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Since 2007 of May I've been Uploading Guitar Teaching Videos onYoutube~Ever since, millions of Views, thousands of Subscribers& hundreds of Videos..I keep on teaching & try to find moreways (Like Google Play) to spread the knowledge & help morepeople Learn how to Play the Guitar! :)Flamenco, Blues, Rock, Ska,Classical, Country, Latin, Singing & much more are in theChannel where you get access through this APP.I hope you enjoy theLessons & may I suggest the Flamenco Guitar Lessons Playlist& for more Beginners the Beginners Guitar Playlist.Hope youhave FUN learning & exploring this wonderful instrument called:Guitar~Please do consider when Rating the 'actual' Lessons & ifyou are learning, not the ~Build~ quality of the App as I made itvery simple for people to just find my Channel! :}Thank you forViewing my App & taking the time to read this~Remember:Music isLife & Life is Music..Without Music there can be no Life!Happyplaying~:D*******************************************************PrivacyPolicy:http://www.giveorlooseit.com/home/apps/GuitarLearningCentral/privacypolicy

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    August 30, 2017
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    Alexandros Iacovides
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    Athalassas 145, Nicosia, Cyprus. Strovolos. 2025 3rd floor.
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Fingerstyle Guitar Made Easy! 1.0.0 APK
***Music is Life & Life is Music.. Without Music there can beno Life!***Welcome my Guitar Friend! :)My name is Alexandros &I Play & Teach Guitar.The one who actually wrote this"Book".Not just a guy who makes APPS with things I've gatheredOnline.. I guess many of us have a Dream to Play Guitar forFriends, Family or even some "special" occasions! :DThen again,every time you try to learn... Too much confusing theories,-opinions- suggesting we started too late or even being young &ready to learn, but all these Musical Notes & Shapes get usdiscouraged & frustrated..NO more!This APP is made for anyonewho wants to get down to the fundamentals only & get startedPlaying as soon as possible.Ever wondered how some Guitaristscreate a Sound that almost sounds like -2- Guitars Playing?Likethere is a Bass Player also somewhere in the Background!That &much more is Fingerstyle Guitar.Is Fingerstyle Style easy?With thisAPP it is! ;)The APP features my No1 selling Book/Ebook. (WithAudio Recordings.)It includes everything & anything you wouldneed to know to get started on Guitar Playing & move on to anAdvanced Guitarist.Fingerstyle Guitar MadeEasy!------------------------------------------* The Ebook thatsold thousands of copies Online!* Millions of Students!* NOW on theAPP store!* It has 50+ Audio Mp3s, so you can listen every singlething you will be learning.* Specialized Diagrams to learn &understand how to use this Book.* You will learn what Style/GuitarSuits -you-(You can see all of these & more on the Pages I'veUploaded here on the Google Play Market.)How about finding Chordsto your Favorite Song but you Don't know how to Play them??Theanswer is!(?)*Picking Patterns*Once you get this APP you will learnhow to Play your Favorite Songs just by reading the Chords &Playing your Favorite Picking Pattern.Blues, Jazz, Rock, Country,Ballads, Folk, Flamenco??All these styles of Guitar Playing areincluded!Buying this Online costs 10euros.In case you prefer the PCversion:http://store.payloadz.com/go/?id=766057--------------------------------------------------------------Awealth of information that is neither too much or too little.I'vegotten feedback from thousands of Guitar Friends like -you-thanking me for the work I've put withing -one- Ebook (APP)Don'twait any more or doubt yourself if you can or will you ever learnto Play the Guitar.Start PlayingNOW!=========================================SpecialNotes:--------------------* Adobe Air for Android must be Installedon your Device:It's Free:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.adobe.air(The APPis created using Flash so it Loads once & Plays Fast.)* OnceInstalled Please wait 30 seconds to one minute to load. (max)(Onlythe first time it loads, takes some time. Depending on your DeviseSpeed.)* If -any- Problems occur Please do let me know first beforeSubmitting a comment.I will happily reply & help you withanything you might need.You can reach me at:[email protected]'m not "faceless" & you can also findhundreds of my Guitar Videos Online.Withing the APP I have Includedeven more ways for you to reach me through Social Networks.Hope to"meet" you there also my Guitar Friend!God Bless¬
Flamenco Guitar Video Lessons 1.0 APK
LATEST & UPDATED VERSIONOF THIS APP HERE:https://goo.gl/dqqPSmOr Check my Developers Channel for ~all~Guitar APPS!;)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*ABIG HELLO, to all my Guitar Friends! :)After thousands of requestshere it is!!!*This APP is a neat Video Index for all of youout-there, wanting to start Flamenco Guitar.There are -3- CompleteSongs for you with Video Lessons & Tabs.Also -3- differentFlamenco Techniques.*I suggest you start first from learning theTechniques.As it will offer you more knowledge how to Play theComplete Songs. (Guitar Pieces.)I know I have placed the Full Songsfirst in the APP, but I wanted you to hear the final results youwill be Playing also!! ;)*Of course you can start with the FullSongs as well, as I teach in detail within those Videosalso.Included Tab (Button) for 140+ more COMPLETE Video Lessons ofthe Same Genre.(Flamenco!) :)*My APP Building skills are limitedbut if you do have some Suggestions for more, either: Lessonsand/or Buttons, Please do let me know through a comment & Iwill try my best to learn & improve upon.I'm very proud formaking this APP for my Guitar Friends around the world & can'twait to hear your feedback.Have fun & remember:*Music is Life& Life is Music..*Without Music there can be no Life!GodBless~PrivacyPolicy:http://www.giveorlooseit.com/home/FlamencoGuitarVideoLessons/privacypolicy
Farm Animals! (AI) 1.0.0 APK
--> Because nothing is more important than learning. <--*FarmAnimals Sound Game*Remember "Fisher-Price" Farm Toy??Now in APPVersion!!It's a great way to learn animals & words. (TheirSound too!)Watch the smile on your Boy/Girl when:* They { Click }on the Animal & hear it's Sound.* Special Well Done! (Surprise)Video with fireworks.* Star Funny Animation.* 13 Animals.* Vividcolors.* Real animal Sound with Cartoon/ish Animals Images. Why goout and spend 10$ - 15$ for a Plastic Toy, that is most likely toget lost within a "mountain" of other Plastic Games...Farm Animals(AI)Is an interactive Game for recommended age:18 months - 4years.I would surly advice the "Older Children" to have a GO at italso!(Meaning -us- as the "Older Children") ;)It most defiantlybrings back memories. :DSpecialNotes:----------------------------------------------------------------1.)The Game is Programmed with Adobe Flash.Thus you must first Install*Adobe Air* in order for the APP to Play.Simple/Easy Install here:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.adobe.air2.) Thisis the 1.0 Beta (testing) Version.More Updated Version comingsoon!With Questions & Answers & with Great Visualrewards.(Making it also appropriate for older children.)3.) The Appis small size. (3.65mb) In order to save on your PhoneMemory:Animal Sounds Load from a URL (website)The Game will startbut -no- Sound will be made on the Devise, unless it is connectedOnline.(Wi-Fi Game.)4.) I intend to make also:* Pet Animals (AI)*African Animals (AI)* Wild Animals(AI)==================================================I am verythankful for your positive Feedback.And I will try my best to makeimprovements & more of.It's hard being a Programmer in this dayand age¬ :) ;)If you liked my APP & believed we haveaccomplished a *SMILE*Please do consider offering any amount ofDonation to help further development.DonationSite:http://www.giveorlooseit.com/Farm-Animals-Donations==================================================Thankyou!
Beginners Guitar Music 1.0 APK
Hey guys!!My name is Alexandros~Nice to 'meet' you my GuitarFriend!! :)Within this APP I've put together a very nice'assortment' of Guitar Beginner Songs,along with ~some~ theoryVideos!NONE of the Videos will attempt to teach you Musical Notes& Musical Theory~Even the Theory Section of the APP includesLessons like: how to Read Tabs & their Symbols, Fingernails'maintenance', exercises for strength etc..You will LOVE this APP& keep working on it daily~ ;)There is also a 40+ Video List ofmany other more Advanced Songs along with a BONUS SPANISH RumbaFlamenco Video of different strumming techniques.Don't give up myGuitar Friend & always play daily!! :D ;)Please keep in mindthat I'm not a Programmer & I've simply made the APP to thebest of my abilities~A Good Rating & a Nice Review from you,can make all the difference! :}The APP is 100% FREE, if you foundsomething useful for you, please consider to Donate ~any~ amount& support my work~Donate Link in the APP! :DOr:http://www.giveorlooseit.com/Home/donations.html Thank you myGuitar Friend!And always remember:Music is Life & Life isMusic..Without Music there can be no Life!~HAPPY PLAYING~AlexandrosIacovides.
Famous Songs 4 Guitar~ 1.0 APK
Hi guys!!My name is Alexandros & I'm a Guitarist~I pulled mybest 'foot' forward & made this Educational Guitar APP.Chosen~7~ Beautiful Classic Songs to teach you (Video Lessons) how toPlay them on your Guitar.Over 4-5 hours of Video Lessons!!!:DFingerstyle Guitar is the main focus & slowly learning to'Pick' with our Fingers, Bass & Melody at the same time!;)There are a lot more Different Guitar Styles APPS on the way fromme & please do check my Google Developer Profile for more coolGuitar Learning APPS that are already Uploaded~Soon to come: BluesGuitar Lessons, Flamenco Guitar Lessons, Classical Guitar Lessons& Original Music Guitar Lessons.For more about me visit:http://www.giveorlooseit.com Play daily & never give up!Supportmy work with ~any~ amount ofDonations:http://www.giveorlooseit.com/Home/donations.htmlhttp://www.giveorlooseit.com/FamousSongsAPP/PrivacyPolicy
~50~ SALSA *MOVES* 1.0 APK
Hey AMIGOS Y AMIGAS!!!! :DMy name is Alexandros & I'm a LatinDance Teacher Since 1998~ :)The past ~2~ Years Youtube has offeredme the gift of Sharing!I post weakly in my Youtube Channel &have gathered up for you my Dance Friend ~50~ That's right! FIFTYSalsa *Moves* (Combinations)All Videos are filmed right after Classor Workshop by one of the Students.Then that Move is Shared withthe World through the Magic of the Internet! :P ;)I was asked once,Alex you must know like.. 20 Moves or something~ :}And I reallyonly remember about 10 of them most of the times... Lol!! :DBut Ido make NEW Salsa Moves every week & Challenge myself to createdifferent ones & Looong ones! :D XDI don't usually enjoy a Movethat is only 2-3 eights as I feel it's too small to offer me enoughoptions to choose from for my Social Practice..I say practicebecause no matter if you are a Teacher, Dancer, Performer orStudent you must always strive for MORE!I suggest you "use" myMoves like a guide of some sorts~Don't force yourselves to learnthe entire combination as I lay it out..(Unless you REALLY LOVE thesequence as is)Try more along the lines of seeing 1-2 small Tricks,leads or something that catches your attention as 'different' &learn only ~that~Go out Social Dancing & Practice that smallpart that you liked over & over along your Social Dances &apply different precedes & follows.(Meaning other ways to startthat specific Move & other ways to "come out" of it.)THAT'S howyou really become a ~Freestyler~ Salsero/a.Improvising on the DanceFloor! ;)Well.. That's my opinion (a Suggestion) any way~You knowbetter how ~you~ learn, but some times if we are "stuck", otherways of practicing should take place to "brake" that "stuckness"(Like that's a word..!) lol~ :) :DPlease be lenient towards yourRating & Reviews for my APP, as I do this only as a DancerSharing my Moves & Creations & not as an ""amazing"" APPDeveloper!!I only have very limited knowledge on the matter &tried to create an APP where I have gathered a LOT of SALSACombinations as I can, in ~one~ place so my Dance Friends (you) canhave a field day of ideas & inspiration to create also! ;) ;)Ihope you LIKE it, have FUN & always - always keep onlearning~The ~only~ one you are really competing with is ~your~'last' year's self! :}Hope to some day meet you my Dance Friends onthe Dance Floor &.....Dance you later~~~~~~~~~~~~ :D :) ;)XX==========================================================Importantnote for PrivacyPolicy:http://www.x-pressions.biz/50salsamovesapp/privacypolicy
Flamenco Romance Guitar LESSON 1.0 APK
My dear Guitar Friends! :)This is one of my No1 FavoriteComposition for it's genre~There are ~5~ COMPLETE Video Lessons toteach you this lovely piece of Music!~No need to know MusicalNotes~It's fully broken down for any Level!! :DI'm sure you'll havefun Playing this to a friend, lover, relative or spouse~ ;)Maybe anaudience?Many of our Guitar Friends are already Sharing Videos ofthem Playing this one~If you like to Share with me your VideoPlaying this Song please doshare!!http://www.facebook.com/groups/giveorlooseitOr send it to myEmail:giveorlooseit[email protected](If you like to ask me anything elsealso!) ;)I know it's a very ~basic~ APP but that's as far as myknowledge as a ""programmer"" goes.. :P :) :}I hope you find ituseful & if so Please do consider leaving a nice review & agood Rating~Thank youououou!!!!!!!!Keep the Musical flame insideyou always shining bright my Guitar Friends!!GodBless~------------------------------------------------------------------------------~Important~PrivacyPolicy:http://www.giveorlooseit.com/home/laclaridaddelalmaFREEAPP/Privacypolicy
Learn *FLAMENCO* Guitar Videos 1.0 APK
*A BIG HELLO, to all my Guitar Friends! :)After thousands ofrequests here it is!!!*This APP is a neat Video Index for all ofyou out-there, wanting to start Flamenco Guitar.There are -3-Complete Songs for you with Video Lessons & Tabs.Also -3-different Flamenco Techniques.*I suggest you start first fromlearning the Techniques.As it will offer you more knowledge how toPlay the Complete Songs. (Guitar Pieces.)I know I have placed theFull Songs first in the APP, but I wanted you to hear the finalresults you will be Playing also!! ;)*Of course you can start withthe Full Songs as well, as I teach in detail within those Videosalso.Included Tab (Button) for 140+ more COMPLETE Video Lessons ofthe Same Genre.(Flamenco!) :)*My APP Building skills are limitedbut if you do have some Suggestions for more, either: Lessonsand/or Buttons, Please do let me know through a comment & Iwill try my best to learn & improve upon.I'm very proud formaking this APP for my Guitar Friends around the world & can'twait to hear your feedback.Have fun & remember:*Music is Life& Life is Music..*Without Music there can be no Life!GodBless~PrivacyPolicy:http://www.giveorlooseit.com/home/FlamencoGuitarVideoLessons/privacypolicy