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Children's and Household Tales (German: Kinder- und Hausmärchen) isa collection of fairy tales first published in 1812 by the Grimmbrothers, Jacob and Wilhelm. The collection is commonly known inEnglish as Grimms' Fairy Tales.This collection contains 211 Talesand LegendsIncluding:CinderellaSleeping Beauty (Little BriarRose)Hansel and GretelRumpelstiltskinRapunzelLittle Red RidingHoodThe frog king or Iron HenrySnow-whiteGodfather DeathThe wolfand the seven young kidsMother HuldaThe fisherman and his wifeThestory of the youth who went forth to learn what fear wasThe threesnake-leavesCat and mouse in partnershipThe star-moneyThe sevenravensThe brother and sisterSnow-White and Rose-RedThe girl withouthands

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    November 28, 2017
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Kotlin is a statically-typed programming language that runs on theJava virtual machine and also can be compiled to JavaScript sourcecode or use the LLVM compiler infrastructure. Its primarydevelopment is from a team of JetBrains programmers based in SaintPetersburg, Russia. While the syntax is not compatible with Java,Kotlin is designed to interoperate with Java code and is reliant onJava code from the existing Java Class Library, such as thecollections framework.As of Android Studio 3.0 (Beta version)Kotlin is a fully supported programming language on Android[4] andlets the user choose between targeting Java 6- or Java 8-compatiblebytecode.Table of contentKotlin for Server SideKotlin forAndroidKotlin for JavaScriptWhat's New in 1.1BasicSyntaxIdiomsCoding ConventionsBasic TypesPackages andImportsControl FlowReturns and JumpsClasses andInheritanceProperties and FieldsInterfacesVisibilityModifiersExtensionsData ClassesSealed ClassesGenericsNestedClassesEnum ClassesObjectsDelegationDelegatedPropertiesFunctionsLambdasInline FunctionsCoroutinesDestructuringDeclarationsCollectionsRangesType Checks and CastsThisexpressionsEqualityOperator overloadingNullSafetyExceptionsAnnotationsReflectionType-Safe BuildersTypeAliasesMultiplatform Projects (preview)StandardLibrarykotlin.testKeywords and OperatorsGrammarCompatibilityCallingJava from KotlinCalling Kotlin from JavaDynamic TypeCallingJavaScript from KotlinCalling Kotlin from JavaScriptJavaScriptModulesJavaScript ReflectionJavaScript DCEDocumenting KotlinCodeUsing KaptUsing GradleUsing MavenUsing AntKotlin andOSGiCompiler pluginsFAQComparison to JavaGetting Started withIntelliJ IDEAGetting Started with EclipseWorking with the CommandLine CompilerWorking with Build ToolsKoansGetting Started WithAndroid DevelopmentKotlin Android ExtensionsAndroidFrameworksMixing Java and Kotlin in one projectKotlin toJavaScriptGetting Started with GradleGetting Started with IntelliJIDEAGetting Started with MavenCreating a Kotlin JavaScript librarywith the Command Line CompilerWorking with Kotlin and JavaScriptModulesWorking with JavaScriptDebugging Kotlin inbrowserIntroduction to Kotlin Coroutines on the JVMCreating WebApplications with Http ServletsCreating a RESTful Web Service withSpring BootSetting up Kotlin on TeamCity