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You want to gain more knowledge on ClashofKings? This wikipedia collected a lot of useful info andstrategy.

Description of sections within the application:

***The buildings***

In this section there is a description of all the buildingsandguide the kingdom to develop. Information about therequirementsfor buildings, as well as competent placement.
Very important in the game is the development and protection ofthecastle. With each level opened the new improved and expandedrangeof buildings.

Buildings Wiki Clash of Kings: Chariots plant, Forge,Camp,Traps, Workshop, Farm, Archery etc.


All information about the forging equipment and items. Answerstoquestions such as: Where you can get the teleport scroll,steel,glass or gold dragon arrows. Drop list of materials throughwhichyou can create a universal equipment without Donate!


Strong and unbreakable army the success and strength ofthekingdom. Only the most powerful forces, such as monsters liketheBlack Knights and Lava Giant able to turn the tide of battle intheancient battlefield!
Each section contains a table detailing the characteristics oftheunits. Information about what the soldiers are best suited forthebattle of the kingdom, field trials or fordragonbattlefield.
Use the bot for a quick scouting of several kingdoms.


Gameplay the game is built around a Lord level. Thissectionprovides a complete overview on the Lord. Priming Lord isnecessaryto perform tasks of daily events and quests. This isverybeneficial because you will get in addition to pumping Lordalsoextra resources (gold, iron etc).
There are also promotional offers and codes just to enhancetheskills of Lord.


This section will be very helpful for beginners clanleaders.Here is how to create an alliance in Clash of Kings. Moderncombattactics will help in easy to conquer more and moreterritory!
Read all information about the tower of the alliance is todefendit, you need to build. Learn the science of the alliance.Correctlydistribute skill points of the alliance. How best toarrange a farmalliance.
With each phase control the whole alliance is becomingincreasinglydifficult. Sometimes, for a more rapid developmentrequires twinks.Otherwise, you risk to pay all you works in theruins.

*** Tips and Tricks ***

Here you can find a secrets of Clash of Kings. Perhaps themostinteresting and important topic. There are hidden from thepryingeyes of tactics and useful information. You can further studythemechanics of the fight, to make a significant impact on theoutcomeof the battle.
There is also a fashion to facilitate the calculation and paymentofthe army forces. For careful preparation would be best to useashield world.
Watch online update this section. Download unlimited money,gold,coins hack.

The note:
This guide may contain Autobot, free gold bugs, resourcesgeneratorhack, articles on how to hack Clash of Kings warband modonandroid.

App Information Guide for Clash of Kings

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