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😌 Welcome to our pocket craft guide!😌 Thisisapp with mcpe recipes for best crafting! Your best assistantoncrafting and online survival on multiplayer server,resourcemining, making weapons and guns, and many more –simplyeverything!

You are advanced or novice player in Minecraft and you wanttoexpand the borders of your game experience? Wnat to know howtocraft in minecraft? You definetly need minecraft guide!Why?Because this is best way to know how to craft items inminecraft!Then you need to know crafting recipes for minecraft peorminecraft crafting recipes for pc, and that is why you needthisapp!

• Minecraft recipe guide – to learn how to craft stuffinMinecraft
• You can use info from our app if you need not onlyCraftingrecipes for mcpe, but Minecraft guide for ps4 too, orMinecraftguide for xbox 360
• Most simple and friendly interface
• You don’t have to read too much text in our minecraftcraftingrecipes – only short useful info. With pictures!
• You don’t need to pay to download or use this pocketguide.Completely free.

Instructions to know how to craft things in Minecraft fromourCrafting guide for minecraft pocket edition by categories:

👷 Basic and Tools.🔨Basic things you can learn from guide formcpeand use in game , with tools. Tools are used by the playerwhileheld to perform actions faster and more efficiently, togathermaterials not obtainable by hand, to gain information, ortoperform completely new actions. With the exception of the clockandcompass and bucket tools do not stack in the inventory. Toolscanbe repaired. Learn more in our craft guide for minecraftpe!

💣 Weapons and Armor.🔫 The main weapons are swords and bows,althoughother items can be used as weapons too. Armour can be madefromleather, if you know minecraft recipes you need, iron, goldordiamonds. Better armor will be more protective and lastlonger,with the exception of gold, which you shouldn’t use unlessyouronly goal is to look nice. Armour can be improved byenchanting.Dig guides for minecraft how to craft and you will knowhow!

🍗 Food.🍉 Food is a necessary resource in order to survive. Ourmcpecraft guide explains how to craft food items with screenshotsandstep-by-step instructions.

✨Enchantment.🔮 Enchanting is a way to make magic armor, weaponsortools.
To enchant an item you need 1) crafting guide for minecraft pe 2)toget Experience Levels from doing all sorts of things suchastrading, fighting monsters, farming, mining and smeltingore.
When you want to enchant your item, you will need to buildanEnchantment Table. Each enchantment will cost 1, 2 or 3ExperienceLevels, and you will also need to supply 1, 2 or 3 piecesof LapisLazuli as well.
For higher level enchantments you will need to have moreexperiencelevels, (although only 3 will be spent), dig craftingguide pro forminecraft, and you will need to surrond yourEnchantment Table itBookshelves

🔩 Mechanism.🔧 Useful devices made from the combinationofcomponents.

📯 Misc🎲 All items and things that do not fit into any ofothercategories.

Download our crafting guide for minecraft 2017 and try!

This is unofficial guide for original game."Minecraft" isaregistered trade mark of Mojang AB. Our app is not associatedwithor developed by Mojang AB in any way. All rightsReserved.

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Map DanTDM's lab minecraft 1.0 APK
Did you know that now the DanTDM's lab mapisavailable for download, which was built and streamed by thefamousDanTDM blogger and where you can now play minecraftmcpe?If you watch the "mcpe maps" video topics, you simply shouldhaveseen this best mcpe map, on which you can play now.Constructionmap, you can see on the channel of the bloggerDanTDM.The mcpe map itself, as seen from the screenshots, representsanendless flight of the author's fantasy and an attempt to recreateahuge minecraft laboratory complex, organically surrounded byforestand filled with incredible things. Here you will find livingroomsand pleasure areas, test benches, staff rooms and muchmore.There is even a minecraft helicopter on a landing sitespeciallymade for him! The truth is, you can only fly it if youinstall theappropriate mods for minecraft pe. But there issomething to dowithout flights! Invent your own experiments in theworld ofminecraft, try to make the laboratory become a wholeminecraft cityor minecraft castle and play with your friends!Minecraft buildinga house is a pleasant occupation, will not youagree? You can add alab to a new world and start a game in the modeof minecraftsurvival as a full master of a new minecraft home and asinisterlab in combination! Or turn your laboratory into amaincraftamusement park with a bunch of attractions and a personalredstonehouse!Note that the map is great for all game modes, whetherit'sminecraft creative and survival, or minecraft pvp!This map for minecraft pe is included in the category "cool mapsforminecraft pe" and here is a far from incomplete list of whatyouwill find on the map:-Laboratory-Test stand-Helipad-Satellite antenna-Minecraft park-Residential Buildings-Library-Redstone Mechanisms-And much moreHow to download map for mcpe and install the mcpe minecraft oftheDanTDM's lab?-Click the "Download" button-Run the downloaded file, so you import the map intothemaincraft.-Launch Minecraft Pocket Edition, then select theimportedworld.DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial application for MinecraftPocketEdition. This application is not affiliated in any way withMojangAB. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft, and the MinecraftAssets areall property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. Allrightsreserved. In accordancewithhttp://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelines
Map + Skins + Mod FNAF for MCPE 1.6 APK
Hey! You don’t need to download all 3 in 1 from here! You canchoose inside the app one single section you want to get: fnaf mapsfor mcpe or a fnaf mod for minecraft pe or only skins fnaf forminecraft pe and download only this one you wanted!You are a fan of minecraft fnaf theme and minecraft fnaf games andwant some five nights at freddy's minecraft free goodies? We havesome for you, just look inside our giant app full of minecraftanimatronics skins, and minecraft fnaf pizzeria mod and of course,if you looking for a fnaf maps for minecraft pe you definetlyshould do this.So everything in our app is divided into three useful section foryou. First section is of course for those who want fnaf worldminecraft maps and escpecially fnaf map for minecraft pe and inthis app you’ll find Five Nights at Candy’s 2 Map! It is a typeof hide and seek maps for minecraft pe based on theminecraft five nights at freddy's game with the same name. It’ssupposed to be a minecraft fnaf pizzeria map with replica ofthe warehouse which much of the gameplay takes place inthe game. The minecraft fnaf map is recommended to beplayed by at 2 players (and 4 maximum ) where one of you needs tobe the seeker. It’s a quite dark fnaf minecraft map as it is but ifyou want to add some extra difficulty then set brightness tozero and turn off the volume.Second section is for people who search for fnaf mods for mcpe, andcontains minecraft fnaf mod called “Five Nights at Freddy’s 3”, foranyone who want fnaf mods for minecraft pe that work with MinecraftPocket Edition. Not so much of minecraft mods fnaf for thisedition, so if you need one, don’t waste your time and trythis!In last third section is fnaf skins for minecraft pe free and forall! What to say else? If you want to try your minecraft fivenights at freddy's play as animatronics and need fnaf skin forminecraft pe then you need to check this, we hope you will findwhat you looking for in our selection.Briefly, what you can get in this 3 in 1 app:1) minecraft map fnaf based on you favourite game series!2) mod for mcpe fnaf, absolutely free3) choose cool fnaf skin for minecraft pe free! there is minecraftskins for boys and skins minecraft for girlsEnjoyThis is an unofficial application. All rights reserved. Inaccordance withhttp://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelines
Map + Mod Gravity Falls for Minecraft 1.0 APK
If you looking for maps for minecraftpegravity falls or just some cool city map, and you wantminecraftmods pe , especially gravity falls mod for minecraft ,thenyou findthe right app!Maybe you wanted free gravity falls games, but there is noofficialgravity falls the game yet released, but you can get anygravityfalls maps for minecraft like this one, and with gravityfallsminecraft mod from our app and any gravity falls skinsforminecraft pe you can choose which gravity falls character areyouwant to be, and create your own gravity falls mystery shackinsideyour favourite game!So in our map there is two section, first is minecraft gravityfallsmap for mcpe, you will definetly like this map if you lovecity mapsfor mcpe or mansion maps for minecraft pe and of courseadventuremaps for minecraft pe and want to get one with gravityfalls theme,for singleplayer or minecraft multiplayer pe – youshould get thisone. You can play the way you want this gravityfalls minecraft map,even do minecraft parkour or spend countlesstime exploring anyminecraft house on map or blowing things up:)Second section for the ones, who want not only gravityfallsminecraft maps but big mod, so, if you looking for free modsforminecraft pe that work with all characters and monsters, youshouldget this one, it adds popular characters from gravity fallsto thegame – try and see for yourself!There is no any map editor in this map. And if you lookingforminecraft cheats you don’t find it in our app too. There isonlygravity falls map for minecraft and mod, selected by us frommanyothers for saving your time! Download for free and enjoy!This is not an official application, not related to thefranchise"Gravity Falls". All copyrights and other intellectualpropertybelong to their owners. This is an unofficial applicationforMinecraft Pocket Edition. All rights reserved. In accordancewithhttp://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelines
Great Minecraft City Maps 1.0 APK
Hey! If you looking for a best minecraftmapsor a minecraft mcpe maps only, if you need city maps for mcpewitha lot of big minecraft house skyscrapers or new york city mapforminecraft pe or minecraft castle for medieval minecraft gamesforyour favourite multiplayer survival games or you are a fanofadventure maps for minecraft pe or pc for singleplayer – youchoosethe right app!All content in our application with maps for minecraft pe and pcisdivided into four useful sections, and you will find 1 map ineverysection, so there is 4 maps in our app: 3 mcpe map and 1map ismaded for Minecraft version 1.7.2!First map is City of Newisle for MCPE 1.1.0.+ . This map is hugeandamazes you with its scale, it is one of the largest minecraftmapsfor mcpe. Map also contains some suburbia spaces, for thosewhosearch for mansion maps for minecraft pe Here is a portedversion ofthe city, which contains many areas, buildings andinteriors and itis one of the biggest skyscrapers and mansion mapsfor minecraft pe. The creator spent more than 6 years to build itand eventually itturned out a wonderful city. More than 500ready-made buildings,inside of which you will find beautiful andunique interiors –simply the best from any minecraft city maps forpe for sure!Second Map is Future City and please be warned, this is not mapformcpe , it is maded for Minecraft 1.7.2 ! This is total monstermapversion is about 26MB and look at the screenshots! Realmasterpiececity map for the lovers of minecraft adventure map,survival maps,single or multiplayer for minecraft at skywars map orwhatever –just for everyone! You just need to see this map by yourown eyes,not in pictures!Third Map is The Rykene! Stroll through the magnificentvillagelooking like Castle Minecraft or medieval city on survivalislandin the middle of the vast ocean... Ships, mills, varioustriggers,a lot of stores, houses and stunning medieval architecturedisturbthe peace of your heart. For lovers of city maps forminecraft pemixed with minecraft medieval maps theme and mcpevillage maps, forthose who wanted to find minecraft castle mcpe orsimilar theme –enjoy.Four Map in our app is… MCPE Metropolitan Industria!MetropolitanIndustria is the largest city map for mcpe evercreated, featuringover a million blocks placed over two years andwell over a hundredhours spent building. With over 60 scale model skyscrapers and detailedinfrastructureplaced all around the map, spend countless hoursexploring,playing, and blowing things up.All maps is minecraft mods free – you don’t need any modsforminecraft pe or pc to install and use maps. But you can useanyminecraft mod with this maps, you just need to find modsforminecraft pe that work with this maps, look for some free modsforminecraft pe and try, if you want. If you look for a mapeditor,you don’t find it in our app too.If you were looking forminecraftcheating, you also will not find the minecraft cheatshere! Quitcheating!Warning: Great Minecraft City Maps is an unofficial application.Allrights reserved. In accordancewithhttp://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelines
Spiral Parkour map for minecraft 1.0 APK
Hello amateur tests! Once you're here, thenyoulike parkour minecraft games, and this is a sign! You gottheopportunity to download map for passing the minecraft, is notitcool? If it's easier, than with these cards you create yourownminecraft with obstacles, or rather its most interesting partisthe parkour map for minecraft itself! So you're passage of cardsinthe minecraft will be filled with new experience.Minecraft maps on the passage differ in their dynamics.Perhapsthat's why minecraft parkour maps are in such demand. Ofcourse youcan download mod for minecraft on map and you willalready get asurvival mode, as if you download minecraft maps formcpe map forsurvival, but you simply change the difficulty level onone, inattempts to stay whole. To do this, you needed maps downloadon thepassage for the game mcpe parkour type, although these areonlyassumptions.And your unique parkour mcpe can not seem even on the mcpe mapofthe city of the future, and maps for minecraft pe of thecastle.They are not intended for this, although they certainly havetheiradvantages. But is not it because you are looking for parkourmapsfor minecraft, that you are interested in running as fastaspossible and more interesting, overcoming obstacles andarrangingthe passage of levels for speed. And with friends perhapsit willbe even more interesting to arrange a minecraft of theparkourgames. Put minecraft pe maps on your minecraft server, puton thebest skin minecraft and go to the top.Adventure maps on the passage of parkour worthy of the best! Andyouare one of them! And mcpe maps for minecraft pe is alreadywaitingfor you!Well, are you ready to arrange a minecraft passage map for freeaparkour spiral and surprise everyone with your agility? Showthebest minecraft running? Show that there mcpe master andanyminecraft parkour card on the shoulder?Well, that's it. Maps for minecraft is ready to download. Itremainsonly to download the application and get a card. Goodluck.Made for minecraft 1.12DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial application for MinecraftPocketEdition. This application is not associated in any way withMojangAB. The name Minecraft, Mark Minecraft and Minecraft Assetsare theproperty of Mojang AB. All rights reserved. In accordancewithhttp://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelines
Advance Vehicles Mod for Minecraft PE transport 1.0 APK
This mod adds ten different vehicles totheworld of Minecraft, namely a helicopter, biplane, combataircraft,bulldozer, TANK, bicycle, car, sports car, police car anda realUFO. And that's all in your mobile version of MCPE forAndroid.Each vehicle has its own sound, as well as variousabilities.Advanced machines are already waiting for you to install theminyour minecraft. You can not just download a fashion for atransportcanvas, no! You will have something more, this mod onminecraftdiffers its excellent work capacity and good reviews. Themod onminecraft transport is more dynamic than the fashion forfurniture,it's understandable. Of furniture you will not shootverymuch.Let's describe the transport that awaits you in this fashion:Bulldozer - He is leveling the ground on which he rides: if thereisan obstacle in front, he removes it, if in front of the pit -hefalls asleep.Biplane - A simple plane that just flies.Military aircraft - Quickly flies and drops bombs in the formofTNT.Police car - The car just rides back and forth and emits asirensound.Helicopter - A helicopter can fire rockets (TNT bombs) or shootamachine gun (arrows from the bow). It also fliesveryquickly.Bicycles - A simple means of transportation.UFO - UFO can fire from the machine gun (Arrows) and dropbombs(TNT).Tank - This is really a real tank. He can shoot TNT for alongdistance. Try to blow up the mountain - it's fine.With our application you can download Advance Vehicles ModforMinecraft PE and enjoy transport in mcpe.Installing the mod:* Download Mod* Open the Blocklauncher application* Install textures from the mod (zip archive)* Install the script from the mod (js file)* Close Blocklauncher* Use ES File Explorer or B1 Archiver (or some other filemanager)to find downloaded sounds in the ZIP archive, extract them,andthen move the audio files to /games/com.mojang/MCPE_MECH/. IftheMCPE_MECH folder does not exist, then you must createityourself.* Launch the Blocklauncher and enjoy the modDISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial application for MinecraftPocketEdition. This application is not associated in any way withMojangAB. The name Minecraft, Mark Minecraft and Minecraft Assetsare theproperty of Mojang AB. All rights reserved. In accordancewithhttp://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelines
How to draw Roblox 1.0 APK
⭐ ⭐ ⭐Roblox epic mini games have a lot of possibilities for any kindsofplayers. It’s like all games in the world in one game. And thereisa lot of unofficial stuff from roblox world, like roblox onlineandroblox offline games in different types, like roblox kids gameorroblox escape games – and many, many more, almost every gametypeyou can imagine. There is no roblox in real life still, butwhoknows what future holds?⭐LEARN TO DRAWYou are a fan of roblox real game and searching for someunofficialroblox app free stuff, games like roblox offline, or youjust wantto learn how to draw human figure and how to draw peoplestep bystep? Then our app is exactly what you was searching for,becauseits combines two in one - how to draw apps and theme fromrobloxoriginal game!So, you can learn how to draw a roblox Noob character and then…drawa roblox in life! Or, even you don’t know anything about this,youcan just practice how to draw step by step.⭐ FREE AND SIMPLEYou can use our application How to draw Roblox without wifi, itdoesnot require space from your phone or tablet and you candownload anduse it absolutely for free, and learning how to drawoffline! Notjust to how to draw games characters, but just how todraweverything and how to draw easy!⭐ WHAT IS ROBLOXRoblox is a great gaming platform with many player-generatedgames,allowing anyone to find a roblox normal or offline robloxgames forthemselves or even create their own game with a funnygraphics andan easy-to-learn platform.Roblox is not just a game where you act like an a actor by awrittenscript. You can play the way YOU want any roblox games forfreeonline . It allows anyone to move in the direction created bytheplayer itself, where you can change your own game(or, better tosay,roblox life?) in a friendly and easy-to-study environment.Maybe youwant roblox in jail or roblox in high school – you canget anythingor just create it!Roblox is a fantastic tool for those who want to create theirowngame, but do not know how and where to start. Itssimplicitycombined with endless possibilities makes it a uniquegaming toolwhere everything is limited only by your imaginationandcreativity. All you need is to catch your dreams and wishes,androblox adventures will provide you with its mighty gaming toolsandturn it into a virtual reality! No matter what you wish anddreamabout, Roblox please you in any way.⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐In this application you will not find a Roblox the game. Also,youdon’t find here any guide for roblox or tips ans cheats forthisgame!This is unofficial application and is not endorsed oraffiliatedwith the creators of game ROBLOX, nor its licensors. Allrightsreserved.
Skins FNAF for MCPE 1.0 APK
If you looking for animatronics skins foryourminecraft five nights at freddy's games you choose the rightapp,we have all fnaf skins for minecraft pe for your fnaf worldinminecraft. You have minecraft fnaf pizzeria map but notenoughminecraft fnaf skins for pocket edition? Okay, downloadminecraftskins we selected for you, and play five nights atfreddy's play asanimatronics ! Using skins for minecraft pe fnafyou create yourown fnaf fan made games in minecraft with no need touse fnaf worldmod for minecraft pe. We offer a skin case ofanimatronics for thebest games in the world of fnaf for free inminecraft where you arefree to change your minecraft fnaf roleplayaccording to your owntaste.So all content in our app is divided into 3 useful sections,3sections with fnaf skin for minecraft pe free so you can be fnafbethe animatronics inside minecraft, so it is likeanimatronicssimulator, you need just download skins for minecraftpe inside appand that's it! It's easy! One of the sections containsallanimatronics skins! And one section with fnaf freddy skins,foxyskins for minecraft pe in second, and with third sections skinsyoucan choose all other animatronics and play as chica fnaf orbonnyfnaf etc. Also, some of our selection is fnaf sister locationskinsfor minecraft pe!Maybe you have used minecraft fnaf addon for your minecraftfnafgames free or different minecraft fnaf texture packs pe torecreatefnaf five nights at freddy's minecraft, or get a minecraftfnafpizzeria mod where you could be in the role ofnightmareanimatronics game or hunt and killing animatronics playinginminecraft fnaf to play in the pizzeria, although this is bynomeans the fnaf the game. You most likely already have theminecraftfnaf world and you experience fnaf the joy of creation,withoutusing the ready minecraft fnaf mod. So all you have left isto addour skins!Imagine that you can play five nights at freddy s minecraftwhereyou can be one of the five nights at freddy's animatronics, oryouhave a night shift and some animatronics awakened, and you,whatwould you do ? Fnaf theme is wide and therefore minecraftfnafonline is popular. Also an interesting option forcreatingminecraft fnaf gun games is you can create caseanimatronics andkilling it, just like in minecraft fnaf shootinggames, and fnafzombies theme is equally attractive. If you wantfive nights atfreddy's 5 when you get to play as the animatronicsfree, then wegive you minecraft fnaf sl skins, of course not all,but the partwill be exactly. The animatronics five nights atfreddy's skins arefor everyone and we also have fnaf girl skins forminecraft pe andour version of baby fnaf skins for minecraft pe isthe proof.And what we have. If you are a fan of minecraft fnaf pe skinsandlooking for skins for minecraft pe free fnaf, you should seethisanimatronics in minecraft selected by us. Then use our skinsfnaffor minecraft pe and play any minecraft fnaf free gamesyouwant!This is an unofficial application. All rights reserved.Inaccordancewithhttp://account.mojang.com/documents/brand_guidelines