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Do you know the Guess The Name? Show it by guessing the names ofthe Fish of all the series. More than 100 questions that will makeyou addicted to this game. Share it with your friends and challengethem. But if you can not with any question, you can ask for helptoo. Download Guess who Surprise Quiz and have fun.

App Information Guess who?

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    Guess who?
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    December 25, 2018
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    Android 4.2 and up
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    Bharat Samgi
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    50 St. Josephs Dr. Southall UB1 1RW UK
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A Hindu wedding is Vivaha and the wedding ceremony is called VivaahSanskar in India.Hindus attach a great deal of importance tomarriages. The ceremonies are very colourful, and celebrations mayextend for several days. The bride's and groom's home — entrance,doors, wall, floor, roof — are sometimes decorated with colors,balloons, and other decorations. The rituals and process in a Hinduwedding vary widely. Nevertheless, there are a few key ritualscommon in Hindu weddings — Kanyadaan, Panigrahana, and Saptapadi —which are respectively, giving away of daughter by the father,voluntarily holding hand near the fire to signify union, and takingseven steps with each step includes a promise to each other beforefire.The Hindu wedding ceremony at its core is essentially a Vedicyajna ritual. The primary witness of a Hindu marriage is thefire-deity (or the Sacred Fire) Agni, in the presence of family andfriends.The ceremony is traditionally conducted entirely, or atleast partially in Sanskrit, considered by Hindus as the languageof holy ceremonies. The local language of the bride and groom isalso used. These rituals are prescribed in the Gruhya sutracomposed by various rishis such as Baudhayana and Ashvalayana. Thepre-wedding and post-wedding rituals and celebrations vary byregion, preferences or the resources of the groom, bride and theirfamilies. They can range from one day to multi-day events.Pre-wedding ceremonies include engagement (involving vagdana orbetrothal and lagna-patra written declaration),and the arrival ofthe groom's party at the bride's residence, often in the form of aformal procession with dancing and music. The post-weddingceremonies may include Abhishek, Anna Prashashan, Aashirvadah, andGrihapravesa – the welcoming of the bride to her new home. Thewedding marks the start of Grihastha (householder) stage of lifefor the new couple. In India, by law and tradition, no Hindumarriage is binding or complete unless the ritual of seven stepsand vows in presence of fire (Saptapadi) is completed by the brideand the groom together.