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Guess the emojis movie is a game where you will have fun andguessthe movie with a series of emojis, with this game you willdiscovera movie that you did not know, know more about them andalso knowmore emojis that exist and you can use. ► Features ◄ -Discover anew movie. - Know about emojis - Guess the movie. Now isthe timefor you to have fun and put to the test if you are reallyafanatical cinema, you will surely learn while you are distracted.

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    Guess The Movie Emojis
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    September 27, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Geek Play
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Adivina el logo del youtuber, es un juego donde tendrás queadivinar el logo que tiene cada youtuber en su canal, y poner elnombre exacto al cual pertenece, seguro que si eres de los que pasabuen tiempo en Internet, los resolverás sin problemas. ▶ Para teneréxito en el juego debes encontrar el nombre correcto del canal delyoutuber que representa cada imagen. Deberás respondercorrectamente para poder desbloquear nuevos niveles. ★★Características ★★ • ¡Mas de 40 niveles para adivinar! •Descargarlo y juega pasa un rato agradable adivinando los nombresde tus youtubers favoritos. • Tienes pistas en caso que lasnecesites. • Un juego con Diseño Amigable y bonito. ▶ Si te gustanlos retos sin duda este juego de adivinar nombres del youtuber espara ti, descárgalo y pasa un buen rato divirtiéndote. ▶ Siaciertas con las palabras ganas recompensas que te darán una ayudaextra, avanzar más rápido y poder desbloquear nuevos niveles. ▶Este juego de adivinanzas te ayudara a fomentar tu parte creativa yaprender términos nuevos. ▶ Ahora que esperas, ve y Adivina el logodel youtuber, se que pasaras un rato muy agradable con esteentretenido juego, mientras que aprendes los nombres de algunos deellos. Guess the youtuber logo, is a game where you will have toguess the logo that you have on your channel, and put the exactname to which it belongs, surely if you are one of those who spendsgood time on the Internet, you will solve them without problems. ▶To be successful in the game you must find the correct name of theyoutuber channel that represents each image. You must respondcorrectly in order to unlock new levels. ★★ Features ★★     • More than 40 levels to guess!     • Download it and play a nice timeguessing the names of your youtubers        favorites     • You have clues in case you needthem.      • A game with friendly and nicedesign. ▶ If you like challenges, this game of guessing youtubernames is for you, download it and have a good time having fun.     ▶ If you hit the words you win rewardsthat will give you extra help, move faster and unlock new levels. ▶This guessing game will help you foster your creative part andlearn new terms. ▶ Now that you wait, go and guess the logo of theyoutuber, I know you will spend a very pleasant time with thisentertaining game, while you learn the names of some of them.
Guess The Movie Emojis 0.1 APK
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Guess the emojis movie is a game where you will have fun andguessthe movie with a series of emojis, with this game you willdiscovera movie that you did not know, know more about them andalso knowmore emojis that exist and you can use. ► Features ◄ -Discover anew movie. - Know about emojis - Guess the movie. Now isthe timefor you to have fun and put to the test if you are reallyafanatical cinema, you will surely learn while you are distracted.
Adivina el Roast Yourself con Frases APK
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Adivina el Roast Yourself con Frases es un divertido juegodondetendrás que adivinar el Roast Yourself por medio de una frasede sucanción que te mostraremos en una imagen, debes adivinar elnombredel youtuber a quien pertenece el roast. Probaremos quetantoconoces a los youtubers y sus canciones con este divertidojuego, yque tan fan resultas ser. Completa todos los niveles ycoméntanoscomo te fue . >>>> Características<<<< -Interfaz dinámica - Varios Idiomas - Mas de 30niveles para que tediviertas adivinando. - Adivina todos los Roastyourself quepuedas. Que esperas para jugar si eres bastante buenolosadivinaras todos. Guess the Roast Yourself with Phrases is afungame where you will have to guess the Roast Yourself by means ofaphrase of your song that we will show you in an image, youmustguess the name of the youtuber to whom the roast belongs. Wewillprove that you know the youtubers and their songs so much withthisfun game, and what a fan you turn out to be. Complete allthelevels and tell us how it went. >>>>Features<<<< - Dynamic interface - Many languages -More than30 levels for you to have fun guessing. - Guess all theRoastyourself as you can. What do you expect to play if you areprettygood you will guess all?
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Car names quiz is a wonderful game only for connoisseurs ofthegreat brands of cars that exist. You will find and learn thenamesof the most famous and luxurious cars on the market in 2018.Superluxurious cars, you must guess each one of them.Characteristics -More than 40 levels that will be increased withnew carsperiodically. - Several Languages - Intuitive and easytounderstand The name of the car you choose must be correct foryouto advance to the next level. If you think you can guess thenamesof each of the cars in the game then I invite you to have funandhave a good time. Challenge your friends to see who guessesandpass more levels in the shortest time possible. It's hardtoremember so many names so only the real experts surpass thelevelsof the game.
Guess Henry Danger 0.1 APK
Geek Play
Guess Captain Henry Danger impossible to answer all the answers,only for true fans, challenge a friend to play. Come and have funwith this game only for fans of the Captain Henry Danger series,where you will have many options to choose from. You can guesswhich is the character in the series. There are many characters byguess among those Henry Danger, who is well known. Disclaimer Thisgame is created for fans of the series at any time try to be anofficial application, if in doubt please contact.
Musical Instruments 0.1 APK
Geek Play
Download musical instruments and have fun while you learn aboutthedifferent instruments that exist. In this fun test you willknowthe history of each musical instrument and you will also havetoguess it. In this application you will find string, windandpercussion instruments, as well as test your knowledge aboutthem.All the musical instruments you will find: - Guitar - Violin-Piano - Flute - Organ - Accordion - Gaita And many moreinstrumentsto make music and have fun.
Adivina el CANTANTE DE TRAP por sus ojos 0.1 APK
Geek Play
¿Eres capaz de reconocer a estos famosos cantantes de trap porsusojos? Te proponemos el siguiente juego para entretenerte un ratoopara tomarte un break de la escuela, el trabajo o cualquiercosaque estés haciendo y no tengas ganas de hacer. Algunos ojossequedan grabados en nuestra memoria porque nos hicieron sentiralgo,ya sea tristeza, alegría o enojo. Un cantante puedeutilizarlospara expresar al público lo que el personaje estásintiendo. Estedivertido juego pondrá a la prueba tu habilidad deobservar.¿Cuántos cantantes de trap puedes adivinar con solo versus ojos?Cantantes que encontraras - Bad Bunny - Nicky Jam - Ozuna- JBalvin - Arcangel - Cosculluela - Jory Boy - Tego Calderon-Residente - Maluma - Tony Diza - Anuel AA - Ñejo - Dalmanta -AndyRivera - Reykon - Don omar - Wisin y Yandel - Tito El Bambino-Daddy Yankee - Pitbull Entre muchos otros mas, que esperas sieresun verdadero fan podras adivinarlos todos. ¿Cómo Jugar?Simple!,Jugar "Adivina el cantante de trap por sus ojos" essencillo, solotienes que ir seleccionando las letras correctas paracompletar elnombre del cantante del cual aparecen sus ojos en lapantalla y unavez superado el nivel recibirás una bonifican con lacual podrásobtener pistas en los próximos niveles. Are you able torecognizethese famous trap singers by their eyes? We propose thefollowinggame to entertain you for a while or to take a break fromschool,work or whatever you are doing and do not feel like doing.Someeyes remain etched in our memory because they made usfeelsomething, be it sadness, joy or anger. A singer can use themtoexpress to the audience what the character is feeling. Thisfungame will test your ability to observe. How many trap singerscanyou guess by just seeing their eyes? Singers that you will find-Bad Bunny - Nicky Jam - Ozuna - J Balvin - Arcangel - Cosculluela-Jory Boy - Tego Calderon - Resident - Maluma - Tony Diza - AnuelAA- Ñejo - Dalmanta - Andy Rivera - Reykon - Don Omar - WisinandYandel - Tito El Bambino - Daddy Yankee - Pitbull Amongmanyothers, what do you expect if you are a true fan you can guessthemall. How to play? Simple !, Play "Guess the trap singer foryoureyes" is simple, you just have to select the correct letterstocomplete the name of the singer whose eyes appear on the screenandonce you have passed the level you will receive a bonus withthewhich you can get clues in the next levels.
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Little Monsters Quiz - How Well Do You Know Lady Gaga is a game forreal fans, where there are questions of all kinds about the singer.In this game you will have more than 40 levels in which you mustanswer questions related to the life and career of Lady Gaga. Ifyou are a true Little Monsters you can answer all the questionswithout much difficulty. In this game you must guess everythingthat is asked about Lady Gaga, besides that you will learn manythings about her, related to her life, her albums, her history andmuch more. You will find questions like Where was Lady Gaga born?and many more, some easy and others a little more complicated. Wechallenge you to download this marvelous game and have funanswering questions that only a true Little Monsters could answer.