5.1.1 / November 16, 2016
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Hey little princess and toddlers, your granny(sophia) needs a makeover. Give her the best necklace, beautifuleye brows, glowing eye makeup and vibrant lipstick. Remove hercurls and give her the cool hair style. She is looking a bit old,so give her the best treatment to remove wrinkles from her face inthe spa section.

Hey kids now your grandma is ready for the party.

The best game of 2106 for granny's super kids.

App Information Grandmother Salon-Sweet Granny


Ice Cream Maker 5.1.1 APK
Do you have sweet tooth today in this hot day?Beat the heat with scrumptious Ice creams this summer! Zoey makesthe best ice cream ever with Ice cream maker, and she wants you tojoin her. Be creative and create unique ice creams every time withIce Cream Maker! Toss in as many scoops as you want, after all,it’s your own ice cream. You can make your ice creams sweeter bypouring fruit syrups on top, filling them with chocolate chips –and you can even drop some candies on top. Cook up your own sundaerecipes with Ice Cream Maker.Get your fill of sweetness with Ice Cream Maker – a game where youcan make ice creams to your heart’s content.Ice Cream Maker - Copyright © WSAD – 2015
Cotton Candy Maker 1.1.3 APK
Cotton Candy Maker allows you to make thesweetest candies without any hassle. Here Zoey is waiting for youto make cotton candy with you. Personalize your cotton candy bychoosing from several vibrant sugar colors and flavors like pink,blue and loads of toppings and decorations.If you love making and eating sweet, sugar rush inducing treatsthen jump into the world of Cotton Candy Maker -game for kids andcotton candy lovers, where you can make cotton candies to yourheart’s content.Cotton Candy Maker - Copyright © WSAD – 2015
Kitty Nail Salon 1.1.5 APK
Hello Cuties! Welcome to the cutest nail artspa- Nail game. Help little kitty create supercute nail polish artand show your creativity to test your skills. Let your designercreativity flow with kitty nail salon and design the most beautifulnails ever.Kitty's are here to make you feel royal with royal manicures andnailart. Manicure, Polish, Buff, Paint and decorate the nails withhundreds of colors, patterns, gemstones, pearls, diamond & cutestickers in free style. Choose from different skin tones and spiceup your fingers with sparkling nailart. You have plentifull polishcolors and backgrounds and when you are done you can take pictureof your nail art and share it with your friends and family.Features:- Nail art designs app step by step free.- Choose from different skin tones.- You have plentifull of nail shapes.- Manicure the pretty nails.- Dress up nail with different colors,shapes and patterns.- Change the backgrounds to exhibit your nail designs.- Take a photo and share as cover girl.- Save your designs in gallery and show it to your friends.Enjoy this kitty game.WSAD has been committed towards providing quality content forour users. Kids games, role playing and casual games are what wespecialize in. We try our best to make games that are not only funfor the kids but also teach them some valuable lessons.Kitty Nail Salon - Copyright © WSAD – 2015
Ice Slush Maker 1.1.1 APK
BRRRRRRR!! Slushies are the most deliciouscool drinks you can have. In this game, Zoey would love to help youmake the best ice slush. Choose from a score of flavors- tangyorange, juicy strawberries, or even fruit cocktail! Kids who loveice creams and ice candies will love the Ice Slushies for sure! Itsso easy and fun to play that not only girls, but boys too can makenumerous yummy ice slushies in no time! Ice Slush Maker will letyou serve delicious ice slushies in different beautiful glasses.Create your own favorite Ice Slushy in this summer with new IceSlush MakerIce Slush Maker- Copyright © WSAD – 2015
Mystery Garden - Criminal Case 1.1.1 APK
Mystery Summer Garden is a hidden objects gamewith gardens from all over the world. It allows you to findmysterious hidden objects as you stroll in shiny summer gardens. Atthe same time you get to solve criminal cases. Read criminal mindsto investigate prime suspects in these cases. They may be habitualcriminals or fallen angels. And your friend Zoey would be there tohelp you solve these crimes.Solve as many levels as you can in the mystery gardens with thehelp of pictures,silhouette and words. Difficulty levels vary fromcasual to challenging.Game features:- Real Gardens, Fantasy Gardens, Historical Gardens and FamousGardens.- Get the thrill of solving criminal cases.- Find items by Pictures, Words and Silhouettes.- Replay for high scores.- Play without time limit.- Earn as many coins as you can to unlock next levels.- Become the Master of Mystery Summer GardensMystery Summer Garden - Copyright © WSAD – 2015
Museum Day 1.1.3 APK
Welcome to the museum adventure! Get ready towatch the crazy exhibits from the old times. Your super favoriteGuide Zoey awaits to give you an amazing tour guide in the kids andgirls museum! Zoey has arranged tons of fun filled kids activitiesin the museum where you can play,dress up and experience thedifferent civilization in crazy ways. There are fun filled contestwhere you can participate like sculpture contest and win excitingprizes.The crazy fun for kids and girls never ends in the crazy museum,You can choose from tons of different museum sections to visit andexplore the Ice age, Egyptians and many other. Build back the bonesof dinosaurs skeletons, sculptures using antique stuff &,bones.Design your favorite tribal masks, Discover the old methodsof fire, explore fossils, bones of rare animals and dress up yourcharacter in different costumes and rate their appearance in beautypageants.Museum's Features:- Tons of crazy adventures and fun activities!- Visit the Ice age and free the Elephants!- Build back the bones of Dinosaurs and bring them to life!- Design your favorite tribal masks!- Recreate the classic paintings!- Dress up in your favorite costumes!- Build the sculptures from antique stuff and so much more.Museum Day - Copyright © WSAD – 2015
Kids Tailor 1.1.1 APK
Tailoring was never this much fun! Want tostitch your favorite clothes for your favorite kids? Kids Tailorallows you to tailor clothes and dress up cute kids for funoccasions. And your friend Zoey would guide and help you design andtailor your dream clothes.The latest kids and girls game of its kind gives you a completetailoring tutorial and allows you to design and style clothing forall kind of fun parties and casual occasions.Kids Tailor - Copyright © WSAD– 2015
Little Doctor-Treatment Mania 5.1.2 APK
WSAD presents an educational game: LittleDoctor-Treatment Mania. In this casual/ family medical game you area doctor and treat kids in a children hospital. The kids are allill and injured. You can make them healthy and make them smileagain. These kids need your help.The children have all kinds of different diseases. They need youto take care of them. Some of them are injured. You have to appointthem to a doctor’s office.Each patient has a different injury and needs a different doctorand treatment. Just make sure that you don’t get too busy treatingthem, because the ambulance will keep on bringing new patients tothe hospital.You will be performing following treatments:Diagnose patients with strange diseases, and vaccinate to makethem healthy.Clean up the kids who have been in accidents.Use stethoscope to identify problems with your patients.Heal broken bones by first finding the fractures through X raymachine.This addictive game will keep your kids hooked for hours. Thedoctors and hospital visits will become a fun occasion, instead ofbeing a fearful and scary experience.Features:• Unique and exciting medical treatments: Clean up, heal wounds andbruises, diagnose through stethoscope and tests, and givevaccinations and tablets.• Colorful plasters, bandages, braces and syrups.• Beautiful and high-quality graphicsWSAD has been committed towards providing quality content forour users. Kids games, family and casual games are what wespecialize in. We try our best to make games that are not only funfor the kids but also teach them some valuable lessons.Little Doctor - Treatment Mania in casual & family category -Copyright © WSAD – 2016