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Great Journeys AR is a gateway to rich information aboutCrossCountry Trains - it will keep you up to date with all thelatest news from the companyAnd there's an exciting augmentedreality reader which will deliver interactive presentations directto your smartphone or tablet

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JCB AR 1.0.9 APK
The JCB AR App allows you to scan machines via their decals andbring them to life.Experience a unique insight into the machinesvia photos, videos and a whole host of exciting, interactivefeatures.You can also learn more about the fascinating journey ofthe JCB brand, from humble beginnings, to a provider ofconstruction plant known all over the world.
Ooh-AR 1.1.4 APK
Who are Ooh-AR?

Moving pictures in newspapers,magazines, posters and billboards used to happen only in sciencefiction movies... not any more!Ooh-AR’s powerful app offers a new,interactive way of looking at the world.

It provides anaccessible, cost effective platform for anyone who wants to includeaugmented reality (AR) content in their communications.

Plain andsimple, Ooh-AR’s effect on audiences and on customers is jawdropping.

All they have to do is point a smartphone or tabletrunning Ooh-AR at a pre-set image and watch the magic appear beforetheir eyes: the latest pop video, new car, their boss or sportscoach, talking back from the printed pages.

Then buttons can belaid over the videos to enable users to find out more, feed back,or even buy stuff, direct from your website.

How does itwork?

It’s really smart. Ooh-AR recognises imagesand triggers interactive content like videos and activities whichmake using a smartphone or tablet fun.

Want a demo? Download theapp then visit www.facebook.com/oohar.solutions to view a targetimage, indicated by an AR icon, through your tablet or smartphoneto see how AR works.What can it do forme?

Ooh-AR is available to be skinned withyour own logo, brand identity and information and essentiallybecomes your app - it’s a powerful tool.

It means AR content andeasy to use instructions can be included in any of yourcommunications, from newsletters and magazines to advertisinghoardings. You could have the biggest moving picture ad in town,all with the AR wow factor.

How do I find outmore?

Visit www.ooh-ar.com or [email protected]
Sentinel AR 1.0.9 APK
For well over 150 years we've been chronicling local life. We'vebeen a friend of the family through good times and bad: Supporting,championing and challenging. We've been weekly and daily...Broadsheet and tabloid... Print and now online too. We're the oneplace people in North Staffordshire and South Cheshire come to forall things local. We're the glue that binds communities together.We're the trusted brand. We're local and proud. We are TheSentinel, now digitally brought to life... www.stokesentinel.co.uk
First UK Bus Augmented Reality 1.0.5 APK
First UK Bus AR gives you a new way to look atthe world and find out more about our services through yoursmartphone or tablet.You can give us feedback and learn more about our services throughthe power of augmented reality.Just follow the instructions you see in your magazine, newsletter,posters or leaflets then open the app and look through your camerawherever you see the AR marker icon and you'll be able to accessamazing material.Find out more about our services by visiting:www.firstgroup.com/ukbus/
GWR AR 1.0.7 APK
You can now access exciting new content from Great Western withthis FREE augmented reality app! See our publications and productscome to life when viewed through your smartphone or tablet. Lookout for AR icons to view this exciting multimedia content.www.firstgreatwestern.co.uk
Solidor AR 1.0.5 APK
Solidor AR gives you a new way to look at the world and find outmore about our services through your smartphone or tablet. You cangive us feedback and learn more about our services through thepower of augmented reality. Just follow the instructions you see inyour magazine, newsletter, posters or leaflets then open the appand look through your camera wherever you see the logo at the topright and you'll be able to access amazing material. You, yourfamily and friends can download it for free. Find out more aboutour services by visiting: http://www.solidor.co.uk
YMCA NS AR gives you a new way to discover more about our servicesthrough your smartphone or tablet. You can give us feedback andlearn more about us through the power of augmented reality. Justfollow the instructions you see in our various newsletters, postersor leaflets, open the app and look through your camera wherever yousee the AR marker and you'll be able to access amazing material.You, your family and friends can download it for free. Find outmore about us by visiting: http://www.ymcans.org.uk
Bristol Post AR 1.0.7 APK
Readers of The Bristol Post can now accessexciting new content with this FREE augmented reality app! Watch inamazement as your favourite newspaper comes to life when viewedthrough your smartphone or tablet.Look out for the AR content icons to view this excitingmultimedia content.Whether its news, sport or what’s on in Bristol, there’s a dailyfeature for you. From home buying to the latest in motors, businessand jobs, we provide all the local news in your area.Don’t miss a thing, register online at bristolpost.co.ukIn print, online and on mobileYou make the news, you make the videos, you make it happen.