1.0 / March 15, 2017
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"Gun and sword, magical stones that balanceofworld high-tech aliens are stolen by the world is hanging onthethin thread. It's all up to you to retrieve the magicalstonedepends on ... "

We honestly can't make everything it let's just shoot somealienminions!

This is the game that you always wanted to explore the basementinyour subconscious, kamenica and all the crazy weapons,collectedbullets shoot! Extremely easy and intuitive controls;Super smoothand enjoyable gameplay, best shooter game mixed withthe sameelements-you will get on the mobile store yet.

* Unique heroes with unique abilities.
* 120 weapons are waiting for you to explore
* The creation of the world of the Dungeon, randomly each timethenew experience.
* NPC that really matter! They will fight on your behalf!
* Super intuitive controls for automatic target mechanism
* Game you will discover many more features

App Information Guide for Soul Kniight

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    Guide for Soul Kniight
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    March 15, 2017
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  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    1 - 5
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Guide for Soul Kniight 1.0 APK
"Gun and sword, magical stones that balanceofworld high-tech aliens are stolen by the world is hanging onthethin thread. It's all up to you to retrieve the magicalstonedepends on ... "We honestly can't make everything it let's just shoot somealienminions!This is the game that you always wanted to explore the basementinyour subconscious, kamenica and all the crazy weapons,collectedbullets shoot! Extremely easy and intuitive controls;Super smoothand enjoyable gameplay, best shooter game mixed withthe sameelements-you will get on the mobile store yet.Features:* Unique heroes with unique abilities.* 120 weapons are waiting for you to explore* The creation of the world of the Dungeon, randomly each timethenew experience.* NPC that really matter! They will fight on your behalf!* Super intuitive controls for automatic target mechanism* Game you will discover many more features