and environment.- No connectivity required while playing.- Addictive, loving & fun.- Sounds On / Off button display.- Multi-touch enabled.
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The intelligence sources got the info about the enemies approach onyour peaceful city. You as a commando have been orders to rescuethe people and population of the city to avoid harm assault on theinnocent people. You are well-trained, hard and touch marine toface such situation in the war zone area. You are equipped withpistol, short gun and assault rifle at the same time to stop theenemies to destroy your beloved city. The enemy soldiers are rude,cruel and planned to rune and destroy. Soldiers are well trainedand equipped with latest weapons. You at any cost have to rescuethe civilians and get the city cleared from enemy soldiers. Comeforward, kill the soldiers and rescue the occupied residence. Youhave to be very smart, clever and accurate in aiming to shoot themall, otherwise they will kill you, your people and its a matter ofdignity. Be brave, bold and sharp in your commando skills to showoff. The bloodshed, the killing and shooting using your modernweapons and actions is the need of time. You will lose the game ifsoldiers kill you. To get score, you have to kill and finishsoldiers from the city. To get more score, you have to kill moreand more soldiers. Features:-- Real 3D graphics environment- Greatenjoyment and full of fun- Sound on/off button display- Noconnectivity required while playing - Best UI and easy to control-Multi touch enabled- User friendly and for all ages
SMS for all occasions free application isbeingoffered in multiple languages English, Russian andArabic.This free application will help you to save your time to searchortype different messages at different occasions. This is aselectionof very popular, meaningful in their category and mostsuitable atdifferent events to share.Completely Offline & FREE of most popular and most wantedapps!!A collection of text messages, forwards, quotes & topjokes inmore than 10 categories of SMS for android phones!!Largest SMSCollection in smallest app size and doesn't requireinternetconnection after installation.List of some of the most popular categories in this neededapp:1. Anniversary SMS2. Birthday SMS3. Colleagues SMS4. Friends SMS5. Jokes SMS6. Love SMS7. Morning SMS8. Romantic SMS9. Sad SMS10. Valentine SMSFrom the categories there a variation to use the text to forwardtogirl friends, old friends, boy friend, lover, wife,husband,colleagues, Teachers, students and even to send toyourfamily...Way to go with multiple texts for any occasions! Bestofall top downloaded android messaging apps.These new text messages & best life proverbs are alsomostwanted pick up lines to impress all at once. Coolest app everwithweird flirting lines, riddles and brain teasers for toptexting.Enjoy messages, forwarding & texting with nice, shortand sweettop templates from our most popular free SMS app!Features:-- Best Categories and messages are selected.- Pop a selected message to review, translate and share.- Simple and easy user interface.- Swipe up or down to see the previous or next message inthisapp.
Modren Racing Tournament 2015 1.0 APK
Modern car racing tournament game withmodernspeeding gears and gadgets. Hey Racers! Can you handle ourthundertop Speeding Extreme, Reckless, No limit GAME? Its Speed andfastracing. Its fun drifting and challenge. Need More Speed?ForgetFast & Furious episodes. Enjoy Real Car Drift anddragging,Racing and Speeding, running and crushing on thetrack.Street Racing was not better before. City Car competitionbecomeschallenge for top Road Warriors and rivals. Formula driversarestaring at you. Setting a new standard for mobile racing games –itreally... Must be experienced to be believed.There are two racing tracks, one with city environment andthesecond with green on plane land track.There are 10 levels with interesting and beautiful tracks topassone by one to play.You can add your own name in the driver bar and display it onthetop as a number of Racing expert.How to play:There are three modes to use for playing, need to selectfromoptions;i) Button Steerii) Tilt Steeriii) Wheel Steeron the top the display shows total cars and your position ,theround you are driving, the speed and the distance.There are two buttons in the mid , one is for restarting thecarafter accident and one is to pause the game.There is no acceleration button, its auto accelerated game , butyoucan control the car with steering and break control. So, onthedifficult tracks and turns you have to be attentive to drivebetterthan your competitors.Features:- Enjoy Multiple levels- Different Control Types- Clean User interface- Cutting Edge 3D Graphics and impact-crash sound effects- High-quality game.- High speed street racing on your mobile like never before- High-speed. One of the best Android Racing Game- Hit the ramps and take the race above the track- Test Your Skills!- Excellent Game play!- Surprising Game Experience! ultimate street racer on theblog.
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Learn Arabic in Russian is a free android application for those whoare native Russian speaking but, want to learn Arabic foreducational or traveling purpose. Its useful for kids, children andadult at the same time. It has the audio recitation for eachsentence, you can repeat to hear again, you can add in the favoriteto view it again and again. Features: - Selected necessary Lessonsfor new learners. - Every lesson has selected sentences useful fortravelers / Tourists. - Every Alphabet has its Arabic script andsound to listen and memorize. - Favorite bar to add the words orsentences in favorite for frequent use. - Last lesson forvocabulary development. - Menu Bar for settings to change the sizeof the font in Russian or Arabic. - User friendly navigation rightleft and sharing buttons.