1.0 / December 17, 2016
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This is a game where our character in theshortand you need to collect various items.
Help him in his quest to save his best friend.Manuganu gamethatcould qualify as well.
It is true that we must jump and slide his character. But thisgameis seen from the fully 3D side.
At the beginning of the game, we will be open only to jump.
So we have two choices: jump or slide down.
Please note that we can climb Paroies parallel way to jump fromoneside to the other.
As we continue to acquire new abilities such as break andslidedown.
This will allow us to avoid being hit violently with woodenmalletsin the d? Ssimin? S and also to avoid packing onheaps.
The action does not stop
40 levels with different models.
After four epic patterns to end the adventure. All itemscollectedwill win a special prize. Follow the path chosen tocollect threestars and unlock the achievements in "GooglePlay".
TIMING is the key to victory.
To escape the enemies and avoid the hurdles used the opportunitytostop in Manuganu guide for everything is on schedule.
Manuganu is back with a concentrate of action andunprecedentedpossibilities for all new adventures. Help him in hisquest to savehis best friend.
40 levels with varied designs.
Come out with 4 epic bosses to complete the saga. Collects allitemsto earn additional rewards. Take alternate routes to collectthethree stars and unlock successes in Google Play.

To escape the enemy and to avoid the obstacles, take advantageofthe possibility of arresting you. In Manuganu, everything isamatter of timing.

This time, Manuganu can fly and swim simply by touching thescreen,and the challenge will be more full-bodied than ever withtheimproved ability to climb.

Characters and decorations entirely in 3D. Colored environmentsandvaried lighting for total immersion in the game.

Game Features
• Platform game actions: Running, jumping, rolling, flyingandswimming
• Burak Karakaş soundtrack
• Game available in: English, French, German, Italian,Spanish,Brazilian and Turkish

App Information Guide For Manuganu

  • App Name
    Guide For Manuganu
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    December 17, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Aulonso Gorsalize
  • Installs
    50 - 100
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
    Email sch-flmr@live.fr
    84096 Indio Springs Drive, Indio, CA 92203, États-Unis
  • Google Play Link

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