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Guess Cricketer Name *********************** Cricket is themostpopular game in Asia specially sub-continent. People arecrazyabout their cricket heroes and always want to participate indebateabout their style of game, current stats, making comparisonswithold greats. Now a days, T20 is the most popular andcommercializedformat of cricket and cricket leagues are beingplayed in differentcountries within different seasons of the year.England, Pakistan,India, Caribbean States and Australia areoffering greatentertainment to their public by organizing T20leagues having topinternational cricket players in different teamcompeting eachother. Although test cricket is still considered asan icon formatin cricket but with the passage of time; it is alsogetting fasterand product great outcomes which is a result ofrevolutionary T20format. In this application; you will be givenpicture of your mostfavorite cricketer and you just need to guesshis name and provideanswers to collect coins Why people love ourCricket Application? #Get more coins by simply buying in cheapprice # Awesome userinterface # Available for Mobiles, and Tablets# Share yourfavorite cricketer with others # Hint option to answerquestion #No internet connection required (Free Version) YourFeedback isImportant for us Don't forget to provide your feedback,improvementsuggestions in the form of email, rating, reviews andsharingwithin your circle. If you find any bug/problem in guesscricketername trivia then do let us know; we will be happy to fixit onpriority. Thanks for giving your valuable time!

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    April 17, 2018
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Unique Feature: Perfectly Works on alllatest versions i.e Lollipop & MarshmallowFlash on Call and SMSIt gets irritating when we regret putting our phone on silentbecause we just missed some important calls, but putting on silentwas equally important as well for that important activity! So isthere really a solution to this issue, where you are somehownotified about the incoming call or text without having to set aloud ringtone? The new Flashing LEDs on Calls and SMS notificationsis an innovative technology that is going to serve all the Androidusers and make their lives comfortable in this concern. Even thoughiOS had it before but we have brought it to Android as well!What does Flash Alert do?It has a really simple operation with no sophisticatedunderstanding.<> The phone blinks with the LED light to indicate theuser for notifications.<> It eliminates the need to set a high-volume ringtone or tokeep the phone in hands at all times.<> This flash on call feature is going to reduce the numberof missed calls by a significant percentage.<> Flash settings can be easily edited.<> Incorporates Calls and SMS logs.Modes in which it flashesNot just calls, but the smartphone blinks LED light as a flashfor SMS or text as well. This innovative way of SMS alerts isundoubtedly going to be appreciated by many users.<> It will blink in silent ways for all the calls andtexts.<> Flash on Call and SMS functions even on vibration mode orjust a normal mode if you require that. So suppose you are in acritical meeting where you can’t afford to get disturbed by anynoise, then in such a situation this flash alert comes at a greatbenefit.<> To your advantage, the app allows you to adjust the timefor the flash repetition and also the speed of those flashes.Flash Alert App Easy to use<> This retrospective application has a user-friendlyinterface that doesn’t take much time to load and functionssmoothly.<> Users can set up the app fast and get instant flash alertson call/SMS ASAP.<> Enabling or removing the feature, for some time, is aseasy as just a single tap. It allows a lot of customization as itallows you to set intervals, ringer modes and a number of blinks aswell.How to configure?<> Want to enable flash on notifications; then tick theright boxes. Now, if you ever require changing the interval, thenyou go to flash-interval option and edit according to yourrequirements.<> This simple flash blink app setting is really easy, andyou need not be a space-person to operate it. The company has seteverything keeping in mind the ease/satisfaction of theirusers.No need to worry about the battery!<> One thing that must be worrying you is whether thisflash alert will drain the phone battery faster than before ornot?!? Well, the case could be with other apps but not with ourFlash on Calls and SMS notification.<> It uses the least amount of your battery and intelligentlyflashes when the there is a need for a call alert or SMS alert.Feedback & SuggestionsDon't forget to provide your feedback about Flash on Callapplication because it is very important for us to improve &provide new features with the passage of time.
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Stylish Eid ul Fitar & Wedding Dresses for special occassions!From the engagement dresses to the bridal dresses; this journeyrequires a hell of market surveys, outfits catalog reviews andcolor combination choices to be made. Getting the perfect womenwedding suit is a hectic task but the ambiance of a weddingoccasion makes it a lot easier and joyous to do so. Every girlwishes to pick her bridal lehenga and look beautiful on the bigday. From her family members to friends; everyone is there tosupport her and tell her how pretty she looks, right? This is whywe have brought a lovely collection of eid, bridal & weddingdresses which contains both the typical alluring wedding lehengasas well as the accessory dresses like the ones with embroideryand/or stonework for the bride. You’ll love the color combination,type of the fabric, its look and the different designs in which thewedding dresses are stitched. Beautiful and latest wedding dressesstyles for the bride: Both, Pakistani and Indian girls and womenlook for the best design in the market. From chiffon to aurgenza,jamawar, banarsi, reshmi, and net fabric is popular for the perfectwedding attire. Combined together with all the soft, classy fabric,amazing colors, motifs, embroidered patterns, threadwork, til’layka kaam, stone and beads work along with tailored stitching; everygirl can enjoy her big day wearing a chic, stylish, bold andbeautiful dress. The different wedding dresses styles are asfollows: Traditional wedding lehengas/ wedding shararas: InPakistan and other eastern countries; lehengas, wedding shararasand ghararas are commonly worn by the bride. These are heavilyembellished with accessories and embroidery work to make theoverall dress look fancy and best for the event. Colors likemaroon, blood red, golden dust, shades of blue, olive green, purpleand rust are quite common. The designer-wear wedding dresses,though a bit expensive, are simply flawless and a perfectcombination of traditional and modern style. As far as the Indianwedding dresses are concerned; they are made from banarsi orjamawar fabric. Indian girls prefer wearing bridal sarees on thewedding ceremony. Wedding sarees are stitched perfectly withstylish neck designs and fancy accessories. Bridal gown dresses andBridesmaid dresses: The western culture is dominated by white andgolden dust wedding gowns. These are made from satin, silk, chiffonand net fabric. The elegant dresses are loaded with lacework,beads, stones and embroidered thread work. Even the bride’s friendsand sisters get to wear the fancy bridesmaid dresses on the bigevent. These are usually the fancy evening gowns which you can alsowear on formal parties, prom night or any other night event. Thesesdress usually follow a specific bridesmaid clothes theme.Embroidered dresses: The embroidered dresses are yet another typeof bridal dresses that add spark to a girl’s closet. Made in everypossible color, these bridal dresses are fit for post-weddingparties, dinners, night events and anniversary parties. Why peoplelove our Application? # Awesome user interface # Latest stylewedding dresses # Set image as wallpaper # Save/Download photos #Share photos instantly # Mark as favorite option # Images savedoffline (No Internet connection needed after installation) YourFeedback is Important for us Don't forget to provide your feedback,improvement suggestions in the form of email, rating, reviews andsharing within your circle. If you find any bug/problem then do letus know; we will be happy to fix it on priority. Thanks for givingyour valuable time!
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One stop resource to learn Excel Shortcut Keys MS Excel isplayingan effective role in business and educational world so whynotlearn this effective tool with our comprehensive list ofexcelshortcut keys and combinations. It does not matter whether youworkin an office, individual or freelancer; you should focusonlearning all available shortcut keys of Microsoft Excel toimprovequality and speed of your work. Given list of MS Excelshortcutkeys, commands & keyboard combinations are extremelyhelpful togrow you as a professional and educationist. Why peoplelove ourApplication? # Awesome user interface # Wide rang ofexcelshortcuts # Set shortcut keys image as wallpaper #Save/Downloadimages # Share all commands instantly # Mark asfavorite option #Images saved offline (No Internet connectionneeded afterinstallation) Your Feedback is Important for us Don'tforget toprovide your feedback, improvement suggestions in the formofemail, rating, reviews and sharing within your circle. If youfindany bug/problem then do let us know; we will be happy to fix itonpriority. Thanks for giving your valuable time!
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South Africa Shopping Deals, Offers &Promotions***********************************************************Saveplenty of bucks by using this awesome application; you canchecklatest promotions, discounts, deals and offers from topshoppingmalls, online stores in South Africa In this era ofe-commerce,everything is possible by sitting at home with just atap on oursmart phones. The advancement in technology has allowedus toaccess on our phones anything from anywhere; this alsoincludesshopping on our touch screens. Now you can save yourselffrom a lotof hassle by downloading our app and grabbing latestshopping dealsfrom your smart phone. And who doesn't love onlineshopping?Because of the increasing demands of the people, we havecatered tothis need by introducing online shopping in South Africa.Whetherit is buying a dress for your prom or getting the perfectoutfitfor an interview of your dream job, you can sit back, relaxand gothrough all the deals that are present online. RSA onlineshoppingis designed to make your life easier. We no longer live intheStone Age when we would be worried about visiting each storeinorder to find out what deals each store has. RSA shopping dealsarethere at your disposal to make your life easier. Not only thisbutwith RSA Shopping offers and Money Saving Deals in South Africa,wewill make you an offer that you cannot refuse. Everythingispossible in this e-commerce era and hence, we have brought foryoursa online shopping deals in our app. If you are a person wholovesshopping, you will love online shopping in South Africa. Withthisapp, you can find out about your favorite products in SouthAfricaand the different deals that each store offers. One oftheattractive features of RSA online shopping that sets us apartfromthe rest is that it is updated daily so we have brand newRSAshopping offers coming up each day and you can find promotionsandnew products to suit your needs. We also have WeekendDeals,Weekday Deals and Mid-Week Deals which are tailored to thechangingrequirements of the market. With a ton of features, RSAonlineshopping is made in a way to help you find exactly what youarelooking for and carry out the best purchase. So what areyouwaiting for? Avail our money saving deals and save yourselffromall the hassles of physically going to every store to find whatyoudesire and find all this in a specifically tailored anddesignedshopping app for you. Feedback & Suggestions Don'tforget toprovide your feedback about South African deals &shoppingapplication because it is very important for us to improve&provide new features with the passage of time.
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2 Pics 1 Word Quiz *************************************** 2PicsOne word game will always leave you excited and surprised athowmuch you & your kids know different things available neartoyou! How to play the game? Download word picture quiz game fromthePlay Store and open it. It’s very easy to handle and thismakesplaying the game even a better experience. You will be shown2pictures and you need to guess a word which belongs togivenpictures Sit along with your friends or family and give eachothera mini competition. You’ll surely enjoy it! Why people loveourWord Quiz Application? # Get more coins by simply buying incheapprice # Awesome user interface # Available for Mobiles, andTablets# Share your favorite cartoon characters with others # Hintoptionto answer question # No internet connection required (FreeVersion)Your Feedback is Important for us Don't forget to provideyourfeedback, improvement suggestions in the form of email,rating,reviews and sharing within your circle. If you find anybug/problemin Guess the word quiz game then do let us know; we willbe happyto fix it on priority. Thanks for giving your valuabletime!
Guess Fruits & Vegetables Quiz 1.x.z APK
Guess Fruits & VegetablesQuiz*************************************** Who knew that thelittle,colorful, and delicious fruits & vegetables will one daymakeus enjoy the joyous quiz game? The good news for Android usersisthat they can utilize their time while playing awonderful,entertaining yet informative guess the fruit quiz game.This is notonly entertaining for the adults but also a greatlearningexperience for the little kids who nowadays use smartphones toplay game day and night. The light tone of the game, softmusic,and high-quality graphics will please your guys and keepyourinterest intact. What do you have to do in the game? Simplyinstallthe game, open and select the quiz challenge you want toplay!Different kinds of fruits that vary in color, size, and shapewillbe shown on the screen and you have to guess it. Once youhaveguessed it, you are expected to spell it. For instance, ifacrescent-shaped item in yellow color is shown on thescreen,wouldn’t you know what is it? High five! You just scoredsomepoints! Now spell it like B-A-N-A-N-A and move onto thenextpicture. The difficulty level of the game The game offers allkindsof fruit & vegetable names in the quiz from the one whichareseasonal, popular in specific countries and even the ones whicharefound in areas far far away. Give this most addicted game ashotand you’ll love playing it! How to play the game? Downloadthispopular game from the Play Store and start playing. It’s veryeasyto handle and it makes playing the game even a betterexperience.Sit along with your friends or family and give eachother a minicompetition. You’ll surely enjoy it! Why people loveourApplication? # Fun to play and a good learning experienceforchildren # Lightweight application # Get more coins bysimplybuying in cheap price # Awesome user interface # AvailableforMobiles, and Tablets # Share your favorite cartoon characterswithothers # Hint option to answer question # No internetconnectionrequired (Free) Your Feedback is Important for us Don'tforget toprovide your feedback, improvement suggestions in the formofemail, rating, reviews and sharing within your circle. If youfindany bug/problem in Guess fruits & vegetables quiz game thendolet us know; we will be happy to fix it on priority. Thanksforgiving your valuable time!
Pakistan Shopping Deals, Offers & Promotions 3.1 APK
Pakistan Deals, Offers &Promotions******************************************* Save plentyof bucks byusing this awesome application; you can check latestpromotions,discounts, deals and offers from top shopping malls,online storesin Pakistan. So enjoy online shopping Pakistan withmoney savingoptions! Feedback & Suggestions Don't forget toprovide yourfeedback about Pakistan deals & shoppingapplication because itis very important for us to improve &provide new features withthe passage of time.
Resume Builder & CV Maker App - PDF Format 3.0.0 APK
Free Resume Maker & CV BuilderApp************************************** CV Maker takes away allofthe stress and difficulty that comes with making your Resume.Ourapplication generates resume templates by your Mobile fromanywherein just few minutes. Just open CV Maker application andfill yourinformations. No registration required! No matter who youare, OurCV Builder will automatically format them onto yourfavorite resumetemplates. In today’s competitive job market, thesecret to landingyour dream job is to have an exceptional resumethat sets you apartfrom the other candidates. Our resume builderhas been created foryour convenience to get you the job that youneed. In the past,Microsoft word was your CV maker, however, withthe ease thattechnology provides in everything, this professionalResume Builderapp has been customized for the same purpose. Whetheryou’re aprofessional or a student, our easy CV maker has beencustomized tosuit the needs of each individual. With our easy touse CVtemplates, you can create your own resume according to yourjobcategory. After selecting the desirable CV template, you cansaveit in PDF format and download it. Our resume builder will allowyouto design your CV within five minutes and download them easilyaswell. With this professional CV maker, you can getmultipledifferent templates that have been tried and tested andthey aredesigned for multiple different jobs whether it is asoftwareengineer or a human resource manager, all of this isavailable inour app of this easy CV maker app. One of the excitingfeaturesthat we offer is that you can export and download yourresumedirectly in a PDF format so you no longer have to go throughthehassle of converting your word to PDF on a different app. Wehave astep-by-step procedure to enable you to create your resume inaneasier way. • Add your profile name. • Edit your information onthetemplate from academic information to skills and expertise. •Makechanges in the templates such as adding, editing orre-arrangingsections. • Preview your resume at any point in theediting processto see how it will appear. • Add your photo fromgallery. • Choosefrom different templates to suit your career need.• Get yourdownloadable resume in a PDF format ready to go. This CVmaker isthe only app you will ever need because it is free and ithas auser-friendly interface. Along with this, it is creativeandflexible as it caters to the needs of people belonging todifferentprofessions. With our free templates at your disposal, youcanchoose an already designed CV template that suits your purpose.Thefree resume builder is a highly customizable app that willallowyou to devise and edit your resume in line with your skillsandexpertise in your field. You no longer have to worry aboutfittingall your information on one page, as our CV maker willmakecategories and organize your CV professionally. Download ourfreeCV maker and land the job of your dreams, because we know youcan!