1.0 / September 27, 2012
(3.5/5) (179)


Let's get rid of Greenpeace!
This game is addictive sound and production.

Feel free to play operation Simply tap the screen!
Will play against players across the country in anetwork-enabledranking!

Today's lunch everyone loves fried rice!
But the girl is not good at Greenpeace.
I'll remove the dishes from the next Greenpeace peoplecomeout.
Attention since the lost time and tap other than Greenpeace!

I will continue to tap to aim at Greenpeace.
Try to pass the time, such as some free time! !

App Information Greenpea pick

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Let's get rid of Greenpeace!This game is addictive sound and production.Feel free to play operation Simply tap the screen!Will play against players across the country in anetwork-enabledranking!Today's lunch everyone loves fried rice!But the girl is not good at Greenpeace.I'll remove the dishes from the next Greenpeace peoplecomeout.Attention since the lost time and tap other than Greenpeace!I will continue to tap to aim at Greenpeace.Try to pass the time, such as some free time! !
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