1.0 / September 26, 2018
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Gt Car Drift Racing 3D Drift and skid your sports car onimmersiveenvironment. It’s time to leave drift marks on roads byusing yourmodifying GT cars. Drive fast and skid on the asphalt tochase youropponent cars in this drift rally racing. Keep your thumbon thethrottle pedal and drift through the road to win that driftrallyin this drifting racing car. Take a real feel of car driftsracingon various tracks; where you have to chase down your opponentandwin that drift race to earn money in car drift games.Realisticdrifting car physics with mind-blowing car drift raceenvironmenton multiple city roads or other parking plazas in rallyracinggames. Modify your sports car according to your will such aschangethe color of your rally car, upgrade the NOS system and lotmore indrifting games. Become the best driver of the town and driveyourcars pro on hard tracks in this car x drift. Fill the asphaltwithdust and burn the tracks by using your furious car in thisdriftrally racer. Did you ever dream to drive and drift yourdreamingsports car on various city roads? If yes then wait is overbecausewe introduce world’s best drift racing game for you withfull ofaction packed thrilling car rally adventure on cityenvironment incar games 3d. Amazing car racing game for those whowant to playdrifting games and chase down the opponent on curvyroads. Usethrottle button to drift your race car and save your GTcar for anydamage in car games 3d. Get best drift car drivingexperience onzigzag roads; where you have to do sensational cardrifting and winthat drift rally racing to earn money in driftracing games. Becareful during drive your city drift car on racingreal tracks andshow your madness driving expertise in rally racinggames.Dangerous drift racing tracks with best legend carracerparticipants are taking part in this Saudi Arabia driftracing.Enjoy multiple delightful and daring drift rally gamesmissions.Initial levels are easy to play but when you will shift onthemiddle levels than car drifting challenges will be increased incarracing games. Don’t hit your drift racing car with opponent carorterrains otherwise level will be failed in car driftinggames.Don’t forget to use drift button during drive your furiouscar ondrift rally racing tracks in these drifting car games. Everysportscar can be fully customized to how you like, design andchoose yourfavorite stickers during modify your drifting racing carin thisdrift racing. Enjoy playing with your buddies or familymemberswith full of real drift adventures in car drifting games. Inthisdrift rally racer, we will give you a realistic platformwithhigh-level HD graphics and features. You can enjoy a real driftcarbackground sound effect with appealing drift rally racingclimate.We will give you a friendly user interface in car driftinggames.We will give you sensitive touch display; where you can pushscreenbutton to increase rally city car speed or stop them in thisdriftrally racer. We will give you autofocus camera angle withimmersiverally point spots in this drift racing 2018. Now, what areyouwaiting for? Come and quickly download this delightful game ofcarproject drift. Gt Car Drift Racing 3D Features: - Multiple roadstodrift and drive on - Full customization for race cars -Authenticand real drift car vehicles - Astounding car driving gamephysics -Multiple dynamic HD camera angles - Hundreds of AI carsthroughoutthe city tracks It's totally free to play, so quicklydownload thisamazing game of city car drift.

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    Gt Car Drift Racing 3D
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    September 26, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    United Racing and Simulation Games
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    37-C, Dan Flora CLIFTON, NJ 07011 United States
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Drive your boat to the Sea and the lined tracks which you have toclear the levels by passing through them. Riptide supercharged jetsare available for the boating and board skating Lovers. In thisgame, you will perform the xtreme stunts and also you can make therecords. This game is designed for the futuristic and massive gamelovers. Play this game in the riptide as a freestyle and dounbelievable stunts as you can. This game base on the real boatphysics and the water shine. The environment of this game is basedon the ocean surrounded by the city buildings. The environment ofthis game is very outstanding and heart touching we recommend toeveryone to download and play this top rated game. The environmentof this game based on the sunlight and you have different types ofpaths and boats. The difficulty level will increase with theincrease of the levels how much you perform the stunts you can getmore reward. Every level has a fixed time limit in which you willcomplete your level. You can unlock the other speed boats from theXPS points which you will earn after complete the levels or you cansimply buy all from In-App purchase in just 2.99$.KEY FEATURES:-Control your Speed Boat - Make Extreme Stunts - Dozens of Amazinglevels - 5 outstanding and heart touching boats - Save your healthbar for level completion GAMEPLAY:- Steering and buttons for LeftRight - Brake button to slow down the boat - Speed button foraccelerate the boat Riptide Speed Boats Racing will be updatedconstantly. Please rate and give your feedback for furtherimprovement of the game.
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